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Somebody, Somewhere, Sometime - Soft Cell - The Very Best Of Soft Cell (Cassette)

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That event was long remembered by the surprised party hostesses. It was possible for a sailor to swap duty stations with another sailor holding an Identical billet on a different ship. I met a division officer who related a swap story illustrating the possibilities.

As I recall, one of his third class petty officers was in the midst of a difficult family situation which was likely to degenerate into a hardship separation, or at the very least distract the sailor from his duty responsibilities.

So a swap was arranged with a sailor from a returning ship as his ship prepared for deployment. The division officer reported the replacement petty officer was a good performer at sea, but made various arrangements to live ashore whenever the ship was in Subic Bay. The first visit to Subic Bay was marked by the new sailor informally scheduling a division party at an Olongapo club which rewarded him with an individual room with food, drinks, and hostess services for as long as the ship was in port.

New sailors returning to the ship reported the colorful party with stories encouraging shipmates to visit the club on subsequent nights ashore. The environment encouraged testing limits to provide new experiences maintaining the popularity of the club for subsequent visits to Subic Bay. Ultimately the wild party excesses killed one of the hostesses.

The replacement petty officer was reportedly arrested by Philippine authorities; and the ship sailed without him. I first reported for sea duty in I did it from a ship in Pearl Harbor with another ship in Norfolk in Probably the worst decision of my life.

When you ha swapped from the ship you were on in Pearl Harbor for a ship in Norfolk, VA as the worst decision you ever made in your life, I agree with you there entirely. The Med cruises and Med ports minus the Spanish ports are overpriced. I spent Thanksgiving day in Cannes, France, that place makes Japan look like a bargain in comparison. Westpac cruises and Westpac ports are the best. I took part in the swap program. On Nov. We had both just made 2nd class BT, and had about the same amount of time left.

I ask if he wanted to try a swap, He said sure. We both put in a chit and it went though. We both got orders in about two days. I got to stay in San Diego till Nov 15 then back for 3. I liked the Tin Can Navy much better. The cruiser was great in heavy seas, but the Tin Can was a lot more lax when it came to rules and regulations. Was in Olongapo many times and enjoyed every one. Made it to White Rock Beach a couple of times also.

Snipe I remember the swap program. A chief I worked for had been in the Philippines for 9 years and told me how he would swap his eligible stateside duty for the subic duty which was considered preferred sea duty.

I think he planned on staying there till he retired. I remember rumors of some CPOs and warrant officers purchasing clubs in Olongapo and retiring there. It seemed like a good retirement income at the time; but I wonder how subsequent political changes may have affected their lifestyle. They had the greatest band who could imitate any group. A really fun place!! I wished the Navy just would have left me there, had that would have occurred, I would have most likely retired there and would still be there.

We both entered the 3 month school with ongoing orders to our final duty station. All during the three month school, I made up things I knew he would not like about the place. I pretty much told him he may as well get his divorce now as he surly would have one before getting out of the PI. Then as a good friend, I told him I would trade orders with him. He would love Australia and hate the Philippines.

He agreed, so I got on the phone to my detailer someone I knew and had previously been stationed withand we both agreed on the phone to him that we wanted to trade orders…With the phone call completed a week later a message came in amending both of our final orders.

He went to Northwestcape, I went back to Comsta Phil. I then took 30 days leave upon arrival, went to Cavite City, to Sangley Pt, my old duty station. The comcen there was part of ComstaPhil. I had left 9 months previous and my old Chief was still there. A few strings were pulled and I was slotted to Somewhere to Sangley Pt.

After my leave, I went back to San Miguel to check in again, pickup my orders sending me to Sangley and left again for Cavite City…. Since my work schedule much of the time was rotating two eves, two days, two mids then 80 hours off, I had plenty of time to spend once getting there.

He indicates there was nothing left of Olongapo after the scorched earth evacuations of World War II. The Navy built a community with water, telephone and electrical utilities for Filipino civilian employees at the base. Filipinos living in Banicain were relocated to Olongapo when their village was demolished. Although they may have enjoyed new homes with public utilities, unemployed Banicain Filipinos chafed at the restrictions of living on a naval base.

Olongapo became a focal point for perceived continuation of US colonial practices. The issue reached national proportions when an American sentry at the Naval Supply Depot shot a Filipino and the Navy failed to put the sentry on trial.

In response, the mayor of Manila announced in July that American servicemen accused of crimes in Manila would be tried in Philippine courts rather than released to military authorities.

Martial law was declared in Olongapo when the American owner of an Olongapo auto parts store was murdered in October I just remembered a song of the era sung by some of the talented musicians of the clubs. Can anyone recall more of the lyrics? But only three in a normal way. I was in 7th Division and then moved over to OI Division.

Nice meeting you shipmate! Dennis, this site was a great find. Was out there with you on the gunline brother, Newport News CA Hey, thanks for the comments Chuck! I remember one day I snuck up topside for a quick smoke. You guys were sitting north of us firing inland somewhere between Hue and Quang Tri.

I had my Instamatic camera with me but you guys were about a mile away. I borrowed the starboard lookouts binoculars and held one of the lens up to my Instamatic lens to get a shot of the Newport News. That distinctive sihoulette was even more awesome with all that fire-power! I just ran across that photo lately somewhere around here recently. Take care, bro! We stopped eating and stepped into the other room and there on the stage was just a local PI band playing…What a surprise!!!

