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Oh, Happy Day - Various - Hymns Of Gold, Vol. II (8-Track Cartridge)

But some people see a deal more than their fellows. As for Richmond, he never drove a team in his life, for I asked him the question myself, just after his fight with Shelton.

But Hope deceived as usual; and in he came. I ought rather to have said he essayed to come in,—for it was only after repeated experiments upon material substances, that he contrived to enter the vehicle edgeways,—if such blunt bodies may be said to have an edge at all. The Brobdignaggian had barely subsided in his seat, when the opposite door opened, and in stepped a Liliputian! The conjunction was whimsical.

This coach is [Pg 83] their travelling caravan—and as for myself, I am no doubt the showman. I was amusing myself with this and kindred fancies, when a hand suddenly held up something, at the coach window. The door slammed—the whip cracked—sixteen horse-shoes made a clatter, and away bowled the New Safety; but had [Pg 84] barely rolled two hundred yards, when it gave an alarming bound over some loose paving stones, followed by a very critical swing.

There will something come of this, said I to myself; so, feigning I sleep, I leaned back in a corner, with a wary ear to their conversation. In theatricals their taste held the same mathematical proportion.

The conversation, and the contrast, flourished in full flower through several stages, till we stopped to dine at the Salisbury Arms, and then—. A hundred other circumstances have escaped from Memory through the holes that time has made in her sieve: but I remember distinctly, as we passed the bar in our passage outwards, that while. W E are concerned to state, that accounts were received in town at a late hour last night, of an alarming state of things at Stoke Pogis.

Nothing private is yet made public; but report speaks of very serious occurrences. The number of killed is not known, as no despatches have been received. Nothing is known yet; papers have been received down to the 4th of November, but they are not up to anything.

It is scarcely possible for you, my dear Charles, to conceive the difficulties and anarchical manifestations of turbulence, which threaten and disturb your old birth-place, poor Stoke Pogis. To the reflecting mind, the circumstances which hourly transpire afford ample food for speculation and moral reasoning. To see the constituted authorities of a place, however mistaken or misguided by erring benevolence, plunging into a fearful struggle with an irritated, infuriated, and I may say, armed populace, is a sight which opens a field for terrified conjecture.

I look around me with doubt, agitation, and dismay; because, whilst I venerate those to whom the sway of a part of a state may be said to be intrusted, I cannot but yield to the conviction that the abuse of power must be felt to be an overstep of authority in the best intentioned of the Magistracy.

This even you will allow. Being on the spot, my dear Charles, an eye-witness of these fearful scenes, I feel how impossible it is for me to give you any idea of the prospects which surround me. To say that I think all will end well, is to trespass beyond the confines of hope; but whilst I admit that there is strong ground for apprehending the worst, I cannot shut my eyes to the conviction, that if firm measures, tempered with concession, be resorted to, it is far from being out of the pale of probability that serenity may be re-established.

In hazarding this conclusion, however, you must not consider me as at all forgetting the responsibilities which attach to a decidedly formed opinion. Oh, Charles! I fear you will be wearied with all these details; but I thought at this distance, at which you are from me, you would wish me to run [Pg 91] the risk of wearying you rather than omit any of the interesting circumstances.

Let Edward read this; his heart, which I know beats for the Parish, will bleed for us. Symptoms of disunion have for some time past prevailed between the authorities of Stoke Pogis, and a part of the inhabitants.

Many complied, and shut, but the door of the Rampant Lion openly resisted the order. A more recent notice has produced a new and more dangerous irritation on our too combustible population. A proclamation against Guy Fauxes and Fireworks was understood to be in preparation, by command of the chief Magistrate.

We are all here in the greatest alarm! Everybody is in a bustle and indicating some popular movement. Seditious cries are heard! These are features that remind us of the most inflammable times. Several [Pg 92] strangers of suspicious gentility arrived here last night, and privately engaged a barn; they are now busily distributing hand-bills amongst the crowd: surely some horrible tragedy is in preparation!

The alarm increases. Several families have taken flight by the waggon, and the office of Mr. Stewart, the overseer, is besieged by persons desirous of being passed to their own parish.

He seems embarrassed and irresolute, and returns evasive answers. The worst fears are entertaining. Nothing can exceed the indignation of the paupers! The constables are retiring before this formidable body. The mob have proceeded to outrage—the poor poor-house has not a whole pane of glass in its whole frame!

