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Cloud Power - Józef Skrzek - Józefina (Cassette, Album)

Grabstein and My Solid Ground. Blend of prog and electronic. Pretty amazing stuff! Mostly Improvisations. Paranoia sound rocker. Hard rock. One of thes best of the new German bands! These were only released as private CD-Rs. If you like IQ and Spocks Beard then this is a must. Live at the Burg Herzberg festival.

Has a Doors vibe throughout. Their sound is like early Novalis. Mostly instrumental with keys, guitars and sitar. SMITH - 70s heavy rock trio. Includes two 20 minute live bonus tracks from Great organ! Cloud Power - Józef Skrzek - Józefina (Cassette is their progressive rock masterpiece from Lots of great keyboards including mellotron and a substantial mid-Genesis influence.

Sounds more like some of the early 70s English groups Fantasy, Gnidrolog etc Some tracks are instrumental and some with English vocals but all feature some excellent organ. Same style as Solaris. Like Mike Oldfield or Vangelis. I love these guys! AT - Delicate classical folk using recorder, acoustic guitars, piano, percussion etc Hungarian vocals. Amazing package! Quite unique! Relatively unknown group.

Some Amazing stuff here! Very nice debut! Great solo piano. One of the better piano albums that I have heard. Some nice flute, primitive keys and very Indonesian! I hear a lot of Mike Oldfield in this work. Holy smokes! One of the best things Ive heard from Israel. Bonus CD consists of previously unreleased live material. The Stretcher March is the mega-rare 2nd album that was a soundtrack to the film. Very emotional and powerful stuff.

Maybe Caravan meets Moody Blues? A must hear! Dont even know how to describe this one. References include Trace, Refugee and The Nice. Last copies! Kind of reminds me of Celeste but with a Celtic edge to it. Another Black Widow winner! Another great collaboration with each track averaging 25 minutes. Reminds me of Miriodor. Genesis medley cover. Very unique album! Tolkien works. Recommended highly! Reminds me a lot of Arpia! Short but sweet! Has to be heard!

YS is their heavy prog masterpiece from Trys is a great keyboard dominated come-back work. Really good! Not far from what Porcupine Tree is doing these days.

The others are solid solo piano works. Produced by Derek Sherinian. Still possesses great keyboard work. Guitars and keyboards stand out. Kind of like Celeste. Limited press of Limited edition of Lots of programmed keys along with female vocals. Reminds me of Far East Family Band in many places. The 2nd and 3rd are great comeback efforts. Really great spacey progressive with dark organ passages. Clearlight meets Porcupine Tree. Searing flutes, great fuzz guitar yet still full of Romanticism.

The minis are the re-formatted song versions the way the band originally intended it to be. Absolutely essential! Gorgeous and quirky at the same time. Progressive with a slight pop edge. Long tracks. Stunningly beautiful! Elegie DInverno is all instrumental and has more of a classical edge to it. An absolute must! Suite was their best and most proggy album. Solid release. POE - One of many brilliant one-offs from the 70s Italian prog scene with that wonderful doomy organ sound.

Reminds me a lot of Jade Warrior but with a jazz edge to it. A masterpiece! An absolute must for Porcupine Tree fans! FLEA - Classic hard guitar progressive from Has a hypnotic yet beautiful feel to it. Elmos Fire. Mix of symphonic and electronic music. Only made! Some great keyboards and guitar lead the way. First time on CD! Rare promotional cassette with some previously unreleased material. A must have! Marco Polo and Live Tasting are fantastic comeback efforts.

Lots of great flute, sax, guitar and spacey keys. Similar to Locanda Delle Fate. Schock is their 3rd album and a soundtrack from and close to Goblin. Gets better with every listen! Heavy Hammond organ. Some amazing chops displayed here! Fans of Magenta, Karnataka and Renaissance will eat this up. One of the best to ever to come out of Italy!

I hear a lot of Yes influence in them. Start with UT or Atomic System. Great progressive! Certainly one of the best of the 70s. Features Aldo Tagliapietra from Le Orme. Excellent prog with some psychedelia thrown in. Features some wonderful organ and flute playing. The 2 bonus tracks are Caravan covers with Richard Sinclair. A wonderful trip back to the early 70s!

