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What Kind Of World - The Cables - What Kind Of World (Vinyl)

Personally, I rarely go for more than a couple of hours at a time, but I could tell I could easily surpass that if I wanted. I've been writing this as if Tom and I had been sharing our opinions and concurring as we went along, but here's the twist. We didn't. I asked him not to share throughout the entire listening session and only email his evaluation to me after I left.

I emailed him my preference first. Here's what he sent with some insertions I've made for clarity. I think that the biggest problem that my Martens have is a tendency toward sibilance and thinness, which you heard with the Audio Sensibility silver Ethernet cable and the [Audio Sensibility] silver DC cable. That's why I have evolved my system the way I have over the past 7 or 8 years.

At first I was enamored with Nordost cables, which have great spatial resolution and a lot of detail, but they also emphasized the sibilance and thinned out the sound. Synergistic Research cables also have good spatial resolution, with less sibilance and more solidity to the midrange. I know that silver cables have a reputation for enhancing the high end, but in What Kind Of World - The Cables - What Kind Of World (Vinyl) systems they may overdo it.

I like the extra "air" that the Audio Sensibility silver Ethernet cable gives me on well-recorded acoustic music, especially jazz piano with percussion. If that means that I get a bit more sibilance on some vocal recordings, well, I'm OK with that.

But I think that you're right that the combination of the silver DC cable and the silver Ethernet cable may be a bit too much in my system. The sibilance he referred to was on Paul Simon's "Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes" on my compilation CD, which can be very revealing of a ragged tweeter.

And there are lots of cuts on that CD with cymbals. So yes, we both came to the same conclusions for his system with the vintage Marten speakers. But that might not be the right combination for your rig. Had we taken his digital front end over to my house and tried it with my Kharma speakers, I might have preferred the Silver Signature DC cord. The Scan-Speak Revelator tweeters would likely benefit from the higher, smoother resolution and slightly brighter presentation.

My room is not quite as bright as Tom's room, either. But we weren't about to rip out his gear. In any case, if you've made a wrong choice, Steven offers a day money-back guarantee High-end folklore What Kind Of World - The Cables - What Kind Of World (Vinyl) us that separate power supplies are desirable for removing electronic nasties from the chassis containing the signal circuitry. You see this frequently in phono stages, preamps, and DACs at the high end of a manufacturer's product chain.

But external power supplies are increasingly showing up in moderately priced components. My Calyx DAC, for example, comes with a wall wart switching power supply, but a linear power supply is offered as an upgrade. Another company, Sbooster, which Audio Sensibility also sells, has an entire line of linear power supplies to use with components from other manufacturers. They are as important as the main power cord coming from your wall or power conditioner.

You don't want to leave half the quality you've paid for sitting inside the external power supply. As I've seen here, a proper high-quality DC power cord gets the job done. That's not a lot of money in this sport to bring your digital front end up to such a premium level, particularly if streaming is your main source.

I can't say. But you would still need to upgrade the DC power cord one way or another. Knowing how pricing works, you will not be getting twice the sound quality however you might measure that by spending twice the money. The closer to the state-of-the-art you get, the greater the diminishing of return. Likewise, if your system would benefit What Kind Of World - The Cables - What Kind Of World (Vinyl) from the less expensive copper cable, it would be foolish to spend more for the silver cable.

One of the things I've learned over the years is that your power delivery and front-end source s are incredibly important. You can't fix a lousy signal by buying better speakers, no matter how impressive they would look in your listening room. I've owned my Kharma speakers since and I am still amazed at how much greater they sound when I upgrade or tweak something else in my system.

Maybe I should have spent more money faster? Summary Ethernet cables are to digital streaming what coax digital cables were to CDs back in the s. They've become a thing. Cartridge filters use large cylindrical cartridges to screen out dirt. Most pool builders recommend using cartridges with to sq. Unlike sand filters, cartridges don't require backwashing. Instead, you simply rinse them off with a garden hose, a process that uses much less water than backwashing.

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The 8 Best Rotary Hammer Drills. Personally I never heard this record sound so good, it is testament to Bernie Grundman. The combination of Clarity vinyl and the flat profile brings this recording closer to the listener.

If there are any issues, they sit with the physical pressing as mine has some none fill. Still this attains five stars though six would be more accurate but then we would be getting into hyperbole territory.

The presence of this record engages the listener from the first to last note. Great clarity, Great sound, Great music! The clarity is stunning! Wide soundstage and deep imaging! Most of the static sound at the beginning of the Classic version is absent.

The only glaring omission by AP are pics of bassist, Paul Chambers, and drummer, the recently deceased Jimmy Cobb Maythe last remaining member of the 1st great Miles Davis septet though he sat in only for FF, Wynton Kelly is also missing.

The best version available today! Man I just have to thank you for this, deathly silent and perfect mastering. Keeping the vinyl dream alive! Kelly This recording is superb! Sounds like it was recently recorded rather than 60 years ago. I'm speechless. This absolutely destroys them all. My only complaint is the big ol' box is kinda annoying.

