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Spectrum - John McLaughlin - John McLaughlin - MP3 Collection (CD)

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So don't be shy! Many of our volunteers have never recorded anything before LibriVox. A PlayStation 3 port was released on October 17, The game was critically very well received, with positive reviews that praised its " morality -based" storyline, immersive environment and Ayn Rand -inspired dystopian back-story. BioShock takes place inin the fictional underwater city of Rapture. Built in the late s by business tycoon Andrew Ryanit was meant to be a laissez-faire social environment for individuals to work, live, and prosper out of the increasingly oppressive hands of the world's governments and authorities.

Brigid Tenenbaum, Dr. Yi Suchong, and other scientists discovered a substance called ADAM, harvested from sea slugs that could be made into plasmids that gave the user psychokinetic powers. Frank Fontaine, a former gangster and businessman who brought black market goods to Rapture, found a way to harvest ADAM by implanting the slugs in the bodies of young girls, "Little Sisters", and profited from this. To protect the Little Sisters, Ryan created Big Daddies by conditioning and mutating humans into armored diving suits, designed to protect the Little Sisters.

Leading up to New Year's Evea new figure, Atlas, rose from the worker classes to lead a new revolt against Ryan, killing many and leading Ryan to mutate a number of his followers into Splicers to protect himself, creating the downfall of Rapture's utopia.

InJack, the player-character, is in a plane crash over the ocean that is near the lighthouse which houses a bathysphere that takes him to Rapture.

Atlas contacts Jack to ask his help against Ryan's forces. Jack discovers the Little Sisters and is warned by Tenenbaum not to harm them. After fighting through the failing city, Jack makes it to Ryan's offices. Ryan, patiently playing golf while waiting for Jack, reveals that Jack is his illegitimate son, and had been mentally conditioned by Fontaine to coerce his actions, specifically following any order preceded by the phrase "Would you kindly?

Jack realizes Atlas has been using this phrase since his arrival. Ryan accepts his fate, using the phrase to make Jack kill him with a golf club, and Atlas reveals himself as Fontaine, having gone into hiding to plan a new strategy against Ryan.

Fontaine leaves Jack to die, but he is rescued by Tenenbaum and the Little Sisters. Tenenbaum removes the conditioning from Jack's mind and urges him to defeat Fontaine and take the Little Sisters to the surface. In a final battle against Jack, Fontaine injects himself with numerous plasmids, but Jack and the Little Sisters overpower him, allowing for them to escape. BioShock 2 was released worldwide on February 9, The story received major changes over the course of development.

Garry Schymanthe composer of the first game, returned to create the score for BioShock 2. BioShock 2 takes place eight years after the events of BioShockwith the city having fallen into a dystopia. A new leader, Sofia Lamb, has risen up in the power vacuum after the death of Ryan and Fontaine, and has created a Utilitarianism and Collectivism -type cult of personality. Prior to the events of BioShockLamb had severed the bond between the Big Daddy Delta the player-character and her daughter Eleanor, the Little Sister he was assigned to protect.

Delta, left for dead, wakes years later by Tenenbaum and the Little Sisters, and told he must re-establish his bond with Eleanor soon or will fall into a coma. Delta fights his way through Splicers as well as those loyal to Lamb, defeats Lamb, and sacrifices himself to help Eleanor, Tenenbaum, and other Little Sisters to escape Rapture. It was released on August 31, BioShock Infinite was announced on August 12,for release on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox systems on February 26, ; on December 7,Irrational Games announced that release would be delayed by another month, to March 26, BioShock Infinite takes place in in Columbiaa city suspended in the air through a combination of "quantum levitation" and giant blimps and balloons.

It was built and launched in by the American government, during the Worlds' Fair in Chicago, to much fanfare and publicity. However, it was later involved in an "international incident" by firing upon a group of Chinese civilians during the Boxer Rebellion. The city was disavowed by the United States government, and the location of the city was soon lost to everyone else. As with Rapture, Columbia's intellectuals were able to develop new technology, including Vigors that grant the user new psychokinetic powers.

