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Splish Splash - Various - History Of Rhythm & Blues Volume 4: The Big Beat 1958-60 (Vinyl, LP)

Since there are only 2 albums For those who don't believe, no proof is possible. Thanks you guys. That Brubeck list is a lot shorter than it was last night. That's all for now, George, thanks. Tour2ma Old School Posts: 10, More later, Tour Vox Copuli Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. One more Donald Fagen — The Nightfly Shiny, near pristine? George,please add these to my last order. If you can't hear a difference, don't waste your money.

Greetings Mr Grand. It is grand to be with you again. May I request these titles please, Thank you. I'll let you know when I'm done! Good morning and thanks to all. Shipping tomorrow. Bruce TourI still have an address for you, but is it current? Please try to avoid posting selections until list is posted in its entirety end of Christmas Re-Treads.

If you? Retreads are now scattered throughout the? These can be distinguished by the capital letter R after the price or description. Visit our? Is that clear? Please indicate? Shiny pristine? Like new, or perhaps new unplayed.

Just about shiny pristine? The difference between? Perfect cover would be? Pertinent data may or may not follow the cover grading. Not responsible for selections that I forgot to price. Every once in awhile it happens, and somebody thinks they? Uh-uh, no you? I make mistakes. Thank you. Beach Boys Concert Needs a wipe, I don?

Fresh Berry? Post edited by George Grand on May May edited May Shame, cover was a great portrait of the two brothers. Never seen this lp before.

There is only one entry in the book for this gentleman. Fairly recently deceased, LaBarbera is the drummer on the only C. Proof of Utah managed to successfully cram so many influences into their albums, that they should appeal to almost anyone. Posted by Erik - cult with no name at AM 5 comments:. Saturday, December 10, Bridget St. Imagine a Nico of the buttercups, all sunshine, smiles and cautious optimism. On her second album, Bridget St. She even brings out the harmonium for the tiny final snatch of a song.

Elsewhere, they hum like bees in the garden, just out of reach, sometimes buzzing along with the lady, sometimes in opposition. Through it all, St. John slides along unflappable, a Fernand Khnopff sphinx on the River Cam. A small record, yet one that fills the room and lingers. Released in lateAurora was the finale of a two-album career at Capitol Crazy Horse Roads came out earlier that yearbut Splish Splash - Various - History Of Rhythm & Blues Volume 4: The Big Beat 1958-60 (Vinyl San Jose trio had been a singles act on RCA as far back as The band is admirably tight, but their material largely confined to Beatle-scrapings with a pellet or two of Moby Grapeshot.

Intheir eponymous lone release sank like the Empress of Ireland. Ron Garmon. The Model Shop was one of many pop-art buzz-bombs Hollywood majors financed in the late sixties. A fateful day in aimless life of an L. Demy wanted the ominous throb of a brightly horrible city, and so brought in L.

Usually given to mixing and matching songwriters, band compositions predominate on this disc, with hypertrophied solos and gnomic lyrics bobbing in an icy groove. If you've still got some holiday goodies to order, why not send some of your cash where it'll be truly appreciated?

Besides, doesn't everyone need some Cajun Caviar? Death of a Small-Press Legend. Zinester Mike Appelstein points us to this tribute to Bill-Dale Marcinko, the gonzo college newspaper editor who inspired him to open his brain and write.

Marcinko, who had been supporting himself selling CDs on eBay, apparently died in a house fire when firemen were held back by cardboard boxes full of his collections. Still, he did fake his death several times before. His friends, most of whom haven't spoken to him in years, are hoping this is just a more elaborate prank. Here's the beginning of a tribute page to Bill-Dale Marcinko and his work, including AFTA zine, described as perhaps "the first comics 'zine distributed to book and comic shops that combined comedy, politics and reviews on books, films, and comics.

It was very much an underground version of Crawdaddythough with vastly personal content. Last week I found a signed, numbered William Saroyan short story collection in a thrift shop whee!

So I have put a cap of 30 on signed, numbered copies of my new Neutral Milk Hotel book. Maybe it would make a nice holiday present to the Neutral Milk Hotel lover in your life or yourself. Our noodles are fulla doodles, and that's why for LP) limited time we are offering the following insanely crazy deals: Subscribe your friends, three for the price of two.

Pretty much the greatest new wave outer space Scottish monster goofball pop combo of all time, and this Sire release is their debut, swan song and masterpiece.

