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Free Love - Morphine (2) - Yes (Cassette, Album)

One Guitar, No Vocals. Running with Scissors. Soundpieces: Da Antidote. Supersonic and Demonic Relics. How I Learned to Love the Bootboys.

Can't Get There from Here. Great White. The American Analog Set. Live at Woodstock. Street Life. Before The Calm. Night and Day. Burning Bridges. Life of the Party. There's a Poison Goin' On. Public Enemy. This Time. Tonight the Stars Revolt! The Blues. A Cheap and Evil Girl.

Guerrilla Warfare. Ignorance Is Bliss. The Writing's On The Wall. The Melancholy Collection. Awesome Mix Tape vol. The Coming of Age. Fly the Flag. Here I Stand. The Process of Self-Development. Liberate Te Ex Inferis. The Most Beautifullest Hits.

Keith Murray. Before You Were Punk 2. Steal the Sky. The Austin Sessions. Bring Your Own Stereo. Jimmie's Chicken Shack. Christina Aguilera. The Fundamental Elements of Southtown. A Little Bit of Mambo. Richard Thompson. Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire. The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale. A Secret History The Best of the Divine Comedy. Yesterday Went Too Soon. Days of the New. The M-Pire Shrikez Back. Tonight's Decision. Beyond the Veil. Gettin' High on Your Own Supply.

Chamber Music. Nasty Little Thoughts. Seven Year Itch: The Contino Sessions. One From The Modern. Yellow Submarine Songtrack. Amarte Es Un Placer. Good Old Boys. Ruff Ryders' First Lady. Winter Light. A Single History: — Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. The Fragile. The Greatest Hits — Volume 1. The Greatest Hits — Volume 2. I'll Take Care Of You. Live at the Wiltern. Stan and Judy's Kid. Elvis Costello and Bill Frisell. John Mayer. Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of your 15th birthday, a farm can make for an eventful, interesting place to celebrate.

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Celebrate with friends inside of a massive truck, equipped with at least 4 HDTVs and drives directly to your home, playing the latest games on the latest consoles. A short-lived band of teenagers from London who released one album back in I only know of them from Jacques the Kipper including this particular track on his rundown of the best music of the year.

That voice that every girl in every mid-nineties Britpop band had, yelpy and custard thick with suggestion, and slightly posh and slightly not posh. Repeat lines over and over and louder and louder and gallop into the chorus again. Barely remembered ace times. This blog is now firmly in its adolescent, ill-mannered and unpredictable years. Adapted from wiki and the Jilted John website. So I went into a local record shop and asked if they knew any indie or punk labels.

They said there were two, Stiff in London and Rabid just down the road. So I phoned Rabid up, and they told me to send in a demo. I took it along to Rabid, who loved it … so we re-recorded it a few days later, at Pennine Studios, with John Scott playing guitar and bass and Martin Zero aka Martin Hannett producing. However, Piccadilly Radio in Manchester began playing the flip, following which a couple more local independent radio stations also jumped on the bandwagon, leading to Rabid doing a quick bit of re-promotion.

This all led to John Peel playing it on his show and seemingly making the comment that if the single was promoted by a major record label, then it would be a huge hit.

Cue EMI deciding to get on board, given it a wider release in August It ended up going all the way to 4 in the UK singles chart, which led to Jilted John and Gordon the Moron making three appearances on Top Of The Pops, which have been very cleverly pulled together in one clip When the venues were first closed down, I really resented it all.

I actually wondered at times if my enthusiasm for live music would ever be rekindled, especially as I was getting e-mail after e-mail advising of yet another cancellation for tickets bought such a long time ago. It took until 18 August for the Scottish Government to publish its guidance for the reopening of cultural events and venues.

My first scheduled gig, as far as already owned tickets were concerned, was scheduled to be Arab Strap at Glasgow Barrowlands on Friday 10 September.

But at the same time as this was being confirmed, other gigs in smaller venues were being cancelled or rescheduled, which got me thinking whether or not it truly was safe to go back to a music venue. This really felt like something of an acid test.

The band was likely to attract a more mature audience who were more likely to follow the advice around spacing and the wearing of masks, which would take care of some of my main concerns. And yes, it was his return to the live scene too. Support was provided by Alexis Taylo r, best known as the lead vocalist with Hot Chip.

Although I was unfamiliar with much of the material, his minute set of largely gentle and easy-paced songs, centred around him on either keyboards or guitar, provided an ideal reintroduction to live music. To my utter astonishment, that turned out to be the very next song played by Alexis Taylor…. Sadly, the easing of travel restrictions between the US and the UK came too late to allow Brian to confirm everything with a degree of certainty, and so he pulled the plug a few weeks back, but very generously passed on his tickets and asked that they find a good home to go to.

