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Weve Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over) (Instrumental Version)

News The Doctor Strange 2 director talks returning to the superhero genre. Amazon Prime Having a night in? Then kick back with one of the best movies on Amazon Prime. Latest News. She died on Feb. According to a profile on the First Surgical websiteMoten was a nurse for 15 years and served in a leadership capacity for 12 years. A GoFundMe has been set up to help her family in the wake of her death. For the last five years, Michael and Christiana Neazer have been actively trying to conceive.

The Rialto, Calif. Together, they long dreamed about starting a family. In early July, Christiana discovered she was finally expecting. Now, the mom-to-be is focused on making sure the baby knows just how loving he was.

And, thanks to one of her 28 grandchildren, those lyrics are some of the final sounds the Kentucky matriarch heard before succumbing to complications of the coronavirus on March After the mother of eight was hospitalized in Louisville, Ky. Family members were, at least virtually, present to the last. Born and raised in Japan, the young woman once known as Keiko Shoka met an American soldier named Carl Neutz while working as a stenographer at a U.

Army base, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal. The two married and moved to America. Through difficult times, including prejudice that Japanese-Americans encountered in the wake of World War II and the eventual death of her husband, Neutz turned to religion. After her death, Taylor and other family members began an effort to repurpose old devices that can connect other families who have been separated by the coronavirus and the protocols it demands.

The family of Manchester, Tenn. Mayor Lonnie Norman shared that message while announcing the death of their beloved patriarch on Oct. He also spent 40 years with Arnold Engineering Development Complexretiring as a technical supervisor. Mayor Norman understood the importance of compromise and honest debate.

He guided our community with a strong and steady yet gentle hand with empathy and compassion. When Minnesota Rep. Omar was just two years old when her mother died, making her father a widower when he fled Somalia with an 8-year-old Omar upon the outbreak of civil war, per The New York Times.

The family moved to a refugee camp near Mombasa, Kenya, where they lived for four years. They were eventually granted asylum in the U. Her father, who had been a teacher in Somalia, began driving taxis and later worked at a post office, the Times reported. But upon arriving in America, Omar found the promise of equality largely rang hollow. Her classmates taunted her for being different, and she was surprised to find her skin tone and religion made her a minority.

Years later, she paid homage to her father before her swearing-in ceremony. By that test, she had it in abundance: The year-old worked as a nurse, taking care of those in need for three decades. During the pandemic, Orlando continued to do her longtime job as an emergency room nurse at The Valley Hospital in New Jersey.

In late March, she contracted the coronavirus and soon became a patient in her own place of work, where she documented her decline in short videos, as she struggled to break a fever and, eventually, struggled to breathe. On April 16, Orlando died due to complications of the coronavirus. In interviews, those who knew her have recalled big, inclusive Sunday dinners Orlando cooked for friends and family every week.

They have also described her as a joyful woman who consistently overcame adversity, including breast cancer and domestic violence, according to NorthJersey. As a single mother living in New City, N. InOrlando posted another quote on her Facebook page.

Her death exemplifies the devastating impact coronavirus has had in the Navajo Nation: Her son Marcus Pino died from the virus only weeks earlier at age Just a few weeks later, on May 31, her husband, Ira Pino Sr. Marie Pino was originally born in Sheep Springs, N. She taught at the rural Alamo Navajo Community School for over 40 years, where her son Marcus also coached high school basketball.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit close-knit Navajo communities particularly hard. The family has set up a GoFundMe to help cover funeral expenses and accrued medical bills. John Prine, the resilient singer-songwriter who imbued his tales of American working-class life with both bleak despondence and uproarious wit, died on April 7 from complications of the coronavirus. After starting his own label in the s, he became a symbol of fierce independence for younger musicians who longed to forge their own way, whether in between genres or outside the major label system.

