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Blood-Diamond (Remastered) - Project Pitchfork - Second Anthology (CD)

The beginnings of occultic ambient with chants and music that harkens back to the horror pictures of our youth. With melodies that recall the ancient realms of Babylon and Assyria. Ancient rhythms blended with modern liturgical rituals. Welcome back the masters of occultic ritual ambient with a triumphant reissue of a classic piece of misanthropic, mysterious malevolence. Feel your sanity begin to fray as the cinematic masterpiece overwhelms your senses one at a time. With myriad instruments and soundscapes, Akhkharu shrouds the sun with sinister cadence.

CD Gothic. THE CD. Sourced from the Anagram Records archives, this collection features tracks that have not been available since their original release, some appearing on CD for the first time. The CD booklet features a full UK discography with accompanying front covers, sleeve notes and some of the rare 12" sleeves that have long since been deleted.

This double CD features a version of all the band's Anagram 12" singles, all 17 of them! Research and development of sound, film, video and performance and the documentation of each project was the fundamental "modus operandi". TAG are free from the formats that have built in limitations and from the erroneous problems of Ego.

A synergy of classic and dark electronic music. Together with Thomas Petterson now Ordo Equilibrio. In the style of early Blackhouse and MZ A must for all fans of the typical swedish black industrial scene. Remastered and repackaged reissue of the original German CD released on the Atmosphere label inand out of print for nearly a decade.

Reissued with two unavailable tracks. ASP is the project of a very famous dark fantasy comic artist. The music goes smoothly from gothic to industrial to synthpop to classical. Limited edition copies worldwide comes with a beautiful booklet.

Produced by Tom Shear Assemblage 23the album crystallizes the band's melodic and sublime sensibilities as heard on the singles "Sunday Queen" and "The Girl Who Tried" as well as a powerful version of Til Tuesday's smash hit "Voices Carry! From power electronic tracks in the typical BH style to Suicide inspired tracks, from pop noize to a hommage to Austin Powers.

This debut CD shows some of the many faces of the band. Lots of percussion, drums, and electronics with nice guitars and violins added. Recorded over 10 years ago, this gem of an album features Mick Cripps, guitarist for Blood-Diamond (Remastered) - Project Pitchfork - Second Anthology (CD). Clouser most recently found success in scoring the hit indie film "Saw! During the mid-eighties he occasionally took time off from the music scene to work on video projects, but has kept to his recording and performance projects, and he recorded these entirely new works.

It's a recording of a live performance created especially for Halloween, celebrating the Apex of all Hallows Eve. It's music for the restless. This release complies long out-of-print and rare tracks from the three early demos and compilation only tracks of this groundbreaking cult act. Feel yourself connect with the land once more, the rhythm of stream and wind in ancient Druidic rituals. Feel the green sun on your face once again.

Shake off the metals of industry and embrace again that ancient, primal spirit. Embark on a journey through ancient, long forgotten lands. Discover what the world thought long lost, embroidered in the cold mists and forbidden fogs. Featuring hand picked selections from the classic, Rozz Williams era including "Romeos Distress," "Ashes," the brilliant cover "Venus In Furs" and many more!

Includes an entire live concert and an ultra rare cable access performance plus interviews with Williams and guitarist Rikk Agnew - all on DVD for the first time ever!

CDL 51 Their cacophonous blend of American death-rock and European post-punk has made them underground favorites around the globe. AVCD 16 Dancable rhythms, exploding guitars. An astonishing blend of industrial rhythms, cold wave atmospheres, neo-classical soundscapes topped with pounding drum'n' bass rhythms and ultra dark, dragging trip hop beats combined with suicidal lyrics brings us the back the roots of those godfathers of the industrial movement but embodied in a very modern musical context.

CD comes in a textured silver slipcover with textured gold inner sleeve. SWARM Silver on Synth. It's another typical, experimental, out-of-this world Helios Creed trip. All artwork by David Tibet. A collector's Dream! Manna from Heaven Street! CD packaged in a standard Jewel Box. Domestic re-release of the album, in foil blocked softpack! It marked a definitive shift in style for Death In June and the true beginning of a new musical genre, Neo Folk.

