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Night Drive - Various - PDX Pop Now! 2008 (CD)

Occasionally blogs at kubecloud. Her professional background has run the gamut from bartender, to video store clerk, to teacher, to software developer. She credits this wide-ranging experience for her success as a speaker, developer, and advocate.

Her specialty is approachable level content for junior developers or anyone else who considers themselves a newbie, with a particular focus on DevOps, Security, and Cloud Native technologies. She lives in Seattle with her cat, Espresso, who is the real brains behind the operation and actually ghostwriting all of her tweets.

Kazuki is an engineer at Preferred Networks, Inc. He leads some local meetups such as Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo and Prometheus Meetup Tokyo and helps expand cloud native technologies into Japan by organizing meetups, speaking, and writing books.

Kevin has contributed to Kubernetes upstream…. His passion is creating scalable infrastructure using Kubernetes combining with public cloud solutions. He is an organizer of CloudNative Days Tokyo…. As an active advocate for open source, Kris is an ambassador for the CNCF and the creator of kubicorn, a successful Kubernetes infrastructure management tool.

Kris has a deep technical background in the Go programming language and has authored many successful open source tools in Go. Kris has organized many special interest groups in Kubernetes. She is a Night Drive - Various - PDX Pop Now! 2008 (CD) in the community. Kris lives in Seattle and spends her free time climbing mountains.

Krishna is a Technology Architect building cloud native solutions for large enterprise customers. Kunal is a developer from India. He is working towards empowering communities via Open Source and Education.

He finds passion in teaching and has taught thousands of students both in-person and on his YouTube channel. He also started the Official Cloud Native Student Community group joined by thousands of students, focused on getting more young people involved in the Cloud Native world. These platforms are utilized by conducting hands-on workshops, events, podcasts, and sharing about opportunities in the field.

Lachlan is a Principal Program Manager on the open source team at Azure. As a cloud native ambassador, emeritus Kubernetes release lead, and Helm charts maintainer, Lachlan has deep operational knowledge of many Cloud Native projects. He spends his days building and contributing to software that addresses key challenges in the Cloud Native ecosystem.

Lee is an innovative thought leader, passionate about developer platforms and management software for clouds, containers, infrastructure and applications.

Previously, Calcote stewarded technology strategy and innovation across SolarWinds. He led software-defined data center engineering at Seagate, delivering predictive analytics and modern systems management. Lei has been engaged in the Kubernetes project since and is also a member of KataContainers community. Lisa has been a long time contributor, advocate and fan of open source software. Liviu filled many roles during his career from developer to architect, team leader, technical manager and cto.

But the ones where he felt most comfortable were the technical ones and which involved…. But the ones where he felt most comfortable were the technical ones and which involved reading and writing code. He made the switch to infrastructure as code and devops around because they were using AWS and someone had to do this. He was quickly attracted by the big challenges found in a new and very dynamic landscape. Currently he is a systems engineer at Mambu, an established fintech, where he runs a one of a kind SaaS Kubernetes platform following the gitops approach.

He is pretty involved in the community, an organiser of the Cloud Native Meetup from Iasi, Romania and also other events and conferences around devops and software architecture. Liying Vivian Zhang is a product and open source community manager at JD. Vivian is one of the main contributors of the ChubaoFS project. Lucas is a passionate Kubernetes Maintainer that is excited about all things cloud native. Lucas has been engaged in Kubernetes work for about two years now and been involved in work like porting Kubernetes to multiple platforms, getting Minikube off the ground, being a core contributor in SIG Cluster Lifecycle and maintaining kubeadm.

Mario is orchestrating Kubernetes at Carta while helping advance the DevOps community. Mars is a system engineer at Nokia and leads Dallas Kubernetes meetup group. He also contributes to Linux Foundation open source networking projects. As a maintainer of the community Helm charts repository, he is keenly interested in making it easy to build, deploy, and manage cloud native applications.