Mixes prog, with fusion and Canterbury. A very unique album! Il Tempo has more of a refined classical approach. Il Linguaggio and Tempo are surprisingly good comeback progressive albums. Nice album at a nice price! Close to Museo Rosenbach so in other words its essential. Maybe Jade Warrior meets King Crimson?

Contaminazione is their symphonic masterpiece from Budget price. Lengthy 4 track EP clocks in at about 28 minutes and is a limited edition of Beautiful Album) Menuetto in the style of Pugnani. Kreisler ; Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. Alegretto [! Nagrano w Lizbonie grudnia r. Muzyka na skrzypce i fortepian — 20 w. Muzyka europejska w zabytkach Warmii i Mazur. Romanza oprac. Sonata g-moll na fagot i b.

Trzy figle na flet solo ded. Nagrano w Studiu. The power of emotion. Baal Shem. Lotus land op. Nocturne F sharp minor op. Romance D major op. Vocalise op. Nagrano w studiu S1 Polskiego Radia w.

Nagrano w Sali Koncertowej. Muzyka polska — 20 w. Zawiera: Sonata D-dur KV. Hoffman, A. Muzyka austriacka — w. Wykonawcy: Krzysztof Jakowicz, skrz. Nagrano w sali koncertowej Opery i Filharmonii Podlaskiej w. Koncert skrzypce — 20 w. Poemat symfoniczny — 20 w. Koncert skrzypcowy D-dur op.

Wykonawcy: Konstanty Andrzej Kulka, skrz. Nagrano w Sali Koncertowej im. Koncert skrzypce — 19 w. Uwertura — 19 w. Muzyka rosyjska — 19 w. Kolacja we dwoje. Juliusz Massent [! Szymanowski, Paderewski, Chopin. Fantaisie polonaise sur des themes originaux pour piano et orchestre op. Muzyka polska — w. Wykonawcy: Bartosz Cajler, skrz. Suita orkiestra kameralna — 20 w. Music for chamber orchestra. Nagrano w studiu. Wariacje na temat Haydna op. Wykonawcy: Orkiestra Symfoniczna Filharmonii Opolskiej im.

Nagrano w sali koncertowej Filharmonii Opolskiej w styczniu. Wariacje orkiestra — 19 w. Muzyka angielska — 20 w. Symphony no. Nagrania z Archiwum Polskiego Radia. Koncert skrzypce i wiolonczela — 21 w. Symfonia — 21 w. Muzyka polska — 21 w. Poranek zakochanych. Fantazja impromptu cis-moll op. Walc a-moll. Peer Gynt : Suite Nr. Edvard Grieg. Digital 5. Antka Grzybka. Film dokumentalny 2. Muzyka elektroniczna — 21 w. Vita contemplativa. Nagrano w r. Andrzej Szczypiorski. Nagrano pod. Adelaide op.

Son op. Sergiusz Rachmaninow. Po szerokim. Piosenka litewska op. Nagrano w studiu koncertowym S-2 Polskiego Radia w Warszawie w listopadzie r. Arleta Nawrocka-Wysocka. Muzyka polskiego baroku. Muzyka — imprezy — Polska — od r. Muzyka wokalna religijna — w. Lucas Passion. Domino : for male choir a cappella ; Miserere from St. Lucas Passion : for mixed choir a cappella ; Benedictum Dominum :.

Psalm 30 from Psalms of David : for mixed choir a cappella ; Kaczka pstra : for mixed choir a cappella ; Aria from Three pieces in. Missa pro pace op. Felixa Nowowiejskiego w Olsztynie ; Janusz Przybylski, dyr. Marcin Guz. Musica sacromontana. Arie operowe i operetkowe. Aria Leporella z op. Don Juan ; Aria Figara z I aktu op. Wesele Figara; Cavatina Figara.

Aria Don Pasquale z op. He nr yka Debicha. Opera — fragmenty — w. Operetka — fragmenty — 19 w. Bel canto Stefana Witasa.