At the same time, strange rifts in the space-time continuum called "Tears" appear across the city, and anachronistic elements can be seen and heard. Booker rescues Elizabeth who subsequently accompanies the player as an AI-controller allywho appears to have control over the Tears. Booker comes to discover that Elizabeth is his daughter from one of numerous parallel universesand that Comstock is a version of himself from yet another parallel universe whom had accepted a baptism to atone for his actions at Wounded Knee and established the beliefs that led to Columbia's founding.

Comstock had kidnapped Elizabeth from Booker while she was an infant with the help of Tear technology provided by the Lutece Twins in essence the same person from alternate dimensionsbut in his escape, Elizabeth's finger was severed by the closure of a Tear, giving her the power over Tears. Booker eventually defeats Songbird and Comstock with the help of Elizabeth and the Twins, as Comstock had turned on them.

Elizabeth shows Booker that these events will always repeat through the multitude of parallel universes, and the only way to end the cycle is to kill all versions of Booker before he can turn into Comstock at the baptism.

Booker accepts this fate, allowing Elizabeth to drown him. A downloadable content expansionBurial at Seawas released in two-parts on November 12, and March 25, Elizabeth joins him as they search for a missing girl named Sally, but become caught up in the events of Atlas' war against Andrew Ryan.

They find that scientists of Rapture have been working with those on Columbia through Rifts, sharing technology such as Plasmids and Vigors, and the Big Daddies and Songbird. After discovering Sally has already become a Little Sister, and losing her Rift-controlling powers, Elizabeth kills Booker, and sacrifices herself to assure that Sally and the other Little Sisters can be rescued by Jack.

Levine let go of most of the staff of Irrational Games in February and rebranded the division as Ghost Story Games within 2K Games to work on smaller narrative titles. The rights to BioShock remained with 2K. However, by2K decided to pull the project from Certain Affinity and bring it in-house, establishing a yet-to-be-named studio, as well as rebooting the development process. The game is being developed by a new internal studio, Cloud Chamberwith offices based in San Francisco 2K Marin's old offices and a newly established location in Montreal.

The studio is led by Kelley Gilmore, who had previously worked at Firaxis. Concerning the influences behind the game's story and setting, Levine said, "I have my useless liberal arts degree, so I've read stuff from Ayn RandGeorge Orwell and all the sort of utopian and dystopian writings of the 20th century, and having developed the System Shock franchise, some of my first games, I felt that the atmosphere was a good one to set for a dystopian environment, one we borrowed heavily from System Shock.

BioShock is a spiritual successor to the System Shock games, and was produced by former developers of that series. Levine claims his team had been thinking about making another game in the same vein since they produced System Shock 2. Additionally, Atlas guides the player along by radio, in much the same way Janice Polito does in System Shock 2with each having a similar twist mid-game. Both games also give the player more than one method of completing tasks, allowing for emergent gameplay.

In the reveal of the third game of the series, BioShock InfiniteKen Levine stated that the name "BioShock" is not in reference to any specific setting or location, but instead a means of encapsulating common gameplay elements that reflects on their earlier games such as System Shock 2and the BioShock series. To me, there's two things that make a BioShock game BioShock.

They take place in a world that is both fantastic and ridiculous. Something that you've never seen before and something that nobody else could create except Irrational, but it's also strangely grounded and believable.

In a perfect world, you and your soulmate would bump into each other on the streets of Germany, lock eyes, and fall madly in love the next second. Dating Profile. Is online dating easier for single female expats in Germany than for their male counterparts?

Dating Tips. Register Login Language: English en. InDavis fully embraced the electric instrument approach to jazz with In a Silent Waywhich can be considered his first fusion album.

Composed of two side-long suites edited heavily by producer Teo Macerothis quiet, static album would be equally influential to the development of ambient music. The music I was really listening to in was James Brownthe great guitar player Jimi Hendrixand a new group who had just come out with a hit record, " Dance to the Music ", Sly and the Family Stone I wanted to make it more like rock. When we recorded In a Silent Way I just threw out all the chord sheets and told everyone to play off of that.