This digitally remastered edition was the bonus CD accompanying the 20th Anniversary Stone Circle Edition of Brown Book issued inand contains 7 songs from the original album coupled with 7 remixed, re-recorded and rare versions of the remaining songs. To test and to try. This is the sound of the true believer, sounding better than ever! Several versions of the songs are exclusive to this compilation and most of the tracks are from now deleted or hard to find albums and singles.

Double CD packaged in a standard Jewel Box. After eight years, a brand new Death In June album is headed our way! Presented in a foil-blocked mini-jacket with 8-page lyric booklet.

For the first time since its release in as a free download, "Free Tibet" has been released as an official CD. The collaboration with Richard Leviathan of Strength Through Joy, in a black foil-blocked softpak. Of course, nothing of the sort happened.

The police and security officers visited and soon departed, satisfied that all was in order. Blood-Diamond (Remastered) - Project Pitchfork - Second Anthology (CD) double CD containing a total of 33 songs is limited to 2, copies and comes in a foil blocked, full colour Softpak. Reissue adds the "Born Again" material as bonus tracks, plus a 16 page booklet with new artwork and all lyrics.

Now reissued as a single CD. Stripped bare, but for thirteen of its branches. But they are as strong as ever, and with thirteen glasses and one last toast, this new album captures the true essence of Death In June, again setting new standards in its self-created genre. LET GO. In digipack CD. NEVER CRAZY Gitane plays most of the instruments herself creating a powerful meditation of love lost and won that will appeal to fans of Gothic rock, Shadow Project and Christian Death. Hollows Hill Sound.

PERV The debut album was released in a limited edition boxset in and is deleted since years now. When Gitane moved to L. With luck a handful of the material was returned to Gitane some years later.

These "Lost Mixes" have now been over-worked, de-noised, cleaned and remastered in All tracks on this album are unreleased versions plus 1 bonustrack. This is one of the more experimental projects of the band. It has been remastered, and has new artwork; also added as a bonus are several tracks from the very rare "Tears of Eros" MCD. Extremum is the sound of pain. Screams, noises, sobbing, distorted vocals. Many photographs of dark erotic artworks and artifacts are shown in the 16 page booklet.

Musically reminiscent of All About Eve and Ghostdance. The coldest, finest dark ambient, sometimes darkminded and frightening, then tribal percussive, sometimes hypnotic, then again haunting. The tracks on Seven are the "first, last and alwayz" existing tracks and there will be none more in the future. The music on Seven ranges from Neo-folk to Neo-classic and Dark Ambient sometimes with chants and enchanting female vocals, sometimes with very atmospheric and dark sinister soundscapes, but always in a more melancholic way.

A battle between heaven and hell with demonic vocals!!! Combining classical and electronic instruments, they create beautiful industrial pop. Founded by Jim Kirkwood and Alexander Wieser back in Both artists have been writing music since the 80s from Black Metal to Gothic, Ambient and more. Soundscapes that will transport you to a land where dragons breath fire, where warrior legions raise their swords, where the beauty of friendship comes to a dark edge and where mighty forests cover the land in darkness.

Double CD contained in a six panel digipak. Playing time over minutes! VALAR From the insurmountable heights of the mountains, crowned with ancient diamond gleaming clouds to the lowest depths, the caverns far from the light where the waters are harsh and cold, the soundscape echoes, encapsulating the balance of humanity and nature.

Guest appearances by members of Hypocrisy, Dark Funeral and In Aeturnum bring tremendous crossover potential for fans of all metal genres, while remaining firmly rooted in the EHC's characteristic electro-evil sound. This compilation is handpicked by band founder Thomas Thorn who also designed the original artwork.

The exact number and identity is unknown. Their bombastic sound is loaded by neo-classical arrangements and extremely dark metal, topped by excursions into pagan folk music and Industrial fields. A perfect symbiose of majestic music and heathen lyricism. This is a hybrid of styles nurtured by years of multimedia west coast performances. It's a kaleidoscope of sounds. Chants and wails are bathed in schizophrenic symphonies. Saxophone and rare steel cello mists with arresting samples.