Feliksa Rybickiego. Gillowa Ork. Brahms Ork. Jerzego Gerta. Zofia Bajkowska Ork. Erik Meyer ; Helmund Ork. Smutno mi bez. Za rok Ork. Machnicki Ork. Mierzejewski ; Kora Jaroszow Ork. Jerry Ork. Adieu : tango z. Piosenka — 20 w. Nagrano w Operze. Jerzy Satanowski]. Na opak. Wiersze Marii Pawlikowskiej-Jasnorzewskiej. Ludek Drizhal nagr.

The Harry Potter collection. Hogwarts ; Diagon Alley and the Grigotts Vault ; Hogwarts forever and the moving stairs ; The Norwegian ridgeback and a change of season. Hedwig theme. The portrait gallery ; Hagrid the professor ; Quidditch, third year ; The patronus light ; Saving buckbeak ; Finale ; Mischief managed! Album zawiera muz. Hit the dance floor.

Cross for love Tomasz Korpanty. El tango del dosiente Grzegorz. Katarzyna Tarkowska. Dirty Diana Piotr Cugowski. Lady of your life Anna Karwan.

Gabinet taty instrum. Warsaw by night instrum. Tell me more Album) Karwan. Kuchenne zamieszanie. Mambo No. Uptown girl Andrzej Lampert. El baile del angel Grzegorz Sieradzki. Apologize Timbaland feat. One Republic. Daddy cool Boney M. Almost lover A Fine Frenzy. Rock this party Bob Sinclair feat.

Baby when the light David Guetta. Wow Kylie. Hot n cold Katy Perry. Because I love you September. Tokyo Danny. Womanizer Britney Spears. They talk sh t about me Matt Pokora.

The fear Lily Allen. Pull up Jamal. Masz to Marika. What am. I fighting for? Power of attraction Natalia Lesz. You know me better Roisin Murphy. Bonus track :. Movie klub Zawiera: Cross my broken heart The Jets. What is love Howard Jones. Bit by bit : theme from Fletch Stephanie Mills. Oh yeah Yello. True faith New Order. Dolce vita Ryan Parls. Americanos Holly Johnson. Silent water Blue System.

Mastering Beat Halberschmidt. Nagrano podczas realizacji filmu w r. Muzyka wielkiego ekranu. Mastering Marcin Partyka. Nagrano w studiu The Jobers. Mastering Grzegorz. Scarlet Closterkeller. Kuncewicz dialog Silny i Magda. Blondynka Fokus. List do M. Ferries Anna. Jacek Tarkowski. Absolute hits. Zawiera: My life would suck without you Kelly Clarkson. Sober P! Club is mine Bel-Mondo. Every word Ercola feat. Jordin Sparks.

Circus Britney Spears. Unforgivable Armin van Buuren feat. Evribadi Mauro. Talk to me Groovebusterz. Emely Danny feat. Sasha Strunin. Dynamite Christina Aguilera. Free Tatana. I begin to wonder Jean. Claude Ades. Music goes around Anthony Moon. Only for you Jaybee. What is love Julian White feat. Al Johnson. Not enough time Cosmic Gate feat. Emma Hewitt.

All 4 you Komodo. Album) me a river Justin Timberlake. I bruise easily Natasha Bedingfield. Angels Robbie Williams. Other side of the world KT Tunstall. Fix Album) Coldplay. Just another day Jon Secada. Unbreak my heart Toni. Unpretty TLC. Star Reamonn. Clever prog evoking Crimson with symphonic overtones. A bit like Henry Cow. Reminds me of early Kenso. Crazy stuff!

Musically this is more in line with Novela and Starless. Some brilliant guitar work here. Two 59 minute tracks! Lots of great flute, keys and guitar. Band is already defunct. Good electronic complex rock.

One of the best to come out of Mexico. Fernandez Ledesma, Banda Elastica. Been out of print for ages. Soft classical jazz. Heavy Mahavishnu influence. Floyd meets Genesis. If you liked Matraz — Gritare then you should enjoy this as well.

Private release. Very much like Marillion but a bit heavier. Powerful, emotional and melodic! Pretty Amazing for Very entertaining album! Nice stuff! Like a cross between Supersister and Alquin. Amazing flute playing by Chris. Great keys throughout. Reminds me of Egdon Heath but with female vocals. Way out of print since and only a few copies available. Reminds me of Castanarc and IQ.