Two contributors to In a Silent Way also joined organist Larry Young to create one of the early acclaimed fusion albums: Emergency! Weather Report 's self-titled electronic and psychedelic Weather Report debut album caused a sensation in the jazz world on its arrival inthanks to the pedigree of the group's members including percussionist Airto Moreiraand their unorthodox approach to music.

The album featured a softer sound than would be the case in later years predominantly using acoustic bass with Shorter exclusively playing soprano saxophoneand with no synthesizers involvedbut is still considered a classic of early fusion. It built on the avant-garde experiments which Joe Zawinul and Shorter had pioneered with Miles Davis on Bitches Brewincluding an avoidance of head-and-chorus composition in favor of continuous rhythm and movement — but took the music further.

To emphasize the group's rejection of standard methodology, the album opened with the inscrutable avant-garde atmospheric piece "Milky Way", which featured by Shorter's extremely muted saxophone inducing vibrations in Zawinul's piano strings while the latter pedaled the instrument.

Down Beat described the album as "music beyond category", and awarded it Album of the Year in the magazine's polls that year. Weather Report 's subsequent releases were creative funk-jazz works.

Although some jazz purists protested against the blend of jazz and rock, many jazz innovators crossed over from the contemporary hard bop scene into fusion. As well as the electric instruments of rock such as electric guitar, electric bass, electric piano and synthesizer keyboardsfusion also used the powerful amplification, "fuzz" pedalswah-wah pedals and other effects that were used by s-era rock bands.

Jazz fusion was also popular in Japan, where the band Casiopea released more than thirty fusion albums. According to jazz writer Stuart Nicholson, "just as free jazz appeared on the verge of creating a whole new musical language in the s By the mids, the sound known as jazz-funk had developed, characterized by a strong back beat grooveelectrified sounds [] and, often, the presence of electronic analog synthesizers.

Jazz-funk also draws influences from traditional African music, Afro-Cuban rhythms and Jamaican reggaenotably Kingston bandleader Sonny Bradshaw. Another feature is the shift of emphasis from improvisation to composition: arrangements, melody and overall writing became important. Early examples are Herbie Hancock's Headhunters band and Miles Davis' On the Corner album, which, inbegan Davis' foray into jazz-funk and was, he claimed, an attempt at reconnecting with the young black audience which had largely forsaken jazz for rock and funk.

While there is a discernible rock and funk influence in the timbres of the instruments employed, other tonal and rhythmic textures, such as the Indian tambora and tablas and Cuban congas and bongos, create a multi-layered soundscape. The s saw something of a reaction against the fusion and free jazz that had dominated the s. Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis emerged early in the decade, and strove to create music within what he believed was the tradition, rejecting both fusion and free jazz and creating extensions of the small and large forms initially pioneered by artists such as Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellingtonas well as the hard bop of the s.

It is debatable whether Marsalis' critical and commercial success was a cause or a symptom of the reaction against Fusion and Free Jazz and the resurgence of interest in the kind of jazz pioneered in the s particularly modal jazz and post-bop ; nonetheless there were many other manifestations of a resurgence of traditionalism, even if fusion and free jazz were by no means abandoned and continued to develop and evolve. For example, several musicians who had been prominent in the fusion genre during the s began to record acoustic jazz once more, including Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock.

Other musicians who had experimented with electronic instruments in the previous decade had abandoned them by the s; for example, Bill EvansJoe Hendersonand Stan Getz. Even the s music of Miles Davisalthough certainly still fusion, adopted a far more accessible and recognizably jazz-oriented approach than his abstract work of the mids, such as a return to a theme-and-solos approach.

The emergence of young jazz talent beginning to perform in older, established musicians' groups further impacted the resurgence of traditionalism in the jazz community. In the s, the groups of Betty Carter and Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers retained their conservative jazz approaches in the midst of fusion and jazz-rock, and in addition to difficulty booking their acts, struggled to find younger generations of personnel to authentically play traditional styles such as hard bop and bebop.

