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The Sunny (Mousse T Extended Radio Mix)

Est-ce contraignant? Julie B. Rien ne remplace la culture musicale. Bravo pour ton travail! Merci, Martine. Jean-Pierre D. Est-ce correct? Y a-t-il un autre canevas?

Merci des bons conseils de tous. Amicalement, Jean-Pierre. Here The Sunny (Mousse T Extended Radio Mix) the menu card. Ravi : Yes, please. Id like the date pancake. Mittu : I dont think Ill have any, thank you. They eat their dessert. Ravi : To the waiter Could I have the cheque, please? Waiter : What about some coffee, Sir? Ravi, Hari, Mittu : No, thank you! The waiter returns with the bill. Ravi pays.

Waiter takes it to the Cashier. The Hostess comes to their table. Hostess: Did you enjoy your meal? Was everything alright? Ravi : O, yes! Everything was perfect! We enjoyed the meal very much. Hari : I was wondering if you did any outdoor catering? Hostess: Yes sir, we do. In addition to the food we also arrange for the crockery, cutlery, as well as serving. Hari : Here is my card.

Perhaps we could discuss this in detail when you are not so busy. Hostess: Certainly, Sir. Here is our card. In case I am not available, my assistant Najab Hussain will be able to help you. Hari : Thank you so much. Mittu : Thank you, my friends. I had a lovely birthday dinner. Task 3: Your teacher Ms. Nethra is getting married. The class wants to give her a gift for her new home. Five of you have been selected as class representatives and have todecide what to present her.

Lisa: Yes, we'll have the chicken with vegetables, and the vegetable pasta please. Waiter: Anything to drink? After the Meal Waiter: Can I get you anything else? Making a Reservation Mike: I'd like to make a reservation for 2 people on Friday night.

Waiter: What time would you like? Waiter: We don't have anything available at Is ok. Dining at the Restaurant David is finished with work at the conference and is taking Annie out to dinner. Pay attention to how the waiter asks what they want to drink and eat. Listen to David and Annies responses in English. Follow along through the whole dinner process to improve your English.

From getting a table, then ordering their food and finally asking for the check. Dining at the Restaurant - Getting a table Waiter: Good evening sir. Do you have a table for two? Waiter: Yes sir. Right this way please. Waiter: Heres your menus. Can I get some drinks started for you? David: I need a sec to look. Annie: Ill have a water for now. Do you have mineral water?

Waiter: Yes maam we do. And you sir? David: Okay. I think Im gonna going to have a Budweiser. Waiter: And would you like me to start some appetizers before your meal? David: Yes. Well have the chicken wings. Waiter: Okay great. And what kind of sauce would you like? Annie: With ranch dressing please. Ordering Food Waiter: Are you ready to order now?

Annie: Yeah. Ill have the Alice Springs Chicken. Annie: Sauteed vegetables and a baked potato. David: I want to have the sirloin steak. David: Make it medium rare.

Ill put your order in right away. Asking for the Check. David: Can we have our check please? Just a moment. David: Whats this charge here? David: Oh I see. Does this total include tax? Waiter: It does sir. Will you be paying with cash or credit card? Waiter: Okay, may I have your signature here on the bottom please. Waiter: Okay. Thank you very much for visiting us. Have a good evening. David: You too. Ordering lunch and dinner What else do you recommend?

Waiter: Mr Ryefield: Are you ready to order, sir? I ll have the beef stew for starters and my wife would like tomato soup. One beef stew and one tomato soup. What would you like for the main course? I m afraid the trout is off. Oh dear. What else do you recommend? The sole is very good. I ll have that. Do you have any coleslaw?

No, I m sorry, we don t. Just give me a small mixed salad then. Same for me. Would you like something to drink? Yes, please. May I see the wine list? A bottle of Chablis 99, please. Excellent choice! This english conversation teaches you how to order food on the phone. You will learn normal questions that they will ask so you can response to them and get your desire food. Example 1 Waitress : Good morning. This is ABC pizza. How may I help you? You : Hi. I'd The Sunny (Mousse T Extended Radio Mix) to order a pizza.

You : Large please. You : I want Hawaiian. Waitress : Can I have your address please? Example 2 Waitress : Good morning. You : I want to order a pizza. Waitress : What topping would you like to order today? You : Can you give me some advice? Waitress : Sure. We have Super Supreme, Hawaiian and Seafood. You : Good. I want to try Large size Seafood one please. You : One garlic bread and beef spaghetti Waitress : Ok. Can I have your phone number and address please?

Waiter : All types of food are available like South Indian, Chinese etc. Rahul : Well. I take Mughalai. Please make it punner, aloo masala, tandoori roti and butter nan.

