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Every Now And Then - Nogoodnix - Pub Punx United (CD)

It is performed at a slower pace than The Pogues version and has an amazing tune in the middle. Once again, awesome pipes and fiddle along the song and a superb end with mandolin and fiddle.

Rockabilly bass, great drums solo, powerful guitar, excellent fiddle and kick-ass gang vocals. A rendition that you had never heard before. Another point that should be mentioned is that The Pubcrawlers have shown an evolution sort of regarding vocals. This is not the case now and I feel that this is an improvement. Tracklist: 1. Danny Boy 2. Greenland Whalefisheries 3. Home Boys Home 4. The Night Pat Murphy Died 5. South Australia 6. Flipping the Tape 7. The Outsiders - Highway Patrol 8. The Outsiders - Tombstone Every Mile 9.

The Outsiders - The Enforcer The Outsiders - Six Days on the Road Some of you love the Saw Doctors and some of you don't like them. The trio got their start playing small gigs in local venues such as Tuam's Imperial Hotel. O'Connor left the group the following year to emigrate to London. Carton and Moran added other musicians, and carried on with the band. Moran and Carton have been the only constant presences in the Saw Doctors ' ever-shifting line-up. Past members have included musical artist, producer and co producer of the bands debut album, John "Turps" Burke 87 to 93; bass player Pearse Doherty; keyboard and accordion player Tony Lambert; keyboard player and guitarist Derek Murray; and drummers Padraig Stevens, Every Now And Then - Nogoodnix - Pub Punx United (CD) Donnelly, Jimi Higgins, and Fran Breen.

The fluidity of the band's line-up in part accounts for the variety of musical influences, including pop, punk, rock and roll, and traditional Irish, that make up the band's signature sound.

Rise to fame The Saw Doctors rose to gain national attention during and as they toured in support of popular Irish bands such as the Hothouse Flowers and The Stunning. They also proved to be a success when they played at the Galway Arts Festival.

In the spring ofwhen The Saw Doctors were playing a six-week residency at the Quays Bar in Galway, their live show attracted the attention of The Waterboyswho were then recording their Fisherman's Blues album in nearby Spiddal. Pub sessions and budding friendships among the two groups would prove fruitful for the Saw Doctors ' future, and would see eventual crossovers between the two groups.

The band's current bass player, Anthony Thistlethwaite, and former drummer, Fran Breen, have both been members of The Waterboys. In the autumn ofThe Saw Doctors filmed a rockumentary on a flat-bed truck while driving between Galway and Salthill.

In AugustThe Waterboys ' frontman Mike Scott produced the band's first single, " N17 ," a song about an Irish emigrant longing to be driving on the N17 national route which connects Galway with Co. Mayo and Co. Sligo, psssing through the Saw Doctors' hometown of Tuam. The song became known as the band's anthem. The single topped the Irish charts in September and spent nine weeks at number one, becoming Ireland's all-time best-selling single.

The band released their third studio album Same Oul' Town in February It went on to peak at number six in the UK Albums Chart.

However, the hit singles dried up for the band after the success of Same Oul' Town. Many line-up changes happened over the next few years. They also appeared in the Walter Foote film The Tavern as well as contributing songs to its soundtrack.

The fifth studio album Villains? It would be a shame, however, if their dodgy image obscured the music, since Villains? The line-up changed to include Anthony Thistlethwaite on bass guitar. Thistlethwaite had been playing saxophone on and off with the band since the late s, even playing on their first single " N17 ".

When on the show they covered The Sugababes song " About You Now ", and later decided to release the track as a single. In October " About You Now " reached number one in the Irish chart, some seventeen years since their last chart-topping feat.

The compilation album featured twenty two of their tracks, and went platinum within weeks of release. During the band played a number of music festival appearances, including playing at the 40th anniversary of the Glastonbury Festival.

September saw the release of their seventh album, The Further Adventures of The Saw Doctors. Their cover version of " Downtown ", recorded with its original singer Petula Clarkwas released on 11 December Live shows and recordings Although the Saw Doctors have released only seven studio albums over their two-decade career, their live shows have brought them international renown.

The band donated profits from this album to victims of Indian Ocean earthquake. Re-released inwhen Galway again won the All-Ireland football championship, the album included a host of local talent.

