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Follow Me Home - Sugababes - Taller In More Ways (CD, Album)

B: Um Listen and check. B: a Thanks, but I think I can manage. B: a Sure, why not? Ask your friend for help. Use the dialogue in Ex. Listening Listen to five speakers talking about computers and match them to the statements A-E.

D Album) Internet has changed the way my family and myself live our lives. E I only know the basics. Say the examples in your language.

You're very busy. I'll help you. Will you help me cook the dinner? Sfeve will be sixteen in May. This time next week he will be flying to Moscow. We will have left for Spain by the end of next month.

By this time next week he will have been working here for 3 years. The bus to Glasgow leaves at pm. Why is each verb form used? Dear John, Hi! How are you? It's at the National Exhibition Centre on the 17th August. It starts at 10 am and finishes at h pm. I'm going to give a presentation of my invention to hundreds of people. Until then I'll be working night and day to improve it.

By the day of the competition I think I'll have had enough time to make it perfect. Do you know I'll have been working on it for almost a year by then? Well, that's all for now. I hope you can come and see me and my invention. Write back soon. Owen 2 3 62 Fill in will or be going to in the correct form. Are you staying here? B; No, I B: Then take an aspirin and lie down. B: I think she Choose the correct verb forms.

What are her: plans for the weekend! Put the verbs in brackets into the future continuous or the future perfect. What tense do we use after time words when, before, until, as soon as, after, etc. Sure, no problem. If you Are you going out tonight? Yes, I By the time John Oh dear. Well, while she I buy you something special when I Take your coat before When we arrive in Moscow, After I finish eating, I will call you when Do you know when?

Clauses of result Grammar Reference! It was This film is There were Games consoles cost The gadget had Do the quiz. How many were there by ? Write three questions. Read the text to check if your questions are answered. When was the last time you used the Internet? Chances are, it was very recently! And you In the very early days of the Internet, in the s and 80s.

To illustrate this, it took 38 years for radio to reach 50 million Many of us already use the Internet to make telephone calls, rent movies, buy music and watch TV programmes. Very soon, the Internet will be 3D, not 2D, and everything from our cars to our kitchen appliances will be connected to our local networks. However, not everyone has access to technology. Still, governments and IT Compare your answers with a partner. Maybe the Which of the activities do you and other members of your family use the Internet for?

Do you use it for anything else? Compare answers with your partner. What do they decide on? You and your friend have been asked to discuss what to put on the new website. Use the language below to act out your dialogue. You can use the tapescript for Ex. Make sure you discuss ail the options and include your own ideas.

Come to a decision about which two options to include. Just take a look at this Some are a lot smaller than the full stop at the end of this sentence. Wigan started making tiny things w'hen he was a child. People made him feel small because he had learning difficulties, so he decided to show them how significant small could be! How does he create his unbelievable micro-sculptures?

He slows his breathing, then patiently sculpts or paints between heartbeats, so that his hand stays perfectly still. He spends months carving his tiny creations from materials such as toothpicks, sugar crystals and grains of rice and then paints them with a tiny hair such as an eyelash. So how do visitors to W'illard Wigan's exhibitions view his work? Through a microscope, of course! Vocabulary Types of art 3 What are the types of art in the spidergram in Follow Me Home - Sugababes - Taller In More Ways (CD language?

Can you add any more types? The painter was a chimfwnzce. Congo did the paintings more than fifty years ago when he was three years old. Altogether, he did nearly four hundred drawings and paintings before he died Follow Me Home - Sugababes - Taller In More Ways (CD Congo was a popular guest on Zootime, a British television show hosted by animal behaviourist Desmond Morris.

InMorris held an exhibition of 'chimpanzee art', which included some of Congo's work. C Urban Grailiti Banksy no one knows his real name is a British street artist who is famous for his graffiti that has appeared on walls and buildings in cities around the world.

