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Jay Jay Imus & Freddy Ford - Im A Hot Rodder (Vinyl)

For y'all who are looking for the HMV link to purchase this, it's above. Keep rocking. Still getting into The Rising, but first Jay Jay Imus & Freddy Ford - Im A Hot Rodder (Vinyl) backs up one or two reviews. A couple of rather generic tracks may take it just off the peak as is so often the case since the demise of the LP got artists to extend beyond their natural album length, but still an essential purchase and I think it'll get played a lot over the next few months here.

I believe the chorus recording on Worlds Apart is Pakistani, but the immediate impression of those voices wailing ululating? I got over-excited when I saw the title 'Skin to Skin' on the cover thinking it was the Harry Belafonte-Jennifer Warnes song, which it isn't but it's a great song. I guess I got tired of lurking. I took up guitar two years ago, at age 40, because I wanted to do more than listen to The Band's music; I want to learn it, internalize it, perform it for my three boys, age 4, 3 and 2!

I'd like to hook up with like-minded others. Anybody know of any Band "cover groups" or a way to find individuals in this area to just get together and figure out songs, licks and so on? Finally, I look forward to posting more often, getting involved in the fracas. Peter Viney for your "scholarship. Some how, the trip to Memphis detoured around the Capital of The World Atlanta for all our out of town guests and landed on the back side of what some call Da South.

Back to live music, Bruce Hornsby this weekend, live at the outdoor paradise called Chastain Park, hey Charlie, give me some tips, do I send my requests on a large poster, paper airplane or what, let me know Don Entered at Mon Jul 29 CEST from tu4. Peter V: too bad about Van's cancellation. What's the world coming to when you can't even trust a rock legend to keep his commitments and speaking of The Commitments Subject: Working in a Coal Mine Subject: Thoughts from a Southern Belle Why do we have to break this cyber Band world and it's visitors into isolated pieces?

Isn't that rather confining and insulting? We are all males and females of different ages and locales. Our native languages and accents are different. We don't share mothers and fathers and lifestyles. Some of us discovered the Band long after the show was over, some attended The Last Waltz, others have been following The Band since the 60s.

Is it so shocking that we all have various viewpoints and feelings concerning the history of this group? Aren't we allowed to bring our own uniqueness to the table here without being chastised or labeled? Every time I post I seem to worry about who I may be offending. Don't we all lose when we don't feel the freedom to express ourselves?

You may not agree with me on every topic and I may not see things your way either We may learn something from each other, that is much more important than berating each other for our differences.

When the re-mastered Last Waltz came out months ago in all its various forms, I remember Lil writing that we all had more in common than we realize. That is so true, yet we have had no great Band-related discussions or songwriting analysis or anything meaningful for a long time. There is just so much I don't know about them and I never grow tired of learning more. I found this site during the latter part of I couldn't believe my good fortune and I would lurk like crazy.

I really didn't have the courage to post until I remember when Rick died. I was pregnant with my twins, confined to bed and had no computer. I wanted so much to visit this place because everyone was so familiar to me even though I had never personally communicated with any of you.

We share the Band's highs and lows here. We are very lucky that Jan cares about these guys as much as we do. I really do love Levon. I don't think I have ever tried to hide how much his "musicality" has meant to my life. I appreciate the live performance reviews from Butch and others.

I don't think that means I'm kissing Levon's butt. I could come up with much better ways to kiss his butt other than begging for show reviews. I haven't written him any love letters or sent nude videos of myself. Every time Levon or Garth or even Robbie performs doesn't that make your heart lift?

I do favor the others over Robbie, but when I got the Canadian version of the Olympic ceremony and watched it for the first time, that was a glimpse of glory for me and it felt good I know this has been a long post, but I needed to write some of these things. I am a person that is not into games or making myself feel important at the expense of others.

I just felt a need to express some of my thoughts and I thank you kindly for your attention. Thanks, Bob - I should have checked it myself. The organizers say they were hoping they could get Van to do it, but logistically he's in Glasgow the night before, and a mile trip south with equipment on a British summer holiday Saturday when north-south roads are jammed solid is hard - the musicians could have flown down to Bristol, Bournemouth or London all about one hour from the gig by road but getting the equipment broken down on Saturday night and driven south to set up for a 6 pm start would have been a nightmare for the crew.