And if you happen to read this my friend, I can confirm they did and that Juliette and John were very grateful. He is 66 years of age, but looks at least 20 years younger. The show opened with The Sweetest Girlarguably the most popular and enduring of his songs from the back catalogue. It was note and pitch perfect, to the extent that if you closed your eyes, it could sound as if he was miming and that the vocal track had been lifted from an album released as long ago as And it remained that way throughout a crowd-pleasing set which went all the way back to the very early days and threw in an as yet unreleased song, prior to the promised run-through of Cupid and Pysche There was a real surprise for the encore.

A very faithful version of At Last I Am Freea ballad written and recorded by Chic back in and later recorded by Robert Wyattwho has long been a hero of Green Gartside for which Alexis Taylor returned to the stage for a co and backing vocal. It was a beautiful and perfect musical ending to what had been the most enjoyable occasion, made all the Free Love - Morphine (2) - Yes (Cassette for stepping outside and seeing a group of other friends who had also been at the gig, including Duncan and Wendy whom neither myself nor Aldo had seen for more than two years when we used to bump into them on a very regular basis at venues all over the city.

I never anticipated it being such a perfect night. And as it whetted my appetite for more live music over the coming weeks and months, you could say it was job done.

Up till now, every song in this series has been ripped from a piece of vinyl via the turntable in use at Villain Towers. And on a more personal level, it was the first time my wife would let me play CV without her passing me the headphones.

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Retrieved 13 December AMS The South Bank Centre. Retrieved 14 December Billboard : The Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 2 January Retrieved 1 January Gold Badge Awards. Retrieved 24 December EMI Classics. Gloucestershire Echo. Archived from the original on 14 August Retrieved 17 November Retrieved 15 January East Anglican Daily Times.

Official Charts. Retrieved 20 January Archived from the original on 21 December The New York Times. Retrieved 28 June Prog Magazine. Retrieved 10 May Retrieved 18 February Retrieved 29 March Archived from the original on 7 June Retrieved 31 July Retrieved Free Love - Morphine (2) - Yes (Cassette August CRC Press.

Retrieved 5 May The Express. Retrieved 30 January Classic Rock Magazine. Retrieved 13 February Rick Wakeman's Communication Centre. Retrieved 6 February Retrieved 2 September April Say Yes! BBC News. Retrieved 15 November Freemasonry Today. Retrieved 23 May Retrieved 18 June The London Gazette Supplement. Rick Wakeman. These lists are compiled entirely from the recommendations of fans like you. Aerosmith — Live! The Vampiric Tyrant 2.

New shows added daily. The Song Remains the Same The Blood of our Fathers 6. Kai Kln - "Live Bootleg" compilation Originally released as a one-off cassette tape that came with the "Bagged Set" that included the "Rhythm of Stranger" CD and several promo items packaged in a brown paper sack. Setlist: [Total Time ] 01 Improvisation 1 02 Improvisation 2. Better sound quality than on the other bootlegs from the same show.

Bootleg Live live in toronto Aero Amethyst 2. Fire Down Under Kelis - Live In London Soul. Terrestrial bootleg. TPCD 1. Complete your Aerosmith collection. Download or stream your favorite Metallica live concert recordings. Santana - Gipsy Queen 4. I'm helpless and doomed, sad and ashamed The mistakes that I've made, will I make them again? Feet are made for walking, and hands are made for love, And for the longing and the lonely, the moon and stars shine above.

Well there's a time and a place, a river and a bridge, a kitchen and a hallway, a stove and a fridge. A clock on the wall, and there's a telephone call, songs to be sung, and work to be done. Well you rub two sticks together and sparks start a fire, and I'm longing and I'm lonely, and for you I desire. All around the world, a long long time ago, People would walk, where ever they had to go.

They didn't have car keys, and they didn't have roads -- They didn't have those ugly convenience stores, or Texacos In fact, all around the world, a long long time ago, people Free Love - Morphine (2) - Yes (Cassette walk, where ever they had to go.

Well now it's the 's, and the gasoline does flow, but I still try and walk most of the places I have to go But sometimes my friends will stop and say, "Hey Frank! There's a bus or a cab over there Why don't we go ahead and get in it? Oh the days of wine and roses and the rubbing of noses Bare feet, new sprouts, and garden hoses.

