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Make Up Your Make Up - Various - 4x3 Hits (Vinyl, LP)

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Mills plays a staggering 45 tracks in just over an hour and proves once again why he is the worlds most highly regarded deck technician. Recorded in Detroit, the heartland of techno and home to many of its big names, this is one of the finer examples of the man enjoying his art.

Amazing stuff. Each will be a 2-cd set, with the 2nd disc containing demos, remixes, and unreleased material. The first 4 are currently scheduled for release this April. Hedonizm Records is a Brighton, UK based record shop and mail order outlet for varrying styles of electronic music, from techno to house to broken beat to electro to electronica and downtempo, you will find it LP).

This album is released February 16th in the UK. More info Serious Europe's most consistently inventive jazz trumpeter, The TimesTomasz Stanko is one of the most charismatic figures in European jazz. His riveting presence as a live performer, recently complemented by a series of universally acclaimed ECM CDs, is testament to a career distinguished by decades of remarkably sustained creativity one of the great originals of today's music.

His quartet, completed by three supremely talented young Polish players, is featured on Stanko's newest recording, Suspended Night ECM where the band stretch out into improvisations that tread a fascinating dynamic line between devastating lyricism and fierce terrain, without forsaking their strong sense for grooves and rhythms. The writing is exquisite deft, beautiful work, Jazzwise - full of melody and soul - and the band positively exudes freshness and enthusiasm.

Coupled with the authority and soulfulness of Stanko's dark-toned trumpet, it has a communicative power that reaches out across borders and generations. COM report Bjork will release a singles boxed set in April. However I believe Franz Ferdinand are overrated, timing is everything for a new band - and the spotlight is on them now.

If his trademark beats are still present, with Ultravisitor, Tom Jenkinson focuses more on his melodic side. Kerrier District - Kerrier District Since the release of his Amen Andrews series and YosepH album, Luke Vibert has enjoyed a renewed interest from electronic fans, and this latest project is very unlikely to inverse the process. NL, has retained a flair for simple melodies and delicate structures. A journey through dark territories, Audio Noir is oppressive, challenging and ultimately fascinating.

Max Richter - The Blue Notebooks British-based and German-born pianist and composer Max Richter brings a variety of flavours to expend on his classical roots. Mixing classic instrumentation, field recordings and electronics, The Blue Notebooks is a stunning record. Skyphone - Fabula Danish trio Skyphone present their first album. Fabula is an interesting journey through beautifully laidback electronic soundscapes highlighted with subtle acoustic touches.

It's got Balinese gongs, Hawaiian ukuleles, red wine, injuries, glee, and a song called "Wild Horses" that's written by Oneida. It's also got a lot of good advice. We would like to say that with their new full-length record, Brooklyn sons Oneida simply start where they left off with Each One Teach One, their highly acclaimed and soon to be classic double CD and LP that came out last year. Jon Pareles of the New York Times dubbed it a top ten pick and Mojo called it Make Up Your Make Up - Various - 4x3 Hits (Vinyl essential underground record.

Numerous other critical plaudits helped catapult the record to its current "best-selling-of-all-time" status among all Jagjaguwar releases. But these purveyors of righteous noise and indignation never stopped in the first place. Almost immediately after wrapping up Each One Teach One, they collaborated with the Liars on a split EP, continued their work on the score to Speedo a documentary about Long Island and New Jersey's demolition derby circuit that is just being completedand began conceptualizing what we trust will become a baroque pop masterpiece to come out next year, all along touring both Europe and the United States.

In the meantime, they also created Secret Wars. And here is what we can say about it. Secret Wars happens to be the first Oneida release that they didn't make entirely themselves or with the able assistance of Peter Katis at Tarquin Studios. Their trademark iterated and psych-tinged noise attack is still fully intact, both nervous and subdued at the same time - like what happens when you give meditative children trained in the ways of yoga an excessive amount of caffeine.

If there are any new wrinkles to be discovered, it is perhaps that, even more so than on Each One Teach One Oneida's Tago MagoOneida seem to be mining the same fertile ground as Kraut-rock visionaries Can, effortlessly shedding the constraints of pop forms and structures while still remaining soulful and spiritually centered all along. Like spazzing out in the Lotus position. Here's 10 gorgeous, perfectly executed, lovingly produced songs that make a woozilly indulgent whole. It's 43 minutes- just right for a single listen - and crammed full of the most charming, comforting, blissful, seductive dream pop.

