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Take Me Higher (Richard Earnshaws Vocal Mix) - Various - Mastercuts Life..Style: Summer House (CD)

Whispers - In love forever. Barbara St Clair - Teacherman. James Brown - I love you. Baby Dave Greenlee - We need love. Sam Moultrie - I'll always love you Southbound version. Stacy Barthe - In the meantime Becoming. Calvin Napper - Ooh Good Vibes. Distant People feat. Natasha Watts - Stronger Othersoul funky town mix. David Brinston - Running on empty Back seat rider. Gina Carey - I'm waiting Can you dig it. Theo Huff - Just enuff rope. Clay Hammond - Part time love.

Raw Umber - Love one another. Grover Mitchell - What hurts. The Dramatics - Your love was strange. Cecil Shaw - This I've got to see. Five Wagers - Come and ask me. RDM Band - Give up. Bob Boyer - Look what you've done for me. J B Bingham - All alone by the telephone. Impact - Sister Fine. Imperials - Where you gonna find somebody like me. Impressions - I don't wanna lose your love. Cal Brandon - I kept on smilin'. Gentlemen Four - You can't keep a good man down.

Dejah Ahres - Let me be your girl. Moments - It hurts on me baby. Laso - Laso Square. This week's show. Soulutions - Sunday love Destiny. Ben Macklin - Never giving up. Monique Bingham - Bloody lucky Chymamusique remix. Speedometer feat James Junior - Don't fool yourself Take Me Higher (Richard Earnshaws Vocal Mix) - Various - Mastercuts Life.Style: Summer House (CD) turning back ….

Tracy Hamlin - Emotion No limits. Jill Scott - Can't wait Woman. Gina Carey - Put some slack in your back Can you dig it. Rosalyn Candy - Pour it up. Hour 2 Oldies 80s 70s 60s. Love Committee - You are the one for me. C M Lord - Oh mama Your daughter's a woman tonight. Tony Troutman - I truly love you. Circle Of Fire - Have it your way. Sandi Havens - Happy. Veda - What's it all about. Donny Gerrard - He's always somewhere around Greedy.

Charles Allen - We've got love Greedy. Checkmates Ltd - I'm laying my heart on the line Greedy. Jimmy Lewis - Help me understand you. Southside Movement - Do it to me. Blood Hollins - Don't give it up.

Lee Bates - Hooked on a feeling. Larry Saunders - On the real side. Frankie Beverly's Raw Soul - Tomorrow may not be your day. Part 1 Soul. V9 Collective - Make me happy. Lindsey Webster - I'm strong You change. Robert Green - Gotta get back with you Mambo my way.

Chubby Tavares - Wake up everybody Can't knock me down. Soulpersona feat Pete Simpson - My friend. Sam Burns - A special kind of loving. Soulutions - All your love Destiny. Natasha Watts - Let's go. Dee Dee Love - Hold on You loved me first. Vince Broomfield - You're late again Cinderella. Josue - Summertime feat Billy Green Bad news. Todd B - Messed up this time.

Sunlightsquare - Super people. Clayton Hooker - Say it again Clayton 2. G'Era - Making love. Carol Thompson - Flying. Gerry DeVaux - Come into my life. Glenn Jones - Meet me halfway there. Freddie James- In love for the first time. Hot Ice - I've got to know. Carol Smith - Loving Peter to pay back Paul.

Frankie Saunders - Blues time in Birmingham. Pleasure Seekers - Come inside. Silky Vincent Group - Missing you. Dynamics - I need your love. Spyder Turner - I can't take it anymore. Hour 1 - soul. Bernard Lilton - I feel like a million bucks Unbeatable. Vivian Green - Get right back to my baby Vivid. Soulutions - The love of a good man Destiny. Pat Bedeau feat. Leon Dorrill - Close to you.

Jodie Abacus - Good feeling. Skip Martin - Holding hands. Ericka Warren - Best in me Bespeak love. Indygo - Dance to this. Q Harper-Pretty lady remix. Eloquence The Band - I can't stop turning you on. Lalah Hathaway - Little ghetto boy. Karen Wolfe - Ain't no right way to do wrong No regrets. Lillie McCloud - Super bad Number one contender. D' Influence - Magic. A J Brown - Making love Take Me Higher (Richard Earnshaws Vocal Mix) - Various - Mastercuts Life.Style: Summer House (CD).