He also sometimes holds 'shows' of paintings, usually in warehouses. Later that year, Banksy won an art award, but he didn't turn up to collect it - he prefers to remain anonymous. Dc'spite Banksy's 'success', there are many people who see his work as vandalism rather than art. They see Album) as ugly, irresponsible and childish and they say Banksy encourages more people to do it. Many city councils remove Banksy's works from their walls but they cannot do anything when it is on private property.

In fad, many people want to keep his work on the walls of their building as it adds value to the properU' because it is considered by many to be a valuable work of art. Fill in the person s. Speaking 8 d Say three things you remember from each text.

Take roles and interview Willard Wigan about his art. B: I read a lot and get insipiration from history, etc. Discuss in groups. Report to the class. How can art benefit a society? Spend five minutes writing a few sentences on the topic. Read your sentences to your friend. Discuss your opinions. B: Ale too. It makes me Check with your partner.

Can you Act out exchanges, as in the example. What sort of music do you Album) Different types really. Why do you ask? I prefer pop music. What sort of music do you like then? I like music that you can dance to. Do you fancy going to that? Do you want to go with me? Sure, count me in! Say it right Makins arrangements Choose the correct response.

B: a Sounds great! Invite your friend. Act out your dialogue. Read the statements A-E. Then listen and match each speaker to the correct statement. A The speaker recently learnt to play a musical instrument. D The speaker thinks it is important to have broad musical tastes. Listen and repeat. What is being emphasised in each sentence? This changes the meaning of what someone is saying.

Which syllable is stressed each time? How does the meaning change? William gave me this lovely scarf. Think of ten phrases you have learnt in this lesson. Do the quiz to find out. Classical Husic 1 Who is considered by many to be the most talented composer of the 19th century?

Then complete the table below. Which irregular forms are there in the table in Ex. In fact, I think this is Note: as Say them in your language. Complete the gaps with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets. B; Yes, but it was B: Sure, but 9 pm is B: Oh, that's Harry. B: No! B: Good, but not Gradable adjectives mean that the person or thing referred to can have more or less of the quality mentioned. They have comparative and superlative forms apart from very. We can use extremely, fairly, rather, slightly, very with them Very small, slightly more expensive, etc.

Non-gradable adjectives do not have comparative and superlative forms. We can use absolutely, totally and completely with them absolutely full, totally empty, etc. No one was there. Writing 8 In pairs, collect information about modern singers or performers and compile a quiz similar to the one in Ex.

Exchange your quiz with another pair, then do the quiz. List them under the appropriate headings. Which is your favourite type of film? I actor 1 Look at the picture. What do you know about Bollywood? What else would you like to learn about it? Read the text and see if you can answer them. Did you like them? Why not? Read your summary to the class. Bollywood What do you get when you take the 'B' from the Indian city of Bombay and exchange it Bollywood, of course! Bollywood is the nickname for the Indian film industry.

It is the largest film industry in the world, making up to eight hundred films a year - twice as many Sometimes, the films are made so fast that the same actors shoot scenes for four different films on the same set So, Firstly, Bollywood films are actually more like musicals, with lots of singing, dancing and colourful costumes. They are usually in the Hindi language and last three They can be In fact, some young people say that they find the storylines a Bollywood's biggest audience outside India is in Britain, It's not just Indians who watch the films, though.

There have been some popular Bollywood films in English, such There are even Bollywood waxworks at Madame Tussauds! B: Not really. I prefer action films to comedies. A: How about a western tonisht?

B: I'd prefer to watch a mystery rather than watch a western. Vocabulary Films 8 Fill in: special effects, plot, actins, set, action-packed, stunts, box off ice, starrins, cast, costumes. Pirales of the Caribbean: At World's End is a brilliant 1.

Johnny Depp and Oriando Bloom. Its exciting As well as the usual adventures at sea, part of the story is 4. The The film is full of 7. For example, Davy Jones, the captain of the ghost ship, has a beard that looks like a wriggling octopus. And in the sword-fighting scene, the acrobatic Finally, the 9. What reasons do they give? Which type are they? Why do you like them?