Further collaborations brought a self-titled album by another side-project band, The Shambles". The Saw Doctors appeared on the Killinascully Christmas special.

The band reappeared in Killinascully Christmas special. Fans The Saw Doctors have a rabid international fan base that has been compared to that of the Grateful Dead. Fueled by those in Ireland as well as those of Irish descent in the US, UK, and elsewhere, this unofficial fan club prides itself on Every Now And Then - Nogoodnix - Pub Punx United (CD) the band live as many times as possible.

It was Cedros Nights, so all the businesses were open. Matt Commerce was playing in the store and sounded good, so I'm gonna have to keep an eye out for him. I also wish I hadn't eaten because there was a food vendor selling some amazing looking soul food. It was nice not to feel rushed at a show, and there was time before to catch up with DC's manager and say hi to the band before Ume started. They rocked hard and though at first, Jeff, Greg, and I were the only ones standing anywhere close to the stage, the floor filled up by the end of their set.

Dead Confederate had been tweeting how the day before they were holed up in a hotel in Arizona feeling sick, so it was nice that despite them still being under the weather, they still gave their all to the show. Since I have quite a collection of photos of the band already one of these days I'll post my Indie Jam photosI mostly refrained but I wanted a couple because I was stoked to see Brantley sporting his Obscure Magpie t-shirt.

They played a long full set and it was cool to see as many people there specifically for DC as Meat Puppets. I recorded The Rat once again, specifically because I wanted to compare it to my video from Casbah, but here it is again, whatever you can see of it. The last time Meat Puppets played in town, I did their merch and didn't really get to see them, so this was a nice treat.

The band started off the set with a lot of their newer, slower, more country influenced music then eventually went into their older catalogue with the rocking shit. The songs were all good, but where the band really excels is when they just jam out. I have to also say, it was a bit funny to see Curt Kirkwood's guitar adorned with little old timey stickers of kitty-kats and piggies.

It was a stellar show and they played a crazy long set upwards of 20 songs. We got out of the show too late to try and catch anything else for the night, so instead I went to the Ken Club to break in the new ping-pong table. I'm gonna try and see if Brett will let me borrow it for my birthday party this week. So awesome. Otherwise, if anyone wants to play, name a time and I'll be there.

Anyhow, it is really late and this is ridiculously long already, so I'll save the rest of the week for Part II. Joshua James, Cory Chisel Casbah 9. Labels: belly upchairliftchristmas islanddead confederateJosh Damigomeat puppetsmonotonixnursesrademacherteam abrahamthe brunettesthe loftthe moviegoersthrow me the statueume.

Update: A City Serene. Earlier this week I posted about the horrific tour bus accident suffered by local screamo band, A City Serene. Labels: a city serenebenefit. Huge Friday In San Diego. There are so many amazing shows happening tonight. Wednesday, September 16, Ping Pong? Is So. So the deal is that there's gonna be a big bash to benefit our friends over at Sezio. There will be singles and doubles brackets, and the tournament is single elimination.

Oh, and don't forget to wear your tennis whites! Notice that little Trumer Pils sponsorship? Yeah, that means drink specials!! How do I get Trumer to sponsor my birthday party? Click the flyer for more information.

Labels: holiday matineesezio. At all of 21, the girl has got some pipes and though I hadn't heard any of her music going in though apparently she was on GMA or one of those morning shows last week I was definitely impressed. She performed with a full band and even got the crowd to their feet when she played a cover of Tom Petty. That takes some serious talent, and Diane has it in droves. She also told a funny story about growing up in a religious household with a preacher for a father, and being a moody goth teenager that hung out at clubs all night thinking she was slick by telling them she was babysitting.

She'd roll home at 5 or 6 in the morning with her ghoulish makeup to find them waiting. She has a song called "Don't Wait Up", that was probably my favorite song of the night, that you should really check out. I was a little disappointed that the usual 5 or 6 people weren't recording any of the show, and I was in a bad spot to do so, but eventually I moved around to the side of the stage when it got too cold for people and they retreated to the second level of the boat, so apologies that I was recording directly into the stage lighting, but it was the best I could do.

These are the final four songs from the night. KPRI has one more free cruise coming up at the end of the month, so make sure you're registered as a Freeq for their e-mail list. You can find the other videos if you 'keep on reading'.