I feel rotten now about "the stick up the back" comment. Subject: Van Peter, I don't know if you are aware of this site link above.

I hope it is useful in the future. From someone who visits here everyday Agree to disagree and move forward. Andy R. A wonderful venue managed by folks who always kept the music as the priority. Tommy, it's great to hear from you again. Welcome home Pat. Please tell us more of your adventure. John D. To the posters who have recently discovered The Band and this wonderful place -- enjoy the ride.

To everyone who contributed to the incredible rescue effort in southwestern Pennsylvania Joyous occasions are getting more and more difficult to come by. Nine souls saved and countless spirits lifted. We have never been more in need of good news. Levon say Diamond bad.

So Diamond bad. It also seems likely that the whole book was prompted by Hoskyns research. Some people Lars and Al Edge for example are sorely missed.

As the other Neil Diamond just said, Lighten up! Subject: god again one more thing. From time to time there is a lot about Politics here is the guestbook. They say never discuss religion and politics; but if I might be allowed to do this just once. This is just a very personal feeling and I do not expect others to agree or disagree I arrived at 1 A. Our remote studio was still a mile across theor so youth. Father John Walsh, a Catholic Priest from Montreal who was co-hosting the broadcast of the Mass on Sunday morning was with me and he has been at many of these events and quickly was able to get us two golf carts and drivers.

We drove through the crowds at slow speeds and though I missed Woodstock '69, I truly got the "feeling" of it. If it were a movie shoot you would swear it was Woodstock. I slept in a seat that did not tilt and got about an hour's rest. About a. Except for the lack of a mosh pit it was really feeling like Woodstock. The Pope arrived right on time at by helicopter and into the PopeMobile and began driving through the crowds. I was raised a Roman Catholic; but like many have lapsed. Suddenly I am told that he is going to come by our trailor which was situated just on the outer fringe of backstage.

They told me I could leave the studio for a look. He came towards me only about 10 of us standing there and I made the sign of the cross. He was about feet away. He smiled and gave us a blessing. I teared up. I wasn't sure why. I hadn't felt this way since I was a child. I was later given a rorsary blessed by the Pope which I will cherish. It was a moment that I will never forget and the cheers from the youth when the Pope addressed the wrong doings by priests was wonderful. I don't think anyone expected him to go there; but I would think he would have to.

This is a very large problem for Catholics today; but I learnt not to paint a brush against all. This morning he flies out and I'm hoping I can capture this feeling for a long time. At 55 years old and like many Catholics I haven't paid much attention to my faith through my middle years; but now it seems to be raising it's importance in priority back into my life. Thanks for letting me share this moment. I know that religion is not hip with a lot of music people Subject: the rising iv just bought the rising.

Nice to have you back Jerry! You made more sense in one paragraph than anybody besides Bayou Sam has for days on end now. If you don't mind, I will correct your spelling I will quote a wonderful movie made in "I'm glad to know that God and Jesus aren't really curse words. I love the church stuff but Roseanne, she won't have it on, and ol' Pa, he says religion's a lot of bunk.

I saw "Songs From the Second Floor" this weekend. Very interesting film My favorite used to be"The Purple Rose of Cairo" but it's changed! There seems to be a lot of pyro-maniac's in this place. It's pretty obvious, maybe you's oughta try another approach. I actually hope the remaining members of The Band don't ever look into this guestbook They would without a doubt be quite ashamed of their fan base.

The rest of this site is magnificent tho. It would be nice if the folks in here would stop re-enacting the last couple of months of The Original Band's career anger, name calling, stuff like that and go back to and re-enact that instead! It would be refreshing. Been gone for a week and I see we are rehashing the same ole shit, my God and even he gets trashed in here havnt you folks beaten the shit out of Diamond enough already, if I hear one more GBer say "what was Neil Diamond doing on TLW" Im gonna puke, this is a dead horse if Ive ever seen one Then he stood and made his song, closed his eyes to hear the thunder echo like a wave around him; love was in this strange house, and he knew he did belong, yes he did belong.