The Filipinos were capable of a lot of things, I remember a shipmate who worked in the Officers Wardroom and one day he and I were sitting on the mess decks and he took the celophane wrapper from my cigarette pack and with just a few twists he made a ballerina out of the celophane.

I have a lot of respect for for the Philippine People. I beiive the US did a great diservice to our allies the Filipinos. Just my opinion. I went to boot camp with them at Great Lakes during the summer of Us 3 arrived at Great Lakes on June 27, and we left there on September 6, My very first liberty in Olongapo City was on Tuesday, November 26,it was also the beginning of 40 years of dating Filipina women, I dated 9 Filipina women in the past 40 years, I was married to one of those 9 Filipina women for 31 years, the one I married is my late wife.

I have dated two in the past 3 years. If you do happen to know either Bill Waldren or Al Corbin or both of them can you get in contact with me either by comment or my e mail christophers. We were probably in Subic at the same time. Your article brought back some interesting memories. It sure was an experience for a small town Pennsylvania boy. He fathered a daughter in year Our mom passed away and thats all left with us.

I apologized I know its out of your topic. I was skeptical about what he told me, months later 8 months to be exact, I had my very first liberty in Olongapo City, Subic City, I was Never the same after that, he was right. If we both would have been in the same job rating, we would have swapped. I did get shore duty in Pearl Harbor in and then finally in Subic Bay in late Bill Was on uss Lang DE same time frame.

Spent most of my time at the Joy Club. Was also on Terrell county lst and uss tilamook ata Lots of time in subic. Then I moved in with Bonnie who lived in a little apartment somewhere behind the clubs, I would just poke my head out of the door and there was the little neighborhood store where I would get my cold ones… Bonnie took real good care of me and we lived with her mother, sister and brother who all had jobs around the town… then I got daring one night and decided I would drop in on Bonnies sister at what ever club she worked at….

Things went down hill from there and probably a good thing cause Bonnie was looking for a ride to the States. I had a blast in the P. I used to have home movies of me diving off the diving board at White Rock… smashed my nuts everytime, but I was the only one who dared and I loved it… There was a little quiet joint around the corner that also had hot peanuts and we would listen to my buddy Lang play guitar, drink San Miguel and eat peanuts….

Monkey meat, lumpia, pancit, and an occational baloot for breakfast with a healthy dose of White Castle Rum. And then there was the American community 4th of July celebration in Singapore…. Hi Dennis. Like all sailors I will never forget Olongapo. I mostly hung out at the California Club just past the main gate and one of the first bars on the right after passing shit river.

Further up Magsaysay at the end on the right side was some night club where they had a band called The Gay Toppers. I used to hang out at the Geisha Club way down the road. People talked about the food that was sold on the streets, but nobody mentioned mangoes. I liked the green mangoes with rock salt.

Her name was Victoria Vicky Flores. I tracked her town some years ago and she was living in West Virginia, as she married some handicapped man.

I swapped photos with the man who married Vicky. Outside of my base at San Miguel they called the bars there The Crossroads. I have a pretty good long-term memory. I only have a couple photos. One in the California Club at Olongapo with a bunch of us sailors, and one of another girfriend named Lita who once worked as a bar girl at The Crossroads with her sister, but then she ended up going to Olongapo to work.

Just today, October 19,I was telling a nephew about how great Olongapo was to us military guys. He had never heard of Olongapo. Boy did I ever have fun there, and it was so much better than the Med cruise ports and the Carribean cruise ports with the exception of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Westpacs are better. Street, I met my late wife, I wished I would have stayed on the Blue Ridge two more years, had I would have, I would have told the one that became my wife that I will try to get stationed at Subic Bay.

It was the very best tour of duty I had in the Navy. After I got stationed there, I started to request to marry my girl friend, we did get married on April 5,we stayed married till March 6, the day my wife passed away, we were a month shy of being married 31 years when she passed away in St. She was one of the 9 Filipina women I dated in the past 40 years. Does anyone here still live in Olongapo City?

I remember the club when a shot was fired, Philliphine Police came up two abreast and a girl and I lef. I remember the blutes to which i did not try but once. Wow, so many memories of times long ago. I remember many great times in Olongapo, walking down the streets hearing the bands in the clubs play, going in for a few San Miguel beers and lots of dancing with the local girls.

If you closed your eyes sometimes you would think you were listening to the actual band that recorded the music. I was single back then and I rermember the sadness I had when we left port for the last time to head back to the states. So happy to be heading home but so sad to leave behind so many memories and friends. My first Subic Bay Libery was on November 26, Funny how time goes by and before it we are old. As so many have stated, hard to describe what it was like unless you were there.

Frequented The Catwalk, and Paulines mostly but also many other clubs. Maybe just thinking about the fun times now reminds me of what it felt to be young and my whole world ahead of me. It was truly a sad feeling the day we left Subic for the last time.

Always told myself I would get back some day. Thanks for all the comments from those who spent time there. The tour of duty there was way far too short in length. Jim, We must have hit a few of same clubs. When I got out and came back to In. I use to got to the White House a lot. I was there on West Pac in 77 on the Whipple. You sure triggered a lot memories. I used to tell some stories to friends when home on leave or when I got out. I have some stories I can still tell and I have some stories I will never tell.

Keith, you hit the nail on the head. Spent 1 Chirtsmas and new years in Olonapo. Lots of great memories. I was there in 78 on a West Pac as well.