Michael is a Developer Advocate for containers at AWS, where he helps appops to build and operate cloud native apps. He contributes to open source software, blogs and hangs out on Twitter too much. His team worked with container infrastructure and orchestration systems such as Kubernetes, Mesos, CoreOS and adopted DevOps principles leveraging tools like Puppet.

He was also involved in multiple product development projects at Swisscom. Prior to that, he worked in roles ranging from Operations Management to Network Security in companies in the tourism, ISP, broadcasting and defense sector.

Michelle is a Sr. Michelle serves on the Kubernetes Steering Committee, and co-founded and co-leads the special interest group in Kubernetes that focuses on running and managing workloads in Kubernetes SIG-Apps. She is also an engineer on open source projects under the Azure umbrella like Draft and Brigade.

Michelle holds a B. She earned her Ph. Michelle is excited to bring her skill sets to bear for the betterment of the CNCF community. Mike works at Google as a developer advocate focusing on Anthos and other cloud native technologies.

Prior to that he held similar roles at AWS and Docker. Before all that Mike worked as a systems administrator and architect. You can follow him on Twitter mikegcolemanbut mostly he tweets about soccer. Naeil worked on many open source projects and communities. Naeil is the organizer of the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Tunisia meetup group, he gives talks and workshops to the students at universities and also for professionals.

Nana Janashia is a DevOps consultant and trainer. She started the Techworld with Nana channel to share her expertise about various DevOps topics and to Night Drive - Various - PDX Pop Now! 2008 (CD) DevOps enthusiasts get into the field easier and…. She started the Techworld with Nana channel to share her expertise about various DevOps topics and to help DevOps enthusiasts get into the field easier and with more motivation. Through her channel and different courses, she has reached hundreds of thousands of people.

Her passion is to explain complex topics easily so that everyone can understand. She created a complete educational program for people to become a DevOps engineer. Neependra is the Founder and Principal Consultant at CloudYuga Technologies, which offers training and consulting services around cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes, Prometheus, Service Mesh, etc. He is based out of Bengaluru, India. Nitin enjoys collaborating, knowledge sharing, and supporting the adoption of containers and cloud native open source technologies.

Noah is the VP of Customer Enablement at InfoSiftr, where he advises on the containerization journey, including delivering official Docker training. Nuno is a Docker Captain and passionate for Cloud Native technologies.

Orlin is a Software Infrastructure Engineer for the Cloud Services at VMware, working on their Kubernetes internal platform and focusing on the automation of Kubernetes platform services. For years he has been involved with so-called traditional infrastructure. Paris is a Program Manager at Apple working on internal and external cloud native community building. She started in Kubernetes as a everyday contributor in sig-contributor-experience and has held several roles in the upstream community.

Paul has a knack for and demystifying infrastructure, and making gnarly, complex topics approachable. Phil has a long history of involvement in core container runtime technology, starting with contributing and becoming a maintainer in the Docker engine project in Phil contributed key features like user namespace support and helped bring multi-platform image capabilities to registries and runtimes in the last several years.

Phil helps others understand and apply container and cloud native concepts via speaking worldwide at events like industry conferences and meetups, and authors blog posts and articles for the OCI, CNCF, and publications like InfoQ and OpenSource. Phil lives in Virginia in the USA and enjoys a quiet home office when not traveling the world for conferences and events. He has extensive experience in configurations management that he is now applying to the cloud native world. Meet-Up Organizer: Software Circus.

Puja is a Developer Advocate at Giant Swarm. In Kubernetes he focuses on security and authentication as well as extending Kubernetes with custom resources and controllers aka operators.

With a few years of Kubernetes experience and having been in the beta batch of CKAs, he enjoys solving problems and helping people in Kubernetes Office Hours, Slack, and Discuss.