In the late s, however, a resurgence of younger jazz players in Blakey's band began to occur. In the s, in addition to Wynton and Branford Marsalisthe emergence of pianists in the Jazz Messengers such as Donald BrownMulgrew Millerand later, Benny Green, bassists such as Charles FambroughLonnie Plaxico and later, Peter Washington and Essiet Essiet horn players such as Bill PierceDonald Harrison and later Javon Jackson and Terence Blanchard emerged as talented jazz musicians, all of whom made significant contributions in the s and s.

These younger rising stars rejected avant-garde approaches and instead championed the acoustic jazz sound of Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk and early recordings of the first Miles Davis quintet.

This group of "Young Lions" sought to reaffirm jazz as a high art tradition comparable to the discipline of classical music. In addition, Betty Carter 's rotation of young musicians in her group foreshadowed many of New York's preeminent traditional jazz players later in their careers.

A similar reaction [ vague ] took place against free jazz. According to Ted Gioia :. Anthony Braxton began recording standards over familiar chord changes.

Cecil Taylor played duets in concert with Mary Lou Williamsand let her set out structured harmonies and familiar jazz vocabulary under his blistering keyboard attack. And the next generation of progressive players would be even more accommodating, moving inside and outside the changes without thinking twice.

Musicians such as David Murray or Don Pullen may have felt the call of free-form jazz, but they never forgot all the other ways one could play African-American music for fun and profit. Pianist Keith Jarrett —whose bands of the s had played only original compositions with prominent free jazz elements—established his so-called 'Standards Trio' inwhich, although also occasionally exploring collective improvisation, has primarily performed and recorded jazz standards.

Chick Corea similarly began exploring jazz standards in the s, having neglected them for the s. In the early s, a commercial form of jazz fusion called "pop fusion" or "smooth jazz" became successful, garnering significant radio airplay in " quiet storm " time slots at radio stations in urban markets across the U. In general, smooth jazz is downtempo the most widely played tracks are of 90— beats per minuteand has a lead melody-playing instrument saxophone, especially soprano and tenor, and legato electric guitar are popular.

Critic Aaron J. West has countered the often negative perceptions of smooth jazz, stating:. I challenge the prevalent marginalization and malignment of smooth jazz in the standard jazz narrative. Furthermore, I question the assumption that smooth jazz is an unfortunate and unwelcomed evolutionary outcome of the jazz-fusion era.

Instead, I argue that smooth jazz is a long-lived musical style that merits multi-disciplinary analyses of its origins, critical dialogues, performance practice, and reception. Acid jazz developed in the UK in the s and s, influenced by jazz-funk and electronic dance music. Acid jazz often contains various types of electronic composition sometimes including sampling or live DJ cutting and scratchingbut it is just as likely to be played live by musicians, who often showcase jazz interpretation as part of their performance.

Richard S. Ginell of AllMusic considers Roy Ayers "one of the prophets of acid jazz. Nu jazz Spectrum - John McLaughlin - John McLaughlin - MP3 Collection (CD) influenced by jazz harmony and melodies, and there are usually no improvisational aspects. It can be very experimental in nature and can vary widely in sound and concept. Jazz rap developed in the late s and early s and incorporates jazz influences into hip hop. Rapper Guru 's Jazzmatazz series began in using jazz musicians during the studio recordings.

Although jazz rap had achieved little mainstream success, Miles Davis' final album Doo-Bop released posthumously in was based on hip hop beats and collaborations with producer Easy Mo Bee.

Davis' ex-bandmate Herbie Hancock also absorbed hip-hop influences in the mids, releasing the album Dis Is Da Drum in The relaxation of orthodoxy which was concurrent with post-punk in London and New York City led to a new appreciation of jazz. In London, the Pop Group began to mix free jazz and dub reggae into their brand of punk rock. Examples of this style include Lydia Lunch 's Queen of Siam[] Gray, the work of James Chance and the Contortions who mixed Soul with free jazz and punk [] and the Lounge Lizards [] the first group to call themselves " Spectrum - John McLaughlin - John McLaughlin - MP3 Collection (CD) jazz ".