Been a long time and a lot of substances since then. In the middle of our stay we cruised to Cebu for a week but only got off the boat twice there.

And you are spot on. Nobody believed me either. I have to admit, when I crossed that bridge for the first time I was half scared to death. Other than those on base anyway. One night, drunk as hell, found myself out in the street after curfew screaming for a trike to take me somewhere.

Only thing she wanted from me was my attention. Maybe the best 3 months of my life. Joseph Fletcher that you lady saved your life and kept you out of trouble at the same time. Oh she absolutely saved my life. Or at the very least saved me a beating and a lot of trouble off base and back at the Battalion too.

Believe you me I looked for her for several weeks, and whatever time we had left there at that point, always had my eye out for her. I would have recognized her had I seen her, she looked a lot like a young Michele Malkin. I would have had zero interest in being a butterfly with her. She saved me, fed me, washed me, gave me safe harbor, and all she asked in return, for those all too brief hours, was me.

Question, was it common to steer towards the shore while making this manuver? Does any topside sailors have this info?? Thanks, Chuck. You may be referring to when we were close inshore traveling parallel to the beach maybe firing at a target or not. The port lookout would be calling out splashes that were coming in towards us. With each report as shells would come closer his voice would go up another octave.

I always wondered how the snipes would know what was going on or not really hear about until after the fact. Nice blog spot! I was born in Olongapo back in to one of those bar girls. I currently and have been living in the United States sinceI do remember some things there. And the funny thing is that I am a legacy of military members. I guess which explains my interest in joining.

Blah thats shitty. But I my brother is in the Marines. Both my father and bio-father served the Navy. And my grandfather from the philippines was part of the MPA and got out of it and hid from them.

To my legacy my great grand father faught in Pearl Harbor and many more cusins but too long of a list. One of these days I hope to find my bio-father.

Michelle, contact Andrew Delgado Monti…retired cop and private investigator, Monti. Send him what you got in the way of information and he may be able to help. If your bio-father is in the US, he should be able to find him. Good luck. John, Thank you sooo much. I know that he was on the USS Coral in There is just too many missing peices. Because I have checked out this cruise book and cannot locate the name she gave me William Johnathan or William Jonathan. I think she gave me or he gave her a false name.

But then again my mother told him her name was Melanie Mel due to the fact it was probably common for a filippina bar girl and that her dad was an ex affiliation to the MPA Muslim Philippine Army and was in hiding.

I know that he Sometime - Soft Cell - The Very Best Of Soft Cell (Cassette) blonde hair and blue eyes, which makes sense where my 10year old son has the blonde hair and blue eyes. Someday I will find him and I will probably know the history of my fathers side of the family and my brothers before me.

Appearently theres two before my birth and almost close in age Thank you though. I will look into this…. Michelle — My memories of Olongapo include observing probable children of US servicemen on the sidewalks of Magsaysay Boulevard; and a few women of my age who appeared to be daughters of the Japanese occupation.

I wonder if you would share with us your perception of life in the Philippines for children of military romances in comparison to children of more traditional unions?

The little time I was there was intoxicating enough to make me miss my other side of culture. I rememeber my grandfathers house tucked away furhter into the jungle of Olongapo, tortoises from the sea, the crazy rain, early headstart, the candy store and many more at the USN Base.

The greatest part about that insane comute to base was the view. I remember this one time when the sun began to set, which I might add in any location high above see level is always beautiful, was the bats that came out of hiding and man there were allot…. But to target your question more, for me its more afffecting as an adult. Taking a chance for true love with a filippina with a baby must have been odd, but it all worked out.

The saddest part of all this as I pointed out only affecting me once the truth came out. I was only I never felt more empty when my dad told me this. And even worse when my mother told me 8 years later that my biological father came back and did meet me at 5 months old then she dropped the bomb when she stated that he gave her his social secruity number for my future curiosity. To sum up my feeling about this, lost completely, my heart truly is missing a piece of who I am.

Growing up, my heart never changed about how I felt to serve this country as my father did. I am truly greatful for those who serve and attent American Military University. But to be honest I think ppl take their family for granted and if I had what they had knowing life would have been completly different. I do have one thing that keeps me somewhat attached from that memory, a picture he had taken of me and my mother when he met me for the first time.

My heart aches to know that he was the one that took that picture. Hi Michelle, I came across your post and I know of someone who can help you find your father. I assume that you know basic info about him like name, SSN, etc. Thank you Matt. The only down fall is that at one time there was a ss that my father had given my mother, but selfishly my mother got rid of it.

So all I have is a name and basic information of his title and the name of the vessel he was in. I am about at that point where it seems hopeless. I thought it would have been nice to meet him, especially since he gave his ss to my mother just incase I wanted to ever find him and know who he was. My fear is that I am 29 year old and I do not want him to assume I care not to ever know who he was…. This information was hidden from me up until 19years ago. I met my late wife of 31 years on Tuesday, January 16, when I had shore patrol duty on Rizal Avenue.

My late wife had a son born out of wedlock in When I finally got stationed at SRF Subic Bay, I went to work right away in getting my request to Get married pushed through and get all the necessary paperwork into Comusnavphil before I could get married. I hope that you will find you biological father or have found him. My first tour with the Seventh Fleet started in June of Many of those that were making their first Westpac Cruise did not attempt to take their first liberty in Olongapo City.