Skipping stones, while skipping home Take an aimless drive behind a motor wheel Sticking fingers on paintings to see the way they feel! Spending the day in the shirt that you wore I can sense your presence from the day before Thanksgiving By Adam Sultan Somehow I find myself far out of line from the ones I had drawn Wasn't the best of paths, you could attest to that, but I'm keeping on.

Would our paths cross if every great loss had turned out our gain? Would our paths cross if the pain it had cost us was paid in vain? There was no pot of gold, hardly a rainbow lighting my way But I will be true to the red, black and blues that colored those days.

I owe my soul to each fork in the road, each misleading sign. Thanksgiving for every wrong move that made it right. And she can do just what she wants to me, and I know she does nothing purposely. I must respect, that goes unsaid, but it's all just a twist of fate.

And I know about heaven's gate, because I've seen it but not up close, and I know it ain't no pearly white, and I know that I'll be nothing there, just food for fish and twisting worms, but that's just fine with me, 'cause when I'm being tossed by the sea, I can feel a force greater than misery, greater than my stupid job, greater than our stupid bomb, and a time comes to mind a time without complexity.

So don't tell me about the land of Nod, where we are supposed to sit at the right hand of God, where the lion will lay down with the lamb, because you know damn well he'll eat him if he can. The lion doesn't want to be pacified by promises of an endless life 'cause he knows it's not that way -- he's not detached, he sees it everyday: the birth, the death, and the decay.

And he accepts and says it's okay -- he would eat us for our elitist ways. Mother, you have been dead now for six years And in the years since then, I have grown to know my father, and this makes me happy. Do you know that you two are so different? And I wish I remembered the two of you together, but all I have are photos of them, and they tell me a lot, but only in the way that a smell reminds you of a time long gone.

This makes me sad, my friends don't know the you then, nor have they ever met the me that was your son. Mother, when I'm in my memory of you, I meet again the me that was your son, and he is a stranger, but so are you. But Mamma, one cannot live in the past. Everyday brings new decisions, new sadness and new joy. I could walk away, I could let this fly go back home and start again -- Fruitless I have faith in how things seem to start again, that tale of your one big chance is a lie, told by consumed men.

And I push, and I push to not give in. I don't recall a place that I would call the end But things are different now I know and that was then. I could walk away, I've been pushing for so long, All dried up and sap sucked thin -- Fruitless And I push, and I push to not give in. Take a trip 'round this great big world There are many things that I've never seen, many places that I've never been but I'd like to.

Global Village, under one sun, that means one for all and all for one. This great big world is for everyone. India, Africa, Canada, and Thailand too. Afghanistan, Australia, Tahiti and Russia, too. Suniva's way up in Canada, we wanna know "What's it like? Married by the minister, her mother made the cake, and her husband played the drums in a big dance band, and they could take the six dollars they made everynight and keep them in hot food in her cast iron pan.

Volo Volo volo. Slippy side, Side-Side-Side go to go. Leaning longingly against The window, falling forlorn to the ground, ground, ground. Beautifully Pained like an angel in purgatory -- wrapped up and exhaulted -- immaculate in melancholy -- She sea sure shore rose and The sand fell Through her hands grain after grain after grain!

Twisting and Tumbling, not Standing or fumbling. Desire hangs on for dear life on the window sill of the collarbone of the one I love And a glimmering shimmer of sweat gathers into a pool in her palm from a well in her wrist.

And the only thing that speaks the truth is the eloquence of passing time the spoken word is a jacket too tight. There's a shimmering vision by the window pane a cellophane figure speaking in tounges from above. Theres the curve of a stone and the crest of a wave here are the lips that cracked and the sound that they made. Desire hangs on for dear life on the window sill of the collarbone of the one I love.

The grass spills out and catches a flame the trees stand up and scream there blissfullness. Protagonist -- "get me to the point where the truth will unfold, I wanna know. If we don't snap outa this, I don't know what I'm gonna do I'm just tryin' to make it up to you I see so many lovers policing each other Nagging and back Biting One upon another.

One thing I never want is for us to slip into this The hardest thing to bear is when love slips into this. Love cries for freedom So let's keep it together keep it together Give it what it needs Love cries for freedom So let's keep it together keep it together Give it what it needs.

So sit down beside yourself and take a look around There are no chains here No shackles to be found And if we are to be Together you and me Then nothing will hold us here But our desire to be.

And if it's too much to bear, the pain and disappointment Then we gotta get up and set each other free Because in time all things will be revealed And the truth in our hearts We won't be able to help but feel. Ta Bouche Est Tabou english version lyrics by J.

