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The Painful Regret - Pride And Fall - In My Time Of Dying (File, Album)

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A copy of these letters have been or will be published in my blog. If someone tries to go to Gods-Revelation. Write The White House. Contact your local Newspaper, T. You can simply go to a local police department or F.

This should be the most amazing thing you have ever learned. It proves God exists. No one could have possibly written something so amazing that is precise to dates and details connecting music, movies and television. This includes t. They will not allow people to get to my website. People are being rerouted to their plagiarized version. They'd rather show you Late Night with David Beaty. I man up and become a woman each night so many are not raped into this cult.

Donald Trump sends new people to watch me all night long so they believe that this crazy gender bending drug addict is not The Son of God. It has been so hard to get this message out with all of the mind and media control that exists, however please share this with everyone so you and you loved ones have something to look forward to — The Painful Regret - Pride And Fall - In My Time Of Dying (File Death could be your new forever heavenly birthday if you do not listen to voices in your head that make promises not kept by this Satanic Cult.

You do not have to read this, but keep in mind, someday you will die. It is an amazing day to be alive. Be Thankful and Grateful you are alive. There are some who wanted it destroyed, but President Putin wants people to read Gods-Revelatoin and wants forever heavenly peace for everyone. He refused to do his part that would have created a supervolcanic eruption. Most of this came from voices in my head. I cannot trust anyones voice in my head yet so many are true.

I [DB2] will not watch you in your private home but I ask that everyone not do this to anyone, including me. I am King David of the Bible and I want us all to have privacy and fun. God knows everything and that's all I need to know. To know you have reached the blog God wrote with modern day Psalms through The Son of God, know there are links to www.

David Beaty, 44 McCallister St. San Francisco, CA The paragraph below was omitted for space reasons but I thought I'd include it below:. I am an addict who was clean and working a program of recovery the day before I was 'd. They knew I'd start using after being drugged in the hospital.

They are the new world order. I know they exist. It is Trumps Satanic Cult. I always dreamed of living in a high-rise and there is just more, but somehow it will all work out. I got my sights set on The Millennium Tower. I will update everyone on where I am soon. For now, this is one of the last letters. Perhaps I should put the letter I sent the night before I moved out below. I had brought the apocalypse upon the earth and I knew there would be a meteor shower to end life on earth.

I believed most of you would go to Heaven which is The Universe and so much more. I needed to get out of the way. I was going to a Never Ending Hell. My personal relationship with Fox Plaza began 17 years ago. It had a dark beginning for me in I shot up, had sex with two transsexuals' and it was recorded. All of these events were a first. God is the creator of all that ever was and forever shall be. I can write this full and factual knowledge of God existence because God proved God exists through me.

I am God's only begotten Son. Most of us have reincarnated for billions of years. My dad died inThree months later I was shot in the head which is when I began writing a blog. I had always dreamed of living in a high rise. I was told I could stay there the rest of my life. I always hoped that someday I may be able to be a street artist which I done since However, when I unlocked The Covenant inI began realizing that my writing may actually become what I speculated my blog might become — a book.

It is The Book of Revelation. Things were feeling and looking so good in I was clean and in recovery and kept all of my commitments and was writing my blog. Then, Donald Trump would have me 'd and have this glycerin substance put into me. It is so incredibly painful, violent, possessive and heartbreaking. I warned of a pandemic months before one occurred. I am now warning of the human extinction. The reason I was asked to leave, is because I use drugs and I was a nuisance.

I know so many people watch me in my private residence violating my 4 th Amendment Right to Privacy. My First Amendment is violated by not allowing my blog to be read. They tell people things like if they read it, they will not be by themselves. So, people don't read it and possess me.

When I carry one of my signs around the city, they leach on to me and tell everyone that I am lying. Then, if people try to look it up, they do not allow them to find it. Then, every night, I had to man up, become a woman and get raped for so many.

I don't understand this bizarre black magic they use, but somehow it works that way. Children have verbally with their mouths confirmed this to The Painful Regret - Pride And Fall - In My Time Of Dying (File. They violently attack me every night, believing they are helping me not use. The truth is I was clean in and started using again when released on my birthday which had world peace bell implications from the book of Revelation, It ends with Gold, Pearl and a bride. I have saved the earth seven times, Others upon this earth and in the heavens have probably saved it 50 times.