Yes I will, 'deed I will. If I can. Subject: The written word Just a quick word of praise. Everyday of my life I visit the "Guestbook". I'm forever looking for that entry with a "Butch" tag on it. For my taste, the Hemingway of the Guestbook is Butch. I always feel like I was at the latest show and he writes what I want to here. Hey Butch, why don't you write a book?

Hey, so I've had a few beers and a couple tokes, who's watching. Hearing her sing "Shake a Hand", for a music lover, is just one of those times!!!!! Take care!!!!!!!! I thought everyone started off with the walking blues bass line or whatever it is called.

I could hear that bass line all day, and it doesn't sound too hard--bomp, boomp, doopa dee doo. I love that song because it describes the total misery of heartbreak and who hasn't been there once or twice? But the stampeding cattle always rang false for me unless I thought of it as just going mental--feeling like your obsessive thoughts are out of control and rattling your own cage, the walls of your head. Though when I'm in a bad mood outside noises and vibrations really get on my nerves--like a weedwhacker seems like a hornet nest up close and personal.

It can't be taken too literally because if you've really got cattle stampeding by your house I would think you'd forget about your pain for 5 minutes to see what the hell is going on out there, esp. Brown Eyed Girl: I love Independence Day too, and I think Bruce was always really powerful when he wrote about his unresolved issues with his father. My Father's House on Nebraska is very moving--where he goes to see his father to reconcile but he doesn't even live in the house anymore they have been estranged so long.

I think he said some time his father died before they were able to sort out their differences. Ilkka: That is a very powerful song, Sounds of Silence. I never learned to play it on anything it would have suffered on clarinet, esp. Subject: gazza gazza How's the music shop? I enjoyed talking with you Glad to hear Miss Amy is back onstage belting out tunes with the boys again. LH - get well soon. OK, kiddies, time to go back to the infighting and personal insults that have turned reading the GB into a bad version of "The Jerry Springer Show.

Subject: Organs I'd like to see what Garth could do with one of those suckers Viney, There you go again. Your comparions of Neil Diamond and the Band is a complete reach. Neil Diamond is the epitomy of commercial slop and mentioning him in the same breath as The Band is an insult. Give it up. Great news about those miners. It's nice to have something good like that happen in a world where so many bad things seem to be happening.

Thanks Butch Nice to hear mention of Amy again too Luv her voice Excellent quality production. It captures Richard's musicianship so well. Although his solo pieces are great my favorite selections are those with Rick Danko. They meld their voices as if they were brothers. Thanks to all who contributed on this project.

So which Zappa record is it on? Thanks Butch for that report on Levon in the south. It gave me a real flavor for what the trip must have been like. I'm indeed quite jealous of you catching that gig with the Memphis Horns. Now if they can mesh that well, that fast at a party, what would a couple of days with that line-up in the studio be like? Actually, somebody ought to have taped that party a la "Breeze Hill".

A question for the blues scholars on the site. Can anyone give me a little background on bluesman Josh White? What is the best disc to buy? Thanks for any help. Just in case. Kay, while I'm glad you are capable of defending yourself unaided, please let me know when you have in fact dealt with any of the people here, because all of my queries to you after you called me and others "anonymous weasles" went unanswered.

In fact, I'm glad to see you back, also, because I had worried that maybe something happened to you, having heard nothing from you until Butch's return. Finally, Butch, I'd just like to add that God is pretend, prayer has no place in public schools, George W. Bush is a crook, America is the Great Satan, increasing welfare is the only way to save this country, we need to go back to being isolationists, Israel doesn't need our support, Steve Earle is the greatest songwriter to live, and that Bill Clinton was the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.

I always appreciate your awareness efforts and this time you very simply, absolutely got it. I know that we all rise each morning hoping and praying some of us that nothing too nauseating has transpired while we were off in dreamland.

I know there is great strength and spirit in other countries too. I am not trying to knock the rest of the world. It does my heart good to know that I live in a country where any kind of debate is possible, but if your not going to use money that has "God" printed on it I have three children to put through college ;o!! Dearest Butch I hope Levon is feeling better. I was wondering if Levon still has that see through thru shirt he wore that night ;o My vote would go to a duet between Robbie and Garth because it would have been a waste of the fine singing voices of Rick, Richard or Levon.

