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Cinema Show - Genesis - Three Sides Live (Cassette, Album)

Anno inherited something from Aoki Uru — the determination not to run away from problems — and what we saw in Evangelion was maybe just a reflection of those feelings".

Sadamoto objected to a new female protagonist, saying that "a robot should be piloted by a trained person, and if that person just happens to be a girl then that is fine"; however, he did not understand why a young girl "would pilot a robot". He eventually suggested a boy as the main character; his relationship with Asuka, who became another primary character, was modelled after Nadia's relationship with Jean, her love interest and eventual husband in the series.

Gainax wanted to reflect the psychological state of animation fans and the Japanese society, in which fathers are always at work and emotionally absent. In the original project he was more mature, robust and less introverted than the final version; he should also have been portrayed as a studious boy, a "quiet A-student".

That's the same as with dying". In the original Japanese, Shinji is voiced by Megumi Ogata in all his appearances in the original series, as well as the later films, spin-offs, video games [25] [26] and the new Rebuild of Evangelion film series.

Ogata described Shinji as one of the "most memorable" roles of her career. Ogata considered her acceptance a monumental choice for her career. The Rebuild of Evangelion dub also presented obstacles.

On the last recording day for the film Evangelion: 2. He praised her work and shook her hand, thanking her for "keeping the character's feelings unchanged" and for adding her thirteen years of experience "to the current Shinji".

The voice actress first saw the scene in which Kaworu Nagisa reveals to Shinji the conditions of planet Earth in her home, when it was not yet animated. During the pre-score the drawings for Kaworu's death scene were not clear in the animatic, and the staff animated the keyframes during the recording touch-ups. Ogata was shocked when she performed the scene and stated that her interpretation could reflect her emotional state, resulting "kind of traumatic".

Anno felt he could no longer understand Shinji and his current self was closer to Gendo, and needed Ogata's input on how Shinji recover. Anno felt that by now the only people who could understand Shinji's feelings were Ogata herself and his assistant, Ikki Cinema Show - Genesis - Three Sides Live (Cassette. Shinji is the only child of Gendo Rokubungi and Yui Ikari[39] a student at Kyoto University who became a researcher. When he was three years old, Yui brought Shinji to the Gehirn research center in Hakone to see Evangelion 01 's first activation test.

In an accident, his mother disappears before his eyes; [40] after the accident, Gendo leaves Shinji with an acquaintance for about ten years. Shinji reluctantly agrees, and fights against the Angel Sachiel. After the Angel attack, Shinji lives with Misato Katsuragia Nerv officer and now his guardian, [44] [45] and attends school in Tokyo-3; after his arrival he gradually changes [46] [47] and meets Toji Suzuhara and Kensuke Aida, with whom he befriends.

In the second third of the series, Shinji, Rei and Asuka face Angels in quicker succession and Shinji begins bonding with his peers, especially Asuka, becoming more confident and assertive. When they are sent to fight the Angel LelielShinji, receiving praise from Gendo and improving his synchronization scores, is now accepting his role as an Evangelion pilot.

He decides to attack on his own, and is sucked into a parallel universe by Leliel called a Dirac Sea. After Shinji is forced to fight Eva, controlled by the Angel Bardielwith classmate Toji Suzahara trapped inside, he decides to quit Nerv. Angel Zeruel mutilates the other Evangelion units, defeating Rei and Asuka. Shinji, and after talking with his mentor and Misato's lover, Ryoji KajiShinji returns to Nerv to protect the city.

Asuka runs away and falls into a coma; Toji and Kensuke flee Tokyo-3, and Shinji becomes depressed. In the twenty-fourth episode, he meets Kaworu NagisaAsuka's substitute pilot, and they become friends. After talking with most of the Evangelion cast and seeing a version of himself in a world where he leads a normal life, Shinji becomes aware of his own potential and realizes the importance of his thoughts, and he is congratulated by the rest of the cast. The film The End of Evangelion continues Shinji's story, portraying his downward spiral into depression and loss of the will to live.

Shinji visits a comatose Asuka in the hospital; when his pleas for attention go unanswered, he exposes Asuka's breasts and masturbates. He remains catatonic while all Nerv personnel, including Misato, are killed during an attack.

