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Sunquyman - Original Ecuador Artists - Indian Meditation Espiritual (CD)

Start the wiki. Julio Jaramillo. Juan Fernando Velasco. Sal y mileto. Viuda Negra. Can can. Esto es Eso. Best Of Sunquyman - Original Ecuador Artists - Indian Meditation Espiritual (CD) Julio Jaramillo 14, listeners. Los Guitandantes 3, listeners. Hoja De Coca. Rumillajta 1, listeners. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. Go directly to shout page. The sounds of nature have existed since the dawn of time. Being able to listen to the sounds of nature can help us connect to the greater earth around us.

Good thing technology has picked up the slack. The sounds of nature can be created with computers, and often use the sounds of real animals. Some relaxation meditation music is nothing more than a microphone set out in a forest or beach area. The microphone catches the wind through the trees, or the waves breaking on the beach, and the composer cleans it up and makes it consistent and peaceful.

This relaxation has a powerful effect and allowing you to actually access your thoughts and focus clearly are primary benefits of meditation. Relaxation can be a lot of work, but not if you have the right tools!

While some meditation music is nothing more than a microphone set up outside, there is still quite a bit of musical talent that goes into this music creation.

Music reaches the soul, and this is true of meditation music as well. While grand orchestral music has a rich history to draw from, meditation music is still in its infancy. All that said, music is more than a set of mechanics and scientific principles. Mendoza: I worked in the studio part, editing, mixing, and mastering three discs in the compilation.

Before working with TaitasI recorded with Ivis while playing in La Grupa, a pop-rock-funk fusion band. We experimented more with Ecuadorian traditional music and I got hooked. Taitas was Sunquyman - Original Ecuador Artists - Indian Meditation Espiritual (CD) because in order to do the mixing I was listening to a song several times: again and again to every part of the song and every instrument to understand how it works in an ensemble. Kingman: First we went to Esmeraldas [a coastal province] to meet Segundo Nazareno — Don Naza — who is a year-old singer.

He lives in a very precarious situation in Esmeraldas. To be able to go to Esmeraldas to see how they play, interpret, and construct their own music; to see how they can improvise and play with structures that are already established [was eye-opening].

For example, nobody knows who composed [the traditional songs], but when everybody plays them, Sunquyman - Original Ecuador Artists - Indian Meditation Espiritual (CD) go into a kind Sunquyman - Original Ecuador Artists - Indian Meditation Espiritual (CD) trance Sunquyman - Original Ecuador Artists - Indian Meditation Espiritual (CD) anything can happen, where they can change the tune and the others know where they are going. That changed my life and what I wanted to do as an artist.

Mendoza: I was not involved in the traveling part of the project, which would have been amazing. There are young people who are innovating Afro music, each one with their own experimentation. Bomba is a mixture of African music with indigenous music of the Andean region, which is a very special and unique blend that cannot be found anywhere else on Sunquyman - Original Ecuador Artists - Indian Meditation Espiritual (CD) planet.

Bomba is a very strange phenomenon that occurred in this Afro-Andean place. Together they form a full band: one mouths bass, one melody, the other sings. Then, they form a melodic instrumental harmony, which is very rare. They also play with the traditional bomba and with a guy who plays the orange leaf [an actual leaf, which when rolled up can be played to sound like a kazoo].

To meet all these taitas and mamas of our traditional music — that has had the biggest impact on my musical development so far. Mendoza: With EVHA, we were already experimenting and tinkering with Ecuadorian music by mixing it with electronic production. When Taitas arrived, it was a more pure expression that helped us to understand what this kind of music can lead to. Hearing that traditional music generates a sensation inside me; when I compose music, I try to get as close to that sensation as possible.

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  2. The Dream Journal. Don Jose Ruiz, acclaimed author, and motivational speaker, presents his first album: The Dream Journal. Bringing forth the wisdom of the Toltec tradition, the album is a journey of spoken-word storytelling infused with rich musical undertones. The Dream Journal presents the wisdom of the Toltec tradition in a new format.

  3. Shamanic Retreats in Quito Ecuador with Ayahuasca and San Pedro Cactus. Dr. Valentin holds retreats outside of Ecuador’s capital city Quito, in Otavalo and Tumbaco Ecuador, with the Andean master healing plants, Ayahuasca and San Pedro Cactus (Huachuma). These ceremonies create a shared awakening and living experience of this “Shamanic.

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  5. Did you know that there is scientifically engineered meditation audio technology that has been proven to quickly & safely ease your brainwaves into an advanced state of deep meditation?. And that, the level of meditation achieved from this super meditation sound technology normally takes decades of meditation to achieve?. It's true, one of the most interesting fields of neuro-scientific brain.

  6. Music in Ecuador, Artists, Musicians, Culture Ecuador is home to a number of cultures, including the Mestizo culture and a unique blend of Afro-Ecuadorian culture. Afro-Ecuadorians are the descendants of African slaves who worked on the coastal sugar plantations in the sixteenth century.

  7. Infinite Sky is a 3 CD set of very slow and soothing meditation music. There are 2 tracks per CD and each track is over 30 minutes long allowing you to go very deep in meditation. The shaktipat sound technology on Infinite Sky took over 4 years to make and cost thousands of dollars in new sound equipment and research.

  8. The music of the Napo Province is very unique to itself because it utilizes a few instruments that are native to the region. The first native instrument is the turumpa. It is a pole with a string tied from one end to the other. There is a hole drilled into one end that acts as a resonation cavity.

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