The Magistrates, with Mr. Higginbottom at their head, have agreed to call out the military; and he has sent word that he will come as soon as he has put on his uniform. A terrific column of little boys has just run down the High-street, it is said to see a fight at the Green Dragon. There is an immense crowd in the Market-Place. Some of the leading shopkeepers have had a conference with the Mayor, and the people are now being informed by a placard of the result.

Gracious Heaven! The military has arrived, and is placed under his own command. He has marched himself in a body to the market-place, and is now drawn up one deep in front of the Pound. Wigsby, the Master of the Free School, has declared on the side of Liberty, and has obtained an audience of the Mayor.

During the interval, the Mayor has sworn in two special constables, and will concede nothing. When the excitement of the mob was represented to him by Mr. Gubbins for ever! The constables have just obtained a slight advantage; they made a charge altogether, and almost upset a Guy. On the left-hand side of the way they have been less successful; Mr. Huggins, the beadle, attempted to take possession of an important street post, but was repulsed by a boy with a cracker.

At the same moment Mr. Blogg, the churchwarden, was defeated in a desperate attempt to force a passage up a court. The military always dines at one, and has retreated to the Pig and Puncheon.

There is a report that the head constable is taken with all his staff. A flying watchman has just informed us that the police are [Pg 94] victorious on all points, and the same has been confirmed by a retreating constable. He states that the Pound is full—Gubbins in the stocks, and Dobbs in the cage. That the whole mob would have been routed, but for a very corpulent man, who rallied them on running away. The check sustained by the mob proves to have been a reverse, the constables are the sufferers.

Wigsby has gone again to the Mayor with overtures, the people demand the release of Dobbs and Gubbins, and the demolition of the stocks, the pound, and the cage. As these are already destroyed, and Gubbins and Dobbs are at large, it is confidently hoped by all moderate men, that his Worship will accede to the terms. The Mayor has rejected the terms.

It is confidently affirmed that after this decision, he secretly ordered a post-chaise, and has set off with a pair of post horses as fast as they can gallop. A meeting of the principal tradesmen has taken place, and the butcher, the baker, the grocer, the cheesemonger, and the publican, have agreed to compose a Provisional Government.

In the [Pg 95] mean time the mob are loud in their joy,—they are letting off squibs and crackers, and rockets, and devils in all directions, and quiet is completely restored. We subjoin two documents,—one containing the articles drawn up by the Provisional Government and Mr. Wigsby; the other, the genuine narrative of a spectator. The events of the last few hours, since I closed my minute narration, are pregnant with fate; and no words that I can utter on paper will give you an idea of their interest.

Up to the hour at which I closed my sheet, anxiety regulated the movement of every watchful bosom; but since then, the approaches to tranquillity have met with barriers and interruptions. To the meditative mind, these popular paroxysms have their desolating deductions.

Oh, my Charles, I myself am almost sunk into an Agitator—so much do we take the colour from the dye in which our reasoning faculties are steeped. I stop the press—yes, Charles—I stop the press of circumstances to say, that a dawn of the Pacific is gleaming over the Atlantic of our disturbances; and I am enabled, by the kindness of Constable Adams, to send you a Copy of the Preliminaries, which are pretty well agreed upon, and only wait to be ratified.

I close my letter in haste. He will, with his benevolence, at once see that they are indeed precious articles for Stoke Pogis. That for the future, widows in Stoke Pogis shall be allowed their thirds, and Novembers their fifths. O Mrs. The hole Parrish is throne into a pannikin! All this Blessed Mourning Mrs. Griggs and Me as bean siting abscondingly at the tiptop of the Hows crying for lowness.

We have lockd our too selves in the back Attical Rome, and nothing can come up to our Hanksiety. Some say it is like the Frentch Plot—sum say sum thing moor arter the Dutch Patten is on the car-pit, and if so we shall Be flored like Brussels. Well, I never did like them Brown holland brum gals! What a prospectus! The Mare is arranging the Populous from one of his own long winders.

Poor man! I hobserve Mr. They are trying to Custardise the Ringleders. But as yet hav Captivated Noboddy. There is no end to accidence. Three insensible boddis are Carrion over the way on Three Cheers, but weather Naybers or Gyes is dubbious.