John Zorn took note of the emphasis on speed and dissonance that was becoming prevalent in punk rock, and incorporated this into free jazz with the release of the Spy vs. Spy album ina collection of Ornette Coleman tunes done in the contemporary thrashcore style. The M-Base movement started in the s, when a loose collective of young African-American musicians in New York which included Steve ColemanGreg Osbyand Gary Thomas developed a complex but grooving [] sound. In the s, most M-Base participants turned to more conventional music, but Coleman, the most active participant, continued developing his music in accordance with the M-Base concept.

Coleman's audience decreased, but his music and concepts influenced many musicians, according to pianist Vijay Iver and critic Ben Ratlifff of The New York Times. M-Base changed from a movement of a loose collective of young musicians to a kind of informal Coleman "school", [] with a much advanced but already originally implied concept.

Since the s, jazz has been characterized by a pluralism in which no one style dominates, but rather a wide range of styles and genres are popular. Individual performers often play in a variety of styles, sometimes in the same performance.

Pianist Brad Mehldau and The Bad Plus have explored contemporary rock music within the context of the traditional jazz acoustic piano trio, recording instrumental jazz versions of songs by rock musicians.

The Bad Plus have also incorporated elements of Spectrum - John McLaughlin - John McLaughlin - MP3 Collection (CD) jazz into their music. A firm avant-garde or free jazz stance has been maintained by some players, such as saxophonists Greg Osby and Charles Gaylewhile others, such as James Carterhave incorporated free jazz elements into a more traditional framework.

Harry Connick Jr. Although jazz-rock fusion reached the height of its popularity in the s, the use of electronic instruments and rock-derived musical elements in jazz continued in the s and s. Since the beginning of the s, electronic music had significant technical improvements that popularized and created new possibilities for the genre.

Jazz elements such as improvisation, rhythmic complexities and harmonic textures were introduced to the genre and consequently had a big impact in new listeners and in some ways kept the versatility of jazz relatable to a newer generation that did not necessarily relate to what the traditionalists call real jazz bebop, cool and modal jazz.

It received some criticism, however, for its failure to reflect the many distinctive non-American traditions and styles in jazz that had developed, and its limited representation of US developments in the last quarter of the 20th century. The album heavily featured prominent contemporary jazz artists such as Thundercat [] and redefined jazz rap with a larger focus on Spectrum - John McLaughlin - John McLaughlin - MP3 Collection (CD) and live soloing rather than simply sampling.

In that same year, saxophonist Kamasi Washington released his nearly three-hour long debut, The Epic. Another internet-aided trend of 's jazz was that of extreme reharmonizationinspired by both virtuosic players known for their speed and rhythm such as Art Tatumas well as players known for their ambitious voicings and chords such as Bill Evans. Supergroup Snarky Puppy adopted this trend, allowing players like Cory Henry [] to shape the grooves and harmonies of modern jazz soloing.

YouTube phenomenon Jacob Collier also gained recognition for his ability to play an incredibly large number of instruments and his ability to use microtonesadvanced polyrhythms, and blend a spectrum of genres in his largely homemade production process. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Jazz disambiguation.

Musical style and genre. Blues ragtime Spirituals folk marches classical West African music. Avant-garde jazz bebop big band chamber jazz cool jazz free jazz gypsy jazz hard bop Latin jazz mainstream jazz modal jazz M-Base neo-bop post-bop progressive jazz soul jazz swing third stream traditional jazz.

Fusion genres. Acid jazz Afrobeat bluegrass bossa nova dansband folk jazz free funk humppa Indo jazz jam band jazzcore jazz-funk jazz fusion jazz rap kwela Mambo Manila Sound nu jazz neo soul punk jazz ska jazz smooth jazz swing revival Western swing world fusion. Regional scenes. West Coast. Jazz clubs Jazz standard Jazz word. Main article: Jazz word. Main article: Jazz improvisation. Main article: Women in jazz. See also: Traditional sub-Saharan African harmony.