The New World Orders goal is human extinction. What could stop this nightly rape of so many because they stretch my time is to have this glycerin substance removed.

Sutter Health placed it in me and they have been unwilling to even see me about it. I have called at least a dozen other police departments around the country about related topics. I always believed in Fox Plaza and touted it to people who were looking for a place to live. It truly was my dream come true.

I thought that someone screaming for himself getting violently attacked, raped night might even draw a little sympathy. God will not let The Son die in this one. The Book of Revelation means so much to this world and God knows that's because half of the second coming is who I am.

As far as my drug use goes, God knows I was clean when they 'd me to start using again. I would start using again and try to stop them from getting to Mary Magdalen who I believe is my soul mate and is The Woman of Jesus. I could not be a woman 24 hours a day so they still got to her and killed her. I was using because Paul Trudeau of City Church 'd me to start using again possess my body since I unlocked the covenant allowing anyone and everyone to go on Donald Trumps Heavenly Excursions.

He has made billions of dollars. I was yelling because these glycerin demons violently attack me and rape me every day and night.

I have tried so hard to remove them. If, I don't man up and become a woman at night, eventually everyone in the world would be raped. That is there goal. It is insane, but it is true. I really do love Fox Plaza and was even planning on renting a space here when this Book of Revelation is allowed to go viral.

I have used a lot less and I have been meeting with a Psychiatrists and doctor. I have been quiet every since I got the notice on the door and when I get this glycerin out, I will completely stop using.

I know God would love to see the place where it all began be the place where it concludes in such and amazing heavenly understanding that forever will be. It will happen one day. King of the Bible. In the middle of the 3 kind of 4 I published is The Trial. In that blog I was summoned for Jury Duty but the trial would become my own.

My demons sentenced me to hell. Below is an excerpt. This last run, evil really had it's grips on me. I seem to be able to create a parallel universe. In fact I was just there. While there, I would end up on trial. My demons seemed to be the jurors.

They sentenced me to hell. I sentenced myself to hell. I spiraled down into the darkest place I have been yet. This number 5 becomes so telling of so many instances relating to a trip to hell. When I was 5 years old, my family vacationed to California to visit my mothers brothers family On our trip across the country, we stopped off at The Arizona Crater.

She was born in and I was born in Both were born 40 years after Franklin D. Roosevelt called it "A date which will live in infamy. Psalms are music and poetry. I randomly flipped it open to Psalms I didn't realize back then that it was my favorite Bible character David, who wrote Psalms. Minna, Mary and Sara were the three angels in Sodom and Gomorrah as the were three. I wrote two other blogs between my 3 kind of 4 part series of Jingle Pup. Perhaps I should call that series, The Twilight Zone.

It is the last place we would take Willy Jingle Pup before putting him to sleep. It's the famous San Francisco Park we took Willy every day when we first moved here because it was a block away. It is known for its 7 Painted Ladies. I've heard them refereed to as 7 Angels. We took him one last time to Alamo Square.

I see him as The Heavenly Guitar Son. He;'s been very helpful up there. I have written of how dates and numbers fit perfectly into this blog from historic events that match numbers that are evident numeric instances such as the time of day, or license plate number or calendar date.

For instance when the clock readsI see D-Day forwards and backwards. If I took a photo or saved a file atI think of my dads birthday. The time this all began is what I know this blog is all about because when I first started writing to it, I didn't know it was going to be a blog. I thought I might write a book. I had written other things that were kind of getting me ready to write this blog.

My writing began with Mrs. Bishop's class inIt would become something I applied myself for in college in Professor Yarmov's writing class played a huge role in how I felt about writing. This positive change made the professor my favorite professor. Actually, it was the professor that made him my favorite professor. From the beginning, he let us know it it was going to be hard It was a 5 credit hour course.

