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Glint In The Dark

Here can be found a massive ossuary of millions of skeletons, representative of each sentient species in existence, ranging in size from insects to massive colossi, positioned in grim tableaus and mock battles. They stand throughout the Middens as a testament to the Dark Eldar's status as the apex predator of the galaxy.

Beneath these inner districts are ranged the weapon and food factories of the city that are massive in scale. They spread outward and down into the lower spires underneath the Old City. Each year these factories ravenously consume millions of workers and slaves; HumansOrksTau and even other Dark Eldar are amongst their number. Divisions of cruel taskmasters watch over their charges, each of which is locked in a murderous rivalry with their peers.

The world beneath the Old City puts out prodigious output of war materiel, allowing the Dark Eldar war machine to wage its ceaseless war against all intelligent species in realspace. Without such labour performed on such a massive scale, the Dark City would soon be forced to feed upon itself.

The impossibly high structures of the Dark City's upper regions are the province of the warrior elites. Thousand-foot idols of Kabalite Archons and Dracons stand incomplete amongst the spiralling starscrapers that vanish beyond sight. Blood continuously drips down from the highest spires in squalls of red raid. Slaves are forced to crawl across the facias of titanic buildings, suspended in near-invisible webs as they labour to carve titanic likenesses of their cruel masters.

Further toward the core, the central mass of towers, statues and spires forms a close-packed threatre for inter-Kabalite war. Mercenaries and armoured bounty hunters clad in segmented Ghostplate move steathily under the vaulted arches, stalking those with a high price on their heads.

The battleground that exists above the thickets of spires and towers plays host to the deadly world of the Scourgesterrifying aerial predators, as well as the lightning-fast Jetbike pilots who hunt them for sport.

Though most of High Commorragh is controlled under the iron rule of the Kabalite masters, this volatile region is firmly under the control of these aerial apex predators. Those who dwell in the aeries of High Commorragh consider themselves blessed, and have little but contempt for those who fester in what they scornfully term, Ynnealidh"the necropolis below. These skyboard-riding rebels fly through the foul air in great swarms that attack on sight.

Though these gangs are known to be feral and wild, they are not adverse to allying with the Kabals for the right price when a realspace raid is in the offing. Drukhari warriors fight to the death in one of the many arenas of the Wych Cults. The Wych Cults of the Dark Eldar stage displays of ultraviolence in the massive areans built into their lofty citadels and razor-edged ziggurats, allowing the citizens of High Commorragh to feed upon the acts of wanton murder and killing refined to the level of an art form.

These multi-level structures are clustered with barbed stages upon which thousands of warriors and slaves meet a gruesome end. The arena's spectators observe from ornate thrones or from anti-gravitic pleasure-craft, drinking in the pain from a thrillingly unsafe distance.

Wyches are paragons of physical perfection, and the Syrens and Succubi that rule over them are supernaturally adept at the art of dealing death.

The ruling Archons of the Kabals know that without the imaginative displays of killing put on in the Wych arenas, Dark Eldar society would soon collapse in order to slake its eternal thirst for suffering. This practice of feeding the populace of High Commorragh with regular displays of bloodletting is known amongst the Archons as Lith'antu Khlavh"the knife Glint In The Dark stays the blade.

Around the peaks of the Wych Houses are the toroid arenas, elaborately curved racetrack complexes famous for their death races. Cliques of elite Jetbike pilots known as Reavers take part in fighting battles at breakneck speeds around the curvilinear interior of each arena, hurtling past the ingenious traps and moving blades of each deathscape, careening into each other with their custom-bladed craft and mowing down those nearby with blasts from their sophisticated weaponry. The underworld that lies beneath Commorragh is an exceptionally dangerous place.

It is the domain of the Haemonculia twisted brotherhood of torturers and monsters so ancient and thoroughly steeped in evil that their continued existence requires daily acts of indescribable torment. The seedy underside of Commorragh is host to almost as many edifices and spires as the top. Clustered together, these spires are often hollowed out by controlled acts of destruction in order to form cavernous lairs.

Within these deadly complexes, the Haemonculi ply their trade, dealing body modification, fleshcrafting, drug distillation, and beauty elixirs. Often times, Haemonculi of similar bent are wont to form into Covens, which occupies a vast demesne of cells and laboratories under the core.

Here they practise their vile experiments, torturing the unfortunates that fall into their clutches and savouring their endless torment and pain like a fine meal. Most Haemonculi Covens dwell at the bottom of spiral-edged pits underneath the Core. At the heart of each spiralling labyrinth, the eldest and most vile Haemonculi dwell at the heart, revelling in epic depravities of their own invention.

In the depths of Commorragh's central Undercore, Glint In The Dark a region known Glint In The Dark to a select few, stands a massive, circular metal door. This door -- known as Khaine's Gate -- is emblazoned with glowing runes of warding, bound shut with chains of superdense starsteel. For millennia, since the time of the Fall of the Eldarit has remained this way.

The consequences for the Dark City would be dire indeed were Khaine's Gate ever to be breached, for Commorragh would be opened to the realm of the Warp and the hellish denizens within. The Daemons of the Empyrean would love to feast upon the souls of the Dark Eldar as readily as they would upon the galaxy's more benevolent peoples. Far above the glinting metallic peaks of Commorragh are the Ilmaea, or "black suns," dying stars ablaze with poisoned light that were harnessed at the height of the lost Eldar Empire.

Though held in sub-realms of their own, these celestial phenomena provide a near-endless supply of energy to the Dark City. Their twilight hues glint from the hulls of grav-vehicles that swarm from spire to tower, from arena to battleground. Every now and then, a thin solar flare curls from a captive sun out Glint In The Dark Commorragh, briefly illuminating the horrors below. Each such flare is reflected from a billion panes of crystal across the Dark City, and yet it will be barely heeded by the teeming citizens, for they know that the suns' claws were blunted long ago.