I always thought that song was an inarticulate knock-off of Chuck Berry's far superior "Havana Moon. After a show in Galway, I got into a conversation with a group of people who saw Dylan and the boys at the Isle of Wight.

I mentioned a pict I saw of Richard at a nearby nightclub and discovered it was on their website. Then, they told me that someone had a tape of Richard sitting in with the local band. I arranged for a trade and have kept my fingers crossed ever since. It was one of the sweetest sounding B's I've ever touched. In regards to an earlier thread, I think its pretty obvious that The Band steered away from the blues forms that a lot of groups were adopting in the late 60's, much to their credit.

Mystery Train might be the only blues tune and that's a bit of a stretch that they recorded prior to TLW. Was He scratching His backside with it?

Subject: Jay Jay Imus & Freddy Ford - Im A Hot Rodder (Vinyl) Whiners It is truly amazing how certain GB posters love to pick fights, and when they finally get some back they turn into snivelling, surprised little crybabies. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah He was the type who always was the first to volunteer first to help Father Mullins with this, Father Proulx with that During gym, he always pushed the rules, making harder than necessary body contact etc. He was fairly chubby, so it wasn't like he was physically threatening in a scary sort of way to the point of taking my lunch, but just really obnoxious, and wouldn't back off.

Well, during one game of indoor soccer in grade eight, he just slams me into a wall, and without even thinking about it, 'Bam! So, he is on the ground with a bloody nose and tears streaming down his face, and I am off to Sister Ethel's office. I got banned from gym for the balance of the year If I knew that would happen I would have hit him in the first grade and Paul got the 'reward' of being head helper to Father Mullins for the church carnival.

But the similarity is so similar: the class bully who is totally shocked when someone gives it back to them, and expects the world to jump to their aid. Well, maybe the world did come to Paul's aid, but if I had the choice of spending the day in Sister Ethel's secretaries office or Father Mullin's Rectory, well I think I got the better deal!

Subject: Butch's post Hey Butch, welcome back. Thanks for your concern, but please don't worry on my behalf. Dealing with one idiot with multiple aliases would be like shooting fish in a barrel. But I make it a point not to converse with fools unless I'm getting paid for it.

I hope you change your mind about the trip report. Most of us really want to read it. Subject: Viney! As my Carib friends would call ya Just bought the August Mojo featuring the one and only I don't even have some of these songs Oh and since ya mentioned Neil again You're such an agitator I like how the song builds Just to piss everyone off even more I'm going to wear more of them!

Even Diamond had a fuck you attitude The Mud's performance was absolutely brilliant Rollie's Hero andy yes Peter it was Rollie who was playing on the sound byte There's room for all kinds of music in this world I'm listening to your other fave Lucky you!!! You'll be seeing Van on August Please tell him the Canadian dollar will be up I've only seen Van once Pat: Hey!

Even Steve Earle is getting his reggae groove on these days I hope he didn't lose his temper I'm sure you could tell us if he did Somerset Pennsylvania is a smiling place today! While the pope was riding around in his go-cart with that stick up his back and mumbling into a mic up in Toronto, The Hand of God was was down in the coal mines of Beautiful Southern Pa! Thank you Jesus! End of Sunday morning testimony.

This is a nice world-wide place to come and type feelings down. Thanks Webmaster! The Rhino compilation Best of Louie Louie which I have has only 10 tracks, so it could be worth getting another one. The Band played a type of music that combined strong melodies Neilavoided loud guitar leads after at least in favour of several instruments balancing each other out with lots of space Neil.

I, and about a five other Band fans,understand the difference between Neil and the rest! Neil can S-I-N-G. Much like the Band. It's only six months since I bought my first record, but now I'm addicted. My favorite songs are Rockin' Chair and King Harvest. Paul Simon played in Pori Jazz Festival www.

The sun hardly goes down up there in this time of the year. Usually it gets dark here in Europe between 9 and The climax in Paul Simon's repertoire was Sound Of Silence in the dark but the sun did shine like in French Riviera when he started: "Hello darkness my old friend Somerset Pennsylvania did this country proud last night. Absolute, fucking American heroes and heroines.