Tony Troutman - What's the use. Dramatics - She's my kind of girl. Dramatics - I cried all the way home.

The Toppiks - Give it a chance to grow Blue Magic's first record. Gods Gift to Women - Stop to think it over. Tony Owens - When you're wrong you got to pay the price. Bobby Hill - Tell me you love me. L J Reynolds - All I need.

Take Me Higher (Richard Earnshaws Vocal Mix) - Various - Mastercuts Life.Style: Summer House (CD) Mancha - Friday night. Darrell Banks - Somebody somewhere needs you. Maurice Mahon - Free. God Sent - Don't worry about the outside. Michael Hubbard - Just on the dance floor The break up.

JJuke - Little more love Funk a doodle remix. Bosra Sham - Bad lovin'. Tamika Dunning - Everything I need. Leonard Dozier - Nothing sweeter. Katie Leone - Let down ya hair Prism of light. Gene Dudley group feat E - He's changed Zombidose. Speedometer feat James Junior - I showed them No turning back. Sounds of Blackness - I'm going all the way 7" radio edit. Teddy Pendergrass - Believe in love Phat Phili mix. Leo's Sunshipp - Give me the sunshine Mini Tro.

Margie Joseph - Come on back to me lover. Bobby Hutton - Lend a hand. Montclairs - I need you more than ever. Patterson Twins - Back in love again. Patterson Twins- They're playing our song on the radio. Patterson Twins - I need your love. Jackey Beavers - Trying to get back to you girl. Wilson love - Funny money.

Determinations - You can't hold on to love. August Moon - Wasted years. Epsilons - Take Me Higher (Richard Earnshaws Vocal Mix) - Various - Mastercuts Life.Style: Summer House (CD) in a bind. Part 1 - soul. The Foreign Exchange - Body Tales from the land of milk. R Kelly - Backyard party. Tony Momrelle - Pick me up Keep pushing. Q Harper - Pretty lady The Romantic.

Da Liberal Soul - Happy day Fresh oil. Storm Marrero - On the line Black Gypsy. Tavis Minner - Gotta believe in yourself. Victoria Theodore -All I need Grateful. T K Soul - Merry go round. Jerry Wayne - God see's. Karen Wolfe B. B No regrets. VenueConnection - Feel the groove State of mind. Candace Woodson - Free. Part 2 - Oldies. Dionne Warwick - Make a little love to me. Willie Hutch - Come on lets do the thang.

R B Hudmon - This could be the night. J T Brown - Like taking candy from a baby. Midwest Franchise - I'll be around. Willie Wade - When push comes to shove. Lee Shot Williams - It ain't me no more. Ronnie Keaton - Going down for the last time. Rick Shephard - Can we share it. Bileo -You can win. Reachers - I just want to do my own thing.

Sam Williams - Love slipped through my fingers. Viola Wills - You're out of my mind. Bobby Hutton - Come see whats left of me.

Chris Simpson - Game changer. Kejam feat Chanel - This love is magic Soul Rockers remix. Byron Holton -Something about that Jesus A wretch undone. Joyce Sims - Running back to you Love song. Nia Simmons - Holding on A songbirds journey. Andre Lee - My girl The Truth. Groove Ltd - You've got it First Class. Babyface - We've got love.

Andre Murrill - I think I'm gonna marry you Relationship issues. TempestB - Sincerely you fool Memoirs. Q Harper - Why don't you know The romantic.

Kim Burrell - Praise groove A different place. R'Mone Entonio - Without you. Tonya Leeks - Clean up woman Groovin' Blackhouse Nation - More love. Cathy Banks - My soul's desire Relationship. Jerry Warren - I really love you. Teddy Pendregrass - Somebody told me. Jackie Moore - Clean up your own yard. Rhetta Hughes - You're doing it with her. Danny Williams - All those lies. Sensations - Gonna step aside.

Unique Blend - Yes I'm in love. Melvin Carter - Love sacrifice. The Incredibles - There's nothing else to say. Angie Stone - 2 Bad Habits. Andre Lee - Lets go stepping The truth. Cecil Parker - I really really love you remastered If I sing. Roderick Drane feat Paul johnson - Throw a party. Guiltypleasures - Whatever pleases you Cautionary tales. Joni Nehrita - Waste my time.