It makes Mrs. Wile we ware at the open Winder they sliped out. With sich Broils in the Street who nose what Scraps they may git into. Mister J. Griggs is in the Sam state of Singularity as meself. Onely think, Mrs. What news he brakes! Nothing is seed but Wivs asking for Huzbinds—nothing is heard but childerin looking for Farthers. Hatband the Undertacker as jist bean squibed and obligated for safeness to inter his own Hows. Higgins blames the unflexable Stubbleness of the Mare and says a littel timely Concussion wood have been of Preventive Servis.

Haven nose! The ingins as been, but could not Play for want of Pips witch is too often the Case with Parrish inginuity. Wile affares are in this friteful Posture, thank Haven I have one grate comfit. He says his hone saving was onely thro leaving His retrenchments. Pore Mr. Griggs has cum In atter his Wif in a state of grate exaggeration. We hay sent out the def Shopmun to here wait he can and he says their is so Manny Crackers going he dont no witch [Pg ] report to Belive, but the Fishmongerers has Cotchd and with all his Stock compleatly Guttid.

The Brazers next Dore is lickwise in Hashes,—but it is hopped he as assurance enuf to cover him All over. The effex of the lit on Bildings is marvulous.

The Turrit of St. Magnum Bonum is quit clear and you can tell wat Time it is by the Clock verry planely only it stands! The noise is enuf to Drive won deleterious! Peple drops in with New News every Momentum. Sum say All is Lost—and the Town Criar is missin.

Griggs is quite retched at herein five littel Boys is throwd off a spirituous Cob among the Catherend Weals. But I hope it wants cobbobboration. Another Yuth its sed has had his hies Blasted by sum blowd Gun Powder. You Mrs. Humphris how I envy you that is not tossing on the ragging bellows of these Flatulent Times, but living under a Mild Dispotic Govininent in such Sequestrated spots as Lonnon and Padington.

May you never go thro such Transubstantiation as I hav bean riting in! Things that stood for Sentries as bean removed in a Minuet—and the verry effigis of wat was venerablest is now burning in Bone Fires. The Worshipfull chaer is emty. The Mare as gon off clandestiny with a pare of Hossis, and without his diner.

They say he complanes that his Corperation did not stik to him as it shold have dun But went over to the other Side. Pore Sole—in sich a case I dont wunder he lost his Stommich.

Yisterday he was at the summut of Pour. Them that ours ago ware enjoying parrish officiousness as been [Pg ] turnd out of there Dignittis! Barber says in futer all the Perukial Authoritis will be Wigs.

Humphris most frendly and trully. I N the autumn ofsome private affairs called me into the sister kingdom; and as I did not travel, like Polyphemus, with my eye out, I gathered a few samples of Irish character, amongst which was the following incident. The Belfast coach was standing at the door, and on the roof, in front, sat a solitary outside passenger, a fine young fellow in the uniform of the Connaught Rangers.

Below, by the front wheel, stood an old woman, seemingly his mother, a young man, and a younger woman, sister or sweetheart; and they were all earnestly entreating the young soldier to descend from his seat on the coach.

Come down, Thady, darlin! There was more tenderness in his tone, but it conveyed the same resolution as before. Although the poor fellow was a private, this appeal was so public, that I did not hesitate to go down and enquire into the particulars of the distress. It appeared that he had been home, on Furlough, to visit his family,—and having exceeded as he thought the term of his leave, he was going to rejoin his regiment, and to undergo the penalty of his neglect.

I asked him when the Furlough expired. It is Leap Year, and February has twenty-nine days. The soldier was thunderstruck. His first impulse was to cut a caper on the roof of the coach, and throw up his cap, with a loud Hurrah! I T was on the 1st of Augst,—I remember by my wags cumming dew, and I wanted to be riz,—that Me and master maid our minds up to the Mounting.

Wile we waited at Sham Money, our minds sevral tims misgiv, but considdring only twelve Gentelmen and never a footmun had bin up, we determind to make ourselves particler, and so highered gides to sho us up. For a long tim the whether was dout full weather—first it snew—then thew—and then friz—and that was most agreeabil for a tempting. The first thing I did was to change my blew and wite livry, as I guest we shood hav enuf of blew and wite on the mounting—but put on a dred [Pg ] nort for fear of every thing—takin care to hav my pockets well cramd with sand witches, and, as proved arterwards, they broke my falls very much when I slipd on my bred and ams.