It serves up enough atmosphere to drown in. ZEAL F9: The Fast Saga. Spectre [Blu-ray] Bilingual. Black Widow Feature Bilingual.

Venom [Blu-ray] Bilingual. Yellowstone: The First Three Seasons. Top rated See more. Chicago P. The Thing [Blu-ray]. A5, 24 pgs.

Alice Kemp, Meg Rorison, R. A4, english, feat. Impetigo, Headhunter D. Carnage, Atrocity etc. Agent Steel, Possessed, Venom etc. Subs, Carcass, Spermbirds, Born Against etc. CD, Grausig, Catastrophe, Drosophilia etc. Czech Rep. Norb, Lunachicks, Hellblender, Earth Crisis etc. Spain, 20xx? A5, 20 pgs. Argentina, w. I can't get enough of Apoptygma Berzerk. Deep Red. Spiritual Reality.

Electronic Warfare. All Tomorrows Parties. Burnin' Heretic Album version. Lidelsens Mening. Ashes to Ashes German Slam version. The Approach of Death. Ashes to Ashes Original 12' version. Wrack 'Em to Pieces. Burning Heretics Crisp version. Labels: Apoptygma berzerk. After the success of Deep, Peter Murphy had the daunting task of following up a hit.

So what did he do? He took a year off! Like all post-hit albums Holy Smoke was percieved as a let-down. I don't agree with this at all. The Anton Corbijn photo of a rather tired looking Murphy on the cover I think indicates the more honest sound of this album. It was to be the last to feature the Hundred Men as Murphy's backup band. The entire band gets involved in the songwriting Blood-Diamond (Remastered) - Project Pitchfork - Second Anthology (CD) the final track 'Hit Song' which I think could have been just that had it Blood-Diamond (Remastered) - Project Pitchfork - Second Anthology (CD) realeased as a single.

The record label opted to release the far less commercial 'Sweetest Drop' instead. Don't listen to the naysayers about this album. Listen to the incredible songs for yourself. Being a huge fan of Mr. Murphy's work in any arrangement, I do think he musically progressed after Bauhaus, however I was a little wary of his follow up to his masterpiece "Deep". I heard that his inspiration was wraught out from the previous album and that his new effort was forced and dull.

Finding it for a good price, I decided to give it a chance. I couldn't believe how aggressive, hypnotic and dark "Holy Smoke" proved to be. He starts to show an evolution into Turkish musical influence which is explored further on "Dust" as Murphy made a spiritual move into Suficism in the explosive opening track, "Keep Me From Harm". This album showcases an artist in the dawn of transformation and features work that is on par with Murphy's best.

Where "Deep" masterfully explored an empty, vacant stretch of socialite wasteland, Murphy didn't let "Holy Smoke" live in its shadow. Don't be steered wrong. In his first solo effort if you don't count Dalis CarPeter walked away with a slightly disconnected, but powerful freshman effort. What I mean by disconnected is that the overall flow of the songs does not work together as well as later albums. Peter went on to find much more success on this front when working with Paul Statham.

Don't get me wrong -- there are some masterful Blood-Diamond (Remastered) - Project Pitchfork - Second Anthology (CD) on this album, including 'Canvas Beauty', a cover of Pere Ubu's 'Final Solution', and my personal fave, the majestic 'God Sends'. Also of note is the wonderful b-side, 'Tale of the Tongue' which is well worth tracking down. It was reopened on 23rd January when it was hired by the Prague comedy theatre. After February the theatre was closed and the house served as a storehouse and an eating house.

Theatre hall went through a huge reconstruction too and to the theatre programme also concerts and other cultural events were added. It was nice to have a local support band for the night Insania rather the than the manson like Death Valley High. Their fans were quite lively and entertaining to watch during their set. I had a good idea what Killing Joke might play as the set they played at Fibbers in York on 3rd was by far the longest set of the tour as it was a warm up for the tour.