Prine began playing open mic sessions at Chicago bars, where word-of-mouth buzz about his wrenching lyricism quickly spread. In later years, Prine endured two bouts with cancer that forced him to re-learn how to sing and deepened his idiosyncratic voice. But he pressed on, achieving his highest-selling album in and criss-crossing the country to perform and impart wisdom onto younger musicians. When Gita Ramjee embarked on a small research project to evaluate vaginal microbicides as a prevention tool for HIV among sex workers in Durban, South Africa inshe did not know that more than two decades of her Weve Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over) (Instrumental Version) would be spent committed to ending HIV.

Originally born in Uganda, Ramjee escaped from the Idi Amin regime to India and the United Kingdom, before settling in South Africa in where she raised her two Weve Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over) (Instrumental Version) alongside her husband.

Ramjee was the chief scientific officer at the Aurum Institute, a leading HIV and tuberculosis health care organization. Ramjee fell ill with the coronavirus after returning to South Africa from the U.

Romain died last month from complications related to coronavirus. She was just 36, and worked as principal of the Brooklyn Democracy Academy in Brownsville, Brooklyn, a transfer high school that aims to help students who struggled in traditional high school settings graduate and move on to postsecondary education or employment.

Romain was born in Trinidad and Tobago and immigrated to the U. Janice Lawrence-Clarke, a former substitute teacher at Brooklyn Democracy Academy, also recalls how Romain would play music in the hallways every Friday when school let out, including traditional Trinidadian soca music. I felt like one of her sisters … She was amazing and beautiful, inside and out. Over the last two decades of her year life, Roman was breaking records left and right at the National Senior Games also known as the Senior Olympicsracking up over medals in events including shot put and hammer throw.

Born in Massachusetts inRoman contracted polio as a child and took up horseback riding to strengthen her legs. In high school, she played basketball and field hockey. If she harbored any athletic ambitions early in life, she put them aside to pursue both a career—she ascended from a bank teller to a bank executive—and a flourishing family, which would include five sons.

After he died inMary entered herself into the competitions and proved a formidable opponent. She once ranked first in the nation in both the superweight and ultraweight shot put and second in the throws pentathlon. Roman served as the Norwalk, Conn. With her gregarious personality, she was an outsize figure in civic life. She was always excited—like a little kid. When shoe designer Sergio Rossi died from complications of the coronavirus on April 2 at age 84, in Cesena, Italy, he left behind a large family and legacy that could not just be measured in feet.

The son of a shoemaker, Rossi got his start by making fashionable sandals to wear on the Riviera beaches and selling them in boutiques in Bologna and Rimini in the early 60s.

After starting his own shoe label, he built on the success of his signature Opanca sandal, proving himself adept at everything from high heel pumps to thigh high boots. InRossi sold his business to the French fashion behemoth Kering, which sold it on to an Italian investment firm inlong after Rossi had fashioned his last last. With the unquenchable fire of your passion, you taught us that there are no limits for those who love what they do.

He had been caring for his twin brother, Edgarwho became sick and died in April after contracting the virus, his wife told the news station. They were Russell, who had previously battled cancerworked for KHOU from toeventually leaving to work for Rep. Sheila Lee Jackson. Numerous colleagues and friends paid tribute to Russell on social media following his death, with many remarking on his genuine warmth and caring.

So every time his mother saw that handsome guy on television, she heard her son honoring her by saying her name. He was a man of rectitude, a model of decency and a true gentleman. He has left this world much too soon. Sundee Rutter, a Washington state single mother of six and breast cancer survivor, died from complications related to coronavirus on March Rutter, 42, had reportedly entered remission in January after a long fight with stage 4 breast cancer, which had weakened her immune system.

Each one of her children are of outstanding character, which is clear evidence of her selfless job as an outstanding mother. Her children — who range in ages from 13 to 24 — now face a future without either of their parents; their father died in from cardiac arrest, according to reports.

It was a lesson Rowley modeled throughout her life. Rowley forged her own path in everything—as a Freedom Rider, jewelry maker, small plane pilot and more.