Further information: Music of African heritage in Cuba. Main article: Ragtime. Main article: Blues. Audio playback is not supported in your browser. You can download the audio file. A hexatonic blues scale on C, ascending. Main article: Dixieland. Main article: Jazz Age. Jazz Me Blues. Main articles: Swing music and s in jazz. See also: s in jazzs in jazzs in jazzs in jazzand album era.

Main article: Bebop. Main article: Afro-Cuban jazz. Main article: Hard bop. Main article: Modal jazz. Main Spectrum - John McLaughlin - John McLaughlin - MP3 Collection (CD) Free jazz. Main article: Latin jazz. Main article: Sacred jazz. Main article: Jazz fusion. Main article: Jazz-funk. Main article: s in jazz. Main article: Smooth jazz. Main articles: Acid jazzNu jazzand Jazz rap. Main article: M-Base.

Jazz portal Music portal United States portal. National Park Service. Retrieved March 19, Retrieved March 19, — via University of Salzburg. American Quarterly. ISSN JSTOR Northwestern University. Brown and Benchmark. ISBN Oxford University Press, 26 July Oxford University Press. Retrieved June 20, Chicago Daily Tribune. Archived from the original PDF on January 30, Retrieved November 4, — via Paris-Sorbonne University. Word Routes. The Visual Thesaurus. He definitely gives David Lee Roth a run for his money with regards to his gift of the gab.

There are also some typical 50's background vocals going on at the same time, credited to the "Immaculate Wangettes" in the liner notes Curtis Lanclos, Rectro Zest Podscast. Scream Dream Link Mb. Wednesday, September 15, Yes - Yesterdays K —, —present. This was a big selling compilation at the time and although all cuts on it have shown up numbers of subsequent LP and CD collections, I still see it as a necessary compliment to my YES collection.

That is the only cut including Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman, the rest is by the band's first setting with Peter Banks on guitar and Tony Kaye on keyboards.

Listening to those songs from the pre-Howe and pre-synth days it's obvious the band's special idiom that later would lead to world wide success was there already from the start. Tony Kaye has a less prominent role than later Wakeman, but not less important. In all very good listening with top audio. If you're one of those who got deep into the group first with "Yes Album" or later this may be an ear opener and reason to look beyond. Now, one of YES's biggest draw cards have been their psychedelic album covers, produced by the multi-talented artist Roger Dean.

Yesterdays cover caused some controversy for some people with the back cover of 'Yesterdays' featuring two young naked characters, a boy urinating and a girl displaying her genitalia. But over time the imagery has been accepted for its real worth, artistic creation - and not something smutty.

Roger Dean was born in Ashford Kent, England in He is internationally renowned for his unique style of album cover paintings, logos, typefaces, and organic architectural designs. When Dean left the Royal College of Art in his first commission was to design furniture for Ronnie Scott's Jazz club in London, this eventually lead him to produce a cover painting. The painting that Dean created for Osibisa's cover, depicted a brilliantly coloured, winged flying elephant and an equally elaborate and colourful logo for Osibisa see below.

This image and logo were a dramatic contrast to the generally more conservative portraits usually seen on the cover of albums of that time. Dean's brightly coloured record covers for Osibisa were often used to decorate the windows of record shops, bringing, 'Happy Music' music to the grey city streets of seventies London. Following on from his successful collaboration with Osibisa, Dean was commissioned to produce a painting for an album cover for a band called YES. The YES logo became the visual signature of the group and was recognisable, not only from YES's record covers, but it was also imitated in style, in graffiti across the world.

The first painting Dean produced for Yes became the cover for their Fragile album and marked the beginning of a forty seven year association with Roger Dean and Yes. In fact, the cover painting for 'Tales from Topographic Oceans' was voted the best album cover of all time, in a Rolling Stone readers online poll. Some have regarded the collaboration between Yes and Dean as his most successful however.