Queeny is a seasoned technical writer from PingCAP. His work allows him to pursue his passion for and evangelize on all things cloud native through training courses, seminars, and consulting engagements. He is a tech entrepreneur, startup advisor, financial technology pioneer, Apache Thrift committer, and author. He is also the brains behind Container Networking and Application Services meetup group. Reda is a Director of Development at CenturyLink, a technical senior manager in a successful startup SmartJog was acquired and streamroot was acquired Passionate with the Open source and Cloud-Native community and has sponsored many open-source initiatives in SmartJog with success Kubespray.

Ricardo is at VMWare. He is looking forward to forming a strong community in Brazil and also bringing some new and nice technologies to public services. Roby has more than 30 U. Ross is a Staff Systems Architect at VMware, where he focuses on growing the Kubernetes community, tackling global-scale engineering problems, and guiding businesses on their Cloud Native journey.

His technical background is in architecting and deploying scalable, containerized, real-time application infrastructure. Ross is a member of the Node. He received his B. Ross is a digital nomad and cheesesteak connoisseur currently residing in Philadelphia with his wife and their Labrador Retriever. Sabree is a Security Engineer at Docker. Saiyam is working as Director of Technical Evangelism at Civo with a focus on defining the Civo cloud platform for simplifying Kubernetes and making it accessible for developers.

Previously at Walmart Labs, Oracle, and hp, Saiyam has worked on many facets of k8s including machine learning platform, scaling, multi-cloud, managed k8s services, and k8s documentation. When not coding, Saiyam works on contributing to the community by writing blogs and organizing local meetups for k8s, rancher, Influx.

Salim Lakhani is a technology executive with over 30 years of operations experience. Today, at DevPanel, he helps companies deploy and manage their applications on Cloud Native infrastructure. As a technology enthusiast, Salim still enjoys learning about the tools and technologies that make us all more productive.

San Francisco, CA Members. This is a meetup group for anyone interested in learning more about or just curious about Prometheus, a fully open source monitoring and alerting system, and the second projec…. Berkeley, CA Members. Houston, TX Cloud Nativists. Come hang out with your Houston-area peers who are interested in developing and deploying applications for the cloud.

Denver, CO Members. Soldering B. The Devo re-mix set by DJ Kinky fromalso included here, was never released previously.

Cielito Lindo 2. Carnaval 3. Rumba Makossa 4. Son de la Loma 5. Cerisiers Roses Et Pommiers Blancs 6. Yerberito 7. Quizas, Quizas, Quizas 8. Promesa 9. El Manicero El Paralitico Cosita Linda. In the band were joined onstage by Nick Cave on piano to perform the album in its entirety at ATP festival in New York, a show that since has developed into near mythic status.

For RSD Drops, both of these recordings will be made available in a deluxe limited-edition boxset. Remastered for an enhanced listening experience, the boxset features four LPs, pressed on coloured vinyl, new sleeve artwork from the guitarist Mick Turner, a pull-out poster and new band photos.

The album also features David Grubbs on piano and harmonium on a number of tracks, while the cover art was designed by guitarist Mick Turner. The limited edition package — which was mixed and assembled by The Doors original engineer Bruce Botnick — is pressed on g double vinyl and also features new liner notes from Botnick. Strictly limited and numbered to 16, copies worldwide. Roadhouse Blues Take Third Session: 3. Lotus Blossom 2. My Ideal 3. Blue Friday 4. Alone Together Side B: 1.

Blue Spring Shuffle 2. I Had the Craziest Dream 3. Old Folks. The album was released to critical acclaim and Steve Earle's proceeds from the record are continually being directed to a trust for his granddaughter, Etta Justin's daughter.

In honor of Justin Townes Earle and the record his father recorded, New West is proud to present a split 7" featuring two versions of an indelible Justin' Townes Earle song. Rescue 2. Lips Like Sugar 3. King Of Kings 4. Never Stop 5. Seven Seas 6. Buried Alive 7. SuperMellow Man 8. My Kingdom 9. All My Colours Zimbo All That Jazz An Eternity Turns The Back Of Love The Killing Moon The Cutter Over The Wall Nothing Lasts Forever Ocean Rain.