For while the Burton-Sawyer team were highly skilled soul-pop craftswomen providing hits to the Young Rascals, Lulu and others, Lori Burton had the vocal chops to sell songs that would have tried the best singers of the day.

Raunchy, breathy, emotional-yet-controlled, eating stupid boyfriends like hors d'oeuvres, hers is one of the great forgotten voices, and the big Spectoresque production serves it beautifully. If you dig distaff sixties pop, you want to hear this. Sunday, December 04, cult of the week Splish Splash - Various - History Of Rhythm & Blues Volume 4: The Big Beat 1958-60 (Vinyl The Nits.

The Nits. Friday, December 02, The Bubblegummy Side of Stephin Merritt. In a recent entry, he explores Stephin's love of sugary-sweet bubblegum music, and gives our bubblegum book a nod. Check the archives for more Hardy Boys scholarship.

Wednesday, November 30, Books Are Here! Thanks to Gabriella at Continuum, for rushing me a few copies of the Neutral Milk Hotel book when she realized the batch from the distributors were still a week away. It is beautiful, the blood and chocolate color scheme is even better in real life than in scans. The Amazon sales rank this morning is the highest I've seen: pm update: !

Shannon posted a comment to this blog pointing to her MP3 site, where she's just uploaded a few fascinating samples from a tape of unheard Jeff Mangum tapes that she inherited when she moved into Jeff's room in the legendary Monroe Street House.

Tune in and enjoy. Posted by Kim at AM 2 comments:. Tuesday, November 29, Aeroplane books have arrived. While I have yet to see a copy yet myself, folks on the e6townhall message boards are reporting that the Neutral Milk Hotel books they pre-ordered from Amazon have just started arriving. It's great to know that spines are finally being cracked on this labor o' love, and I hope some early reviews will follow quickly.

Show starts at p. As of right now, we have live Surf instrumental music by the Boardwalkers scheduled -- we're working on confirming that -- lead guitarist Dan Valenti, of course, was in the Unclaimed back in the '80s.

There will also be projected Surf movies onto Mollusk's huge walls and a light show to boot and snacks. Beathoven - Tasmanian Pop Overthrow. I went to school for nearly six years. Throughout my late teens and early twenties, inertia ruled my life more than anything else. Graduated high school, kept going, got my B.

A, stopped - again, not for any reason mind you, my academic inertia had simply run out with no Peter Cook around to top me off. Leaving academia behind, I found I was less interested in things than ever before. Now where was I? Luckily, and I should probably say providentially, I have plenty of records which do the mystic soaring for me and carry me with them - if only for a while - in faithful congress towards a vanishing-point infinity where I am resigned and contented.

LP) is what truly great pop music is for. All the residual post-graduation badness and madness I was feeling - gone, eviscerated, melted away by this absolutely stunning disc of tunes by a late 70's pop combo from Tasmania named Beathoven pronounced ala the Germanic composer, not the silly UK new wavers. I wish I could find a better picture - you should see 'em! Full Dickensian Artful Dodger kit -- top hat, tails -- enough to make Martin Newell look underdressed -- dreamy wisps of brown, semi-longish hair -- all four of them prime dreamboat material as well as genuinely teenaged.

Posted by Collin at AM 1 comment:. Click the T for more info. Posted by Erik - cult with no name at AM 2 comments:. Brand new in our Cafepress shop, the long awaited black T-shirts!

The first image we've made available on the black T is Tom Neely's special adaptation of his magical cover for Scram More will be coming, so stay tuned. New book on conflicted SoCal surf legend Miki Dora. They have their agenda, and I have mine. The two agendas hardly overlap at all, even in the water. Especially in the water. I'm quite sure, that in their inimitably self-centered way, they will simply fail to deign to so much as acknowledge that the following words even exist, or, should the point be somehow forced upon them, they will belabor the position as loudly and longly as necessary that the worm who had the temerity to pen this prose could not possibly be LESS qualified to write upon a subject that they have long claimed sole ownership of, even as they continue to promulgate it as far and wide as their media skills and shills will permit.

Dora was a metaphor. Dora was several metaphors. Nobody owns a metaphor. Sorry guys, but that's just the way it has to be. These are people who seek to extract money and power from surfing, directly and indirectly.

What happens to the people they exploit is of no concern to them and neither is what happens in any lineup as a result of their manipulations. You, and your wave are used and then thrown away and given no more regard than a piece of used tissue paper. The Entertainment Industry is, not to put too fine a point on it, an industry that is founded upon, deals in, and purveys to the greatest degree possible, lies.