Faye B - Ready for goodbye Joe Black sweet 83 remix. Lenny Williams - Can't nobody do me like you Blues, grooves and other moods. Robin Moet feat Katerina Jefferson - What a girl needs. Miss Mini - Can't stop me. The Rhythm Machine - Whatcha gonna Take Me Higher (Richard Earnshaws Vocal Mix) - Various - Mastercuts Life.Style: Summer House (CD).

The Gaslight - Just because of you. Charisma - Let love in your life. Mel Davis - Double or nothing. Church - How long. Onyx - Break it loose. Geraldine Hunt - Never never leave me. Wendy Woods - Do it now. The Performers-Little Angel. Barbara Mercer - Call on me. David Peoples - Got to get my broom out. Sam E Solo - Tears keep falling. Little Dooley - Its got to be now or never. The Presidents - Love pain. Ila Van - You made me this way.

The Spellbrinders - Help me. Honey Bees - Lets get back together. Just finished listening to your latest show. Always enjoy listening to your selections and the info you provide about the tracks played especially in the oldies section. Top show all the way through. Jeff Redd - You're my love. Gladys Knight - Just a little. Noel Gourdin - Love N Success. Guiltypleasures - Unhappy Cautionary tales. Tamar Braxton - If I didn't love you Calling all lovers.

Essaba - Love find. Chops Turner - Hurry back. Katrenia Jefferson - Living a lie. Garfield Fleming - Don't send me away.

Presidents Council - I don't wanna lose you. Ernie Shelby - Right here where you left me. Na Allen - Everytime it rains. Betty Wright - Tonights the night. Lee Mitchell - The economy. Four Below Zero - E. Richard Carl Watson - Are you going to be there. First Class - Candy. Mark IV - Signs of a dying love. Admirations - Don't leave me. Ronnie McNeir - Isn't she a pretty girl. Johnny Gilliam - Room full of tears. Part 1 is a bumper selection of new music from Tony Momerelle - A million ways Keep pushing.

McCrei - Take my hand Nigel Lowis remix. Kejam - featuring Cleveland Jones - My love. Ruth Koleva - Clarity Opolopo remix Rhythm slave remix album. Attention was drawn, like at the RNC ; I spotted the glassy eyes and heard the incoherent speech like Donald Trump Jr and Kim Guilfoyle ; they must be on that stuff!!

Trump and McConnell gave instructions to Daniel Cameron? Danger zone? Jokers are acting brand new while trying to get over the hump, but they didn't recognize the pattern; damn!!

Some will act like they knew, but they're just fake; others are stressing us, wanting progress to reverse! Whatcha know about them? Danger zones were jumping!! Once again it's on!! O-Dizzle was on next level missions but meeting plenty of opposition in Circumstances are debatableare we being built or torn down?

O-Dizzle asked that question earlier, as the Lord works in mysterious ways. Circumstances by Wayman Tisdale will play, it's on that same vein, this how how we'll work with you!

Afternoon Jazzing as this good music plays. Off course? Par for the course? Rocking the nation, actually the universe; check out the playlist and the mix to see how it works!! Sebb Junior - How I Feel 3. Sebb Junior - Elevate My Soul 4. Sebb Junior - Everything Original Mix 6. Sebb Junior Take Me Higher (Richard Earnshaws Vocal Mix) - Various - Mastercuts Life.Style: Summer House (CD) Freak Original Mix 7. Sebb Junior - Hot 8.

Sebb Junior - Memories Sebb Junior - Over You Sebb Junior - Take Me Higher Smoothless - Seduction Sebb Junior Remix Sebb Junior - Nobody. Check it out!! Part Eight. Saw a glimpse of the sun earlier, but weather forecasters predict rain for the rest of the week; something about two tropical storms headed towards the Gulf Coast, Laura and Marco ; this dude knows how it goes, somebody will understand a brotha!!

Now the empire will lock doors and close windows in the house like you're clicking on the mouse; cold hearted, they wanted y'all to fail.

I mentioned earlier I see everything that's movinglike the Osunlade track? I envision success! Shinjini Das mentioned it's not selfish to help yourself first; per this Dexter Wansel track?

Osunlade - Envision Yoruba Soul Mix. Others questioning the abilities like Georgia Covid 19 reopening per Brian Kemp!! Gisele Jackson-Love Commandments. Bam Bam-Give it to me. Black Sheep-Strobelight Honey. Seduction-Youre my one and only true love. Fast Eddie-Lets go.

