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You Will Always Have A Friend

More than a friend you are to me, dear golden one! For indeed you are among the hierarchy of the sent one to me. God bless your heartsweet friend. Thanks for being there for me. Please wait a minute! Apart from constantly publishing meaningful content here as the owner of this blog, I am also a fast-rising artiste who need your support by simply subscribing to my YouTube channel. Thank you so much. Heaven and earth may pass away, but your good deeds will forever be inscribed in the core of my heart like the work of art.

I heart you so much. Your uniqueness is beyond comprehensionoftentimes I wonder what manner of being God has made; you are simply a special gift to me from heaven. Words are apparently not enough to qualify this uniqueness of your being. I say again; I love you to the moon and back! With all respect and sincerity of heart, I say you are of the caliber of people that deserve to be honored the most.

I heartily cherish this great virtue of kindness of yours towards all and even me your dear friend. Yours is super-incredible! You left my heart in awe of the wonder God has built-in you, and with a deep sense of gratitude, I say a big thank to you, for allowing yourself to be worked on by God. A sweet friend of awesome character!

Our stay together has unwrapped and made vivid the essence of friendship. Thank you for how far your heart of care You Will Always Have A Friend love has made this bound of ours a unique one. Thanks for being there for always. All hail a dear one! All hail the very one behind my express success!

All hail the sweetness that turns my sour estate sweet. Your thought sometimes gets me astonished and fascinated. Memories of moments with you are such that should be hidden in an ancient history book that will forever be remembered. Thank you for showing up every time I call out for you. You are simply the best friend I have always ask God for. For with these great impacts you wrought in my life, I have created a large template in my heart to accommodate the sweet memories You Will Always Have A Friend had together as friends.

You are a wonder! And what God has weaved together let no one untie. A dear one like you deserves a series of accolades! For your deeds worth unquantifiable praiseyour attitude towards me and those around you have left everyone better than you met them.

You deserve the blessings of the heavenly and the earthly, for your good deeds have risen and became evident in the cloud of reckoning. Thanks so much for everything, dear friend. Awesome wishes are meant for you, special friend! Love beyond what man fathom dwells in your bowel.

I love you plenty and thanks for your help. For it became evident that you have a rare version of grace deposited in you. Great is the depth and height of your wisdom, dear friend. I believe you have secretly asked God for double the wisdom of Solomon for you smile. And here I am the blessed one, in partnership with the one whose God has graced with an abundant measure of wisdom. Thanks for adding so great value to my life. I cherish your words, I cherish your reasoning, I cherish the way you approach matters, I cherish the way you cherish little ideas, your acts are super-incredible to me.

Your lifestyle is worth duplicating, just keep on being who you are, for great shall be the outcome of your little beginning. Thanks for your love! What can be compared to a heart as sweet as honeycomb? What can be so intimate as your love and your selfless affection? God in His unsearchable understanding has made you my very present help in times of trouble.

He, in His unbeatable love, made you an ointment that brought sweet relief to my toughest challenge. He made you an angel of love and comfort and in you, I see the perfect love of God at work. Thank you, my angelic friend. Awesome appraiser for a friend with a unique configuration. Words will fail to qualify the kind of heart you possess.

For your lovely heart has left my soul in uttermost admiration of your person. Deep down inside your heart is a symbol of unfeigned love, and a heart that forebears. These, amidst your unique virtues, made me have a great assurance that I am in the right ship of friendship. Having you as my friend has taken me to the realm at which peace, joy, happiness, and favor found me as their companion.

Heaven is my witness that your presence in my life has created a great difference evident to all. Your best friend forever! Thanks for your love. I heart you, too! May the day I found you be blessedmay it never know darkness and misdeals for it has connected me with a soul as peaceful as river and as accommodating as a haven. Thanks for everything.

Oh, what a friend! Bravo to a friend with exceptional values, if I promise you coats of beautiful colors making you an object of envy to those around you, 10 years is too much for the colors to fade and the clothes to be of no relevance. But to a friend whose worth is more than silver and gold, I promise you my heart, to always be there for you, through thick and thin.

Times and seasons have proven your faithfulness to this beautifully well spelled out friendship. I have you to thank for all the beautiful things I have experience in life. Long live dear friend, long live our friendship. Cheers to a better year of cordial relationship. Friend, I wish you well, for you are a friend of with rare heart. Nothing can be compared to having you as my well-beloved friend. Two good heads are better than one says the adage, your good head added to mine makes a lot of outstanding difference.

Quite awesome! I mean awesome is my experience with you! Sweet is your heart good friend, lovely are your ways, and incredible are your deeds to me, for with these you made life more beautiful to me. And if you are really showing your skin some selfcare, book an afternoon appointment with your local spa to get a facial.

