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Movement Leaves - Chinaski (5) - Lunch EP (File, MP3)

And we went to Kailahun to see how Kenny and other national staff are doing. A few miles outside of town, the paved road turns into gravel and we enter a jungle. Bushes and trees reach towards us from all sides. Kenny and some other former MSF staff show us around. He points to where the ambulances and the Land Rovers would park. They know they helped to save many lives. But they also say they feel left behind and forgotten. At the end of the Ebola outbreak, national MP3) say they were finally invited to the guest house.

They hoped after a year of grueling work with low pay MSF might reward them. Workers tell us they hope they might get a severance check. Instead, they say they were each given a certificate and a big white bucket, gloves, and soap. He was a nurse who worked there and died of Ebola. Because dead bodies were highly infectious, everyone, except for Dr. Khan was buried in a cemetery down the road. Today, there are rows and rows of big brown mounds and a few wooden placard.

A lot Movement Leaves - Chinaski (5) - Lunch EP (File them have fallen down or cracked in half. So many Sierra Leonians from across the country died from Ebola and are buried here. Kenny, Gloria and other former national staff tell us that MSF promised to pay into their social security program or NASAD, but the money never showed up in their accounts. We asked MSF about this several times, the organization did not answer those questions.

We spent a lot of time trying to get to the bottom of this. When we come back Indira Govender is torn. Potential savings will vary. Discounts vary and are not available in all states and situations. Reveal is a nonprofit news organization and we rely on support from listeners like you.

Become a member by texting the word reveal to Standard data rates apply and you can text stop at any time. Again, text reveal to Thank you. Food, lodging, transportation, and daily spending money are also routinely provided. And sometimes Doctors Without Borders throws in cushy benefits like private school for kids. But the issues the organization faces run much deeper than that. Doctors Without Borders acknowledges that bias, inequality, and institutional racism are problems they have to wrestle with.

Indira Govender. At the beginning, it was her dream job, but Indira has grown disillusioned. She picks up the story from here. That experience Movement Leaves - Chinaski (5) - Lunch EP (File one of the most incredible experiences of my life. That has not changed. But she also sees how local staff members felt disrespected, undervalued, and stuck in subservient roles. In the end she decides.

Mostly though she was ready to get on with her life. She got married, had kids. Indira got a research job that she loved, but she kept in touch with people who worked for Doctors Without Borders.

And so it kept coming up. So I saw other people come through the organization and have the same experience and leave feeling disempowered. It might just be Doctors Without Borders. In our investigation, we spoke to about a hundred current and former staff. From Ukraine, to Egypt, to Canada, the stories we heard were strikingly similar. And they got way fewer benefits. This is true in many of the 88 countries in which Doctors Without Borders works.

In on average, MSF spent six times more on each expat than each local staffer. National staff we spoke to also say they routinely heard expats disparaging them.

In Egypt, employees say they heard expat colleagues use almost the exact same language Indira heard in South Africa years before. That local staff are lazy, that they just want money. One African staff member at a different site shared a report with us where he claimed his white colleagues referred to a fellow African staff as a chimpanzee, gorilla, and monkey.

Indira says these stories speak to a larger truth. The wellbeing of national staff are often seem to be secondary to the wellbeing of international staff. We learned of several instances of national staff being left behind in dangerous situations often with little or no warning. For example, when a conflict threatened to spill into part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one expat staffer told us that international staff were evacuated, overnight.

She said that national staff had no idea what was happening. They just woke up one morning and their colleagues were gone. The staffer says she still thinks about it to this Movement Leaves - Chinaski (5) - Lunch EP (File. We are gathered here in order to raise our voice. We are workers of [inaudible] Afghanistan.

In the video about two dozen men and women are seen protesting in Kabul, holding signs that say, our lives matter. We asked Doctors Without Borders if they had plans to evacuate national staff. In a written statement given to us in early September, a spokesperson said, no. They are offering to provide national staff with certificates, proving they were employed with the organization and Doctors Without Borders said it is giving national staff accurate information about the possibilities for evacuation and other immigration pathways.