It is of course on the reissue of Cahoots. Did anyone ever do it live? This then turns out to be the Civil War dividing line.

So a new theory of the Civil War is implicit! Freedom from tape measures versus imposition of surveyed boundaries. They never taught that one in American history. The chain is also the unit on which New York city blocks are based and more importantly, the distance between the wickets on a cricket pitch.

The reviewer then makes a snide remark about Enron and George W. Bush both choosing to locate themselves in areas where accurate measure was not traditionally a priority, but the review was in The Guardian.

THeBand played a type of music that combined Blues MuddyLoud Guitar Leads and Licks Muddy Gravely voiced, raw, emotional,down to earth lyrics for everyman Muddy and they weren't geeky lounge lizards Neil singing syrupy songs about America in order to appear on Fourth of July television specials Neil or writing songs for supermarket aisle strolling I.

Red Red Wine! I, and about a million other Band fans,understand the difference between Neil and Muddy! Just saw Bonnie's post putting the word out on Nitty Gritty, great news that they are playing again. They had a great time putting on a great show, and were real well-recieved.

Real loose, and playing even better than last time I saw them, which was at at Sackett's Harbor. They even debuted a new tune for their encore, well actually a new Dylan cover, and hinted at a few new things in their bag of tricks. The owner fell in love with them, and plans on having them back, so keep an eye their touring dates. During the review the writer mentioned the one thing he would kill to have on the Re-Issue doesnt exist, Richard singing Moon Struck One. I'm going to have to really give it a listen tommorrow.

Charlie - "patriotism is the last refuge, to which a scoundrel clings. Until I Pay My Bill! Bruce usually allows fans to pass him written requests during his concerts, and he will often give those songs a try--even if they are other artist's tunes.

Of course, knowing Hornsby, he might just slip into the Gil Evans arrangement without missing a beat. I have a friend who works as a librarian in a maximum security jail and he tells me about the poor people in the slammer doing time for stuff like passing bad checks.

Meanwhile the ex-CEO of one of those companies is busy overseeing the construction of his fifteen million dollar mansion. Ain't that America?

Now, let me get back to more important matters - like finding that big rock!! Seen Dylan, Ringo Starr, and J. Tull there. Going to see BB King next month. Beautiful acoustics, and you can bring in your own food and drink! You can even phone in your catering order ahead of time and pick it up when you enter. Such a nice juxtaposition to the 8 dollar Bud lights and 6 dollar stale pretzels you are stuck with everywhere else. On Bruce, yes, some of his early lyrics do echo of Robbie Robertson, but given his young age at the time, I see it more a case of having excellent taste than borderline plagarism.

All artist borrow heavily early in there careers look at Dylan, and The Beatles' 'I'd rather see you dead little girl'line, borrowed from Elvis but few are as mature as Bruce was from the starting gate.

Again, not my favorite but an undeserving bogeyman as far as I am concerned. Both concerts are highly recommended. They have also been rated as the best contemporty folk group by that association since However,no matter how they are described I consider them just plain rock and roll. And if they ever come to your area they are well worth a listen.

The Dirt Band country or rock? This is the first time in over fifteen years that John McEuan has traveled with the band along with the rest of the original cast, and they still put on a tremendous show. They clearly came to enjoy themselves and they did. Glad I have no children to be indoctrinated with this liberal trash those folks grind into our youth every single day!

As for this God bashing from the 9th circuit sect this place is infested with. Cocky intellect has a tendency to make you think you know everything.

I'm at least smart enough to know that I don't! What if there IS a God? What if it's all true? You going to hide behind a big rock and try to talk your way out? Good Luck You'll need it! Someone explain how that "eye of a needle" thing relates to Haliburton. They were about to screen TLW in the Strand theatre using a very well worn original theatrical release of the film.

I was honoured by them to be asked to make some comments before the showing. Please e-mail me if you're interested in my credentials to be asked to do such a thing, Anyway the evening was simply wonderful. The theatre was filled with relatives of Rick as well as former bandmates of him who had played with him in the years prior to his signing on with Ronnie. Also, the event had been advertized on the CBC, who also had contacted me to do an on air interview to promote the event.