They felt safer spending their time at the EM Club on base. I personally started my night at the EM Club, but ventured across the River to check out action. It certainly was an eye opener for this Midwestern Boy. I quickly became to enjoy all the bars, restaurants and met some very wonderful women to share conversation and other exciting activities.

There were several of us from our division that would routinely stay overnight. Because of the Marshall Law that was proclaimed by President Marcos, everyone had to head back to the Naval Base or find a Hotel or the girls house to stay at. No one was allowed on the street after midnight. We would normally get up early in the morning and walk down the street and occasionally stop in one or two of our favorite bars.

They would listen to a record then practice playing the music on that record. I had very many enjoyable and exciting experiences during my two Westpac Cruises. I have to admit that it was much more exciting duty then I had while I was stationed on Midway Island.

I still occasionally will grab a six pac of San Maguiel Beer which always seems to bring back some really great memories. She told me about my uncle, she told me he should have married a good Filipina woman, she was right. We had 3 children during our marriage. The liberty in Olongapo City and Manila were and are the best liberty in the Navy. I found out that I had a girlfriend and I belonged to her and only her. She produced a butterfly knife from thin air and placed it at my neck because another girl spoke to me.

Gotta love that place. It was big fun!! Dennis, Do you remember the T shirts that were sold on Magsaysay? The Peter Tosh or later versions are the best. Ahhhh, old age! They say the memory is the second thing to go. I helped out with the rent for a little place that set back across the road from the UAC.

I was discussing the curfew with an Airman that was stationed at Clark and he told me there was no curfew in Angeles City during that time period. It seems to me there was, but I only made a few trips down from San Miguel during my short stay. There was a curfew in the crossroads and in Olongapo. They really tried to enforce the one in Onongapo because you were also not supposed to get 6 feet off the main two roads.

I lived off base as did many and you just went home to to someone elses home and that was it. Angeles and Manila had no curfew. There were only two things that usually got you off the street, either a sweet thing on your arm or an empty wallet. I was born and raised in the Philippines,was fortunate enough to pass the rigid exam for the US Navy in So reading some of the stories being posted here, I can say some of them are fairly accurate while some not too accurate.

I was in the Philippines when Pres. Marcos declared Marshall Law in September The road were paved in 72,but due to 38 days of continued rain in July and August, most of the roads were destroyed. There were three different section of bars that most service members go to. Sierra club is one club that Pilipino service member and the Caucasian mingled but nobody dared to stray to the Jungle. There was no curfew before Marshall Law was declared because I used to drive late from Manila to see my girlfriend.

I was also in Subic Bay when there was a riot that was started by the crew members of the Connie and Ranger, who gathered behind the Marine barracks, demolished Sampaguita Club, marched thru Main gate to Magsaysay and wrecked Sierra Club. Vendors say monkey meat to US service members to dare them to buy and eat the barbecued meat but in reality they are either beef, buffalo meat or pork. As far as buying raw balot and consuming it. I have not meet any vendor selling raw balot.

They sell hot and steaming balot ready for consumption. As for the the Pilipino Guards in the gate with their M16, yes they will shoot you if you were told to stop and continue to run esp during Marshall Law. Plus the local Police will apprehend you if you evaded the guards. All the vendors, jeepney drivers and street cleaners in Olongapo were the eyes and ears of the local government.

I was one of the last US Civilian to cross the bridge in November when the base was formally transferred to the Philippine Government. Hello Art, welcome aboard!! I personally think you have a beautiful country and great people. Had many great times there, and would love to return one day. When I reported to the Blue Ridge, I asked my shipmates when is the ship going on Westpac, and how long. My late wife passed away at St.

My second liberty in Subic Bay I met a mamas an who knew my uncle who was a Gunners Mate aboard the USS Southerland DD from toshe was a one time girl friend of his, she told me some of the things he would do.

Would love to read your info re the poor treatment of Filipinos by U. Stationed in Subic and remember seeing Filipino enlistees near the Main gate, eventually headed to the States for bootcamp. Government treated Filipinos in Sometime - Soft Cell - The Very Best Of Soft Cell (Cassette) own country. Rodney, I just read your comment, I agree with your comment there. We have and are beating those critics who said our marriage would only last up to 5 years. My ultimate goal is to be living back in Olongapo City for good, and live out my life there.

He was one of those American GIs who regularly fall in love with the East and stay around when […]. Looking for Dalia Santiago who worked sampiguiti club. It is believed in that Delia gave birth to possibly my sibling. Im trying to locate them. Any info email me nicole. I was stationed their in n b company marines I loved it their. I had an amazing time again. Magsaysay ave is pretty quite compared too when we were stationed their but angelos city rocks its still the same. I quess they forgot how too make it.

Rick, I was stationed at San Miguel as a Radioman. That was my hangout for my two trips to Clark. My name is also Rick. Age I mean the old bars on Magsaysay ave got destroyed by volcanic ash in Wow, great blog.

Brings some great memories, my story started in November Ten days straight liberty, yep ten days. I had so much pussy an beer or was so much beer and pussy anyway it was eight days of that, then it happened I meet a gal and we had two great days together.

I gave her my address as we departed back to the line for 90 days. My honey wrote weekly never asking for money. After two more liberties Feb-April After 43 years we are still married.