By the gods! This vinyl release features the full score soundtrack, composed by Paul Edward-Francis, of the hit Netflix original anime Blood of Zeus. Limited to copies. The album with new cover art and a new color pressing.

Their astounding eighth long player fizzes and crackles with the malevolent energy of a giant black sun blotting out the sky; this is their heaviest album since magnum opus Dope Thronetheir most evil and the most acidic and psychedelic of their career to date. Pressed on Dark Green vinyl.

Incensed For The Damned 2. Time To Die 3. I Am Nothing 4. Funeral Of Your Mind 2. We Love The Dead 3. SadioWitch 4. Lucifer's Slaves 5. Saturn Dethroned.

Die-cut sleeve with replicas of the original album artwork, mastered from the HD remaster by Andy Pearce and Matt Wortham. Tarkus 2. Eruption 3. Stones Of Years 4. Iconoclast 5. Mass 6. Manticore 7. Battlefield 8. Jeremy Bender 2.

Bitches Crystal 3. The Only Way Hymn 4. Infinite Space Conclusion 5. A Time And A Place 6. Are You Ready Eddy? Printed at Stoughton printing with gatefold jackets and foil stamped embossed box, with extensive page booklet. Novocaine 2. Little Drummer Boy 5. Astronaut 6. Treasure Chest 7. Bear Catching Fish 2. Rockford Files 3. Treasure Chest 4.

Cabin Fever 5. Quarter Mile Thunder 6. Bullfight 7. Mountain High 8. Winter Time. Holes To Fight In 2. Windshield 3. Nailgun 4. Fanbelt 5. Anchor 6. Herbie Hancock 7. Expressionists 8. Jumper Cables 9 Stitches A Quinn Martin Production Angel Dust Lies Like Knives Trailhead At Lake 2. The Shining Path 4. Insulate 6. Thigh with a Desolate Thorn 7.

Breakdown 8. The Heater Sweats Nails 9. Sounds unmusical but it isn't that either--the singing is clever and impassioned, the punkish, futuristic reggae-synthesizer fusion often catchy and always apt. Product Perfect 2. Die In The West 3. Red, Green And Gold 4. Burning Down 5. Citinite 7. Bike Boys 9. Fashion The second of this series comes from Ella Fitzgerald. First time g audiophile vinyl edition of The Fixx's biggest album, from Now for the first time, all their recordings for United Artists will be released on vinyl, having previously only been available on CD as A Bucket of Brains back in Limited to copies worldwide.

Side One — 1. Shake Some Action, 2. Tallahassee Lassie, 3. Married Woman, 4. Slow Death, 2. You Tore Me Down, 3.

Little Queenie, 4. The compilation includes unreleased songs from the era, plus outtakes and early mixes, B-sides, international bonus tracks and stereo versions of Zaireeka tracks.

This live set was recorded in the summer of in Dublin's historic Kilmainham Gaol. It is a ten song document of some of their best work to date put down on g vinyl in a gatefold jacket with an essay by author and historian Donal Fallon.

Don Dixon suggested making a record out of it, noting that Johnny Cash magicked some of his TV appearances into album tracks. Foster is currently working on his next full-length album.

Proceeds from this release, and three others in this Night Drive - Various - PDX Pop Now! 2008 (CD) support The Shalom Project an organization that supports NC families in need.

RSD Drops edition of the brand new album with exclusive cover art and pressed on Pink vinyl. SIDE 1 1. The Creeps 3. Uncomfortably Me 4. Wolves 5. Anonymous XXX 6.

Waiting for God. SIDE 2 1. Godhead 2. A Woman Destroyed 3. Flipping the Bird 4. No Gods No Master 5. This City Will Kill You. Source Makaya McCraven Remix 2. Side A 1. Mama Side B 1. Turn It on Again Medley.