Most were 3 and I had a decent load that semester. I chose to stick with it and again, he would become my favorite professor. He was always entertaining I loved when he would say to the class that it was yar mov your move. He was intensely firm about what we needed to do, but its what I needed to hear. Beyond this intensity, what I saw was a genuinely kind hearted intelligent Orthodox Jewish Professor named Yarmov.

In high school we had 6 MSDOS computers in one of only two air conditioned rooms the whole buildiung. Janus was a fairly new character back then, but we still need to all believe to get them both out from below. Even if it's talking bout dfinkin ,4 - ,0,s or Colt 45,s it's saying more about human reality than some want to hear, but many can relate.

I think it's amazing when words sound the same but maybe spelled different for four different instances for example. Or word could be to three different spellings such as to too and two. With the numeral two a fourth example? The way I see things about that sometimes the answer is yes.

But when a Colt 45 speaks of both the malt liquor and a handgun both have been known to be deadly. However Colt 45 called a peacemaker and I never knew why. In this instance I'm speaking of an artist, singer-songwriter storyteller musician by the name of Steve Earle who I believe was once Isaiah the Bible.

Isaiah wanted to change swords into plow shares, however saw a time for a revolution. He even spoke of Revelation but stated he would not capitalize his R's. I believe we are was capitalized September 27th I wrote a blog in after seeing Steve Earle at strictly bluegrass and Golden gate Park titled the revolution starts now even though he didn't play that song however I used a version of him playing that song from when I was homeless.

And did not make the show. I knew we were into the revelation and my mother would get out of hell that day. One year later he would show up with the devil's right hand and once again perform the revolution starts now at the end of this said and Bon Scott we got out of hell.

There's so much more to this story but when he speaks of a Colt 45 lyrically states that it's called a peacemaker and never know why. When are the thing about these things such as the devil's right hand or rolling in many cases they were speaking specifically of something completely different or something along the same lines as what in fact did happen.

Since I was shot in and a man never know why sugar. I'll tell the story in more detail but when I was at 45 Olive Street outside of City hope run by City Church a woman is drinking a Colt 45 to help explain this story before Steve bro would show up. Again it's a long story and I don't want to go I'm not about this. My question is for a prophecy The Painful Regret - Pride And Fall - In My Time Of Dying (File to me seems to be false in which a voice claiming to be my old boss Jim wife would be dead by July 1st.

Before they knew she had terminal cancer. I believe somehow these false prophets are able to stretch time and go ahead and foresee such events. Sometimes they make such events occur though. I wrote it earlier about the man who was shot down the street after voices claiming to be my brother said they were playing a video game similar. Some people don't even know how this virtual reality can play into their life but it's something that needs to be investigated in explaining.

I'm not the type of prophet who can tell my friend who is Max boss in advance that his wife wouldn't be here. I hadn't heard from him a little while when his voice showed up and said that to me before I knew it was terminal.

As much as I can't trust doctors I have to go with whatever the doctor says on this. The one thing I can promise him is that she is going to be with us forever and so too will he and they both seem to be true belie in vers in God God's way since they both seem to somewhat believe in me and that's importan in this parallel universe that seem to exist, people such as my ex-wife and my friend in my head is Miley Cyrus were killed and I either backed it up or somehow they enjoy the Coventry Janet Joplin showed up and Miley got herself out of the covenant.

In both instances I went to or called the police department. After Molly was killed I even wrote in public that she was dead. Couple days later after Christmas I saw that she got married. I don't think these two go hand in hand but I'm trying to joke about something is not really a laughing matter, but based on what it just happened I found this to be an interesting turn of events.

This last relape it was Trey Aastasio at the Warfield — on my birthday. I came in from my last relapse last Sunday, December 3 rd. My Birthday was Thursday, December 7 th.

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes everyone - Sorry I was not more reachable. I was miserable on my birthday. I was still pretty sick and tired. Again I knew I had to go to the concert. I had never heard the song. I felt alive again at the time, so I knew that was the CD I should buy. I really like the CD. I needed to feel alive again. Trey played that song at the concert. I had a really good time. My wife and I were right on the stage and the bass player, Tony Markellis kept making funny faces at me.

It made me smile. I had not been smiling much in prior days. Rick, I don't know where you got the idea that I feel like divorce is no big deal? I specifically state that divorce is not God's ideal.