Waiter : Don't you want hot soup? Surya : I want South Indian special masala dosa, rava kichadi and vada. Waiter : How about some soup sir? Surya : No. Not for me. Waiter : You can also order later. Surya : That'll do for now. Let's order for dessert after we eat all this. Tell me how long will you Waiter : In a few minutes sir, we won't keep you long.

Rahul : Give me butter scotch ice cream. Rahul : Give me the bill. In this text I'm going to write about the hospitality industry. The hotel vent de mar is situated in puerto de Sagunto, this level is three stars but is more comfotable.

The hotel jobs are: 1 hotel manager, this person is responsible for all staff. In a Restaurant Menu: Appetisers y y y y y y y. Duck stuffed served with orange sauce Turkey roast served with potatatoes and mushrooms Salmon bake served with mint sauce Tuna grill ot bake served with bchamel sauce.

A range of wines, minerals and spirits are available from the restaurant. One conversation in a Restaurant Waiter- Good morning, do you have a reservation madam? Customer- yes, a table for two.

My name is Alice Gray. Waiter- Would you like smoking or non smoking? Would you follow me please? Customer- yes, I'd like to appetiser an Mediterranean salad and then Duck stuffed seved with orange sauce. The captain is the most senior person on board the ship, the name of the people to work in a cruise is a crew.

The principal Medical officer, the staff captain, the chief Engineer and the hotel Manager all report to the captain. The hotel Manager has overall responsibility for the gallery staff, food and beverage, the purser and the purser's staff as well as general entertaiment on board. Giving advice and recommendations When a person travel to a Tropical for exaple Indian, South Africa's the travel agent recommend to the customer diferents recommendations.

You should have a vacinattion against Malaria; You shouldn't carry large sums of money; You Avoid wearing expensive jewellery in the street; You Avoid drinking tap water; You musn't leave any bags unattended; You should wear sunglases and a hat; You should't wear casual clothes at the meeting. Working in a restaurant environment can be tough work, especially when you have a nagging boss, complaining customers, limited time, and interesting co-workers. Yet, so many people are applying for this job, whether they know how to do it or not.

The restaurant business is stressful and competitive. Even if you have worked in it for a very long time, there is still more you can learn. When starting out, you're lucky to be training with someone who takes the time to show you the ropes. Perhaps you may be training with someone who doesn't want to teach you, or just doesn't know anything about the job.

Alternatively, you might work in a good environment - but that doesn't mean we can't improve! Edit Steps 1. Always arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled shift. Make sure you are presentable before you leave for work. Always be wellgroomed and keep your clothes clean. Wear clean shoes and socks. NOTE: Scents on servers can interfere with the smells of food and wine and upset the customers.

Approach your table with a smile and a greeting. Introduce yourself and say your name clearly. Greet customers with a smile as they enter. Maintain balanced eyecontact, but avoid staring too much. As you seat them at their table, perhaps stir up small conversation as you proceed to take their drink orders. Take drink orders clockwise starting at your left. If children are present ask for their beverages first, followed by ladies and then gentleman all following the left to right order.

This is now the time to discuss the specials. When you have served their drinks, ask if they have any questions about the menu. Don't rush them unless they are late and even then do it gently. If they are ready to order, take their order clockwise starting at the left and closest to you Bring out orders in their entirety. Never bring one guest's food without the other's, unless specially instructed otherwise this may happen if one or more in the party plans to leave early.

Normally, there shouldn't be any circumstance causing one part of an order be ready much later than another. If on occasion you foresee this happening and causing a problem, briefly explain the situation and ask how the customer would prefer handling this.

Don't overly badger the customers. Avoid going into eagle-hawk mode. Customers hate to be ogled at or constantly interrupted. How would you feel if someone was glaring at you as you ate your meal? If a table wants something they will glance around to look for you. If you stay alert and watch not stare your tables as you walk the floor most customers will make eye contact as a signal that they need you. This can give them the feeling like you're paying attention without hovering or badgering them.

When their good food and conversation is over, they will start looking around at other diners or the walls. This can tell you when to clear plates, offer desserts or drop the check.

Clear any of the plates from the current course as soon as it is obvious the customer wants them to be removed. Always clear plates from the previous course completely, before bringing plates from the next course to a table. Use The Sunny (Mousse T Extended Radio Mix) manner and tone consistent with both the atmosphere and the customer. Generally, "May I clear? In most establishments, make no reference if they are still eating or more likely, the one who is doing the talking is still eating.

If you were outside of America, you clear the plates after everybody finished their course, as they would start eating only when all the food is served, and they will hopefully indicate that everybody is finished their meal by having the fork and knife at the center of the plate. It varies a bit in Asia, but observe, personalize and adjust. When the main course is served, always ask "May I get you anything else? Check back again within five minutes, with "Are you enjoying everything?