Labels: diane birchhornblower cruisekpri. Labels: jason mraz. I've accumulated a couple more week's worth of photos, so I guess it's time to catch up again. It has been a while since those boys have been written up on sd:di, and I'm not sure why How is it that I don't know these guys? So weird. The Drowning Men For the rest of my diary, click 'keep on reading'. This was an especially fun show because it had been a while since I was at a show lined up with a group of friends all up front.

I don't know why that is, but seems like for a lot of the touring shows lately, I'm like, "who are all these people? Tape Deck was rad, and I think it was their first set on the main stage at Casbah, so that was cool. Travis broke his pic and it was funny that I let him borrow my 'pic of destiny' that Evan had given me a few months back that I keep in my hearos case. Pic of Destiny saves the day! So The Thermals were awesome and I don't think the show sold out completely, but it was packed and everyone seemed to love it; the show was full of sing along moments, including high fives from the bro, that I later found out was a friend of a friend.

He was in town from Florida with his band for Awesome Fast. In truth, I was just trying to help him not get tossed by the third song. Despite feeling old as shit watching these 20 somethings throw down some intense games of beer pong and flip cup, it was a fun party in an amazing house among good friends.

It was also fun to play some ping pong at the end of the night. I won every game I played but I had a clear sober advantage, so I look forward to playing again when 1 everyone is sober or 2 I'm as shitfaced as they were.

The next day was Labor Day, which also happened to fall on my Dad's birthday. Helloooo, family discount! We spent most of the day and night with family and I couldn't resist taking a picture of Johanna with her Bratz laptop.

Republic of Letters sounded great after being in the studio for some time. Brian Karscig recorded their forthcoming record and he clearly talked Chris into diversifying a bit, and so there are these really great keyboard parts that never existed before in their music. I loved it and really look forward to the new record.

The Casbah was packed for The Nervous Wreckords. The guys from Louis XIV were there to show support which I thought was cool, and the bar was packed for their set. The show was a kick off before they joined The Killers for part of their tour. Playing a slew of catchy aongs, they got mixed reviews from the few people I talked to but I dug it and from what I hear, the tour is going well. Hotel St. George closed out the night, but the Casbah seemed to clear out. I know it's tough on a Monday night, especially after a holiday, but it was still a bummer.

The Nervous Wreckords Tuesday was pretty uneventful. I had to be downtown in the afternoon, so I ended up going downtown with Jake and waiting for him during his weekly gig, grabbing some cheap tacos and beer at La Puerta to catch up with Billy who I know back from his Jewel Box days. God, that was like 10 years ago. My cousin was still in town, so Wednesday was more family time and birthday dinner for my dad at Point Loma Seafoods, then time chasing down Johanna in the park.

Since I haven't been talking about my family as much as I used to on this site, I'll just say that my sister is very close to having her second daughter, expected on October 4. Johanna is going to have a little sister! Johanna is running and talking and bossing people around and has an adorable sense of humor, so she's pretty much a spitting image of me at her age or so I'm told. Gone are the days when I could take dozens of pictures of her in one sitting.

I can barely keep up with her, let alone take pictures while I'm doing it. But if you'd like to read Seth Combs' ranty rant, click here. Friday night, it was me and mcbrandt13 again Kevin, but I like calling people by their twitter names. He was sick, but was a total trooper and we went to Bar Pink. It was a no photo night for me; just wasn't in the mood.

Syndicate opened the show with their synthy 80s sound, followed by Yourself and The Air, a really great band from Chicago? He only planned on going out for 'one drink' in the first place, so he dropped me at Josh's house where we played poker till the wee hours with Josh's brother and his friend and Kitty. I won. I love that I get to publicly rub that in. Saturday night rolled around and I did merch for Soulsavers.

I was so excited to see Mark Lanegan in the flesh for the first time ever, and though I didn't really get to see Every Now And Then - Nogoodnix - Pub Punx United (CD) show, being there for the soundcheck Every Now And Then - Nogoodnix - Pub Punx United (CD) Revival gave me chills.

I snuck a couple pics, as well as a couple of Jonneine Zapata and her band. I guess my only complaint was that the show might've been better suited for a weeknight, because all three performances were pretty mellow and it seemed like people really wanted to get into the show, but there was something a bit too mellow about the vibe.