They were not disappointed. Every time Rick was shown on the screen the place went nuts. It was hard to tell who was cheering after every song: the film audience or the theatre audience. Also it was great to interact with members of the Danko family who had many stories to tell of Rick's generosity toward's his family right up until his untimely demise. I am posting this because I hadn't seen this event discussed in the guestbook.

If you look up my name in many search engines you will get the interview that I and many Simcoe natives had done at that time. There was also a follow up article with pics of me and Rick's pre-Ronnie drummer written by Monte Sonnenberge.

Well it's time to get back to recording. I hope you all find this interesting and please don't hesitate to e-mail me with any question's or comments. Keep the faith!!

Little John I will always be Little John for I was taken young not by hand, or blade, or angry misplaced gun I stuck my hand in a rathful stump where it found a leathal serpent And now I drift along the bend and watch my burdoned sister take in washing, clean her shelves and cry in the back of our busted down car sorrowful with no flying tears only falling tears and then back to the vast empty house. Subject: Garth's improvisations Garth seems to go at his keyboards is the accordian a keyboard instrument?

I really like his sax playing, that heavy air is so much more emotive than what is passing as modern jazz today; the Kenny G crowd - that's more like musak to me. But I've never heard Garth explore much when he plays sax solos on live stuff compared to the keyboards. My question is, for those who have seen his recent shows, does he stick to a rigid sax program or does he take off? Did he ever take a swing at the didgeridoo?

I'd bet he could take that instrument to new heights. I have listened to that song a number of times in the last couple of days and I think that's it's growing on me after thirty years. Between Richard's singing and Garth's absolutley mesmerizing B-3 work on the track, it is beginning to transcend the lyrical clumsiness.

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Dawning, I Want Your Desire (Club Mix) - Rawthenticity Feat. Carlene (3) - I Want Your Desire (Vinyl), Door Peep, Dutilleux*, Orchestre De Paris, Paavo Järvi, Christian Tetzlaff - Métaboles - Sur Le Même Accord - S, Type Of N-G-A I Am - Street Military - Aggrivated Rasta (CD), I Allegro con brio - Johannes Brahms - Symphony No. 3 Plus St Anthony Variations (CD), You Cant Dress Up A Broken Heart - Sérgio Mendes & Brasil 77 - Love Music (Vinyl, LP, Album), Praeludium - Bach* / Ton Koopman - Organ Works (CD, Album), Dirty Minds - Necronomicon (6) - Escalation (CD, Album), Sax Out, Wai O Minehaha - The Sunday Manoa - Hawaiian Time (Vinyl, LP, Album), Jeromes Dream - Presents (CD, Album)

8 thoughts on “Jay Jay Imus & Freddy Ford - Im A Hot Rodder (Vinyl)

  1. Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about Jay Jay Imus & Freddy Ford - I'm A Hot Rodder / The Boogala at Discogs. Complete .

  2. 'The Boogala' by Jay Jay Imus and Freddy Ford found on 'Lux and Ivy's Favorites' Volume 11 from the label 'Goner Records'.

  3. It was the "bad thang" heard 'round the world. Now, four years after his "Caroline" debut, Portland's finest is stuck in "Limbo." Tune in to our latest episo.

  4. freddy jay. likes. pour tout ÉvÉnements soirÉes de mariage anniversaires etc bars, discotheques devis gratuit n hÉsitez pas a me contacter.

  5. Fred Jay. Vrai nom: Friedrich Alex Jacobson. Profil: Austrian schlager songwriter. Born: 27 July in Linz, Austria. Died: 27 March in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA (aged 73). Known for adding the lyrics to the melody of track "Soleado", which then became track "When A Child Is Born", performed by many artists over years. More.

  6. Austrian schlager songwriter. Born: 27 July in Linz, Austria. Died: 27 March in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA (aged 73). Known for adding the lyrics to the melody of track "Soleado", which then became track "When A Child Is Born", performed by many artists over years. More. Less. Seiten:, Wikipedia. Aliasse.

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