Though we promise, no mullets or ugly Ferraris. A Side: 1. Supplier 2. Scarface 3. Deeper 4. High ft. Danny Brown 5. Bomb ft. Raekwon 7. Shitsville 8.

Real B Side: 1. Robes ft. Broken ft. Lakers ft. Knicks 5. Shame ft. BJ The Chicago Kid 6. Watts ft. Big Time Watts 7. Animus Vox 2. Bad Wings 3. A Dream Within A Dream 5. Fistful of Silence 6. Between Two Points feat. Swan 7. We Swarm 8. Fortune Days Animus Vox Ambient Version 2. Bad Wings Ambient Version 3.

Fistful of Silence Ambient Version 6. Swan Ambient Version 7. We Swarm Ambient Version 8. Fortune Days Ambient Version Live album of performances from Ariana Grande's Sweetener tour including the global hit songs, "7 rings," "thank u, next" and more! LP1 Side 1 1. Side 2 1. This is proven by the fact that four songs from this concert were included on the seventeen-track, seminal platinum-selling Europe '72 album. The performance also includes five songs sung by Pigpen on what would be his final tour, including a massive Good Lovin' which allows Pigpen to Night Drive - Various - PDX Pop Now!

2008 (CD) what he does best: hold the audience in the palm of his hand while they hang on his every word. Produced for release by David Lemieux. Archival recordings from Al Green recorded for Hi Records, accompanied by new orchestral arrangements. Shrek is the second most successful animated franchise in history and celebrates its 20th anniversary in Two of the most prominent composers in animated features, Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell, joined forces to create a score that is still as fun and popular as it was when it first came out.

Released on slime green vinyl. Fairytale 2. Donkey Meets Shrek 4. Eating Alone 5. Uninvited Guests 6. March Of Farquuad 7. The Perfect King 8. Welcome To Duloc 9. Tournament Speech What Kind Of Quest One Of A Kind Knight Saving Donkey's Ass Helmet Hair 2. Friends Journey To Duloc 4. Starry Night 5. Singing Princess 6. Merry men 8. Fiona Kicks Ass 9. Fiona's Secret Ride The Dragon I Object Legendary final album from the power trio's classic line-up and a UK Top 10 album from ; housed in a faithfully reproduced comic book sleeve featuring an interview with original Marvel artist Neal Adams, plus an unreleased live version taken from their final live show in Pocono, USA.

A definitive collector's item and part of the ongoing Fire Records catalogue campaign for the seminal British rock group. Pressed on yellow vinyl. Another grunge metal classic! Gruntruck's bloodlines were impeccable; the band was founded where else?

While in Skin Yard, Scott also briefly joined Soundgarden, and collaborated with Chris Cornell on a lesser-known band, the low frequency power trio Bass Truck. Previously released on vinyl only in Europe and Brazil! Clear with opaque red and yellow swirl vinyl, limited to copies, exclusive for RSD Drops In celebration of the film's 35th anniversary, this first-ever picture disc for the iconic score features the album cover on side A and the infamous One-Eyed Willie on side B.

The tracklisting to this single disc version of the original score was personally selected and assembled by composer David Grusin. Side One: 1. Fratelli Chase 2. Cellar And Sloth 3. The Goondocks Goonies Theme 4. Pee Break And Kissing Tunnel 6.

Skull And Signature 7. Plumbing 8. Restaurant Trash 9. Boulders, Bats And A Blender. Side Two: 1. Playing The Bones 3. Triple Stones And A Ball 5. One Eyed Willie 8. No Firme And Pirate Ship. Pressed on baby blue vinyl with cover art featuring an outtake from the album cover shoot with frequent collaborator and friend Paul Thomas Anderson.

Bruce Produced by Col. Jeff Mosier, Jeff Sipe and more. Pressed on g vinyl, exclusively for RSD Drops The punk classic finally available as the artist originally intended, with new liners for Richard Hell outlining the Destiny Street saga.