The land Lord was so kind as lend me His green gaws tap room blind for my eyes, and I recumend no boddy to go up any Snowhill without green vales—for the hice dazls like winkin. Sum of the gides wanted me to ware a sort of crimpt skaits, but thoght my feet would be the stifer for a cramp on—and declind binding any think xcept my list garters round my Shews.

Thus a tired we sit out, on our feat, like Capting Paris, with our Nor poles in our hands,—Master in verry good sperrits, and has for me I was quit ellivatted to think what a figger the Summut of Mount Blank wood cut down the airys of Portland Plaice. Arter sliping and slidding for ours, we cum to the first principle Glazier.

To give a correct noshun, let any won suppose a man in fustions with a fraim and glass and puttey and a dimond pensel, and its quit the revers of that. If you dont think of a mare or any think maid of glass you have it xactly. We was three ours gitting over the Glazier, and then come to the Grand Mullets, ware oar beds was bespoak—that is, nothing but clean sheats of sno,—and never a warmin pan.

To protect our heds we struck our poles agin the rock, with a cloath over them, but it looked like a verry little tent to so much mounting. There we was,—all Sno with us Sollitory figgers atop.

Nothink can give the sublime idear of it but a twelf Cake. The Gides pinted out from hear the Pick de Middy, but I was too cold to understand Frentch—and we see a real Shammy leeping, as Master sed, from scrag to scrag, and from pint to pint, for vittles and drink—but to me it looked like jumpin a bout to warm him self.

His springs in the middel of Winter I realy beleave as uncredible. Nothink else was muving xcept Have [Pg ] launches, witch is stupendus Sno balls in high situations, as leaves their plaices without warnin, and makes a deal of mischief in howses and famlies. We shot of our pistle, but has it maid little or no noise, didnt ear the remarkbly fine ekko. We dind at the Grand Mullets on cold foul and a shivver of am, with a little O de Colon, agen stomical pans. Wat was moor cumfortble we found haf a bottel of brandey, left behind by sum one before, and by way of return we left behind a littel crewit of Chilly Viniger for the next cummer, whoever he mite be or not.

As faling out of Bed was dangerus, we riz a wal of stons on each side. Knowing how comfortble Master sleeps at Home, I regretted his Oh, and partickly as he was verry restless, and every tim he stird kickd me about the Hed. I laid awack a good wile thinking how littel Farther, down in Summerset Sheer, thoght I was up in Mount Blank Sheer; but at long and last I went of like a top, and dremt of Summuts.

Won may sleep on wus pillers than Nap Sacks. Next mornin we riz erly, having still a good deal to git up, and skrambled on agin, by crivises and crax as maid our flesh crawl on hands and nees to look at. Master wanted to desend in a crack, but as he mite not git up in a crack agin, his letting himself down was unrecomended. Arter menny ours works, we cum to the Grand Plato. Hear we brekfisted, but was surprizd at our stomicks not having moor hedges, Master only eting a Chickin wing, and me only eting all the rest.

We had littel need to not eat,—the most uneasy part to go was to cum. In about too ours we cum to a Sno wall, up rite as high as St. Howsumever, after a bottel of [Pg ] Wine we was abel to proceed in a zig zag direxion,—the Gides axing the way, and cutting steps afore.

Such Sno! And ice enuf to serve all the Fish Mungers, and the grate Routs till the end of the Wurld! I regrets my joy at cumming to the top maid me forget all I ment to do at it; and in partickler to thro a tumble over hed and heals, as was my mane object in going up.

Howsumever, I shall allways be abel to say Me and Master as bin to the Summut of Mount Blank, and so has a little butterfly. I ought to mension the curiousness of seeing one there, but we did not ketch it, as it was too far abov us. We dissented down in much shorter time, and without anny axident xcept Masters sliding telliscope, witch roled of the ice. Wen we cum agin to Sham Money, the Land Lord askd our names to be rit in the book, as was dun, by Mr.

I S a double dealer, for he dealeth more in double meanings than your punster. When he giveth his word it signifieth little, howbeit it standeth for two significations. He putteth his promises [Pg ] like his colts in a break. Over his mouth, Truth, like the turnpike man, writeth up No Trust. Whenever he speaketh, his spoke hath more turns than the fore-wheel. He telleth lies, not white only, or black, but likewise gray, bay, chestnut-brown, cream, and roan—piebald and skewbald.