Jonneine was really cool as was her band, and it was nice to see people spending money on new music. My sister and her husband spent a lot of time in Brazil and Central and South America, so she always digs the vibe.

Me, well, sometimes I realize I'm more conservative than I let on. My eyes were bugged out at the amount of flesh revealed in one parade.

I love the drum lines and the capoeira action, and there's tons of dancing going on, but these women shake their near nude bodies in ways I didn't know possible.

Brazilian Parade From there, it was on to The Rumble. I touched briefly on this monthly event, but should say that if you missed it because of the NFL, the VMAs, or the True Blood finale, know that the next one will be a Saturday matinee, on October The Jakes, U. There will be more of the good stuff next month, with three great bands and killer sponsors, so save the date now. You'll be hearing a lot about The Rumble on this site and I'll post the lineup soon.

That wrapped up the last couple weeks. It is only midday Wednesday and I've already got more good stuff for the week, but it's time I get to those weekend listings. Labels: bar pinkcasbahfamilyhotel st georgejohannalouis xivpersonalrafterRepublic of Letterstape deck mountainthe drowning menthe nervous wreckordsthe rumblethe thermalsU. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. I just ask people to stick with me, and they have.

Bigger news yet: Next month the group heads to Ethiopia to play a big music festival in Zanzibar called Sauti Za Busara. It caps a long and resolute journey for the man who started the band. After spending time in Ghana, he came to Boston in to study jazz saxophone and ended up auditing classes at Berklee before enrolling in a graduate program in ethnomusicology at Harvard. He has a pretty clear concept of what he wants to do musically, combining elements of classic Ethiopian with a more modern sensibility.

He has a tradition-oriented but very forward-looking vision. He also notes that the group has inched closer to that goal after r - Boston Globe. They played a local festival, made friends with nightclub owners, and found an Ethiopian Airlines deal for a free trip down the coast to Tanzania. There were no Craigslist ads and no auditions, just the willingness to pick a place and go.

Some melodies sounded Arabic or Balkan; others swang like Glenn Miller. There were bands with accordions and saxophones and bands with strings strung over trippy organs. Mekonnen wanted to mash them all together. Rapino has been a member of the experimental Devil Music group for years; Grier played bass and synth in the gonzo noisecore band Fat Day.

It was a project that seemed designed for a picky bandleader, but Debo went the other way. It was an adventure for everyone. Keith Waters had never played a drum kit in a band before in his life. But soon, everyone was pitching in on arrangements. Rapino even recently scored an original soundtrack for the band, bits of which they play live now. Their Western Front show this past Saturday was mobbed.

The saxes of Mekonnen and Abye Osman growled cop-show harmonies; the strings of Rapino and Kaethe Hostetter darted through jagged scales. Which is not to say Debo Band turn into organ-thumping evangelists when they head to Africa. Debo Band, an eleven piece Ethiopian-groove collective from the United States, joined forces with four Ethiopian artists to provide a stunning performance of a style never before seen at the Sauti za Busara [Sounds of Wisdom] festival Sunday night in Zanzibar.

The festival allowed Debo Band make connections and collaborations with musicians in East Africa, while presenting Ethiopian music for the first time to the venue.

After the show, Debo leader Danny Mekonnen said, "Sauti za Busara totally exceeded our expectations: the world class stage and programming, the friendly and supportive staff, and the amazing performances from across the African continent and beyond. Moreover, the festival was brilliantly conceived, organized, and efficient. With an uncommon instrumentation--including horns, strings, and accordion--that is a nod to the big bands of Haile Selassie's time, Debo Band is carrying the torch of classic Ethiopian music by giving new life to these old sounds.

But that's not all Debo brought with them to Busara. After a May visit to Addis Ababa to perform at the 8th Ethiopian Music Festival, Debo band began collaborating with four traditional Ethiopian musicians — vocalist Selamnesh Zemene, traditional azmari goat-skin drummer Asrat Ayalew, and traditional dancers Zinash Tsegaye and Melaku Belay. All accomplished musicians in their own right, these musicians work together at Fendika, a leading azmari bet, or traditional music house, operated by Melaku in Addis Ababa.