Headlong down your hallway with a head full of sweet possibilities Though I know damn well here I go again hoping you'll see things my way My knock upon your door unanswered as it has been A dozen times before my love for you an unopened book Bittersweet bittersweet Chorus Ta bouche est tabou ta bouche est tabou Ta bouche est tabou ta bouche est tabou. And my blood boils Your lips are closed to all alive and breathing ambiguity The fullness of them guarded private property I would love to taste the sweet forbidden fruit And leave upon my lips the savor of your juice Chorus And my blood boils Chorus.

I've got my body I've got my soul I have so much to learn now this I know I might have eyes I might have fingers and toes But tell me what good are all those things if you ain't got your soul I've got my body I've got my soul Someday I might have a million dollars, then again I might have only One change of clothes You may deal in silver you may deal in gold But tell me what good are all those things if you ain't got your soul Now cut me bleeding down fallen if I should rob from my soul Let the sight of my blood remind me of the truths I do know Like the fleeting hold the body has on the soul I've got my body I've got my soul Help me keep it true help me keep it straight help me to heep hold Cut me bleeding down fallen if I should rob form my soul And let the sight of blood remind me of the truths I do know.

Bridge Because every time you lie deceive or cheer you lose a little bit Lose a little bit lose a little bit of your soul Solo Bridge again Cut me bleeding down fallen if I should rob from my soul And let the sight of blood remind me of the truths I do know I like the fleeting hold the body has on the soul I've got my body I've got my soul I've got my body I've got my soul I've got my body I've got my soul. Sometimes like a dream you come cut from the same cloth The light in your palm so white I feel it in my heart Horse hoof imprint on the saddle back bare hide of a horse You come with steam of breath and Caligula's's head To me so lonesome and longing and so unsatisfied Even with all this beauty flooding deep into my eyes Stop for a moment and listen to the wind See the trees, leaves the sun they catch and their rustling din.

Chorus Breathe deep fill up with relief don't go mad, don't go mad. Breathe deep fill up with relief don't go mad, don't go mad. Life is a long river learn from your past I been reading my history to learn what the others have seen Blood in the hollow of my heart Sweat on the skin of my chest Run a little bit faster now and breath a little deeper.

Come to me come to me set me free, Jack ass ginger, jack ass ginger. Looking for a structure to call my own I reached down my throat and grabbed my rack of bones. Looking for a structure to call my own I grabbed my rack of bones I grabbed my rack of bones. Cut by a blade of grass fell slain by a drop of rain. Lay fallow fallen 40 feet onto pastures of catastrophe Sucked out set adrift at sea Floor board decked out with uncertainty In open doldrums oceans of unknowable emotions.

Just before the end a great efflorescence A plead to the will of the sea A great soul collective Painters pile paint upon paint Losing themselves to get what they see Enshrouded in a cocoon of doom And then set free. I'm as steady as a sea saw, and as longing as the wind, visions of you come so filling I swoon -- so far and distant and under the same moon, all I ask is you to Take Me under the strength of your words my heart is carried by a hundred birds Take me.

Standing tall as a woman but acting tough as can be Curling your lip directing your poetry at me When I know it was written for another time and place It doesn't touch me You're so bitter the past so close behind You're so curling and churning how could your angel give in When there's nothing to blame but your price Chorus And I guess you need an excuse to fall If you're gonna pretend to fly at all.

You can curl up cradled in your past But it isn't as warm there is it will nothing ever last Your painting your pictures with shards of your pain You'd prick your fingers for blood to paint You sing your strife like a sonnet I believe Chorus Bridge You sing your strife like a sonnet But you buy your hat with a sweat stained brim already on it Chaos and fate your enemies at least that's the way you've sold them to be You can put yourself on a cross but not for me Chorus.

Look at that Building It's so beautiful The certainly don't make them like that anymore Look at that detail Over that doorway That must've taken some time The curve of that stone And ornate design Look at that Building It's so beautiful They certainly don't make them like that anymore. Te manu puka Rua e rua puka manu haka "Book" "Boom" "Boom"! Blood and thunder And all the sights and sounds of real life wonder.

Vim and vigor Full of piss and vinegar Wrapping around surround and bound By ligaments and skin Leaping along springingly long Bounding and pounding down leg walking sidewalks. The moment of clear and absolute perception So immaculate at the moment of conception Strike spark on a lark of inspiration Getting it down a sort of netherworld dictation. So I'll sharpen my pencil And rip my stencils asunder And ready my writer full of ribbon and wonder.

Like God's ankles, like God's feet. Smooth like God's skin, smooth like God's bones. Fruit so wet, my tongue laid upon. She rises with the night, she sleeps with the dawn.