He hath much imagination, for he selleth a complete set of capital harness, of which there be no traces. He advertiseth a coach, warranted on its first wheels, and truly the hind pair are wanting to the bargain. A carriage that hath travelled twenty summers and winters, he describeth well-seasoned. Another might be entered at a steeplechase, for why—he is as fast as a church. If he biteth, he shows good courage; and he [Pg ] is playful merely, though he should play the devil.

Like unto Love, he is blind unto all blemishes, and seeth only a virtue, meanwhile he gazeth at a vice. If it hath bitten him beside, and moreover bruised his limb against a coach-wheel, then, constantly returning good for evil, he giveth it but the better character, and recommendeth it before all the studs in his stable. In short, the worse a horse may be, the more he chanteth his praise, like a crow that croweth over Old Ball, whose lot it is on a common to meet with the Common Lot.

Geoffrey Crayon, will easily remember his graphic sketches of a locality called Little Britain—and his amusing portraits of its two leading families, the Lambs and the Trotters. Botolph, the fire-ladders hang undisturbed in their chains, and the turn-cock smokes placidly in the tap-room of the Rose-and-Crown. For this remarkable apathy, my own more domestic habits enable me to account. It is the fortune, or misfortune, of the house where I lodge to confront that of Mr.

He and his windows are always framing an excuse for an illumination. The kindling aptitude ascribed to Eupyrions, and Lucifers, and Chlorate Matches, is nothing to his. During the long War he was really a nuisance, and what is worse, not indictable. For one not unused to the melting mood, he was strangely given to rejoicing. Other people were content to light up for the great victories, but he commemorated the slightest skirmishes. In civil events the same, whether favourable to Whig or Tory.

Like the lover of Bessy Bell, and Mary Gray, he divided his flame between them. To aggravate this propensity, Mr. Sperm, the great oil merchant, lives nearly opposite to Mr.

Wix, and his principle and his interest coincide exactly with those of his neighbour. Sperm possesses a very large star,—and, like certain managers, he brings it forward as often as he can. He is quite as lax in his political creed as the chandler, and will light up on the lightest occasions,—for instance, let there be but a peal of bells, and the Genius of the Ring directly invokes the Genius of the Lamp.

In short, Mr. Wix and Mr. Sperm both resemble the same thing—a merchant-man getting rid of goods by means of lighters. As the other inhabitants do not always choose to follow the example of these two—I have known our illuminations to be very select—the great oil and tallow establishments blazing all alone in their glory. On other occasions—for instance, the rejoicings for that bill which Lord L. Among general illuminations, I remember none more so than the one on the accession of his late Majesty—but what so universally brightened the Great Britain might be expected to light the Little one.

It was in reality an unrivalled exhibition of its kind, and I propose therefore to give some account of it, the situation of my apartment having afforded unusual opportunities—for it is at the angle of a corner house and thus while its easterly windows stare into those of the Rumbold family, its northern ones squint aside into the sashes of that elderly spinster Miss Winter.

It must have been an extreme fit of loyalty that put such a [Pg ] thought into the penurious mind of Miss W. I could see her at a large dining-table—so called by courtesy, for it never dined—reviewing a regiment of glass custard cups, so called also by courtesy, for they never held custard—and another division of tall jelly glasses, equally unknown to jellies.

I might have thought that she meant for once to give a very light supper, had I not seen her fill them all with oil from a little tin can, and afterwards she furnished them with a floating wick. The elder Miss Rumbold—the parents were out of town—was not idle in the mean time. She packed all the little R.

She had fixed her head quarters in the drawing-room, from whence I saw Caroline and Henry detached, with separate parcels of tins and candles, to do the same office for the floors above and below.

But no such luck! After a while, the street door gently opened, and forth sneaked the two deserters, of course to see better illuminations than their Oh. At the slam of the door behind them Miss Rumbold comprehended the full calamity: first, she threw up her arms, then her eyes, then clenched her teeth and then her hands; going through all the pantomime for distress of mind—but she had no time for grieving, and indeed but little for rejoicing.