Doctors Without Borders stress that as of early September, it was still providing care at five sites in Afghanistan with some national staff and 50 expats. Doctors Without Borders also told us it was negotiating with the Taliban and assured national staff they would be safe.

In a written statement, the organization said that it bears specific responsibility towards staff who relocate to danger zones as part of their work with the group. And I should add that Doctors Without borders is not alone here. Other organizations, including the UN have also been criticized for not doing enough to get local staff out of Afghanistan.

And in the end, evacuations of Afghan nationals have proven extremely challenging and often impossible. Indira and the majority of the people we spoke to say the underlying problem here is who gets to make decisions. They decide its priorities and assign staff to missions. To begin addressing the problem, they say they opened an operational center in West Africa, but Doctors Without Borders has acknowledged these issues for almost 15 years.

Inthe organization pledged to give all staff fair opportunities. Over the next decade, it held meeting after meeting, issuing one mea culpa after another and pledging to do better. But more than a thousand former and current staffers have come out publicly to say nothing has changed.

Of course, we need to work towards delivering change faster. Bumicho is a physician from Kenya. And this is something that we need to actively and more robustly address. Sam was once a national staff member and was elected to the position several weeks before we spoke. Sam says Doctors Without Border staff have rightly highlighted the problems of structural racism within the organization for years.

And he says people must keep raising their voice to make change. I pushed him on this point. Where do we get this information? We go out to the field. We need to speak to the people. But Sam, you have that information. I mean that information has come out for decades from thousands of people at this point. We need to engage. We need to have a constant conversation. We need to continue engaging.

This spring six years after leaving Doctors Without Borders, Indira says national staff in South Africa asked her to run for one of Doctors Without Borders governing bodies. They wanted her to push for change. She turned them down. This white male patriarchy needs to go. In May of end India went on Zoom to give a speech. She was running to become a representative of something called the Movement Wide Association.

Because my experience 10 years ago was of being ostracized and sidelined because of my opinions. Indira is part of a growing wave of people pushing for change, including a group that formed just over a year ago called Decolonize MSF. In the summer ofDecolonize published the letter, calling on the organization to commit to immediate, tangible changes.

Indira reached out to me a few weeks ago. She told me something that surprised me. Even after her own experience with racism at Doctors Without Borders, she continues to make a monthly donation to them. What would happen to all those patients who rely on Doctors Without Borders care? I am a bit more optimistic because I think that the more people talk about these things, the more courage it gives everybody to talk about it. The organization is asking Movement Leaves - Chinaski (5) - Lunch EP (File of current and former staff about its culture and its diversity and inclusion efforts.

Initial MP3) are expected in You can read more at insider. Katherine Mieszkowski and Pamela Kirkland produced our show. And shout out to our former colleagues Chris Camili, Jen Chinen and Laura Sarchesky who helped us get this project going.

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In Time called Bukowski a "laureate of American lowlife". Since his death inBukowski has been the subject of a number of critical articles and books about both his life and writings, despite his work having received relatively little attention from academic critics in the United States during his lifetime. In contrast, Bukowski enjoyed extraordinary fame in Europe, especially in Germany, the place of his birth. They married and settled in Pasadena.

He worked as a successful carpenter. The couple had four children, including Heinrich HenryCharles Bukowski's father. A Jewish origin of Nannette Israel is sometimes assumed; [12] the name Israel is, however, widespread among Catholics in the Eifel region. As far back as Bukowski could trace, his whole family was German. Charles Bukowski repeatedly claimed to be born out of wedlock, but Andernach marital records indicate that his parents married one month before his birth. However, given the crippling postwar reparations being required of Germany, which led to a stagnant economy and high levels of inflation, Henry Bukowski was unable to make a living, so he decided to move the family to the United States.

On April 23,they sailed from Bremerhaven to BaltimoreMaryland, where they settled. In the s, the poet's father was often unemployed. In the autobiographical Ham on RyeCharles Bukowski says that, with his mother's acquiescence, his father was frequently abusive, both physically and mentally, beating his son for the smallest imagined offense.