I see so many blogs of former service members looking for their lost loves from their times in the Philippines it is heart breaking. Bill, Good for you and congratulations on the longevity of your marriage!! I met my wife while stationed in Taiwan Probably had as much to do with her cooking as anything else. Those of us who married Filipina women in the Philippines that have stayed married till death do its part have beaten the critics who said our marriages would last up to only 5 years.

Anyone remember the employees of the em club at San Miguel? I was there in thru Looking for pix of that era. I fully remember the EM Club at San Miguel, as that was the very first place I went to with a friend named Mike Saine soon after checking in at the base. We were both Radiomen and worked at the Relay center.

I remember the juke box, and they had a slot machine. I bought some of their lumpia there too. It was also the first time that I ever had tomato juice with ice in it, which they had at the club. Served at San Miguel from January to July I was in and out of Olongapo on ships between and Cost of food would drop 5. Cost for internet would drop 6. Your electricity bill would drop tremendiously.

No further information allowed that this point. It will cause a hell lot of more loss jobs if its brought out. So its best leaving it shelved until the right time. What is the opinions? We can have powerful magnets producing energy easily. Life is to powerful and abundant and running without our help. We have the resources and creative thinking to match life with our thoughts.

The inventors need to stand out more in the corners of earth. The intelligent thinking is here and freely given power is here. We are just connecting the dots. One trick to making a magnetic motor work is combining the magnetic force you get when polarities of equal sides are in close proximity to each other, with the pull of simple gravity.

Heavy magnets rotating around a coil of metal with properly placed magnets above them to provide push, gravity then provides the pull and the excess energy needed to make it function.

The design would be close to that of the Howard Johnson motor but the mechanics must be much lighter in weight so that the weight of the magnets actually has use. There is another way to make it work while the generator is horizontal but requires more moving parts and different sized magnets aligned from biggest to smallest and an apposing magnet that provides the push to move back and forth at the correct time. If any of you have truly invented a perpetual motion machine that can do useful work, please let the news media know about it.

I can well imagine that most news outlets would love to carry a story on this. Just wanted to get an update on the project EMF motor Somewhere invented which you placed in a car. Im very interested in your project. A lot of people could do well to ignore all the rules of physics sometimes. Rules are there to be broken and all the rules have done is stunt technology advances. Education keeps people dumbed down in an era where energy is big money and anything seen as free is a threat. Open your eyes to the real possibilities.

Tesla was a genius in his day and nearly years later we are going backwards. One thing is for sure, magnets are fantastic objects. I am currently designing my own magnet motor.

In therory it works but why only allow the magnets to do the work on their own. You would yield more usabale power than needed to operate the unit.

I think a lot of people get caught up on the words used here and take each one literally. I like to think that something like this is possible as our species has achieved many things others thought impossible and how many times has science changed the thinking almost on a daily basis due to new discoveries.

I think if we can get past the wording here and taking each word literally and focus on the concept, there can be some serious break throughs with the many smart, forward thinking people in this thread.

How do you guys suppose a person sell such a device so billions and billions of dollars without it getting stolen first? Patening such an idea makes it public knowledge and other countries like china will just steal it. Such a device effects the whole world. How does a person protect himself from big corporations and big countries assassinating him? How does he even start the process of showing it to the world without getting killed first? Almost got it spinning forever… Still have more magnets in the mail to help me with the cogging.

Look in your car engine and you will see one. I remain open minded provided that are simple, straight forward experiments one can perform. How can a magnet pass a coil of wire at the speed of a human hand and cause electrons to accelerate to near the speed of light? If there is energy stored in uranium, is there not energy stored in a magnet? Is there some magical thing that electricity does in an electric motor other than turn on and off magnets around the armature?

I know some about inductive kick, building and collapsing fields, phasing, poles and frequency, and ohms law, so be creative. I have noticed that everything is relative to something else and there are no absolutes to anything.

Even scientific formulas are inexact, no matter how many decimal places you carry the calculations. How long is perpetuity? Is that not a relative term as well? If something stops ten minutes after you die was it not perpetual to you?

I am trying this thing myself according to my own ideas and others and I will learn a lot in the process, either way. It could work the main problem is when you try to add a generator to the shaft the magnet wheel will slow down and stop.

If a machine can produce more energy than it takes to operate it, then the theory will work. With magnets there is a point where North and South meet and that requires force to get by. Inertia would seem to be the best force to use but building the inertia becomes problematic unless you can store a little bit of energy in a capacitor and release it at exactly the correct time as the magic point crosses over with an electromagnet.

I am experimenting with this type of machine right now and not having a lot of luck doing it. It has also occurred to me that most of the inventors on the internet are not very successful for if they were they would be closely guarding their secret while reaping in the benefits of their creations.

Win or lose, it matters not,the fun is in the education and the adventure. What if we take the idea that the magnetic motor is not a perpetual motion machine, but is an energy storage device. So it takesKwhrs to make this machine. Another thought is short term storage of solar power. It would be way more efficient than battery storage. The solution is to provide a magnetic power source that produces current through a wire, so that all motors and electrical devices will run free of charge on this new energy source.

I think that I have the solution and will begin building the prototype. My first prototype will fit into a 3-inch cube size box, weighing less than 1 pound, will have two wires coming from it, and I will test the output. Many things in the past seemed impossible, like transmitting your voice thousands of miles through the air.

People said it was impossible. Now we have radio communications. I believe there. I have a similar idea, but,by trying to either embed the strategically placed magnets, in such a way, as to be producing 50, or, 60 Hertz, this being the usual method of building electrical, electronic and visual electronics.