After receiving an invitation to perform at Busara, Debo Band decided to continue their collaboration with the Ethiopian artists by bringing them along to the Zanzibar festival. There, the group grew into a forceful and authoritative fifteen-piece ensemble that provided an energetic, one-of-a-kind performance. Embassy in Tanzania. We honestly never expected a response like this! Embassy Tanzania -- Press Release. Debo Band is something far more interesting and complex than the safe, de-contextualized commodification of music from the perceived golden age of another country sold in coffeeshop chains to cool dads wearing Keds and visors.

Debo Band, organized by saxophonist and leader Danny Mekonnen back inis a band whose music, though it may initially sound foreign to ears weaned on indie rock, can trace its roots through almost every arena of American music. Since its inception, the band has been deeply involved in Every Now And Then - Nogoodnix - Pub Punx United (CD) DIY scene in Boston, playing loft parties and rock venues for the young and artistically inclined, while at the same time securing touring grants from respectable institutes like the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation.

They have performed with and befriended brilliant Dutch anarcho-punx The Ex, who themselves have developed quite an interest in Ethiopian music, collaborating with legendary woolly-toned saxophonist Getatchew Mekurya on their last album. What is remarkable and just plain sweet about Debo Band is that they manage to straddle a lot of seemingly contradictory positions. They play party music and art music at the same time, something uncommon and wonderful that they share with some of the best musicians in pop history as well as a lot of electronic contemporaries.

This convergence of art and party is something exemplified by artists like Dan Deacon with his composition-induced dance frenzies as well as the whole booming dubstep scene, and as such it makes perfect sense that Debo Band should collaborate with Kiddid on this digital single.

They both know how to make you get up and move. You know, the usual. It pulls back hard whilst keeping the bass drum and hi-hat clicking on the downbeats. The result is a kind of tautly stretched and rolling time feel that locks in perfectly with the wonderfully twitchy and propulsive Ethiopian eskista shoulder dance commonly performed alongside the music. The track is smartly arranged by Mekonnen, who keeps each element from intruding on the others, yet mingles them into a satisfying whole.

The accordion, the only chordal instrument here, takes on more of a melodic role, leaving a lot of open space for the drums and lilting tuba that phrase sounds ridiculous but listen to the track and tell me that is not lilting to carry the tense, bouncing rhythm while the horns blare out the melodies in quick, bold strokes.

The call and response that happens between horns and vocals in the verses during the second half of the song is a perfect arranging touch, both propulsive and unobtrusive.

The vocals themselves headed by lead singer Bruck Tesfaye, whose verse statements are answered by a chorus of keening female voices are loa - The Ampeater Review.

Several Stick and Rag members are in Debo, along with an eclectic mix of players whose backgrounds range from jazz-rock noise outfits to the Boston Philharmonic.

There was no artist information or anything like that.

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  1. Product Description. An eclectic combination of old school punk and even older school Irish music. The Nogoodnix debut CD "Pub Punx United" is no anarchist's cry for revolution, rather it a call to the lads and lassies to tip back a few and have some of 4/5(1).

  2. Every Now And Then: Muirsheen Durkin Days / May Sorrow Be A Stranger: Notes Formerly known as Trauma School Dropouts. Nogoodnix - Pub Punx United download free. Celtic, Punk Singer: Nogoodnix Album title: Pub Punx United Label: Stupid Cupid Records ‎– SCR Type: CD Country: US Date of released: Category.

  3. Mar 20,  · Listen to music from Nogoodnix like Swoosh. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Nogoodnix.

  4. Reviewed in the United States on August 7, fast, fun, and full of energy. live excitement captured well on this cd. a must for anyone who even remotely likes the quincy punx. Read more5/5(4).

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  6. The Punx Squad Kemnastr.3 Recklinghausen Germany Fon: +49 (0) - Fax: +49 (0) - Mail: [email protected].

  7. Dec 15,  · Punk & Hardcore from the 80s until today. Whether englisch, german, spanish or finnish vocals. Whether vinyl, tape or cd. UP THE D.I.Y Punk.

  8. Apr 10,  · anarcho punk band london, uk. subdued released their debut album in a perfect timing, this is the right music for these dark and bleak days. if someone told you that this was released in on mortarhate, you wouldn’t be surprised. this album, along with Bad Breeding are setting the bar for a new golden age of anarcho punk in the UK.

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