Shinji then decides to pilot the Eva to save those who are still alive, as Asuka is now on the surface fighting the Mass Production Evas. He is, however, unable to reach her in time, and when Shinji learns about Asuka's defeat, the Evangelion moves on its own to let him reenter it. After seeing the mutilated corpse of Asuka's Unit, Shinji's intense emotion summons a spear named Lance of Longinus which had been on the Moon to Earth [61] [62] and the Eva becomes a tree of life.

When he begs for Asuka's attention and she refuses him, arguing he only wants to use her as a crutch, Shinji begins Instrumentality and humanity's souls are reunited into one existence. After reevaluating his position, he decides that he wants to live in a world where other people exist [64] and returns to Earth, allowing other humans to return.

Shinji, having placed grave markers in memory of most of the other characters, wakes up some time later with Asuka lying next to him.

It is a story of will; a story of moving forward, if only just a little. It is a story of fear, where someone who must face indefinite solitude fears reaching out to others, but still wants to try. In Rebuild of EvangelionShinji returns as the central protagonist; in Evangelion: 1. He is assigned to be the pilot of Unit, and works with Rei to defeat the Angel Ramiel. After the battle with Angel Bardiel when his father forced his Unit to critically injure AsukaShinji retires from his duties and leaves Nerv.

When Angel Zeruel consumes Rei, Shinji returns and defeats the Angel; his decisions, however, trigger a catastrophic event named Third Impact. Through this, Shinji apparently saves Rei by fusing with the Evangelion. In the third film, Evangelion: 3. They place a DSS Choker Album) him: an explosive device on his neck which will be activated if he comes close to starting another Impact.

After learning from Misato that they are part of Wille a new organization fighting NervShinji leaves when Rei appears. At the remnants of Nerv, he is approached by Kaworu Nagisa, an Eva designed pilot who befriends him.

He becomes despondent after Kaworu tells him that humanity holds him responsible for initiating the Third Impact. After Shinji realizes that he failed to save Rei and the new Rei is a clone, Nagisa convinces him to pilot Eva with him.

Devastated, Shinji loses his will to live. Asuka rescues him from his Entry Plug, berating him for acting "like a baby". The Rei clone appears and follows them, as they head along the ruins of Tokyo-3 to again be rescued by Wille. Sadamoto tried to portray him as more of a misfit, a young teenager more stubborn, rebellious, juvenile and apathetic than Hideaki Anno's insecure character.

A different Instrumentality is shown, with Shinji saving Asuka during her fight against the Mass Production Evangelions. Sadamoto decided to work on an Evangelion manga when he saw Shinji in the first episodes of the original series. He wondered "what the world looked like through Shinji's eyes".

While in the anime Shinji's motto is "I must not run away", Sadamoto chose "being honest with themselves" as the main theme for the manga. He wanted to reflect contemporary teenagers in the character and was influenced by the Gulf Warwondering how a year-old would have behaved on a helicopter.

He also described his Shinji as a character that refuses to listen but "still makes the right decision". In a scene from the last episode of the animated series, an alternate universe is presented with a different story from the previous episodes; in this parallel reality, Shinji lives with both his parents and is a normal middle-school student.

In Neon Genesis Evangelion: Animaset three years after The End of Evangelion with a different Instrumentality scenario, Shinji is 17 years old; [94] he lets his hair grow and is a good friend of Rei and Asuka. Shinji has crushes on other characters, such as Lynn Minmay sparking jealousy in Asuka, who tries to recapture his attention. He Album) rejoins the battle against the Angels with Rei Ayanami. Shinji is a dependent [] and introvert boy [] with few friends, reluctant [] unable to communicate with other people [] and frightened by contact with strangers.

Furthermore, according to Sadamoto, he is not as dark as perceived by fans; with the exception of The End of Evangelionin which he is portrayed as "pretty dark and introspective", he stated that he never got the impression of a dark character in the original series.

Shinji's personality traits have been linked to psychiatric conditions, such as depressive disorderanxiety[] [] social phobia[] avoidant [] and borderline personality. Malone compared him to the German jurist and writer Daniel Paul Schreber[] noting "a surprising degree of intertextuality" with his Memoirs of My Nervous Illnessalthough he did not consider Evangelion to be based directly on his Memoirs. For the Japanese sociologist Tsutomu Hashimoto, Shinji could be seen as an heir of the Japanese society of the seventies and eighties, engaged in the search for freedom from social constraints and the figures of authoritarian family fathers; the sociologist cited the musician Yutaka Ozaki as a symbol of this search for freedom, since he tried to escape from the impositions of the school system and he eventually "returned" to the mother figure.