God would rather His people love one another and treat each other with respect. Jesus did not say that adultery is the only acceptable reason for divorce. It is important when Album) the Bible to look at all the verses on a subject. Melissa, Thank you for writing this article. My husband was having an affair, one of his many. He had physically and emotionally abused me. The married couple that had been our maid of honor and best man at our wedding kept telling me to stay, go through marital counseling and work it out.

I was stuck on the passage 'Wives, submit to your husband. My Pastor's wife came in and sat with me. I didn't know she had been divorced. She showed me many of the passages you refer to. I made my decision to divorce. While waiting for it to be finalized, I prayed to find a Godly man, who would be a good parent to my children. God knows I am a bit impatient and sent me just that only 3 weeks later. Many in our small town had other opinions, but I knew he was the one.

We married 8 months later and will celebrate our 22nd anniversary soon. My children are well rounded, college graduates. I still believe he is the man God sent.

Susan, I have no doubt because I know God loves you! Thank you for sharing YOUR story. God bless you! This is the best article I have ever read on this subject. It's wonderful! Other articles get very close and hold a ton of good information along this brave wavelength of truth Thank you for taking the time to share your heart and journey.

I was very encouraged, blessed and moved to tears. Divorce is the most painful thing I have ever gone through, even though necessary. The second most painful thing was feeling alone, discouraged, judged or "branded" in the Body of Christ in many ways.

However, what you took the time to write is a beautiful interpretation of what I agree with and believe to be our Abba Father's TRUE heart on the matter. Thank you! Kirstin, thank you for sharing such kind words with me - it blesses my heart to know other's have been touched. Divorce is painful, but God loves us through the pain!

I just wanted to add what an encouragement it is that some of you have re-married to godly men who love you. That is so, so encouraging. I sure hope one day that God will give me that, because I am raising 7 children on my own, who I'm sure could use a good, godly father. God bless you, Emily. Just remember Psalm - Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

This really touched me. I have tried so hard. But, he has to choose to not drink so much or the grandkids cannot come see us anymore I have been praying and I always get the same answer, to end this. I need God. I need Salvation. I need help. Thank you for these words. I was looking at online divorces when I found this.

Blessed day. So very sorry for you, Kim. I pray that God leads you to the right decisions and gives you strength. Truth and grace shared with such compassion here. I appreciate your affirmation of divorce as a last resort, while still offering gentle mercy and compassion toward women who are hurting in their marriages. I believe God will use your transparency here to bless many, many women!

I separated from my first husband 16 years ago and married my wonderful second husband almost 12 years ago. I suffered through many people in church using God's word against me over and over. You have a very good list of passages in your post but there are some others to add.

The brother or the sister is not bound in such circumstances". I believe that it's possible for a spouse to 'leave' the other but still live in the same house. They could choose to travel all the time for work, they could never be available emotionally for instance because they're always on the computer viewing pornography, etc. Another passage is 1 Corinthians 5.

Do not even eat with such people. That's a very unloving thing to do. By standing up against their sin, they are forced to confront some of the consequences of their sin themselves. If we just keep on allowing it, we may be inadvertently 'loving' them right into hell. Marriage is a type of Christ and the church. Jesus would never be unfaithful to the church. He cannot because it would go against who He is.

So when a husband is continuously unfaithful to his wife, it's blasphemy Ephs For a woman who is being abused or knows her husband is unfaithful, there is a biblical remedy in Matt. This is for the marriage where the husband calls himself a believer. If he is not a believer, then I believe 1 Corinthians 7 that I quoted above would apply. I had so many people quote to me from Malachi 2, 'God hates divorce'. Each time I reminded them that they should read that whole passage, Malachi It was the adulterous spouse who 'divorced' so he could get a younger model.

I reminded people that it was my husband who did the 'divorce', not me. They really should have been talking to him. Some people in the church can be really hurtful when we need them the most, but God never leaves or forsakes us. He is good and kind and tenderhearted.

I agree, Melissa, that we should not jump into divorce, but if we work at our marriage for years and our spouse never takes a step toward doing right, I believe we have lots of biblical backing for divorce as the last resort.