Though a few solar cults still exist in Commorragh, most Dark Eldar view their tame stars with contempt; to them, they are but another resource to be mercilessly exploited. It is said that no starlight can shine upon the Dark Eldar without being harnessed, bled away and eventually snuffed out altogether. This is but a fraction of the surreal sights and landscapes scattered throughout dread Commorragh. Across the Rift of Dead Hope, pillars of bone reach up to form a makeshift bridge into the Pale Fortress.

In the City of Titans, enormous statues enact historic assassinations and coups with terrible inevitability. Vitreous Heap is filled to capacity with piles of glassened body parts, sorted into a landscape of limbs, torsos and heads, and in the bleak wilds of Iron Thorn the choking gut-clouds of the red smog bring the corpses of the cursed back to life. Cyclopean gates of crackling jade fire link one realm to another, guarded by the most vigilant warriors, and in Devil's Orchard noisome hanging gardens of grave-lotus sprout from a mosaic of the dead.

There is no end to the depths of the Dark City, just as there is no end to the chilling depravity of its occupants. Asdrubael VectArchon of the Kabal of the Black Heart and the present overlord of the Dark City, once related to the human torture slave, Gideon, how the Dark Eldar arose and how Commorragh came to exist. Lord Vect made it clear that Commorragh exists within the Webway:. We came here, into the realm between worlds that we created to traverse the galaxy safe from harm.

Here, the Great Enemy's grip is weakened, yet to our Lord's horror it was not wholly broken. He had bought his people time, a little instant of time but nothing more. Others followed him, each choosing a place for themselves, building new shrines and around them great palaces. Here, where you sit now, is one of the chambers of the original Temple of the Black Heart.

You are very privileged, you know. Not many survive to get this far. Most of them break before they even reach the second level. A quote from The Annals of Terrorpenned by Lasko Pyre, posthumously pronounced a Heretic by the Inquisitionbut died by his own hand in M34describes Commorragh Glint In The Dark.

It is the embodiment of anarchy and terror. It is fear, hatred and desperation incarnate. How long I was enslaved in that timeless city, I cannot say. There is no day or night, just an eternal twilight, an ever-present ruddy glow that bathes all living things in blood light. The air is filled with screams and cruel laughter.

When they put out my eyes, my ears alone still conveyed that omnipresent aura of dread and loathing. When the Masters deigned to speak to us, they bought arcane machines to translate their words; they would not sully their tongues with the language of others.

Most of my fellow slaves fell beneath the blades and poisons of those tortures beyond compare; the Haemonculi. Forgot your password? Don't have an account? Sign up here.

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How did you buy your ticket? View All Videos View All Photos Movie Info. Cursed by a devious sorceress, China's ruthless Dragon Emperor Jet Li and his vast army lie buried in clay for millennia. When young archaeologist Alex O'Connell is tricked into reviving the emperor, he and his famous parents Brendan Fraser, Maria Bello must find a way to send the ghoul back to the grave before he can awaken his vast army and take over the world.

Action, Fantasy, Adventure. Rob Cohen. Alfred GoughMiles Millar. Aug 1, wide. Dec 16, Universal Pictures. Brendan Fraser Rick O'Connell. Jet Li The Emperor. Maria Bello Evelyn O'Connell. John Hannah Jonathan. Noun The sun reflected off the water in bright sparkles of light. He caught the sparkle of her diamond out of the corner of his eye.

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  1. Auburn hair color adds a touch of elegance to dark brown hues, creating a reflective glint every time you move. Good hair day by @amberdoeshairtx. Pastel Brown. Minimize the time and effort of maintaining pastel hair colors by blending violet into a red-brown base. Chestnut Brown.

  2. Welcome to our Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear walkthrough! Simply click any of the links within the navigation bar to the right to learn more about the locations included in Beamdog's expansion pack.

  3. As the sun sets, they see a dark figure in the graveyard, and Lucy comments on the red glint of his eyes. That night, Mina awakes to find Lucy sitting up in bed, pointing to the window. Mina looks outside and sees a large bat fluttering in the moonlight. When she turns around, she finds Lucy sleeping peacefully.

  4. Benhart of Jugo is a character in Dark Souls II. Benhart is a proud warrior with a deep belief in living by the sword. He has short, blonde hair and a very thick Scottish accent. The most notable thing about Benhart is the teal greatsword that he always has on his person. His sword, the Bluemoon Greatsword, is his most prized possession, as it is a family heirloom, and he believes it has some.

  5. Sep 14,  · The late comedian’s jokes, which more often than not, hit the comic bullseye. You waited for Norm to fire off another gem in his trademark biting, dry, snarky style — with a glint in his eye .

  6. Sep 06,  · Creatures of the Night & Bonfire Delight attendees will have the rare opportunity of seeing Grandfather Mountain after dark. Grandfather Mountain’s Creatures of .

  7. Cursed by a devious sorceress, China's ruthless Dragon Emperor (Jet Li) and his vast army lie buried in clay for millennia. When young archaeologist Alex O'Connell is tricked into reviving the.

  8. Commorragh, the Dark City, is the massive city-state within the Eldar Webway that is the primary home of the Dark Eldar, or Drukhari, race. It is said to be impossible for outsiders to find, and anarchy and terrorism are a well-established way of life for its debased inhabitants.

  9. Aug 27,  · The Dark in You series - Book Seven. Fallen. Only a few are brave enough to fall He also has the same mercury glint to his irises that Sam herself possesses indicating that she’s no longer the only vampire hybrid in the world.

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