Even her birth nameSara, was ultimately rejected and replaced instead with Sally, a better fit for her free-spirited and bold nature. Inshe was arrested in Jackson, Mississippi after she participated in the Freedom Rides, a series of bus trips in the South made in protest of segregated bus terminals.

Rowley later met her life partner, Felix Pasilis, at an art opening in New York. They never officially married, but enjoyed a Weve Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over) (Instrumental Version) life together as they lived in several different places, including Mexico and Hawaii.

While living in California, Rowley also sold her crafted jewelry in the streets of San Francisco. In the end, Rowley said her final goodbyes to her family through a window in her nursing room. Even in the autumn of his life, Dr. He did not know he would be part of it. He died on Mar. Born in Nigeria, Dr. He eventually became one of the most senior ethnic minority medical professionals in the country, serving as the Associate Medical Director at a large hospital in east London just before his retirement.

But he also kept ties with his birth country. He served as chairman of Kwasang U. He leaves behind a wife, two sons, and grandchildren. His legacy, fittingly, was one of public health, and his family hopes the circumstances of his death Weve Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over) (Instrumental Version) help educate others.

Vira Sathidar passionately believed in the power of art to spur social change. Sathidar died on April 13,of complications related to the coronavirus, according to multiple outlets. Sathidar and his family supported B. He got his first taste of activism as a union organizer at a local mill, which employed him after he dropped out of high school.

A self-taught intellectual, Sathidar later found work as a writer and editor, and performed street plays to raise awareness for various social causes. He worked relentlessly towards the cause and was at the forefront of the anti-caste movement. Some pop songs, even great ones, feel built from components: The right chord progression, a clever lyric that appeared in a burst of inspiration. They changed shape as you listened to them, like flowers turning to the light; they could fill you with joy, but they often held within their petals just a hint of melancholy, that last-day-of-summer feeling that reminds you how precious it all is.

Schlesinger, who died on April 1 at age 52, made his name in the age of Weve Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over) (Instrumental Version) CD, but his songs resonate with the spirit of transistor radio, capturing the anticipation of waiting to hear a song you love, rather than choosing it from a Spotify playlist.

In the movie, the song becomes a major hit for a bunch of kids who just happen to have formed a band. To know Alison Schwartz was to be a better person. A more creative thinker. A kinder friend.

From the day she walked into the PEOPLE offices as a talented, eager intern in she inspired the staff with her incredible ideas her piece on the Sexiest Manatees Aliveto complement our Sexiest Man Alive coverage, will forever be a favorite.

But outside of work, she was the truest of friends. The first to arrive and last to leave at your after-work birthday drinks. The most excited about your big life news or mundane life updates. She was eternally generous and selfless, always asking how she could help you, never how you could help Weve Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over) (Instrumental Version). Sadly Alison — never one to lose a fighther family would say — lost her three-week battle with COVID on April 28,just three weeks shy of her 30th birthday.

She is survived by her parents, Richard and Robin Schwartz, her brother, Dr. Although he never moved back to Chile, he did not forget his militant roots. She gave birth to the infant while in a medically induced coma, and never had a chance to hold or lay eyes on the little girl. Meanwhile, Nicholas Shaw said that moving forward he plans to shower his three daughters with the same unconditional affection and support he showed his wife. She did anything she wanted.

I hope they learn that from her, and I hope I can teach that to them. The comedian was a master of physical gags, pratfalls and exaggerated facial expressions; his sketches found success with audiences across the world on YouTube. But Shimura, who died at 70 on March 29 from complications of the coronavirus, especially struck a chord in Japan, where he was a joyful presence on television for decades. After coming to prominence in the early s as a member of the comedic rock band The Drifters, Shimura headlined his own sketch-based series in the decades to come.

This year, he had been chosen to carry the Olympic torch in July to represent his hometown of Higashimurayama, a Tokyo suburb. Not long before it was announced that the Olympics would be postponed, Shimura was taken to a Tokyo hospital and diagnosed with pneumonia. Over the next few decades he would perfect many slapstick routines, playing silly samurais, clumsy assassins, lecherous security guards, strange uncles and more. While Shimura mostly shed his risque brand of humor in his later years, he remained popular through his wildly popular animal-centric show, Shimura Zoo.