Tearing up and down stairs like a lamplighter on his ladder, she furnished all the blank windows, and then returned to the drawing-room; and what was evidently her favourite fancy, she had completed and hung up two festoons of artificial flowers; but alas! Removing the unfortunate garlands, she rushed out full speed, and the next moment I saw her in the story above, rapidly unpapering her curls, and making herself as fit as time allowed, to sit in state in the drawing-room, by the light of twenty-seven long sixes.

A violent uproar now recalled my attention to Number 29, where the mob had begun to call out to Miss Winter for her Northern Lights. Miss W. There was a deal of coquetting indeed between wick and wick, but [Pg ] nothing like a mutual flame. In vain the thin lover-like candle kept hovering over its intended, and shedding tears of grease at every repulse; not a glimmer replied to its glance, till at last, weary of love and light, it fairly leaped out of its tin socket, and drowned its own twinkle in a tall jelly-glass.

The patience of the mob, already of a thin texture, was torn to rags by this conclusion; they saw that if she would, Miss Winter never could illuminate: but as this was an unwelcome truth, they broke it to her with a volley of stones that destroyed her little Vauxhall in a moment, and in a twinkle left her nothing to twinkle with! In fact Miss Rumbold had a Fantoccini over head she little dreamt of. Awakened by the unusual light, the younger Rumbolds had rushed from bed to the window, where, exhilarated by childish spirits and the appearance of a gala, they had got up an extempore Juvenile Ball, and were dancing with all their might in their little nightcaps and nightgowns.

In vain the unconscious Matilda pointed to her candles, and added her own private pair from the table to the centre window; in vain she wrung her hands, or squeezed them on her bosom: the more she protested in dumb show, the more the mob shouted; and the more the mob shouted, the wilder the imps jigged about.

At last Matilda seemed to take some hint; she vanished from the drawing-room like a Ghost, and reappeared like a Fury in the nursery—a pair of large hands vigorously flourished and flogged—the heels of the Corps de Ballet flew up higher than their heads—the mob shouted louder than ever—and exeunt omnes.

This interlude being over, the rabble moved on to Mr. Poor Mr. Sperm was not so fortunate. Retrieved January 7, Australian Chart Book — ISBN Goldmine : July 23, Hot Hits Adult Contemporary Charts — CCM Creative Ventures.

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  1. On Oh Happy Day, a wide array of contemporary artists has been paired with some of today's leading gospel voices and legendary choirs. Together they explore a batch of gospel standards and main-stream hits that were clearly inspired by the old soulful sound and feel of gospel. It's an all-star celebration that just might take you someplace /5(47).

  2. Oh Happy Day (E Z Key Performance Track) [Music Download] Stock No: WWDLCP. Buy Download. Our Price. $ In Stock. Stock No: WWDLCP. Mansion Entertainment / / Music Download. Add To Cart.

  3. 1 O happy day that fixed my choice On Thee, my Savior and my God! Well may this glowing heart rejoice, And tell its raptures all abroad. Refrain: Happy day, happy day, When Jesus washed my sins away! He taught me how to watch and pray, And live rejoicing every day; Happy day, happy day, When Jesus washed my sins away! 2 O happy bond, that seals.

  4. Home» Music» Accompaniment Tracks» Oh Happy Day Oh Happy Day. Larnelle Harris - June 18, Genre: Contemporary, Hymns, Traditional. Performance Track Made Popular By: Larnelle Harris With Background Vocals Key: F-F# PUBLISHING: Edwin Hawkins / Kamma Rippa Music / BMI. UPC #

  5. 1. O happy day that fixed my choice. On Thee, my Savior and my God! Well may this glowing heart rejoice, And tell its raptures all abroad. Happy day, happy day, When Jesus washed my sins away! He taught me how to watch and pray, And live rejoicing every day;.

  6. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Hymns of Gold - Various Artists on AllMusic -

  7. "O Happy Day" is a hymn that celebrates the covenant with God and salvation found in Jesus of the Non-Conformists in 18th Century England. It includes vivid imagery of the rejoicing its author, Philip Doddridge, felt for his savior and God. Popularized by a recording from the Edwin Hawkins Singers, this hymn has become a gospel music standard in the modern day.

  8. Oh happy day was written in the 18th century and was adapted by Edwin Hawkins, becoming a national hit in , it is part of the early urban contemporary .

  9. Listen to GOSPEL happy, a free MIDI file on BitMidi. Play, download, or share the MIDI song GOSPEL happy .

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