In Bukowski: Born Into Thisa film, Bukowski states that his father beat him with a razor strop three times a week from the ages of six to 11 years. He says that it helped his writing, as he came to understand undeserved pain. The Depression bolstered his rage as he grew, and gave him much of his voice and material for his writings.

In his early teen years, Bukowski had an epiphany when he was introduced to alcohol by his loyal friend William "Baldy" Mullinax, depicted as "Eli LaCrosse" in Ham on Ryeson of an alcoholic surgeon. He then moved to New York City to begin a career as a financially pinched blue-collar worker with dreams of becoming a writer. He was held for 17 days in Philadelphia's Moyamensing Prison. Sixteen days later, he failed a psychological examination that was part of his mandatory military entrance physical test and was given a Selective Service Classification of 4-F unfit for military service.

Failing to break into the literary world, Bukowski grew disillusioned with the publication process and quit writing for almost a decade, a time that he referred to as a "ten-year drunk". These "lost years" formed the basis for his later semiautobiographical chronicles, and there are fictionalized versions of Bukowski's life through his highly stylized alter-ego, Henry Chinaski.

During part of this period he continued living in Los Angeles, working at a pickle factory for a short time but also spending some time roaming about the United States, working sporadically and staying in cheap rooming houses. In the early s, Bukowski took a job as a fill-in letter carrier with the United States Post Office Department in Los Angeles, but resigned just before he reached three years' service.

In he was treated for a near-fatal bleeding ulcer. After leaving the hospital he began to write poetry. Following his divorce, Bukowski resumed drinking and continued writing poetry. Several of his poems were published in the late s in Gallowsa small poetry magazine published briefly the magazine lasted for two issues by Jon Griffith. Nomad ' s inaugural issue in featured two of his poems. ByBukowski had returned to the post office in Los Angeles where he began work as a letter filing clerk, a position he held for more than a decade.

Inhe was distraught over the death of Jane Cooney Baker, his first serious girlfriend. Bukowski turned his inner devastation into a series of poems and stories lamenting her death. In a daughter, Marina Louise Bukowski, was born to Bukowski and his live-in girlfriend Frances Smithwhom he referred to as a "white-haired hippie ", "shack-job", and "old snaggle-tooth". Hearse Press continued to publish poems by Bukowski through the s, s, and early s.

Jon and Louise Webb, publishers of The Outsider literary magazine, featured some of Bukowski's poetry in its pages. They produced three issues over the next two years. In Bukowski accepted an offer from legendary Black Sparrow Press publisher John Martin and quit his post office job to dedicate himself to full-time writing. He was then 49 years old. As he explained in a letter at the time, "I have one of two choices — stay in the post office and go crazy I have decided to starve.

As a measure of respect for Martin's financial support and faith in a relatively unknown writer, Bukowski published almost all of his subsequent major works with Black Sparrow Press, which became a highly successful enterprise owing to Martin's business acumen and editorial skills. An avid supporter of small independent presses, Bukowski continued to submit poems and short stories to innumerable small publications throughout his career.

Bukowski embarked on a series of love affairs and one-night trysts. One of these relationships was with Linda Kinga poet and sculptress. This was a one-off performance of what was a shambolic work. His various affairs and relationships provided material for his stories and poems.

Another important relationship was with "Tanya", pseudonym of "Amber O'Neil" also a pseudonymdescribed in Bukowski's "Women" as a pen-pal that evolved into a week-end tryst at Bukowski's residence in Los Angeles in the s. InBukowski met Linda Lee Beighle, a health food restaurant owner, rock-and-roll groupie, aspiring actress, heiress to a small Philadelphia "Main Line" fortune and devotee of Meher Baba.

Two years later Bukowski moved from the East Hollywood area, where he had lived for most of his life, to the harborside community of San Pedro[27] the southernmost district of the City of Los Angeles. Beighle followed him and they lived together intermittently over the next two years. They were eventually married by Manly Palmer Halla Canadian-born author, mystic, and spiritual teacher in Beighle is referred to as "Sara" in Bukowski's novels Women and Hollywood.

In Mayhe returned to Germany and gave a live poetry reading of his work before an audience in Hamburg. This was released as a double 12" L. It's good to be back.

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