Listen to their response and more importantly read their body language: Many people are shy to speak up about problems, and they may blame that on you come time to leave a tip. When the main course is cleared ask. When they are finished with their meal, ask them "Is there anything else I can bring you?

Don't assume the man will pay. If it becomes directly known to you during their visit which guest will be paying, you may leave the check at the end of the table by him or her.

Otherwise, leave the check in the middle of the table. Check is always face down. If it is inside a check envelope, lay it flat on the table, don't stand it up.

Take their payment. Inform your guest that you will prepare the payment for them, i. When you return, thank them and say something like, " It's been nice to see you""hope to see you again soon", OR if they seem to be lingering after their meal, just say "thank you", as they may need refills and such. This gives them confidence in you, and studies show can result in The Sunny (Mousse T Extended Radio Mix) tips. Learn proper table service manners: serve from the left, remove from the right; beverages poured from the right as the cups and glasses are always on the right; glasses never picked up when filling; bring fresh wine glasses with every new wine; and MANY others Get one and read it.

This knowledge is critical for employment in an upscale restaurant, and "couldn't hoyt" in a diner. Learn the correct way to set a table: forks left, knives right, napkin left usually. When clearing a table do it quietly as not to disturb the diners at other tables.

If you have spare time: If two people are sitting at a table and one goes to the restroom or excuses her- or himself for a moment, and if the other person looks even slightly uncomfortable or awkward siting alone, go by and make small talk until the partner comes back or as long as you can before another table needs attention.

Do not fail to keep an eye on other tables while doing this. Even if not required in training, memorize the menu cover to cover ASAP. Talk to the kitchen to familiarize yourself with any specials. Taste sauces if possible. If you are not busy at the moment and notice a customer at another table is in need of something, assist them. If you help out your fellow waiters, they will be more likely to help you out as well. Good service no matter who provides it will ensure that customers will come back - that's keeping your paychecks coming.

Striking up friendly chat is usually recommended, but keep it short and bear in mind that some customers desire privacy more than others and may become irritated by intrusions. Customers can boil up and become upset over the most minuscule things, such as the wrong drink order. When this happens, stay calm and correct the situation and apologize to the customer.

Empathize with the concern "I know it can be frustrating when you get the wrong order Apologize personally for the problem, even if it isn't your fault.

Never tell a customer you will do something or "be right back" and not do it. Do not promise to do something, anything, and not do it.

Interaction and cooperation among co-workers is crucial in the speed of the deliverance of food. Be kind to others, though they may be sour. Answering the phone may be part of the waiter's job. Clearly speak into the receiver to be understood, and make sure you understand what the customer wants. Always write down the customer's phone number. Use caution when writing down orders. Even when having pleasant conversation with co-workers, face your tables so you can see if they motion or start looking for something.

If customers see you with your back turned, chit-chatting with a friend, they are more likely to be annoyed and feel they are not receiving good service. Keep a spare shirt or tie at the restaurant. Accidents happen and a sloppy waiter is not good for the appetite. If someone forgot to make tea and there is only enough for half a glass or a little more, add more ice and fill the rest with water.

Customers appreciate fast service more than anything. Go back and start the tea. If they notice the tea is weak most won'ttell them you will start a fresh brew just for them. Don't give each table the same speech. It's much more personal that way.

When serving couples, always take the woman's order first. Smile A LOT! Depending on the environment you work in, make jokes, small talk etc.

If a customer complains, don't try to blame it on the cooks, hostess, or anyone else. Simply apologize and work to resolve the problem. Check with the manager before offering discounts, comped meals, etc If the customer is still not satisfied, ask if they would like to speak to the manager. When you get busy, make sure to let new tables know you will be with them in just a minute. Don't get frantic, trust me, you'll start forgetting things. Never talk about how long of a day you've had or complain to customers or coworkers.

No one wants to hear it. Leave your problems at the door and fake a smile if you have to. Be polite, call men Sir and women Ma'am or Miss. Interact with the kids. Parents love it. If children are becoming rowdy or irritable, offer to bring them crayons, paper, crackers, something to keep them busy. The parents will often be very grateful. Plates and silverware should always be brought before food arrives. You can to this when you greet the table, or after you have brought the drinks.

Once you get into a routine, stick with it. Analyze it frequently to see if there's anything you can to more efficiently. Learn the menu, the ingredients and the cooking processes.