Jillian Mendez-Get up. Underground resistance-Jupiter Jazz. Mood 2 Swing-All night long. Daphne-When you love someone. Spring-No time. R Thyme-R Theme. Eddie Flashin Folkes-Let us pray. Faze Action-In the trees. Black Sheep-Strobelight honey. Detroit House. Gisele Jackson - Love Commandments. Joey Negro feat Taka Boom. Filter house. Monkey accapella.

Monkey on your Back Dub. Classic Funk Dub. Sessomatto Mix. Trunkids remix. Satoshi Tomiie ft. Diane Charlemagne - Inspired. Abacus - Moonbeamz. Biddu Orchestra - Humanity Club Mix. Martha Wash - Runaround Tee's 12 Mix. Mama's Children ft. Joey Negro - Take Me Higher. Savanna - I Cant Turn Away.

Rick Clarke - Potion. Paradise - Stop And Think. Index - Starlight. Powerline - Watching You. Veira Krew - Sexy Lady. AD - Love Time Machine. Touchdown - Ease Your Mind. Kandidate - Girls Girls Girls. Eastbound Expressway - Never Let Go. Proton - Weare Funkin. Ritual - Non Stop Boogie. Cloud - All Night Long.

Brazelia - Brazelia. Q - Final Approach. Masters At Work feat. Extortion feat. Joey Negros Disco Blend Mix. Joey Negro Presents Akabu. The Phuture aint what it used to be feat. Joel edwards. Foremost Poets. Sax my bitch up. You want it all feat. Boomclap Bachelors. A little bit of Kaos. Hi Jaxx. Behind the mask feat. Tanya Michelle. Feelin Nervous. Another World feat. Andre Lodemann. Heatwave on mars. Life is so Strange feat.

Tony Momrelle. Another Generation. The Phuture aint what it used to be the final chapter. The Fatback Band. Various Artists. D1JKriv - Lovin Lasers. Directors Cut feat. Dancin And Prancin Acappella. Jingo Acappella. Paradisco Intro - Kiko Navarro. Deetron Paradise Mix - Life is so Strange. Jimpster Mix - Searchin.

Frank Talk - Last Days Fam - Official Streets EP (CD), Personal Holloway - Bush - Razorblade Suitcase (Vinyl, LP, Album), Nur Noch Einmal Nach Haus - Jonny Hill - Meilensteine (CD), Nothin But A Woman - Robert Cray - Nothin But A Woman (Vinyl), Mr Natural - Nam Buddies - Dope Flash Back (CD, Album), Popeye, Olivia Y Bluto - Superbanda, Memo Aguirre - Popeye (Vinyl, LP, Album), Untitled - Various - Planet Of The Fight Club (Vinyl), Starchild - Inkubus Sukkubus - MP3 Новая Фонотека в Кармане (CD), Good Girls Dont - Various - Rolling Stone Pop In The 80s (CD), POW! - Zatox / Frequencerz / Mark With A K / Miss K8 - The Qontinent - The Last Resort (CD), Jaws, Darkest (Dim), Never Say Die - The Old Firm Casuals - This Means War (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  1. Listen to Take Me Higher (Richard Earnshaw's Vocal Mix) by Avalon Feat. Emma Landford, 1, Shazams.

  2. Jul 31,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of "Mastercuts Summer House" on Discogs.

  3. Preview and listen to Take Me Higher feat. Emma Landford (Richard Earnshaw's Vocal Mix) by. Buy and download Take Me Higher feat. Emma Landford (Richard Earnsh.

  4. Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios: Take Me Higher (Richard Earnshaw's Vocal Mix), Avalon Ft. Emma Landford'Disco House cd1' ~ Take Me Higher (Richard Earnshaw's Vocal Mix), Take Me Higher (Richard Earnshaws Vocal Mix), Take Me Higher [Richard.

  5. Take Me Higher Richard Earnshaw S Vocal Mix, It is not cost-free, but you might have a totally free trial. This Online video Downloader enables you to download music video clips from YouTube easily. It is possible to extract audio keep track of from online video and transform it to MP3 format. Take Me Higher Richard Earnshaw S Vocal Mix.

  6. Check out Take Me Higher (Richard Earnshaw's Vocal Mix) by Avalon ft Emma Landford on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on

  7. Descubre Take Me Higher (Richard Earnshaw's Vocal Mix) de Avalon ft Emma Landford en Amazon Music. Escúchalo en streaming y sin anuncios o compra CDs y .

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