I just put the LP on my shelf in a sleeve without it. But seriously, folks. Buy it. Kudos to all involved in putting this masterpiece together!! This will be played much more than my MoFi 45rpm version though flip between the What Kind Of World - The Cables - What Kind Of World (Vinyl) when feeling nerdy. Only complaint is the packaging; the gatefold is beautiful and more than enough, which makes the box unnecessary. The box is not wide enough to store the gatefold without putting too much pressure on the left and right sides of the cover!

I'm storing the vinyl inside the gatefold without the box, it fits in my collection so much better than the box, which will be put in storage. The best jazz album just got the best pressing. The Clarity Vinyl lives up to the hype. Exquisite pressing. Amazing job to everyone involved. Thanks for creating this masterpiece! The best UHQR so far. Trumpet is to die for. Miles trumpet sounds so sweet oh my god it really is something you have to hear.

Fuzzy areas have been eliminated. The soundstage is considerable, background is undisturbed by surface noise, there is more intimacy with the music. This quality of record and music is why I enjoy the hobby of audio. Above all, it is romantic and involving. The sound is crystal clear, the volume of each instrument perfectly matched with just the right amount of separation between the instruments so that you believe you are listening to a live performance in your home.

The sound quality is more like that of a tape than a vinyl record. I couldn't be more pleased. I'll probably get one when it comes out but in the meantime I'm more than happy with this one and just ordered a second copy. This is the best one so far. The vinyl is mostly quiet, although there are light clicks here and there. Other than that, there is no surface noise to speak of. The music is very dynamic and the vinyl is cut loudly. Additionally, each instrument was easily identifiable, as well as their exact locations.

The drums stuck loudly near the end of So What in a way that I had not heard before. During Freddie Freeloader, I noticed a little echo in the sax on the left, and I never noticed that before.

Every instrument sounded natural, and imaging was rock solid. Generally, the tone of those saxes is anathema to me, What Kind Of World - The Cables - What Kind Of World (Vinyl) here it seems that they have changed timbre just slightly, and now I don't mind them.

Passing Over Rollercoaster - Plasticland - Dapper Snappings (Vinyl, LP, Album), * - Points Of Friction - 1982 (Cassette, Album), Señorita Rita, Dont It Make It Better - Bill Withers - Bout Love (Vinyl, LP, Album), Stain On Me - Tyrades - Stain On Me / Blood Sister (Vinyl), Вальс - Various - Вальс (CD), Nr.1 H-dur - Frédéric Chopin, Dinorah Varsi - Die Mazurken (Vinyl, LP), Three Nights A Week, Volo, Gamera (Codek Rmx) - Noistruct - The Remixes 2002-2012 (File, MP3), Intermezzo In A Major - Brahms* - Walter Gieseking - Klavierstücke, Op. 76 - Fantasien, Op. 116 (Vin, New Age Steppers - Action Battlefield (Vinyl, LP, Album), Juego De Seduccion - Soda Stereo - Lo Mejor De Los Mejores (Cassette)

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  1. Miles Davis Kind of Blue meets Analogue Productions' UHQR, the pinnacle of high-quality vinyl! Definitive handmade limited run reissue Ultra High Quality Record! 33 1/3 RPM LP release limited to 25, copies. Best-selling album in jazz history; mastered directly from the original 3-Track master tapes by Bernie Grundman.

  2. Analogue Interconnect Cables Connectors Digital Interconnect 75 Ohms Optical USB Cables Phono Cables Power Cords Speaker Cables; Gram Vinyl Record Christina Aguilera / My Kind Of Christmas Vinyl Record ALEG .

  3. World Premiere Review! Audio Sensibility Signature Ethernet And DC Power Cables Review Moderately-priced high-quality cabling that will keep you musically satisfied. Review By Rick Becker And Tom Lathrop If you've clicked on this review you already know that cables make a difference. I'll spare you that lecture.

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  5. Sep 23,  · 25th Anniversary g Vinyl 2LP + 2CD Reissue featuring Newly Remastered Audio by Bernie Grundman and Previously Unheard Tracks from the Original Recording Sessions Plus Page Book! Buena Vista Social Club is both the name given to this extraordinary group of musicians and the album, recorded in just seven days in in .

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  7. Jul 12,  · While it may look a tad expensive in a world awash with cheaper turntables, the Planar 3 is worth its weight in gold. It'll go toe-to-toe with record players that cost a whole lot more, making it a bit of bargain with that kind of perspective. It's definitely worth a purchase. Trust us, your vinyl record collection will thank you for it.

  8. Sep 28,  · The vinyl version while a bit more restrained in its presentation of the music also sounds more like what Bob Marley’s records of the period (if that makes some reverse logic sense to some of you). There is of course something nice about playing this on an LP, flipping the sides and enjoying the large scale cover art.

  9. World Painted Blood is the eleventh studio album by American thrash metal band was released through American Recordings and Sony Music on November 3, and was produced by Greg Fidelman and executively produced by Rick Rubin. It is the band's only album produced by Greg Fidelman and the last with guitarist Jeff much anticipation for the .

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