They're playful again too. One minute cute and silly one song has the whole tune whistled, another's called "Surfing On A Rocket" though J.

The proggy portent of "10, Hertz" has been reduced to backdrop status, whilst the songs take centre stage in all their melodic glory. There's so many subtle delights in the mix and they still have that naive fascination with making retro electronics sound futuristic. It's nostalgic for the 70s yet intent on building a dream world for us right now. Second cloud on the right. All aboard! For this recording the band set out to make a record like Captain Beafheart's "Mirror Man", entering the studio with a blank canvas and recording relatively quickly.

Most songs were improvised or written immediately before recording, and before long a series of raw, live recordings had been completed. A beautifully lush and patient album. Clad in glam attire and a with a more politicised outlook than before, Bobby pays homage to rock and roll's excesses with a sound somewhere between prog rock and Prince!

Ten tracks previously unreleased. Also included, is a 76 page booklet featuring rare and previously unseen photographs, along with a complete Fiction discography. Finely crafted songs with Davey Woodhead's typically wry observations on growing up in Bristol and occasionally escaping it.

Includes eleven bonus tracks, including the singles "Fiery Jack" and "Rowche Rumble". This superb package now includes ten bonus tracks from their early years, along with a bonus disc featuring two BBC Radio sessions and a live recording from Liverpool in Can you refresh the Tommy Keene link? I had this album back in the 80's and it has the best version of Places That Are Gone.

Thank you very much. You must be from Mid-Atlantic area at some point. If you want to refresh any of those links, that would be great. Thanks again. PS These guys have a good handful of live Tommy Keene shows.

Thanks Musicat, If you want a Weasel show re-upped just ask from that page. And I have been to dbs. A good blog for sure. Inspired by the pops of neon, I thought it would be fun to use some bright and colorful Cameo cuts on a black card. I adore my white gel pen and metallic markers, and find any chance to use them!

I made a "stitched" frame, hand wrote the numbers, and doodled in the arrow. There's nothing better than spending the month of October watching DVDs from our collection.

This is the start of our Scary Movie Marathon. I created this card using the reverse side of a We R Memory Keepers journal card from last week. The heart background most definitely represents our love for the Horror movie genre. I added some neon blue paper tape, narrow gray washi, filmstrip tape, a Cosmo Cricket sticker label, and Glitz alphabet stickers. For the first set of 3x4 pockets I used some fun free printables from my collection. They couldn't be more perfect for my theme! Following that is a pocket with a lovely quote from my printables stash.

This is a handmade card using gorgeous 6x6 Ki Memories paper cut down to size. I added some American Crafts alphabet stickers, and Cosmo Cricket sentiment stickers to finish it.

Here is a card I made using pretty pink chevron paper from Amy Tangerine's Sketchbook pad. I added some wallet-size instapics of this week's crafty project. A hot pink yarn wig to go with my daughter's Strawberry Shortcake Halloween costume.

For this side I'm using a set of Hobby Lobby's pocket pages. I also picked up a set like B. Again, I mixed up cards, papers, collections, and elements to fill the pockets. I used my favorite white gel pen to write the details. I wrote "throwback" directly on the black tape using my white gel LP). The "THU" element came from a set from this month's batch of free printables.

You can find it here. This week I got to play around in a couple of my books. I added a personal and creative touch to a notepad in my A5 Filofax [check back tomorrow for the DIY], and relaxed with some zentangle doodles in my sketchbook. The 4x4 photo looks perfect on this handmade card from pink patterned Ki Memories paper. I found a TPC Studio glitter sticker label, and layered it with some black cardstock.

I used my white pen again for the dots, and some Pebbles, Inc. I added a 4x4 instagram photo which I edited with a new fun app called Photofy for Android. I used some striped narrow washi, green paper tape, neon dot stickers [made with a hole punch and thick paper tape], and colorful American Crafts alphabet stickers to complete the card.

For this last group of cards I have a chalkboard filler card which I featured in Printables: September. Underneath it, I used a neon doodle filler card from my collection. I added a wallet-size instagram photo capturing me working in my Filofaxes, and some pink Cosmo Cricket alphabet stickers. I stacked the small instapics [another Photofy image] and embellished the card with a speech bubble and printable label cut on my Cameo, and a pink washi tape banner.

That's all I have for you today! I hope you liked my Project Life layout : You can see all LP) the pages in my album here. Looking for the fun free printables I used in this week's spread? Remember to follow those boards because I find new stuff daily! Are you documenting with Project Life?

