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I Still Believe

Once the coffin had crossed the threshold of the front door, I Still Believe boundary between the living world and the afterlife too had been crossed.

Mirrors are the foundation for a number of superstitions all around the globe. While Europeans and North Americans take care not to break mirrors, Koreans avoid putting them directly in front of a door, as this will deflect good luck from entering. While whistling is often associated with feelings of happiness, it is highly discouraged in South Koreaat least after the sun goes down.

In fact, it has long been believed that whistling at night can summon spirits, ghosts, demons and other unearthly creatures. A slightly less terrifying but still frightening version of the superstition is that snakes will appear instead of spirits.

We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK". Mimsie Ladner. Add to Plan. This one is almost instinctual now. I Still Believe the sixth century, it was a tradition to congratulate people who sneezed because people believed that sneezing helped expel evil from their bodies. Years later, when a plague took over Europe, sneezing meant that the person was going to die from it.

People blessed the person who sneezed because they were surely going to succumb to the plague and needed the prayer.

What are your thoughts? Tell us in the I Still Believe below! It was believed that your heart stopped when sneezing, therefore an evil spirit could enter the body. I believe 6…. It stems from my own belief that trees are sacred. I am descended from Druids so it fits. I do all the above, it lessens the worry that something bad will really happen.

There are a million other different superstitions that some of us believe in, however, that being said my great grandma believed in them all. Raised in Sicily and growing up pagan she experienced many things herself and then I was fortunate enough to inherit them from her.

So, while many people do not believe in them, I want people to know that there are many many many people that do. Loved the article, btw. I miss her and her brother they were really neat people. It gave me the chills. And made complete sense! I say God Bless You when someone sneezes. My mother-in-law told me the reason why people say that is because the heart stops beating when you sneeze.

My friend ask me to join her and a few of her family members to go to the casino after work. Not feel up to it I reluctantly went to meet them at her house. When I reach the stair to her entrance there stood a Black cat. I said to it you have the choice. Sure enough it went to the right crossing over my path. It stood and watch me reach the door,where I talked my friend that her damn cat just ruined my luck. The following New Years Eve we decided to go to the casino.

Again I met up with the black cat and again he crossed my path. This time I won a Needless to say I have no issues with black cats. My mom always told me if I gave someone a present that cut; e. I was told from early on Not to carry any pointed object across a threshold. If you do make sure the point is away from you. Prolly some common sense to the superstition. About thirteen years ago, while driving, a black cat crossed in front of my car.

I never told anyone about it or talked to anyone in my family that day. But, upon my return home that evening, several really bad things had happened to several of my members that very day. I then told one of my bosses about all of this. She had a minister come out to her house and gathered everyone around and had a blessing prayer.

This included myself and husband. So, after that, I always say a blessing prayer each and every time a black cat crosses in front of me.

It works. Nothing bad has happened to my family because of that incident, since the prayers were said. My husband sneezes continuously when walking into bright sunshine. Hi Cassandra, we actually have a story on why that happens. Check it out here!

That is so truth from a young girl coming up my grandparents always tell me when your hand scratch you get money when you sneeze you said God bless you so it is truth. If you are walking along with a loved one, never separate to go around something stationary, such as a light pole. Splitting a pole cause relationship to split be it friends or lovers so the old timers told me lol.

I worked for an attorney who believed in not splitting the pole. We were in Birmingham for a trial and the co-counsel walked on the other side of the pole. Joseph T. Garrity Production Design. Michelle Sink Langford Art Director. Anna Redmon Costume Designer. Beverly Holloway Casting. View All Critic Reviews Apr 03, My expectations were already low and the final film is equal parts earnest and goofy, but where it goes wrong is with its stretched-out passion play built on suffering.

Jeremy Camp K. Apa heads to college and falls instantly in love with art student, Melissa Britt Robertson. He's a budding Christian musician and gets his big break from fellow "student" and successful musician, Jean Luc Nathan Parsons. Jeremy and Melissa's relationship is tested I Still Believe she is given a cancer diagnosis, but he's unwavering in his support.

They pray for help and struggle for meaning, with Jeremy turning to music for answers. As with many Christian indies, I've discovered that the elements of filmmaking and storytelling are generally I Still Believe to whatever the message is the film wishes to confirm for its built-in audience.

So the details don't really matter as much as the bigger picture, which in this case I assume is to inspire in its audience that even when they are suffering that God has a plan for them. I can see how people can find that topic comforting because one of the nagging questions in theology is over why a loving God would allow terrible things to happen to good people.

The best the film can surmise is that there is a "greater good" sort of response we cannot know, and that the death of one person could have ripple effects and inspire many millions more. That's what I Still Believe is proposing with its true story, namely that the tale of Jeremy Camp's deceased first wife happened to inspire millions and bring them closer to God through Camp's music and storytelling over his loss.

Either you find that comforting and an answer enough or you don't, but if you question that logic, then the movie demonstrating this resembles a cruel passion play. Even before I started this movie, I knew that Melissa was going to die, and I I Still Believe her ultimate purpose was going to be to push the man along on his own spiritual and artistic journey.

She dies so that you can become a better guitarist, Jeremy. I don't mean to sound crass considering these are based on real people, and the real Melissa really died, and her friends and family felt real grief. My critical aims are with how the movie handles this and not her real tragic loss. I think many can be irritated when a movie says a character's ultimate suffering was all to prop up another character; I'm reminded of numerous Hollywood stories about African-American suffering where it props up a white savior character to learn or achieve Important Things.

This nagging feeling would have been lessened had Jeremy come across as a more compelling character in the movie and, even, a more compelling artist. He's a pretty bland white dude and his music is fairly vanilla acoustic guitar soft rock. The music is earnest, it's pleasant enough, but there's nothing that really stands out, but that assessment is personal, I admit.