This would be done, either on the sides of the discs, one being fixed, maybe a third disc, of either, mica, or metallic infused perspex, this would spin as well as the outer disc, fitted with the driving shaft and splined hub. Could anybody, build this? Please pull this apart, nay say it, or try to build it? Lets use a slave to start it spinning, initially!! In some areas Eienstien was correct and in others he was wrong. His Theory of Special Realitivity used concepts taken from Lorentz.

Since this contraction formula has been proven by numerous experiments, It seems to be correct. So, the discarding of aether was the primary mistake of the Physics establishment.

Empty space is not empty. It has physical properties, an Impedance, a constant of electrical permittivy, and a constant of magnetic permability.

Truely empty space would have no such properties! The Aether is seathing with energy. Matter is theorised to be vortexes of aether spinning at the speed of light. It that respect matter can be created.

Many researchers feel that magnetism is one way to tap this Zero Point Energy. Many free energy machines use this concept. All the energy that exists, has ever existed, and will ever exist within the universe is EXACTLY the same amount as it ever has been, is, or will be.

There is no way around this simple truth of the universe, sorry. You said what you needed to say. Go away and let us have an adult discussion. Why does it hurt your feelings so much to have someone with actual knowledge of the topic try to teach you about it that you have to call me names? There is a serious problem with your argument.

Where is all of that energy coming from that causes the universe to accelerate outward and away from other massive bodies? What was called religion yesterday is called science today. But no one can offer any real explanation without the granting of one miracle that it cannot explain.

Chink, chink goes the armor. The fatal flaw in your comment is your assumption that all the energy and matter which is just energy, actually was created at some point. Current information shows that the sum total of all the energy in the universe is zero.

Everything you think of as existing…is nothing. There is no magic involved. You just want there to be to support your desire for fantastical things to be real.

Energy is being lost slowly over time. No, not really. Frankly you are simply another person here who lacks an education in science and is therefore easy prey for snake oil and perpetual motion machine salesmen.

The real chinks are in the idea that perpetual motion machines are possible and can be used to generate unlimited free energy. You asked about the planets as if they are such machines. Do they spin and orbit for a very long time?

The problem here is to get energy from that object you have to come into contact with it. This simple contradiction dispels your idea. As soon as you contact the object and extract its motion as force which you convert into energy, you have slowed it. The longer you continue the more it slows until it is no longer moving. But they DO work, thus validating the laws of physics. Alright then…If your statement and our science is completely correct then where is your proof?

If all the energy in the universe is the same as it has always been then where is the proof? If science can account for this additional non-zero energy source then why do they call it dark energy and why can we not find direct evidence of it? There is much that our current religion cannot account for. What makes it so in your mind because the source of energy and how it is produced or extracted is precisely the argument here. Whether or not the equations you are familiar with account for it or not.

Energy must exist to cause a force in any direction. Um, lacking a feasible explanation or even tangible evidence for this thing our science calls the Big Bang puts it into the realm of magic.

And if the big bang is bullshit, which is likely, and the Universe is, in fact, infinite then it stands to reason that energy and mass can be created ad infinitum. You just simply say that I want there to be such and such to support my ideas.

Very effective argumentation. As for perpetual motion, if you can show me a heavenly body that is absolutely stationary then you win.

But that has never once been observed. Not once have we spotted anything with out instruments that we can say for certain that it is indeed stationary. So perpetual motion is not only real but it is inescapable. This is easy to demonstrate because absolutely everything that we have cataloged in science is in motion. Nothing in the universe is stationary. So the real question is why do people think that perpetual motion is impossible considering that we have never observed anything that is contrary to motion.

Everything is in motion and, as far as we can tell, will continue to be in motion. Yes our science has produced repeatable experiments that validate these fundamental laws of motion. But these laws are relative to the frame of reference. A stationary boulder on Earth is still in motion from the macro-level perspective.

But then how can anything be stationary in a continually expanding cosmos? Where is that energy the produces the force? Where does it come from? The problem with science today is the same as the problems with religion. We want to believe that we have a firm grasp on things so we accept our scientific conclusions until experimental results force us to modify those explanations.

But to make claims about knowing the universe, its energy, its mass and so on is hubris and any scientist acknowledges the real possibility that our science could be proven wrong at any given point. Oh my thats quite an argument. Very deep. Who the fuck are you to tell me what I can and cannot upvote? Go be miserable elsewhere alysdexia…. It would be great to discuss the subject a little more, I am trying to build a small magnetic generator my self my Email [email protected].

As i was say perpetual motion as we ubderstand it is not perpetual. The stars and planet will go on in there motion for billions of years but will tgen stop that energy will change and start new motions creating new stars and systems for adding other ones. Our lives are but insignificant in the big picture of our universe.

As for my thought on its origins i would like to say it was a friction of dimensional space. If you would like a more in depth version of my thoughts on this matter i plan on writing about over the coming months and love a hood conversation. There are different types of energy and I highly doubt that all that ever was, is or will be and remain equal.

By creating energy one has increased the amount there currently is. There IS always loss in all designs thus far that does not mean a machine cant be built that captures all forms of normal energy loss in the future as you said you canot create energy only convert it. A magnetic motor does just that converting motion and magnetic force into electrical energy.