Mizobe interpreted his synchronization with Asuka's movements on the ninth episode as proof of this ability. Critics interpreted Shinji as an alter ego of the series director, Hideaki Anno, [] and as an otaku. Hideaki Anno isn't that much of a hero'". He described him as "a young man with relationship difficulties, accustomed to spending a lot of time at home". Fontana also saw in Shinji's character "an exhortation" by Anno to otakuJapanese society, and young people "to break the crystal cage in Cinema Show - Genesis - Three Sides Live (Cassette they locked themselves up, looking confidently at their neighbor".

Gualtiero Cannarsi, editor of the Italian adaptation of the series, noticed that Shinji struggles to make friends and has a cold, reserved attitude in the third episode, " A Transfer ". Like the porcupines of Arthur Schopenhauer 's Parerga and ParalipomenaShinji is afraid to be hurt and withdraws from human contact; he suffers, in fact, for the porcupine's dilemma.

Critics noticed that, since he lost his mother traumatically, Shinji seeks a substitute in the women around him [] [] and in Eva, which contains her soul. Napier also interpreted the Angels as "father figures, whom Shinji must annihilate". Crandol described his entry into Eva as a Freudian "return to the womb" and his struggle to be free of the Eva as his " rite of passage " into manhood. The Oedipal triangle is completed by their common interest in Rei Ayanami, a genetic clone of Yui Ikari.

Eva can be seen as a motherly breast and a source of ambivalence for the character. To manage this ambivalence, Shinji " split the breast " into good and bad. For Oguro, Shinji resolves his oral fixation with the vision of his mother's breast, becoming a more self-conscious individual.

Shinji's character has been popular in Japan. After the series' first run, Shinji ranked second among "most popular male characters of the moment" in an Animage magazine Grand Prix poll. In the Anime Grand Prix, Shinji received about 1, votes, more than double those of the second character. Megumi Ogata finished second in the voice-actor rankings for three years.

Amid a wide variety of answers, Shinji finished seventh. Interestingly, he's also a punchable, sniveling little whiner. But you know what? We don't like Shinji because of what he represents in ourselves: that part of us that is prone to giving up and abandoning personal responsibilities because life is unfair and we think we should just be able to rely on other people to make everything better for us while ignoring the fact that those other people have their own problems.

But at the same time as we dislike Shinji and what he reminds us of, we understand him entirely. The character evoked mixed opinions, dividing anime critics. Other critics praised the character's realism. NapierShinji "still wins the championship for most psychologically complex or just plain neurotic male character ever created".

Isler concluded, "He's a character that challenges the audience by not giving them a superficial, vicarious power fantasy like you'd get from so many other anime. He is pathetic, but that is what makes him great.

That is what makes him a genuine work of art". Shinji's role in the Rebuild of Evangelion films was better received, [] [] since he was friendlier to the other characters than he was in the TV series.

Shinji-themed merchandise includes clothing, [] [] action figures, collectible models, [] [] perfumes, [] and drinks. With Shinji Ikari, according to Comic Book Resources, Neon Genesis Evangelion had a significant influence on Japanese animation, showing a more realistic, insecure and fragile protagonist than other past mecha series.

According to Butterfield, both characters "withdraw from the world", face new experiences and fight against unknown enemies. In the fourth episode of the dorama Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsua character named Shinji former boyfriend of female protagonist Mikuri appears. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional character from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Shinji Ikari with his Eva in the background as a child leftas a pilot center and as a student right.

Megumi Ogata left is Shinji's sole Japanese actress. Shinji has been compared by critics to religious and literary figures, such as JesusOedipus and Hamlet. Neon Genesis Evangelion 3-in-1 Edition. Viz Media. ISBN Archived from the original on Retrieved Neon Genesis Evangelion, Vol. ISBN X. The Notenki memoirs: studio Gainax and the men who created Evangelion. ADV Manga. Zankoku na tenshi no you ni in Japanese. Magazine Magazine. Kadokawa Shoten. March Anime News Network.

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  3. Shinji Ikari (Japanese: 碇 シンジ, Hepburn: Ikari Shinji) is a fictional character in the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise created by is the franchise's poster boy and the anime series of the same name, Shinji is a young man who was abandoned by his father Gendo, who asks him to pilot a mecha called Evangelion Unit 01 to protect the city of Tokyo-3 from Angels.

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