Brightly colored lies, and very seductive lies, but lies nonetheless. It's all "make believe. Our authors, our book's "maker," and our subject are all irrevocably ensnared within Hollywood's tendrils of falsehood, and no matter how hard any of them protest falsehood in general and tinselly things in particular, it's abundantly apparent that they are all, in fact, part of the problem and not part of the solution. Dora's tale is a cautionary one, among other things, and this aspect of the story is slighted right along with all the rest of what's slighted.

I WILL get to some encouraging words here sooner or later, I promise, but for now I feel I must go on with describing this book's glaring weaknesses, ok? Dora's story arches far above the man himself, and most certainly even farther above his chroniclers.

As a character for a "story" and I find it interesting that the word "story" was inserted into the title as opposed to "biography" Dora is the equal of anything you might find in Greek Tragedy or Shakespearean tales of fatally flawed protagonists. The shit's that good. In a nutshell, the man drank from the Golden Cup and then, because of irredeemable personality flaws, immediately partook in the destruction of that cup for a handful of tarnished coins.

Once the Golden Cup had been taken away, Dora was reduced to a wandering life of exile that took him to high places and low, all around the world, but never returned to him that which he so foolishly had helped destroy with his own hands. Dora was a sublimely gifted athlete, who received scant compensation for his abilities and grew bitter with the realization that he would never be compensated justly for his LP) artistry, even as hucksters, greedy manipulators, and speculators all grew fat with profits extracted from the selfsame venue that he was the undisputed master of.

Dora was a fundamentally crooked person who parlayed socially engineered connections and his athletic gifts to gain entrance to venues he had no business entering. Dora was a small time con man and thief who rose above his venality to exert an amazing influence upon an entire arena of human endeavor, an influence that redounds through the decades and continues to exert powerful sway over surfing to this very day.

Dora contradicted himself and everyone around him and maintained a laser-straight heading through life despite it. Dora communicated elliptically at best, and yet managed to hit the mark squarely every time. Dora loathed people but could not escape his need to be around them, whether to draw sustenance from them, mock them, gull them, or abuse them.

His social skills were without parallel, but his fundamental inability to deal with most people honestly negated almost all their worth. He craved possessions, but owned very little. He hated bullshit in all its manifestations, and responded by attempting to bullshit nearly everyone he came in contact with to one degree or another.

He attempted to obfuscate himself, but could not resist speaking out in high-profile situations again and again. He loved attention but he hated attention. His surfing was both the creator and the destroyer of his life, even as he was a creator and destroyer himself. I could go on with this, but I believe the point is becoming clear that Dora was a Gordian Knot of writhing inconsistencies, great beauty and insight inseparably coupled with the basest of motive and deed.

So then, where does any of this leave our book? Choking in a cloud of dust, watching its subject disappear into the distance, for the most part. Miki Dora is a fabulously rich lode of metaphor and allegory, and yet somehow this book fails to avail itself of any of it in a meaningful way. To begin with, let's get back to the title, especially the word "story" therein.

A "story" is not a "biography" and the differences between the two words could not be better highlighted than through the thin framework of this book. The book itself seems to know that it's thin, and seeks to hide this as best it can. The page size is small, the margins are large, and the photographs seek to fill as much glaringly empty space as they can.

Much padding shows through the words, not very many in sum to begin with, that fill its pages. It seeks to hide its inadequacies beneath a veneer of "artsy" gloss and pretension. We are treated to a smorgasbord of small details concerning the man, but nowhere is there an overarching framework of extracted worth or merit taken from those details.

As it stands, the book as a whole is achingly thin and watery, with no bone, muscle, or sinew to be found anywhere inside.

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  1. Oldies But Goodies - CD ***** Oldies But Goodies, Vol. 8 1. Where Did Our Love Go - The Supremes 2. Charlie Brown - The Coasters 3. Splish Splash - Bobby Darin 4. La Bamba - Ritchie Valens 5. Rip It Up - Little Richard 6. Summertime Blues - Eddie Cochran 7. Wipe Out - The Surfaris 8. Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys 9.

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  6. Dec 31,  · For those that care though, the core of the Dirty Angels grew out of a funky, soul and blues group called White Chocolate (one LP, ’73 on RCA - don’t stop reading yet!) which had actually begun its life as Arthur Lee’s backing/touring band in the early 70’s (they don‘t sound anything like ‘Vindicator,’ I assure you).

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