Echoes of Genesis and Gentle Giant can be heard. Great prog! Imagine Anekdoten with a lead female singer! TREE — Instrumental progressive jazz rock from by this 6 piece band made up of bass, drums, keys, guitar, percussion and trumpet. Mellotron heaven! Explicit yet hilarious lyrics top them off. Like Yes! Like a mix of Magma, Nebelnest and Shylock. Fans of Riverside should really enjoy these guys.

GIL — New solo effort by Collage guitarist with 2 other members participating. Has to be heard to be believed! Reminds me of Riverside. Neo progressive with outstanding guitar work. Second Battle release. Nice female vocals. Sometimes aggressive and harsh and other times very melodic.

Me likey! Gentle Giant-like vocals. Moves from prog to neoclassical to prog metal quite fluently. Simply gorgeous! Great compositions and female vocals! Both are excellent!

Heavy, inyour-face, complex stuff! Quite a bit like Djam Karet and highly recommended! Far-out stuff! Blue Intermezzo is a solo piano work. Mix of experimental, post-rock, electronica and space. For the brave ones only! Contains some killer organ! The rest are progressive. Pink Floyd meets Kingston Wall with even some Triana influences. Floating and passionate, this is really some great stuff.

Pretty far ahead of its time! Disc 1 is 5. Excellent neo progressive. Their entire work is covered on this double CD. Besides the 1 single they had in this CD is comprised of previosuly unreleased tracks. Azahara, Iman, Cai and Gualdalquivir. Some tracks otherwise not released. With Tony Levin as well. Half sung in English and half Spanish. Excellent stuff! The 2nd has a much harder edge. AL FIN! Features members of Dungen and Landberk. Only a few available!

Top-notch stuff! Very Unique! Trace meets Ekseption. Features Reine Fiske Landberk on guitar. Features Kaipa keyboardist Hans Lundin. Energetic folk on electric guitar. Wonderful organ that reminds me a lot of Trace. Notes From The Past on are excellent current albums. This is the English version. Black Emperor. One 44 minute track. Something really magical about this record!

Acoustic guitars, piano, trumpet, cello. Sort of like IQ. Dark, frightening, ambient and technical music from outer space. Path is an excellent comeback effort. Finis features Anglagard drummer Mattias Olsson and is limited to copies! Their latest recordings has a more Zeppelin edge to them. Tree direction. All are great! Great acoustic guitars, pan flutes and percussion. Melancholy and downright gorgeous stuff. Genesis meets Strawbs!

Giger cover. Symphonic rock in Pulsar, Ange and even Mike Oldfield style. A must if you like Erkin Koray and Baris Manco. Loads of Ney ancient Asian fluteguitars and percussion.

Much spacier than Vulgar Unicorn. Contains some nice violin, guitar and orchestration. Mix of jazz, rock and prog. BEN — Classic Vertigo progressive jazz rock. Some of the very first albums to feature Hammond organ and mellotron. Blends prog with pop. Search Search. Join others and track this song Scrobble, find and rediscover music with a Last. Sign Up to Last. Play album. Length Lyrics Add lyrics on Musixmatch. Related Tags progressive rock rock polish Add tags View all tags.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of "Józefina" on Discogs.

  2. Listen online to Józef Skrzek - Cloud Power and see which albums it appears on. Scrobble songs and get recommendations on other tracks and artists.

  3. 9 thoughts on “ Józef Skrzek - Józefina (Cassette, Album) ” Yozshuhn says: at Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Józef Skrzek - Józefina at Discogs. Complete your Józef Skrzek collection/5(57). Reply. Arajora says: at

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  5. JOZEF SKRZEK Vinyl Records and CDs: Polish multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer. Born July 2, in Siemianowice Śląskie-Michałkowice, Poland. Brother of Jan Skrzek, husband of Alina Skrzek. Józef Skrzek Discography Price Guide Recently Listed Email Alerts Refine Search Results. Artist: Title: Label: Cat Num.

  6. Feb 16,  · Watch the video for Cloud Power from Józef Skrzek's Józefina for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.

  7. Józefina is a music studio album recording by JÓZEF SKRZEK (Eclectic Prog/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. This page includes Józefina's: cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, free MP3 download (stream), buy online links: amazon, ratings and detailled reviews by our experts, collaborators and members/5(13).

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