Customers ask weird questions sometimes and if you don't know the answer, be sure to ask someone who does Be friendly with your co-workers, bartenders, cooks, busboys. If they like you, they'll help you out more and make you job so much easier. Stay alert for refills, customers trying to get your attention, frowns from guests, dropped silverware, spills, empty plates etc.

If the restaurant you work at does not give free refills, but a customer asks for one, be sure to inform them and ask if they would like another anyway. Working as a waiter, especially one in a very busy restaurant, can bring on a lot of stress. Don't let one mistake trip you up the whole night.

If you let one bad thing get to you, you'll slip up more and more. Just shake it off, take a breather, and move on. Talk to someone you like or respect and get it off your chest - "I screwed up! I'm sorry" lightens the burden as does the honest reply " You should have been here when I was doing your job!! Acknowledge it promptly and let them help you resolve the situation.

Keep it friendly Don't date your co-workers. This may bring trouble to the job site, particularly if you split up, as you still have to see them everyday. When customers get nasty or rude, stay calm, listen, and communicate. If your friends come to visit, The Sunny (Mousse T Extended Radio Mix) conversations short and treat them as you would other clients.

If they are not eating or ordering anything it is not looked good upon if they stay for more than just a couple minutes. Never go to a table smelling like smoke. If you are allowed a cigarette break, follow it by washing your hands, rinsing your mouth, and when possible, decontaminating your clothing by spritzing yourself with a twist of lemon.

NEVER contaminate a customer's food or drink, no matter how rude and unreasonable they have been. It's unprofessional and could have serious consequences for you if you are caught. Comfortable, good quality shoes with a good grip kitchens can be slippery. If you have long hair make sure to bring extra hair-ties just in case you or a co-worker needs it. How to Be a Competent Server. Did you enjoy your service today? Good afternoon, how are you doing today? My name is John Q Waiter I will be the narrator for your journey today.

May I start you out with something to jog your brain? Understand what it takes to be a competent server. Ask yourself the question "what do we need to feel fulfilled when being served? In the service world, you either do your job well or you make no money. Consider the customer's side of the transaction.

As a customer, we need to feel taken care of, we are paying to be pampered. Of course, the extent of pampering is dependent on the type of restaurant, as in McDonalds may not bring you a refill on a water, whereas another style of restaurant would do this. Customers are demanding they are paying to be served at the table. It is for this reason that the server needs to be able to adjust to all situations on the go.

Learn the five rules for servers: o Always have a smile, a genuine happy outlook shows through. What you do is your livelihood. How you conduct yourself and convey it to others pays your bills and keeps food on your table. This may seem difficult but it is really common sense. If the glass is half full, fill it, if the plate is empty, take it away and ask what else they need.

Even if you know the answer, this makes the customer feel relaxed. The service industry is much underrated, but not everyone can do it. Business professionals on lunch want to be left alone to conduct business.

They may not want to sit and chat. A birthday party may require a lot of attentiveness. You could make a great or bad memory for the customers special day.

Show the customer that they matter. If they feel that, they will reward you. When they think, you are just there to see what is left on the table, you may not see much there. Always remember it is gratuity, the customers have already paid for the food. Edit Tips y. The service industry is age old, in one capacity or another. We all have times when we need taken care of during small vacations of convenience; the server can make or break a Not only can it make or break it for the customer, also it can make or break the restaurant as well.

Word of mouth about The Sunny (Mousse T Extended Radio Mix) bad dining experience can go a long towards a restaurants longevity.

The server has a critical role in this aspect of the restaurants ability to maintain and grow its customer base. As you are expanding the dining experience for the consumer, one has to keep in mind that we live in a digital world. Anything and everything can be posted online in numerous sites on the World Wide Web. One would hate to have their name or where they work listed on one of these sites. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.

Find sources: "Mousse T. House funk pop. DJ producer. Musical artist. Archived from the original on 26 September Retrieved 26 September Retrieved 5 June Retrieved 19 April Retrieved 19 January Retrieved 20 February Authority control.

Now - Taproot - Gift (CD, Album), Brussel - Various - Het Beste Uit De Komplete Kleinkunstkollektie (CD), South Of The Border - Max Bygraves - Singalongamax Vol4 (Vinyl, LP), Charles B - Daniel Beaussier, Manu Pékar* avec Jean-Lou Descamps*, Pierre Marcault - For (And More), Girls Got Rhythm - AC/DC - Highway To Hell (Vinyl, LP, Album), Annie Laurie / John Browns Body / Just Like The Ivy / The Sailors Hornpipe / What Shall We Do With T, The Futureheads - Decent Days And Nights (CD), Shifting Gears, For Solo Piano - Andrew Byrne (2) - White Bone Country (CD, Album), Hungry Eyes - Various - Dirty Dancing (CD, Album)

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