You'll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. One of the best ways to show yourself some selfcare is by being in the present and listening to some of your favorite music. If you need to calm yourself down, go ahead and listen to that acoustic chill playlist. And if you are wanting to feel inspired, listen to the best Grammy performances of all time. Music is healing to us all and is one of the best ways to create an environment of selfcare.

Getting our sweat on is another great way to show ourselves some selfcare. By moving our body we are creating endorphins, getting healthier and having fun in the process. Working out is not only good for our muscles but equally for our minds as well.

If you are particularly stressed or feeling down and the go workout with a variety of fitness classes online or in person, you will likely notice an instant difference in your mood as well.

So make time to work out every day if you can, even if just for 20 or so minutes. It is one of the best forms of selfacare and you can tailor your workouts to what your personal interests and passions are. Start your day right and drink a glass of lemon water. Often our bodies wake up feeling dehydrated, so an easy way to show yourself some selfcare is to drink a glass of lemon-infused water. It will not only hydrate your body so it feels better, but the lemon will provide your tastebuds with a tingly sensation to wake them right up and also get your digestive system tuned up for the day ahead.

This form of selfcare only takes a few minutes, is super inexpensive and will get your day off to a great start. It can be as simple as having a home or being able to see the sky to the last holiday you went on or the competition you won.

The act of showing gratitude will help alleviate your stress and put into perspective of just how great a life you really have. Appreciation and gratitude are two forms of selfcare that truly enhance our mental wellbeing and help us feel more sensations of happiness. The combination of movement and meditation is another great way to show ourselves selfcare. Classes can be done both online or in a studio, with a nurturing instructor giving great life advice and leading you through a restorative flow series.

Going to a yoga class is a great form of selfcare because it will help you feel connected to a community, stretch out your body to prevent any pain from occurring and give you time to be fully in the present and meditate. Another great way to add selfcare to your daily routine is to make enough time in your schedule to get a good night's sleep. Our body needs at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night so that it can get rid of any toxins, enhance memories and recover the brain from all the stimulation that took place during the day.

Snoozing your way through selfcare is something that we think everyone can get on board with! And to truly take this form of selfcare to the next level, splurge on a quality bed, linens and pillow. You should even consider getting an oil diffuser for your bedside table so you can drift off to sleep with scents of lavender oil in the bedroom. Showing yourself selfcare is something that will benefit your You Will Always Have A Friend and physical wellbeing this Fall. How you do it is completely up to you, and you can decide how to enact your own selfcare based on personal preferences and interests.

Try mixing up a few different techniques and see which ones you enjoy the most. But regardless of what you choose, the most important part of selfcare this fall is to simply do it. I never thought I would be sitting in my living room writing a letter to my dad like this. I never thought that at the young age of twenty-two, I would be writing about how my dad is no longer with us.

But here I am, sitting in my living room, writing that letter, at the age of twenty-two. Losing someone isn't supposed to be easy, but I also never expected it to be this hard.

I don't understand how to feel. Emotions are a funny thing. Sometimes I am completely numb and can't feel a thing. Sometimes I'm angry, and I want to scream because of how many things are running through my mind. Sometimes I feel the saddest I have ever been in my life, crying so hard I can't even breathe.

My dad was the one to pick me up when I felt down. He knew how to make me laugh and smile. He knew the right things to say. I need him now more than I ever have. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to face, and all I want Is my dad to come through that door and hug me tight. I think the biggest emotion I've been feeling is angry. I'm mad that my dad won't get to see me get engaged and married. I'm mad that You Will Always Have A Friend kids won't experience the fun that my dad gave me and my brother.

I'm mad that he was ripped away from me and now I'm left with all these shattered pieces of my heart that just don't seem to fit together the same way as before. I'm mad that I'm mad. My daddy wouldn't have wanted me to feel like this I know that. But I know that if his and my roles were reversed, he would feel the same. I feel so incredibly lucky that I got the dad that I did. I'm so blessed that my childhood is filled with memories of him getting the boat ready for us to go fishing or teaching me how to plow the field to get it ready for planting.

He taught me and my brother so many things about the outdoors. He taught me how to drive, he taught me how to be independent. He taught me to be kind to people even when you don't want to be, but also to not take crap from anyone. He was the first man I ever loved, and that ever loved me. My daddy was one of a kind and there is nothing in the world that will ever fill the giant hole that is now in my chest. I can only hope that he knows You Will Always Have A Friend much I love him.

I hope he knows that I miss him so much it physically hurts and that I don't understand how the man that was sitting in my living room two weeks ago today is not here anymore. That was the last time I ever saw him, and I just wish I could go back and hug him tighter.

Tell him I loved him and thank him for being my dad. Daddy, I miss you more than anything. I hope you are happy and healthy and looking down on us. I hope you're proud of me, even though I could never make my mind up. I promise to look after Hunter and make sure he hears countless stories that I have of you. I love you to the moon and back. Until I see you again. Unlike their female counterparts, they often have smaller wardrobes, are less likely to have shopping addictions, and have fewer things in general.