I preferred it to the gig at Colchester arts centre despite it being a better venue than York. Jay reminded the crowd the last time they played the Akropolis it was with Raven before going into Love Like Blood which had the crowd going nuts with the band clearly enjoying the love coming from the audience. Eighties followed with the rapture amongst the crowd still growing.

Autonomous Zone like all the tracks from Pylon easily rub shoulders with the old classics. Turn To Red followed still a classic since its release in European Superstate Blood-Diamond (Remastered) - Project Pitchfork - Second Anthology (CD) a great inclusion in the set and the crowd reaction says it all! I Am The Virus — and there is some stage diving as the crowd goes into a frenzy and the band just feeds off it Complications — Another inspired choice as still sounding great live!

Unspeakable — Big Paul shows he has lost none of his drumming skills which make him one of the best drummers of his generation drumming today as feverishly bashes out the tribal trim cry! The Wait and Pssyche bring the set to an end with a bang!

Joke take the stage for their encore kicking off with The Death and Resurrection Show and ending with the anthem which is Pandemonium. Despite no Wardance or Empire Song what a great gig. The band really enjoyed this gig as much as the audience did. Great sound and good view. Hi If you click home or the link below it will redirect you to my new website which contains the blog posts from here in a better layout, and quite a few new bits to check out and enjoy.

On 17th May it is the anniversary of one of the longest day festivals I have attended lasting staggering It is possibly still is the biggest festival ever held in Ireland. The main reason I decided to go was that I had been totally blown away by Cactus World Newsfirst seeing them suporting The Cult on their Love tour and then a month before Dublin seeing them at The Warehouse in Leeds.

It also featured another one of my live favourites at the time The Pogues. The coach set on evening before with only 14 or so people on board. At the time I was out of work due being constantly told I was over qualified for work that was available.

The festival itself was to raise money for and highlight the fact that their werepeople out of work in Ireland. All the bands appearing played for free with all money raised going to creation of jobs.

The coach boarded the ferry at Holyhead and we set sale for the Emerald Isle. The Irish sea has a reputation of being one roughest and so it proved to be the case.

Nincs Levegő - Omen (19) - Anarchia (Cassette, Album), Na, Na, Na (Rmx) - DJ Du-Tâm - Mixtape RNB / Funk DJ DU Tâm Vol. 10 (Cassette), Our Love Concerto - Rice And Beans Orchestra - Rice & Beans Orchestra (Vinyl, LP), Shot In The Dark - Ozzy Osbourne - Just Say Ozzy (Vinyl), No Other Love (Cybersecrecys Cyberlove Remix) - Blue Amazon - No Other Love (Vinyl), Slumber Party - Various - Digging In Water (Vinyl, LP), Theres A Boat Thats Leavin Soon For New York, Wonderful World, Beautiful People - Jimmy Cliff - Jimmy Cliff (Vinyl, LP, Album), Floating Points - Elaenia (CD, Album), Natalie Cole - Inseparable (Vinyl, LP, Album), Tap Dance (Version)

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  1. Seit PROJECT PITCHFORK ihr übermächtig-anklagendes Manifest „Blood“ von den Ketten ließen, standen die Zahnräder von Deutschlands gewaltigster Dark-Electro-Maschinerie nicht mehr still. Tourneen, eine triumphale Festivalsaison und unzählige DJ-Gigs auf dem Globus ließen naturgemäß wenig Zeit für andere Aktivitäten.

  2. Seit PROJECT PITCHFORK ihr übermächtig-anklagendes Manifest „Blood“ von den Ketten ließen, standen die Zahnräder von Deutschlands gewaltigster Dark-Electro-Maschinerie nicht mehr still. Tourneen, eine triumphale Festivalsaison und unzählige DJ-Gigs auf dem Globus ließen naturgemäß wenig Zeit für andere Aktivitäten.

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  6. Little House On The Prairie: Season 7 Deluxe Remastered Edition price $ $ 13% off The Man in the Iron Mask () - 20th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] price $ $ 11% off give it a second life.

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