Shimura did back then. Bernice Silver, an activist, environmentalist and skilled puppeteer, was a master at entertaining her audiences — while also cleverly educating them. A teacher to all, Michael Sorkin, who died at age 71 from complications of the coronavirus on March 26, had a unique ability to disseminate critical knowledge not so much as fact-finding but as coming into an inheritance. Michael was many things—architect, critic, urbanist, educator, polemicist—but above all he was a humanist.

Relying on his architectural lexicon to guide his positions, Michael passionately advocated for collective responsibility in architecture—not from a populist standpoint but from a fantastic tradition of intellectualism. Within architecture, we tend to attribute authorship to the individual, but what Michael pushed for was an understanding that we blossom from a pre-existing body of knowledge that guides practical application.

In material form, we are left with his contributions to the field— his architecture, urban plans, essays, and filmed lectures. However, his legacy transcends just his body of work; he will forever be the champion of the city and the public realm.

And, it is a tragedy that we lost him at this particular moment, as his words and positions have never been more prescient. Adjaye is a renowned architect and a TIME honoree. She had turned 91 three days earlier. However, she left the company to raise a family of four children with her husband, Kevin Sullivan. Sullivan was a versatile artist who excelled in many mediums; she particularly loved painting landscapes of the California coast.

When Disney made the switch to digital-based animation, she welcomed the shift, working diligently at her computer setup at the Disney studios in Burbank. I think she really found great joy in helping bring those characters to life. Tennant, a year-old mother of three and grandmother who lived in Bradley Beach, died due to complications of the coronavirus on April 6.

The following day, New Jersey Gov. She had been many things to the organization: donor, volunteer, employee. Kristin Urquiza fondly recalls how her father, Mark Anthony Urquiza, would organize groups of loved ones to celebrate his birthday with karaoke. Urquiza was a first-generation Mexican American who lived in Arizona his entire life, both in Phoenix and the small community of Tolleson. He was good at maintaining friendships, even with people he met in elementary schooland was also known for being adventurous, fun-loving, and passionate about sports, music and politics.

She has also since launched Marked By Covida collection of stories by those who have lost loved ones to the virus. Despite the large community of friends he had built up over the course of his life, Urquiza was alone in the ICU as he battled the coronavirus.

His isolation prompted Kristin to reach out to his family and friends to share messages of encouragement and support, which she remotely read out to him, with musical interludes in between. His father, Carlos Vallejo, and his paternal grandfather, Jorge Vallejo, were well-respected doctors who took pride in serving their southern Florida communities. Carlos, who was born in Cuba and came to the U. He was a fan of the Miami Dolphins and loved traveling the world with his family.

He did all he could to comfort them and be with them…he paid the ultimate price for what he did. The Vallejo family is already honoring the legacy left behind by Jorge and Carlos: Charlie is in his third year of medical school, and his younger brother has started his first year. They will be the fourth generation of physicians in the family. Everything I did I modeled after them. As the spiraling crisis emerged, he came to be known as the whistleblower of a virus that ultimately took his life.

And yet Li was not dissuaded. He shared his ordeal online and carried out interviews with journalists through text message, conveying a picture of incompetence and mishandling of the virus at the crucial, initial stage of the outbreak. His insistence on speaking out defied a political system that does not tolerate dissent. Before the coronavirus outbreak, Li was relatively unknown even within his hospital, according to local media reports. Wiwit Widarto, a crew member on the coronavirus-stricken cruise ship MS Zaandamreportedly died from complications of the virus on April 8.

A former colleague of Widarto whose name TIME is withholding to protect their employment says Widarto is survived by a wife and two sons. Widarto, an Indonesian national, had tested positive for the virus and was hospitalized when the ship docked in Florida on April 2 after spending weeks at sea negotiating a place to dock, the Associated Press reported. Four elderly passengers died aboard the ship, three of whom had reportedly tested positive for COVID She said Widarto worked as a laundry coordinator and housekeeping supervisor.