The tooth is a stone, the eye is a pit. Nipples are seeds, and the mind is the culprit. Milk blood flowing, stardust sleeps. Water light glistens, and the fireflies beat. The pull of palms, along the skin of dreams. Discotheque and light beams. You know you're holding something, you know you see. Bring it to me, gimme seed. Time is a bastard it won't let me patch things up. It's all firecracker paper and empty tin cups.

Eyes to the sky and feet on the ground. Weighing all the consequences, pound by pound. Pomegranate in the palm of my hand. I was ruler of the kingdom, I was ruler of the land. I'm dusting off the old ghosts now and they're giving me a run for my money.

I'm down here with the skulls and bones, down here in the catacombs. Swimming through the blood of years, chipping away at this wall of tears. With no muslin hands to hold me, in the dark I was left, to find the light. Down here in the catacombs. Chorus: Open my mouth, the air dilutes my thoughts, words are like a string that I pull out of my mouth, like a tapeworm eating me from inside out, words are like a string that I pull out of my mouth.

I can hear my friends and family walking and talking up there on the ground. We are all truly alone, down here in the catacombs.

They can't help me now, I gotta chase these demons out, with no muslin hands to hold me, in the dark I was left to find the light. Wanna Get it right this time. Complicated is all right Complicated it's all right. Sorrow is an angel that comes to you in blue light and shows you what is wrong just to see if you'll set it right and I've fucked up so many times in my life -- that I want to get it right this time. Complicated, it's all right. So tell me something someone and help me get it right, or hit me over the head, box me up and say good night.

I can't stand to see myself go through the motions that bring me back into these same old sad emotions. Sometimes I get so afraid of life I'm not afraid of death I'm scared of going through this thing twice.

Wanna get it right this time Complicated it's all right. Darling I'm giving you all my love. Don't want to do anymore of those things I've been guilty of. Show me the way to always be renewed. I want love to be our only food. Now I want to give it all for love. I was so blind with pain, I never thought I could find my way again.

Agnus Dei, Hala, Tumba And Timbal - Airto Moreira - Life After That (CDr, Album), The Prophecy - Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (Vinyl, LP, Album), We Dont Plais Guitars - Various - Razzmatazz #04 (CD), Shredded Freddie - Michael Peters (2) - Escape Veloopity (CD, Album), Holocaust 2 - Natural Born Killers - Anthems Of Hate (CD, Album), Inyéctame Trópico - Beso Negro (3) - En La Selva De La Chucha ´E Tu Madre (Cassette), Double Soul - Seeed - Music Monks (CD, Album), Connection (Instru) - Kobra Prod. - Le Même Combat (Vinyl), King Midas - Rosso (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. The album contains a series of Biblical readings by Carter with Wakeman supplying the background music. Also in , work on a second Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe began in France, but its development was interrupted when the group merged their tracks with an in-progress Yes album to create Union. Wakeman, along with the combined members of.

  2. Poi Dog Pondering POI DOG PONDERING’S, release: “Remnants of Spring” is a nonchalant, spontaneous expression of all the characteristic, whimsical, natural impulses that have driven PDP into this movement of time.

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  4. June 2 – Backstreet Boys smashes the old first-week sales record of Garth Brooks' million, with Millennium which sold over million in its first week and was the first album to sell over , copies at least 2 weeks. The album holds at No. 1 first-weeks sales record of the s.

  5. Week End 7. Chaal Baby (LIVE) 2. 1 kHz (Tracks) Artist: Creed Fisher Title: How Country Music Sounded Before It All Went toFlac it! Advanced search Hi-resolution music. E. nzLive! Bootleg is a double live album by American hard rock band Aerosmith, released in October 31) [BOOTLEG] [Bit - I Dig Everithing. D. This can be done in.

  6. MJJCommunity is a Michael Jackson Fan Club that is committed to preserving Michael’s legacy. MJJC is focused on maintaining integrity and respect for Michael who although was adored by millions of fans, Michael was a compassionate, selfless, humble and honourable human being.

  7. 网易云音乐是一款专注于发现与分享的音乐产品,依托专业音乐人、dj、好友推荐及社交功能,为用户打造全新的音乐生活。.

  8. Sep 17,  · “Cradle of Love” Kelly wrote this slow country love song for Anne Kirkpatrick (Slim Dusty’s daughter) and her Game of Love album (). It was later covered by Kelly Willis on What I Deserve (), before Paul finally recorded his own versions for The Gift That Keeps on Giving EP and The A–Z Recordings. “Thank You”.

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