But that goes without saying that there still are many essential items that men can't live without. They still have a drawn affinity to a range of items and conveniences that let them live their best life and make them more enjoyable. So what exactly are they? And why should you care? We believe it is essential to know the items men can't live without so that you can always ensure they have access to them while also providing you with some gift-giving inspiration for the future.

Men have it relatively easy when it comes to style. They have to throw on one of their basic t-shirts with jeans, and they are pretty much sorted! For men, it is often the simple basic t-shirts that can give them a solid selection of wardrobe choices.

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The best t-shirt options for them will be fabric that is able to provide both comfort and functionality—and are made to be breathable. Plus, they are already pre-shrunk, so there is no risk of ruining them when they get tossed in the laundry.

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With pants designed to help men have the ultimate experience outdoors, it is undoubtedly an essential item they should have. To go along with these pants are jackets that are both stylish and functional. Offering the option to have a hood and is easily packed tightly into a pocket in the jacket, it is an outdoor gear essential that can be packed for any trip.

Whatsmore is that the seams are designed to be over-sturdy and is wind and heat resistant to boot! Most men know the importance of meal prepping, but it does not mean they necessarily enjoy it. That way they can spend more time working out and less time fluffing around in the kitchen. They may be thinking of different ways to form a deep connection with you. Flirting is the clearest sign of them all. However, this is different from the friends who casually flirt with you after downing a few drinks.

In such a situation, they are attracted to you, but it does not mean anything more than that. We are talking about the friends who flirt with you regularly and persistently. They just chastely touch you a lot more often. For example, they may touch your hand, arm, or hair frequently while talking to you. Even these small signs can hint at their feelings, so keep You Will Always Have A Friend for them. Any good friend will support all of your goals and choices.

But when a friend is romantically interested in you, they will go out of their way to do so. Not only will they congratulate you on your promotion, but they may also throw a party in your honor.

Most people want to lend an ear to the people they love. If your friend is romantically interested in you, they will start talking to you a lot more. They always will be there to hear you out and will want to solve all your problems.

With them, you will always feel heard. If your friend is romantically interested in you, they will start to share a lot more stuff than they do in general. In fact, they will do this because they trust you with their feelings and deepest secrets and because they want to build a deeper connection with you. Any friend who is romantically interested in you will want to start things up with you.

They will start showing a lot more interest in your love life. They would want to ensure that you weigh all your options correctly and make the right decision for yourself. They may diss your crush and hint that you should give them a chance instead. If a friend gets romantically interested in you, your other friends will be able to see this interest. They will also be able to see that they are giving you special attention.

Basically, it will become obvious to the people around you that this person likes you, and they will start to point it out as well. This is quite easy to notice, especially with a friend who is addicted to their phone. Your friend who was always interested in social media now keeps their phone away when having one-on-one conversations with you.

You Should Have Known - Various - The Cole Slaw Tape (Cassette), Heavy Water - Alan Parker / John Cameron (2) - Afro Rock (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ben Je Eenzaam Vannacht (Are You Lonesome Tonight) - André van Duin - Dit Ben Ik (Cassette, Album), Mama, Im Coming Home - Ozzy Osbourne - MP3 (CD), Armenian Love Song (Chinar Boyov) - Artie Barsamian & His Orchestra - Shadows In The Casbah (Vin, Balladen Om Brigitte Bardot Og Hakapiken Min - Trøste & Bære - Rotfylt Ungdom (CD, Album), Papa Was A Rolling Stone - Various - Where The Buffalo Roam (The Original Movie Soundtrack) (Vinyl,, You Cant Run Away From It - C.C. Catch - Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel (CD, Album), I Believe (Jens O. Respect Remix) - Various - Kontor - Top Of The Clubs Volume 17 (CD), The Sorrows - Take A Heart (Vinyl, LP, Album), Domine Jesu - Mozart*, Karajan*, Berliner Philharmoniker - Requiem, Piccola Serenata Notturna (CD, A, Bare & Datsik - King Kong (File, MP3), Лето - Михаил Шелег + Антон Яковлев - MP3 Stereo (CD)

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  3. Aug 07,  · And you will always, always, have a friend in me. Because there is no doubt in my mind that you cross paths with human beings at exact instances because they serve a purpose. They bring you what you need when you need it the most, or maybe, you don't realize it at all. They may see the good in you when you're struggling to see it dresdner-christstollen.bizted Reading Time: 5 mins.

  4. May 03,  · The sad part of this is friendships can fade away, no matter how many times you check their status message on Facebook. Still, even if this does happen, you will always be their friend. When you see each other after ages of being apart, it’s easy to rekindle that friendship. All it Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

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