But Franklin was nevertheless smitten with Wilkerson, and the pair embarked on an enduring romance and friendship that would last until her death in On April 8, Wilkerson died at the age of 72 from complications of the coronavirus after more than a week in the hospital. Wilkerson was born in and grew up on the East Side of Detroit. He served in the Vietnam War; upon his return he became a fire engine operator in Detroit while also running a cab company.

At the time, Franklin had been married and divorced twice; Wilkerson had three daughters from a previous relationship.

Jet Magazine, inframed the encounter as Wilkerson asking Franklin for her autograph. Regardless of who approached whom, the pair bonded quickly.

InWilkerson said in a Vanity Fair article that he and Franklin had been briefly engaged. Inthey became engaged and unengaged again, but remained close. Wilkerson had retired from his firefighter post in ; in the last decades of his life, he traveled the world with Franklin, meeting Barack Obama at his inauguration in and playing plenty of golf. And, perhaps unsurprisingly given his profession, his role as a father sometimes manifested in heroic ways.

Without hesitation, Wilson walked into the front of the habitat and calmly called out for him while holding some apples, a favorite treat. After more than two weeks in the hospital, Wilson died on May 21 due to complications of the coronavirus. Wilson began her zoo career at age Those who knew Marny Xiong remember her as a loving sister, a community leader and a champion for public education.

Xiong, chairwoman of the St. Paul Board of Education in Minnesota, died on June 7, a month after she was hospitalized for the coronavirus. The daughter of Hmong refugees from Laos, Xiong attended St. Paul Public Schools as a child before studying political science at the University of Minnesota Duluth. She was elected to the school board in Paul Mayor Melvin Carter.

Amee says her sister was planning to attend law school and continue running for political office. During one of her last school board meetings in April, Xiong introduced a resolution condemning anti-Asian racism fueled by the pandemic and called attention to the long history of racism and xenophobia in the U.

Xiong and her father were both hospitalized for the coronavirus on May 7. Courtney Yarbough not only was a father to his own four children, but also served as a mentor to many children in his role as a special education teacher at Leadership Prep School in Frisco, Texas.

Now, those who love him are mourning his loss after he died on Feb. He also loved to barbecue for friends and family. The original version of this story misstated the type of legislators who helped Nelson Henry Jr. They were U. He was in the U. The original version of this story misstated where Theodore Gaffney was born.

He was born in Washington, D. C, not South Carolina. Contact us at letters time. World remembrance The Lives Lost to Coronavirus. Romi Aneja. Mary Agyeiwaa Agyapong. Santa Rosa, Calif. Tawauna Averette. Peyton Baumgarth. Aileen Baviera speaks in an interview in Manila on Sept. Gianmarco Bertolotti. Rafael Leonardo Black in his apartment in Brooklyn, June 3, Victor J. Courtesy of Gina Ciaccio.

Maria Teresa de Bourbon Parme. Renowned transgender activist Lorena Borjas died from coronavirus on Monday. Gia Hernandez—The Translatin Coalition. Araceli Buendia Ilagan. Lisa Burhannan. Photographer Anthony Causi. Joseph Costa.

Julie Davis. AshLee DeMarinis. Lonnie and Wanda Dench. Helen Etuk. Adeline Fagan. News "This work will be continuously updated". Deals If you've been eyeing up a premium PS5 SSD deal - on an internal or external drive - then these offerings are perfect for a weekend purchase.

News If you've always wanted your Xbox controller to also light up like a small Christmas tree, then these LED additions are a must have. Feature Sports games have long been brilliant role-players, and FIFA could benefit from recognizing that. Online Dating Guide. No matter who you ask, you will get the same answer: dating nowadays is hard. For single expats in Germany, dating is even harder. Online Dating. In a perfect world, you and your soulmate would bump into each other on the streets of Germany, lock eyes, and fall madly in love the next second.

Dating Profile.

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