Such great insights, Cindy. My spouse had many affairs, he repentedjoin the church and said he gave his heart to Christ. This is yet the verbal passive aggressive man ever. Says nasty wordshe tries to turn everything I say around and make it seem like I said the opposite.

He is a psychologist. He works in a office not a hospital. He walks I the house at am, amam etc. Leaving out for work, so he say maybe at am and return the next morning at am. Says he is working? Needless to say we live under the same roof. I have been praying that god remove him from the house, I feel that he will not change, gets angry if you confront him or talk with him about anything.

We have little or no conversation. Now my question is what am I suppose to do. Thank god the kids are older and attention college at home. I drive them back and forth. My daughter has narcolespy a sleeping disorder she cannot drive herself at this time. As far as marriage it was destroyed by his adultery many years ago, I have forgiven but Iam not able to feel for sexually. Please pray my strength in The Lord. Powder, I'll for you. I'm sorry you are in this difficult situation.

Is there someone who could help you? Thank you so much for this well-written post. Ten years ago this month, I was thrown to the hardwood floor by my then-husband, which herniated my back so severely I was partially paralyzed. This was the culmination of ten years of verbal, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. He was an unbeliever and demanded I choose between him and Jesus. I chose Jesus. I had emergency surgery on Feb 1. Before he left on Feb 9, for eight days he regularly abused me, even though I was recovering from major surgery.

Now, I am very happily married for 7 years to my soul-mate, and we have my two boys from the previous "arrangement" [I cannot call it a marriage], his daughter from a previous marriage, and we have a beautiful 4 year old daughter together.

God has richly blessed me. Since that first marriage was made through lust and a pregnancy out of wedlock, I have a hard time thinking God even approved of it. But no matter, it's in the past It takes a lot of prayer, support and yes, counseling, to even attempt to get over such abuse in the past.

I still, even with my husband now, have trust issues stemming from the abuse. Terrie, I'm so glad to hear you've found someone who loves you and treats you well. Thank you for sharing your story. Excellent article! My first husband was an abusive liar and had three affairs that I knew of!

Because he was in seminary to be a pastor, I tried to be the best wife I could be, hoping he would be kind and faithful. He decided he wanted out when I was pregnant with our daughter, even telling me I should abort her. That was the final straw for me and as much as I hurt from his rejection, I knew I was saving the life of a precious baby and my own well-being. Long story short, God gave me a wonderful, faithful, God-fearing husband only 13 months after the divorce was final. We have our daughter who he raised as his own, and we have a son also.

God has given us 34 years together and blessed us beyond what I could have ever hoped for. Keep your eyes on Jesus. He loves you and will give you what you need - possibly more!

Thank you so much for doing the Biblical, scholarly research for this topic. I cannot bear to share my story like others have, but I have also been divorced after 6 children and 16 years of marriage and remarried. I just got over another round of having to let my kids go for "holiday vistation" and this is a particularly difficult time of year - it hasn't really gotten any easier after nearly 9 years.

The guilt, the condemnation I only want to thank you for this blog and for addressing this issue, and express gratitude for the man I have been remarried to for 8 years now. Like Terrie above, we have also been blessed with a 4-year old who is my light and joy! It is so easy to "stuff" my divorced status and live a joyful life, only to have it resurface at later times due to unsettled opinions and controversies.

You have really helped, and I thank you so much. Maybe I can make more sense later, ha ha! May the LORD richly bless you for your courage. Oh, Christi, I wish I could give you a hug. It takes time to heal, but God is the Master Healer. Thank you so much! I plan to get on this evening and do some serious reading through the links you provided. I appreciate you - and your virtual hug - and I am looking forward to the reading. Thank you for this article.

I have not been with my husband now for 4 years. He was charged with two counts of uttering death threats and producing weapons. I left with my youngest daughter on the night before her 18 birthday and went to a woman's shelter. I have no interest right now in dating or being with another man because I am so afraid to get back into an abusive relationship.

We were together for almost 25 years but the last 5 years of our marriage is when the abuse started. He said he never abused me because he never put his hands on me. He would tell me how easy it would be for him to kill him and how he would do it. Most people don't know to the extent of the way he would talk to me because I have never ever told anyone the whole story.