Tell your partner, using the language below. I think It focuses on Giving reasons What I like best about I really love I realty like it because Are there similar idioms in your language? Use the text in Ex.

Read the box. Reviews are short descriptions of books, films, plays, TV programmes, etc. Present tenses are usually used and a variety of adjectives to make your comments clearer and more precise.

You have just received the following email from a friend: r an 1 From: Susan 1 Subject: Read any good books? Have you read a good one recently? If so, please write and tell me all about it. What type of book is it? What did you like about it? Reply soon, Susan 3 Read the email and match the paragraphs to the descriptions A-D.

Hi Susan! Don't worry about which book to take because I've just read a brilliant fantasy thriller set in Ireland. It's called Artemis Fowl and it's by my favourite author, Eoin Golfer. Basically, it's a fairy tale for our times. It's about a fairy police officer called Captain Holly Short who is kidnapped by the twelve-year-old evil genius. Artemis Fowl. He wants the fairies to pay a lot of gold to get her back. Unfortunately for Artemis. Holly Short is a member of the fairy secret police and her senior officer will do anything to rescue her.

So, as you can imagine, the plot is very exciting and fast-paced and it is very funny, too. The characters are also well developed. There is a lot of action and interesting high-tech gadgets. The theme of good versus evil is strong throughout. All in all, Artemis Fowl is an excellent book that I think is very well written.

I couldn't put it down from the very first page! I would definitely recommend that you read it. Have a great holiday! Which are used in the email in Ex. What do they describe? B: Oh, really? What did you think of the plot? A: I thousht it was fast-paced and exciting. B: What about the characters? Expressing opinions and giving recommendations 6 Which of the following phrases: express opinion?

What phrases does the writer of the email in Ex. What do you have to write, who to and why? What style will you write it in? Non-album single. Songs of Mass Destruction. Non-album singles. Recorded with William Orbit and Kenna. Radio 1's Live Lounge. Radio 1 Established Originally by Florence and the Machine. Phil Poynter [59]. Alex Hemming [60]. Jamie Morgan [59]. Sophie Muller and Dawn Shadforth [59]. Phil Griffin [59].

Alison Murray [59]. Cartoon Network Productions [62]. Michael Gracey and Pete Commins [59]. Matthew Rolston [59]. Andy Morahan [63]. Howard Greenhalgh [59]. Toby Tremlett [59]. Tim Royes [59].

Toby Tremlett [64]. Trudy Bellinger [65]. Marcus Adams [66]. Fatima Andrade Koehler [67]. Harvey B-Brown [68]. Daniel Wolfe [ citation needed ]. Marco Puig [ citation needed ]. Emil Nava [ citation needed ]. In de zomer van speelde ze in de musical Rent. In september wordt hun eerste single Flatline uitgebracht en begin volgt een nieuw album.

Heidi Range 23 mei vervangt Donaghy, wanneer de groep nieuw contract tekent bij Island Records. Hun eerste single bij het nieuwe label was Freak like meeen Bastard Pop -nummer, gemaakt door producer Richard Xwaarin een sample van Are 'Friends' Electric? Het lied betekende in Engeland een doorbraak voor de groep, omdat het daar hun eerste nummer 1-hit was. In Nederland behaalde het slechts nummer 23 als hoogste positie, en was daarmee niet eens zo succesvol als hun eerste single Overload.

Hun volgende single voor Island Records, Round roundgeproduceerd door Xenomaniawerd in Engeland wederom een nummer 1-hit, en werd in Nederland hun eerste grote hit. Het behaalde de tweede plaats en stond zeven weken in de Top Voorganger One Touch wist hier nooit de albumlijst te halen, maar met hun tweede album behalen ze nummer De derde single van het album, Strongerkomt in Nederland weliswaar minder hoog nummer 5 dan Round roundmaar blijft langer in de hitlijst hangen, en verkoopt zodoende beter.

Het titelnummer van het album, Angels with dirty faceswordt de soundtrack van The Powerpuff Girls Movie. De vierde single Shapedie een flinke sample van Stings klassieker Shape of My Heart bevat, bereikt begin nummer 7.