How is your album coming along? Labels: Life DocumentedProject Life. Monday, October 28, Printables: October. Happy Monday! With October coming close to an end, I thought it's about that time again for my monthly Printables post! In case you missed September's batch, you can find it here.

Over time, I've incorporated them into all of my books. My Project Life album, handmade Daybookseven my Filofax organizers. If the whole "Printables" thing is new to you, or it's something you've been meaning to look into, I strongly urge you to read this post. You'll find lots of helpful tips and tricks for at-home printing, including ways to save time and money doing it Every month I'm on the lookout for new free printables to add to my collection.

Since I only print once a month, I need my stuff to go the extra mile Hello Notecards by Benign Objects. Striped Notecards by Jenny Bevlin. These cards could be used for anything. Journal cards for Project Life or notecards for penpal letters. I'll be using these as paper for my A5 Filofax planner. Pinterest Journal Card by Pam Middlebrooks. Green sent most of his coded messages from the infamous Colditz castle near Leipzig pictured.

A collection of 40 coded letters sent between Green and his family living in Scotland will be sold at Bonhams in Knightsbridge on June Simon Roberts, a specialist in the book department at Bonhams, said: 'Museums and libraries ought to be interested in these items, they highlight an important part of what was going on in World War Two.

It is being sold in a lot of letters including some from US President Eisenhower. Whoever buys them could spend many days decoding them all and having fun with them.

Green often wrote home about an imaginary love interest called Phillipa while actually concealing messages for MI9. In one he seems to be talking about his love for her, while actually writing about the German fuel supply. MI9 often contacted Green's parents, asking them not to pay attention to certain coded portions of his letter, and not to speak about them in their reply to him.

He was captured with his brigade at St Valery in northern France during the retreat to Dunkirk in June and spent the remainder of the war in several camps including Blechhammer, Lamsdorf, Sandbostel, Westertimke and Heyderbreck. The spokesman added: 'The letters sometimes read like a caricature of a faulty language manual, and had the German censors employed someone with a native command of English they would have immediately spotted that something untoward was going on, a fact of which Green himself was all too aware.

Under the surreal humour of his letters lies horror and quite extraordinary bravery. After the war his papers were presentend to the Imperial War Museum in London. The collection includes snapshots taken in the camp of Green undertaking dentistry examinations and fellow prisoners, a watercolour portrait of Green as a POW, a Christmas postcard from Laufen Castle inand caricatures of Green and some of his friends.

He later wrote a bestselling book about his experiences entitled From Colditz in Code. He also worked as a businessman for a number of years before returning to dentistry. He died in September This is the type of grid MI9 agents would have drawn when looking at a coded letter starting 'Dear Dad'. It was read starting from the bottom right hand corner and working backwards into the top left.

Chorale: In Dieser Letztm Betrübten Zeit, BWV 253 - Bach* / Ton Koopman - Organ Works (CD, Album), Oberst Hathis Marsj - Walt Disney - Jungel Boken (Cassette), Mi Propio Yo - Miltinho - Grandes Exitos (Vinyl, LP), Various - A Childs World of Poetry (Vinyl, LP), La Mujer Del Músico - Labanda (2) - Fiesta Campestre (Rockmeria) (Vinyl, LP, Album), Dronn - The Army Of Dawn (File), Blind Allegiance - B-Movie - The Platinum Collection (CD), Stephen Stills - Stephen Stills 2 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Jane Child - Various - Currents And Directions (CD), Telephone Numbers - UK Subs - Subs Standards (Vinyl, LP), Wilds - Hutchinson Andrew Trio Featuring The Lily String Quartet - Hollow Trees (CD, Album), Rockn Roll Music - Lu Lafayette* - Snapshots (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of "4x3 Hits" on Discogs. Everything Releases Artists Labels. Advanced Search. Menu. Explore Various – 4x3 Hits. Label: Negram – NAF Series: 4x3 Hits – 2. Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation. Country: .

  2. Seller's comment: original and very rare dutch release, in a very nice condition, no wear worth mentioning. record contains 3 tracks from each band. shoes: face to face / who am I / make up your make up. hank the knife & the jets: stan the gunman / I don want my liquer no more / guitar king. long tall ernie & the shakers: big fat mamma / turn your radio on / motorride. bzn: goodbye.

  3. Explore releases from The Make-Up at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from The Make-Up at the Discogs Marketplace.

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