Now lovingly pressed to gold vinyl. The 8-piece fusion band pays homage to tracks and artists that have woven themselves into the DNA of the High Pulp. Previously unavailable on vinyl. Alex Callier selected the best remixes of their songs for each remix EP. Only individually numbered copies on solid purple are pressed. The other three are scheduled to be released later in Hooverphonic are a Belgian band that formed in October Though originally categorized as a trip hop group, they quickly expanded their sound to the point where they could no longer be described as a lone genre, but rather encompass alternative, electronica, electropop, rock, and a mixture of others.

The band originally called themselves Hoover, but later changed their name to Hooverphonic after discovering other groups were already using the Hoover name and to avoid any legal issues with the vacuum cleaner company. Since their formation, Hooverphonic's lineup consisted of bassist Alex Callier, guitarist Raymond Geerts, and various lead singers.

Geike Arnaert —, present has recently re-joined the band. Hooverphonic were supposed to represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest They will instead represent Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest The band achieved international recognition through the inclusion of the Stereophonic track "2Wicky" on the soundtrack to Bernardo Bertolucci's film Stealing Beauty.

Look for four new videos to accompany the tracks. A collection of three never-before heard B-Sides from the Razzmatazz recording sessions available for the first time ever on this limited edition 10" on g picture disc vinyl. Featuring "Mx. Sinister 2.

Debra 5. From The Gallows Demo 6. Leave Me Alone Piano Version. After is the third studio solo album by former Emperor frontman Ihsahn. This album is the final album in a planned trilogy of albums by Ihsahn. Housed in gatefold packaging LP1 — 1. The Barren Lands 2. A Grave Inversed 3. After 4. Undercurrent 2. Austere 3. Heaven's Black Sea 4. On The Shores. Motorhead For Life! The all-star collective The Jaded Hearts Club specialize in putting their ragged garage-rock spin on a catalogue of forgotten classics and all-time favorites, as evidenced on their debut album, You've Always Been Here.

Side 2: 1. Hey Bulldog 2. Sunshine Of Your Love 4. Paint It Black 5. Helter Skelter. Sarah Jarosz puts her own unique stamp on songs by Billie Eilish and U2 on this Night Drive - Various - PDX Pop Now!

2008 (CD) single. Side B etching. Atlanta rapper Jeezy is one of the more visible frontrunners of the Southern Trap sound that grew to worldwide popularity.

His major-label debut, Let's Get It: Thug Motivation, kicked down the doors for him to become one of the top-performing commercial rappers of his time. This collection celebrates 15 years of the Thug Motivation series on clear vinyl, standard weight.

Parental Advisory. Side: 1 1. Side: 2 1. The songs on this collection originally appeared on various Jefferson Airplane releases from to Wide stylistic swings, from sweet folk-pop to crushing psychedelic anthems, add up to a glorious portrait of the era, evoking Acid, Incense and Balloons.

Jehnny Beth celebrates one of her heroes, David Bowie. This 12 song LP compiles his s output of incredibly raw and stripped-down blues. It would come as no surprise to find out that bands like The Cramps and The Gories had copies of these singles in their collections. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Janis Joplin's Pearl, the album will be made available as a picture disc for the very first time.

This 5th anniversary release of their self-titled album is pressed on Transparent Blue vinyl. Limited Edition US pressing pieces. Limited edition remastered 50th anniversary picture disc release of the British comedy film soundtrack album. Their ninth official studio album and last on the PYE label. Previously unreleased in the USA, and the first vinyl re-press in twenty years.

Sleeve artwork and textured cover as per the original release. Lola 3. Completely 5. Running Round Town 6. Animals In The Zoo 2. Just Friends 3. Whip Lady 4. Dreams 5. Helga 6. Willesden Green 7. This edition features a return to the original gatefold jacket and will be pressed on red and yellow butterfly effect vinyl.