Het derde album van de groep, Threewordt eind uitgebracht. De eerste single Hole in the headwederom een Xenomania -productie, behaalt in Nederland een tweede plaats. De tweede single Too lost in yougeschreven door Diane Warrenwas afkomstig van de soundtrack van de Engelse film Love Actually. De derde single In the middle haalt wederom de Nederlandse Top 40 en betekent de zesde Top hit op rij voor de groep.

Het is tevens de laatste, want de vierde en laatste single van Threede ballade Caught in a moment weet slechts nummer 30 te behalen in Nederland. In de korte afwezigheid tussen het derde en vierde album bevalt Mutya op 23 maart van een dochter, Tahlia Maya. De groep gaf hun eerste optreden in een jaar tijd bij het Live 8 -concert in Edinburgh.

Mutya vertelde journalisten daar: "De foto's van stervende kinderen maken me aan het huilen. Sinds ik moeder ben, raken deze foto's me en ik denk dan bij mezelf 'als dat mijn dochter was zou ik er iets aan willen doen'. De single verscheen eind septemberwaarna het vierde studioalbum Taller in More Ways in oktober uitkwam. Push The Button bereikte in Nederland nummer 3. Kort na een schijnbare ziekte, waardoor Mutya niet in staat was de tweede single Ugly te promoten, werd op 21 december bekendgemaakt dat Mutya de Sugababes had verlaten.

Mutya is vervangen door zangeres Amelle Berrabah 22 april[4] die voordat ze bij de Sugababes kwam, samen met haar jongere zus de groep Boo2 vormde. De eerste single die met Amelle werd uitgebracht was Red Dress. Uiteraard was de stem van Mutya daarbij vervangen door die van Amelle, maar verder was het nummer identiek aan de versie met Mutya, zoals die op het album was verschenen. Na het uitkomen van de derde single kwam er ook een heruitgave van het album.

Op de nieuwe versie van Taller in More Ways werden drie tracks opnieuw opgenomen met de zang van Amelle Berrabah. In een kleine maand werden in Engeland, Schotland en Wales achttien concerten gegeven.

Tijdens een van de concerten werd bekendgemaakt dat de ballad Follow Me Home de nieuwe single zou worden. Het succes viel in Engeland erg tegen; het nummer flopte en werd in Nederland niet meer uitgebracht. De titel van het album verwijst naar hun eerste single Overload. Amelle is slechts op drie nummers op het album te horen: twee nieuwe nummers en de single Red Dress.

May 4, Record Research. GfK Entertainment Charts. Retrieved 28 May December 28, GfK Entertainment in German. Retrieved July 28, The Guardian. Archived from the original on August 7, Retrieved April 3, October 4, Album) Archived from the original on February 6, Retrieved June 1, Universal Island Records.

BBC Music. September 23, Archived from the original on August 4, Retrieved April 6, Rovi Corporation. Retrieved November 23, The Independent. Archived from the original on January 25, Retrieved August 15, Sydney Morning Herald.

Fairfax Media.

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9 thoughts on “Follow Me Home - Sugababes - Taller In More Ways (CD, Album)

  1. Three, the Sugababes' third album, was released in October It reached number three and was certified double platinum in the UK. The album produced four singles, including the number one "Hole in the Head". The group's fourth album Taller in More Ways, released in October , reached number one and went double platinum in the UK.

  2. English girl group Sugababes covered "Obsession" for their fourth studio album Taller in More Ways (). Group member Heidi Range initially recorded it as a demo with Ashley Hamilton, although the Sugababes later decided to record it as a was produced by Dallas Austin, one of the album's primary cover is similar to the original and had a polarizing .

  3. Het album Taller in More Ways bereikte niet veel later ook de Nederlandse Album Top Kort na een schijnbare ziekte, waardoor Mutya niet in staat was de tweede single Ugly te promoten, werd op 21 december bekendgemaakt dat Mutya de Sugababes had verlaten.

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