Ive been working on a prototype for years that would run in a vacune and utilize magnetic bearings cutting out all possible friction. Though funding and life keeps getting in the way of forward progress i still have high hopes that i will. Create a working prototype that doesnt rip itself apart. And yes it will not be perpetual but it should last about years before dieing if my calculation have been right at which time i hope we will have many better resources.

I went through 3. I went to one of the top HS. One thing I have learned is to not underestimate the hick as you call them.

You know the type. They speak slow with a drawl. Wear jeans with tears in them. Maybe a piece of hay sticking out of their mouths. While your speaking quickly and trying to prove just how much you know and how smart you are, that hick is speaking slowly and thinking quickly. He is already 3 moves ahead of you because he listens, speaks factually and will flees you out of every dollar you have if the hick has the mind to. My old neighbor wore green work Somebody pulled up over his work boots like a flood was coming and sported a wife beater t shirt.

Oh, and that old hick also owned the Detroit Red Wings and has a hockey trophy named after him. So go talk in a mirror where you can smile because the only person that cares about what your saying is looking back at you. Rather they are proportionate. There mass and vis are created and destroyed at the same time.

The Einstein field equation dictates that a near-flat univers has similar amounts of positive and negative matter; therefore a set of conjugate masses accelerates indefinitely in runaway motion and scales celerity arbitrarily. Hi Paulin. I am myself a physicist, and I have also learned the same concepts standard formulas transmit. However, 2 points are relevant. The equations on physics and the concepts one can extract from them are aimed to describe how the universe works and are dependent on empirical evidence, not the other way around.

Thinking that equations and the concepts behind dogmatically rule empirical phenomena is falling into pre-illustrative times. Particle and quantum physics have actually gotten results that break classical thermodynamics law of conservation of energy. Bottom line… I think it is important to be as less dogmatic as possible and follow the steps that Francis Bacon started for how science should developed itself.

The solution to infinite energy is explained in the bible. But i will not reveal it since it could change our civilization forever. Transportation and space travel all together. My company will reveal it to thw public when its ready. My only hint to you is the basic element that was missing.

Its what we experience in a everyday matter. Its possible. Our prototype is going to be consolidated so that we want to recover partnership also overseas. Are You interested? A welcome Riccardo. It takes energy to create work. An object in motion is displaying work. Hold one magnet down and put another next to it with like poles. The 2nd moves.

That is work. It is done entirely by magnetic field interaction. The force is exerted over a distance and includes forces of attraction and repulsion. North and south poles of two magnets attract each other, while two north poles or two south poles repel each other. Do you know what this means really? Do you know why this knowledge about magnetic engines is so rare and noone who achived it talks about it?

You are forgetting that all you are doing is harvesting energy from somewhere else: the Sun. You cannot create energy. All you can do is convert energy. Solar panels convert energy from the Sun into electricity. Every second of every day, the Sun slowly is running out of fuel. And solar panels are extremely inefficient. The energy DOES come from a source, but that source is ignored in their calculations.

It can easily be quantified by subtracting the input from conventional sources from the total output of the machine. The difference is the ZPE taken in. Good luck! What energy rotates magnet 1 so it turns magnet 2? Your time would likely best be spent seeking a refund from whatever school you went to. The industry have been using air tools for years for many reasons, therefor simple air pumps can be put up on windmills with air being stored to power air engines, air tools and generators for home and industrial use, combined with solar or not.

I might be repeating someone here but have you triedwell first the two magnetic fields cant attract they push the other away cant Somewhere drill a rotor from a car wheel on its spindal at an angel and make something to house around the spindal like a shoe drilled the opposite but as to push the rotor in the same direction as you drilled.

So by answering you exactly the same way you asked, I am a jerk? You said magnet motor. You still have not heard the idea at all. Just lay off. It is very clear about the idea. You are commenting on my comment. I never said anything about my idea, only that I had one for consideration for someone with a good relationship with magnets to ponder. You are feeding off your own negative energy.

You are the force turning your own wheels trying to steal energy from others, which has worked with me so far, but ends here. You will have to find another outside source of energy. All you are doing here is spreading your negativity around. So move on. It takes no actual meeting with you to figure that out. Once started, the yield is all gain.

So, subtract the energy of the hand starting the first movement, and you have days and days of energy profit left over. Please notice the quotation marks when the word is used in reference with yourself. You cannot get more energy out of the system than you put in.

This is basic middle school science. I have an educated mind that understands basic scientific principles. And this stuff is really basic. Like eighth grade basic. Anything that is moving in the mechanism needs the same scrutiny — be it a piece of metal or a magnetic field. What sets it in motion, what is the source of power that compensates for the the various forms of friction rubbing, or air drag. Make the case correctly, subject it to review by qualified people.

It will fail to function. Because it is impossible. All the free energy schemes that looked like they really work when I have built them and taken them out on the ranch where i can find a spot 5 miles from a power line other any other electricity and put them in a Faraday cage they stopped running.

Both generate friction. The more power they make the more friction and heat they generate. That all has to come from some where. Before Solar Panals farmers would run insulated wires on the top of fence posts into a transformer to make enough volt AC power to run a fence charger. So some farmer used to steal power that way.

Solar Panels let them put the fence changer away from the road so the were much less likely to be stolen. When the power company catches you its best to pay what ever they ask for and instal a meter. But extra ordinary claims shuch as free energy require at least some thread of evidence either in theory or a working model that has hint that its possible. The entire discussion shows a real lack of under standing.