Dean is continuing to create paintings for bands such as Asia, and more recently for Steve Hackett's album 'Premonitions'.

It has been estimated that over a hundred million people have, at one time, owned a piece of Dean's art, either as an album cover or as one of the many posters that were made of his cover paintings.

Dean is also known for his logo designs for companies including, Tetris, Virgin, Harvest, Vertigo and Psygnosis. His career as a painter and typeface designer, are just two aspects of Dean's multi-faceted career. Roger, his brother, Martyn and the printing company, Chevalier of Rotterdam.

Their company, 'Dragon's Dream' became a market pioneer in the publishing business, bringing the work of many brilliant artists to the attention of an international audience. It was also responsible for publishing his own works under the title 'Views' infollowed by 'Magnetic Storms' in He says that he has very rarely heard the music before doing an album cover. However, the music, the title, and the art work are all related, and must all affect each other to some degree. It's like the relation between a picture and its title.

For example, if a picture was entitled "Peace" and the image was of a poppy field the significance would be different than if it was of a wrecked tank or a waterfall. The picture changes the title and the title changes the picture! Dean has not titled any of the pictures in his book "Views" but he is fascinated by the consequences of "naming" images.

However, he does not want an arbitrary title to interfere with the chain of associations the image evokes in each observer.

There is an unavoidable working relationship between the music and the images associated with it, and this tends to increase when the association is carried through over several albums.

Interview, Im Gorgeous (After Hours Mix), Hayat Budur - Kader* - Adamım (CD, Album), Schallala Schallali - Various - Die Erfolgreichsten Schlagerstars Des Ostens (CD), Los Dias Sin Nombre - Jorge Reyes & Piet Jan Blauw - Pluma De Piedra (CD, Album), Joshua Fit d Battle - The Ascots Quartet - Sing Their Favorites (Vinyl, LP), Turn Around - Tut Taylor & The Folkswingers With 12 Sting Guitar* - 12 String Dobro! (Vinyl, LP,, Such A Woman, Dead People - Reaction Formation - Mark David Chapman (Vinyl), Alphabeat (3) - 10,000 Nights (CD), 4th Movement - M. Bentley - This World (CD), Lovely Rita - The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Vinyl, LP, Album), Charlie Childers - My Baby Loves Me / The Lunatic Song (Vinyl), War Widows Vietnam - SFH* - From The Dumpster To The Grave (Vinyl, LP, Album), If You Love Me (Really Love Me) (Hymne A LAmour) - Ferrante & Teicher - Autumn Leaves (CD)

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  4. (01) Gordon Jacobs - Concerto for Horn and Strings (04) Malcolm Arnold - Concerto No. 2 for Horn and Strings, Op. 58 (07) York Bowen - Concerto for Horn, String Orchestra and Timpani, Op. (10) Ruth Gipps - Horn Concerto, Op. 58 (13) Gilbert Vinter - Hunter's Moon.

  5. PHILADELPHIA SPECIAL Dates et lieux: Spectrum Sports Arena, Philadelphia, PA, 21/07/ Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX, 24/06/ Label: The Swingin’ Pig (Ref.: TSP-CD) Support: 2 cd Durée: Source: Audience Qualité sonore Savoir plus.

  6. BioShock is a retrofuturistic video game series created by Ken Levine, published by 2K Games and developed by several studios, including Irrational Games and 2K BioShock games combine first-person shooter and role-playing elements, giving the player freedom for how to approach combat and other situations, and are considered part of the immersive sim genre.

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  8. Sep 25,  · John McLaughlin (1) John Miles (1) John Paul Young (6) John dresdner-christstollen.bizs (1) John Vol 2 is a collection of early recordings from /87 while Vol 1 is most likely a portion of one of their concerts from when they toured the US with Metallica. Of course, full album artwork for both vinyl and CD is included along with some EPIC label.

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