I struggle with movies that try to convince me of someone's artistic ascendance but don't feel like they back it up with the evidence for that fame. The character of Jeremy onscreen is a nice guy, well-meaning, but he's more interesting when he's in the goofy love triangle with Jean Luc. Once Melissa gets her cancer diagnosis, his characterization just gets put on hold.

He becomes a loving caretaker and then, once she inevitably passes, he becomes a loving and bereaved husband. This is where I rankle because that cancer diagnosis comes so early and that is all the movie becomes afterwards, and when we all know where I Still Believe is ultimately heading, it becomes very tedious and arguably garish. The cancer diagnosis happens with an entire hour left to go, which means we're left to watch Melissa get sick, everyone worry and cry, and when her remission happens with a half hour left to the movie, you know we're just biding time until it comes back again because what else are we going to do with all this extra time?

It's not like Melissa, fresh from beating cancer, says to her man, "Let's pull off a heist. We know the rest of the road ahead is going to be watching her returned suffering, which is the entire movie. It is a passion play where we watch a young woman suffer and die so that we will ultimately get some songs written about her memory and experience. For those outside the target audience, this can become borderline offensive, and from a storytelling standpoint so much is left simply broad.

The most enjoyable parts of I Still Believe for me are how goofy it can be especially with its fuzzy details. This is a movie without any sense of humor and yet it can inspire laughter. Jeremy seems to be attending a school where he never has to do any work. This school is also I guess a regular stop for Jean Luc, an alum who has already become famous and has a backing band, so why does he just keep showing up to perform on this campus?

Doesn't he tour outside the school? Also, Jeremy is almost immediately successful. He's thrown onstage in what amounts to the film's Star is Born moment when Jean Luc invites Jeremy to share his special song to a live audience. From there, Jeremy is recording, performing regular to packed crowds, to the point that I questioned when he has a sit-down with his college dean about quitting school to tend to the ailing Melissa, I was shocked he was still attending school at all.

Isn't he just a successful musician now? My opening impression of Jeremy as he goes off to college is positive, as he calms down his impaired little brother who is bereft with the departure. Then over the opening credits he's playing his acoustic guitar on a charter bus and I thought how rude that would be. But by far the most amusing part of the movie is the love triangle between Jeremy, Melissa, and Jean Luc. First off, every time a character says the name "Jean Luc" with such seriousness I giggled.

The actor seems so much older than everyone else, though he's only two years older than Robertson who is 7 years older than Apa. The love triangle is enough to keep Melissa from being public about dating Jeremy, and when he presses her on it, she pushes back that he should return the jacket that Jean Luc gave him, as if these are equivalent. And then she keeps bringing it up. Jean Luc isn't even a character so much as a platform of opportunity for Jeremy and then a contrived obstacle for their blooming romance.

The acting overall falls into that earnest yet occasionally goofy territory of many Christian indies. It's not quite camp but there are moments where characters are so serious that things feel a tad off, like we're just seconds away from everyone breaking into laughter. Apa Riverdale is blandly appealing but feels very much like Zac Efron lite.

He does all his own singing and guitar playing which is more technically impressive than the character he has been given. Robertson showed such promise with 's Tomorrowland and seems to be given little to do here. Even in her last moments, she seems to have a radiance of knowledge. I wish I could say there was strong chemistry between the leads but Apa has better chemistry with his guitar. Then there are Jeremy's parents played by Gary Sinise and, surprise surprise, recording star Shania Twain.

This is only her third film appearance and she is given so little to do that, frankly, it didn't impress me much. The best performance in the film happens late when Jeremy meets a fan Abigail Cowen who monologues what Jeremy's songs and experiences have met to her and how they've changed her life.

It's a moment that feels emotionally affecting even if you know it's here to literally remind the audience of the theme. That same woman would then go on to become Jeremy's wife, so good for them. I Still Believe isn't offensively bad, campy, or even theologically misguided in its view of morality like a hokey Kirk Cameron vehicle. It feels like a glossy made-for-TV movie that just happens to be made for a majority-Christian audience. The message is paramount, and all else serves the message, which means the characters are uninteresting, the story is redundant to the point of piling on cruelty, and the overall earnest tone can approach unintentional goofiness.

It feels like much of the film is padding the running time with lengthy musical performances like a concert movie. It's also a movie without enough story to cover its near two-hour length.

Either you connect with the overall message that there can be meaning in suffering or you see past it and take umbrage with the movie presenting a woman's suffering as character development for a soon-to-be popular musician.

This is like a Christian weepie version of The Fault in Our Stars, which was another movie we knew where it would be headed, but it lacks the effort level. The Erwin brothers shoot everything either with annoyingly distracting handheld camerawork or swooping drone footage.

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  5. I Still Believe is a American Christian romantic drama film directed by the Erwin brothers and starring KJ Apa, Britt Robertson, Shania Twain, Melissa Roxburgh, and Gary is based on the life of American contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter Jeremy Camp and his first wife, Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer shortly before they married.

  6. Hello, this is my tribute to a great movie and a great song. This is my first music video btw:P I hope you enjoy!Tim Cappello - I Still BelieveLost Boys Sou.

  7. Mar 13,  · Watch the Official Movie Trailer, I Still Believe! Available now on Premium Digital and On Demand, Pre-Order Blu-Ray™, DVD April A new film from the makers of I Can Only Imagine, starring Melissa Roxburgh, Britt Robertson, J.J. Apa. The film is based on the true-life story of Christian music star Jeremy Camp, and his remarkable journey that proves there is hope in the midst of tragedy.

  8. Official Video for “I Still Believe” by Jeremy CampGet Jeremy’s Greatest Hits Album Here: Get tickets to the I Still Believe.

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