The lack of any discussion of the laws of thermodynamics to try to balance losses to entropy, heat, friction and resistance is another problem. If your going to try to make cheap energy at least learn where to start. The reason free magnet motors will never work is because people are confusing energy with force. Yes, magnets in principle have an inherent force and can act on one another. But you cannot throw a few magnets in a closed system and have their force attract and repel each other to generate free motion because a magnetic field has equal sides attraction and repulsion and any motion with the magnets that appears to utilize one would cancel out the other.

The sum of energy needed to keep a system with permanent magnets in motion is going to always be greater than, even by a hairline in a perfectly designed system, than any energy that can be extracted even if that energy is only used just for keeping them in some form of rotational inertia. Bill I so love this idea I have been studying this idea for awhile and I would love to get involved in some way especially with the intent to release free energy to the world this is so desperately needed.

Hi bud have have a go at this failed twice but my mind will not let it go all help would be welcome many thanks. Bill my email is [email protected] Please send more information. Thank you……. Bill Lets do this Bill. I want to use a 3D printer to create the stator and rotors. This should allow a high quality build with lower cost. Small adjustments can be made as well by re-printing parts with slightly different measurements, etc. I want to free the world from this oppression.

They said the selfsame thing about my relatives. You might know them…the Wright Brothers? Or perhaps you might realize that they said the seflsame things about the guy who invented the AC power system you use right now to power that PC you use to post such tripe?

You know, Tesla? They sought to understand the physical forces around them. You will never achieve anything even close to what they did because you are seeking to defy the reality of our world. The hand of God is the power, but the power of magnetism has kept this earth turning on its axis for untold ages. Only mathematics is pure…. Unless, of course, they can patent it and make a trillion dollars. Human nature, I guess. Solar and wind devices are allowed onto the market only because they are too expensive for most people on earth to afford.

I seriously doubt anyone will contact me about my offer. I would certainly be interested in learning the principals involved, I do have friends with the materials necessary if I can come up with diagrams. Granted the discussion convinces me it will work.

If they are too expensive for people to afford, nobody will buy them. So why would someone interested in making a profit manufacture something nobody can buy?

I know how to arrange a magnet motor so it turns on repulsion, with no need for an external power source. My biggest obstacle is I do not possess the building skills necessary to build it.

Involves a seesaw stator, 2 spiral arrays on the same drum, and two inclines to jump each gate. Seesaw stator acts to rebalance after jumping a gate on either array, driving that side of the stator back down into play. If anyone is willing to attempt it build it I would happily explain the principal. Would only ask that you freely share it with others so it could spread and eventually become common knowledge.

No money, no patents. It is literally and completely impossible for your idea to work without an input of energy, and you WILL get less energy out than you out in. Harvey1 is correct so far. Many, many have tryed and failed. Others have posted video or more and then fade away as they have not really created such a amazing device as claimed. I still try every few weeks. My designs or trying to replicated others. SO far, non are working and those on the web havent been found to to real either.

Perhaps someday, My project will work. I have been close a few times, but it still didint work. Its a lot of fun and a bit expensive for a weekend hobby. ALoha Garry. Im a nobody but I also know its possible and It may only be drawings and ideas but I know I could do it….

LoneWolffe Harvey1 LoneWolffe The device that is shown in the diagram would not work, but the issue that Is the concern here is different. The first problem is that people say science is a constant which in itself is true but to think as human we know all the laws of physics is obnoxious. As our laws of physics have change constantly, through history.

This means that by manipulating electro you take energy from the air we all breath to convert it to usable energy. Its all well and good reading books but you still question them. Remember the Wright brothers? The atomic bomb was once thought impossible. Philosophically speaking, if you appear to have over unity you have neglected to observe all the energy transitions involved in that particular system. Some things that may appear to be perpetual are not, just because we cant observe for a long enough period of time.

We used to believe suns would live forever through their power of fusion but have now observed that is not the case, suns fusion does have a lifetime but over a billion years is way beyond our lifetimes perception. We are so often limited by our own observation and easily miss seeing things that should be obvious.

We can have seemingly free energy from sources such as the sun, wind etc. But these are not free and not indefinite. Using the suns energy is our best bet as it will easily outlive humanity. Anyone who thinks not should perhaps study the lifespan of our planets extinct creatures. It took dinosaurs millions of years to cause critical damage.

Has anyone studied trying to encapsulate the energy of the northern and southern lights? Our planet is essentially one huge electric cell itself. But if we did this would we have the wisdom and knowledge to consider all the possible repurcussions of taking that energy?

MikeYoung version So, it looks like Mr. Mike drops his frowning judgmental picture and pontifications on a site, and then leaves forever. Good Riddance! History is made by people taking a stand, the rest are soon forgotten.

I say this in all seriousness because we have a concept we should all want to be true. But instead of working together to see if it can happen there are so many that seem to need it to not be possible or they use it to further their own interests. It reminds me of young children squabbling about nonsense.

Just get over your problems and try to help make this or any unproven concept happen. Legitimate projects see massive coordination among tens, hundreds or thousands of people all the time.

Everyone, Thank you for the stimulating conversations. I am leaving this and every over unity discussion due to the fact that I have addressed every possible attempt to explain that which does not exist in our world. Just apply my prior posts to any new or old claims of over unity. No one can explain the fact that no device exists that anyone in a first world country can own, build or operate without the inventor present and in control.

Have I convinced anyone of my point of view?

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