When I left him I was a robot and still to this day if there is conflict or yelling, I shut down. I will be 45 years old this year and hoping to be able to put this all behind me. Abuse comes in many forms - not just hands on. He lied to you when he said he never abused you, and that was a form of abuse itself.

He manipulated you into doing what he wanted. Control and power are forms of emotional abuse. Glad to hear you got out and hope you and your daughter continue to be healed. The Church needs to understand abuse and respond in ways that will protect targets of abuse rather than send them back and tell them to try harder and learn to appease, placate, and respect abusers so much that they will stop abusing.

Abusers abuse because they are abusers, not because their targets have wronged them. Often trusted friends have no idea how to respond. If that friend has no training in advocating for targets of abuse, she might offer advice as I was offered by well meaning trusted friends that is not only not helpful, but dangerous. The hotline has trained advocates who don't pressure people, but help them make plans to stay safe. As you likely have readers around the world, here is a page with links to help readers who are outside the USA Thank you, Ellie.

I think divorce is a hot topic because of "rights" and how people focus on rights. Does he hate the woman who leaves her abusive husband? But divorce is the exact opposite of his divine plan, an evidence of our brokenness, and also of an enemy who hates us and our God. I think we must be careful to avoid condemning anyone who seriously considers divorce and truly pour out compassion.

There is frivolous divorce. We all know it. But we also know that divorce, even in difficult circumstances, is an excruciating process and it is not our mission or calling to point out anybody else's anything in self-righteousness.

Thank you for sharing your heart and God's Word here. Hello Melissa, Wow, what you went through was so awful, I am glad that you got out! I have two very dear friends that went through horrible, abusive marriages. I watched as these two sisters in Christ tried to hold up their end of the marriage. How they tried to love their husbands, be Godly wives, etc.

They are both now separated, one is divorced. There comes a point where enabling the other person in their sin is not loving. Christians are so afraid to condone divorce, they do not always give other Christians good advice. Many churches do not have the wisdom when it comes to helping the abused wife. My one friend had to struggle with scripture for a long time before she realized she was free to leave. God has blessed her with a loving Christian man and she is finally thriving emotionally and spiritually.

It was painful to watch her for so long, my heart ached for her. My mom, not a Christian, also stayed in a bad marriage for 13 yrs. She tried hard, but my dad refused to go to AA or deal with his anger issues. Once he tried to choke my mother to death.

I lived with that, as a child, for 9 yrs. The day my mother finally packed us kids up and left was the happiest day of my life. I felt such a relief. I've heard people say that kids would rather have their parents together fighting, than have them separated, but not ME. That was not my experience. It was so stressful. It was scary to see my dad drunk and blow up and get crazy.

Give me the divorced parent any day over that! Thanks for your blog post, so glad you are free! My ex-wife and I were married inand she nearly immediately became a different person. Did not contribute to anything in the house, no intimacy physical or emotionalbought frivolous things daily savings spent, etc.

I tried taking her to counseling but she would barely talk. She wouldn't work on the assignments we were given by our counselor. She wouldn't talk to me when I would ask her point-blank why things were the way they were.

It was rough.

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  2. Aug 29,  · Despite my parents being divorced since '12 my parents were good friends so my mom took care of my sister in the mean time. She got the news before i did at 3 am. I can still remember the cry of pure emotional agony she made. I went to her, hoping my dad was just in a car crash and critically injured. Foolish to hope such a thing.

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  4. Jun 07,  · Kristen, similar situation for me, 18 years of emotional abuse. Recently a friend, who is also a pastor, showed me several verses from the New Testament where my husband has failed to live the marriage covenant (without involving any adultery verses) and explained that emotional abuse is still grounds for a Biblical divorce for the safety and mental well being of .

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  9. With input from my older brother and my two younger brothers, I went ahead and wrote the words the night before. That morning, while in the shower I decided, “No one was going to take this opportunity from me”. I would regret it the rest my life if I did not stand up, be proud of my dad and give him a proper eulogy – celebrating his life.

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