Limited edition of for the world. Perhaps because bassist Jennifer Finch left the band during the recording sessions, 's The Beauty Process--Triple Platinum has never quite gotten its due, but Donita Sparks counts it as her favorite L7 album. It's simultaneously the heaviest record they ever released, and the most varied, with delicate songs like "Me, Myself, and I" and "Moonshine" contrasting with the metal-verging-on-industrial mayhem of "Drama.

Platinum vinyl and putting 'em inside a jacket with printed inner sleeve. Rawk on! The Beauty Process 2. Drama 3. Off the Wagon 4. I Need 5. Moonshine 6. Bitter Wine 7. Bad Things 2. Must Have More 3. Non-Existent Patricia 4. Lorenza, Giada, Alessandra. Between psychedelia, surf rock, electronica, krautrock and even disco they have managed to create their own very recognizable sound and have become one of the most influential French indie bands of the century.

And for RSD Drops, they would like to please their fans by releasing two unreleased tracks on vinyl. Lady Gaga's sixth studio album on exclusive translucent yellow vinyl, with a 28 page book, collectible zine and never-before-seen Gaga images and artwork!

Chromatica I 2. Alice 3. Stupid Love 4. Free Woman 6. Fun Tonight 7. Chromatica II 8. Plastic Doll Furthermore, a thin cam timing oil control valve assembly was installed on the front surface side of the timing chain cover to make the variable valve timing mechanism more compact. The cam timing oil control valve Night Drive - Various - PDX Pop Now! 2008 (CD) operated according to signals from the ECM, controlling the position of the spool valve and supplying engine oil to the advance hydraulic chamber or retard hydraulic chamber of the camshaft timing gear assembly.

To alter cam timing, the spool valve would be activated by the cam timing oil control valve assembly via a signal from the ECM and move to either the right to advance timing or the left to retard timing.

Pressed by hydraulic pressure from the oil pump, the detent oil passage would become blocked so that it did not operate. When the engine was stopped, the spool valve was put into an intermediate locking position on the intake side by spring power, and maximum advance state on the exhaust side, to prepare for the next activation.

Intake and throttle.

So Much Easier - Honk (2) - Honk (Vinyl, LP, Album), Stretch & Vern - Get Up! Go Insane! (CD), Desperation - Steppenwolf - Steppenwolf (Vinyl, LP, Album), Sleep Tight, Goodnight Man - Kenny Rogers - The Gambler (Cassette, Album), Genesis Of Darkness - Apocalypse (23) - Genesis Of Darkness (Cassette), Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man) - Merle Haggard - Very Best of Merle Haggard, The (CD), Darling Nikki - Prince And The Revolution - Purple Rain (CD, Album), No Ones Perfect - Appleton MacDowell Male Chorus - Something Old Something New (Vinyl, LP), Silencio - Miguel De Los Reyes - Y Su Ballet Gitano (Vinyl, LP, Album), Daggers Out! (Controller.Controller Remix), Proposta - Roberto Carlos - Em Jerusalém (CD, Album), Gargamel Chez Les Cosaques, Dark Heart Dawning - BT - Emotional Technology (CD, Album), Lo-Yang, Schenk Me Je Vertrouwen - Jimmy Frey - Jimmy Frey (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  2. As a professional technology magpie, David was an early adopter of cloud, container, and cloud-native technologies; crossing the murky waters of AWS in , Docker in , and Kubernetes in With an insatiable love for technology, David is always on the hunt to learn and share knowledge with others in fun and exciting ways.

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  5. Aug 25,  · BrianC - PDX August 25, at pm. Now, with the pandemic and its various impacts, they are on fire. Blind Faith made a great album that I still listen to. I recommend the deluxe 2 CD version, where the second CD has the band jamming for four songs, each of which is approximately 15 minutes long. Great stuff, especially if you dig.

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