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Banana Rock - The Wombles - Banana Rock (Vinyl)

He passed away in The other, born in so he would only have been 25 when this disc was issuedwas once arrested for stealing a cooker from an abandoned house and several years later needed hospital treatment after being attacked by a pair of pit bulls while trespassing, and for some reason, to my mind, this makes him a less likely candidate.

Best known for the hundreds of compilations issued in the 70s and 80s, under such titles as the Now Sounds of TodayMusic of AmericaNew Favorites Of…, Gospel Jubilee and so on, for the next couple of posts on the blog I'm going to be concentrating on their 45 and EP output, a series of releases less well documented, but which also adds up to hundreds of discs. First up we have all four tracks from a Columbine EP issued inwith two songs each from Kay Weaver and the redoubtable Ralph Lowe.

Kane, and performed in her usual disinterested style by Kay Weaver. The song, copyrighted in Octoberis dull, and Weaver's performance lacks any of the 'spark' that the title infers.

Kay Weaver had a secondary career as a performer of religious music, and her bland country-western rambles might work quite well in that genre, but for me she only really gets going as a song-poem stylist when offered rockier tunes to torture.

Copyright in this 'classic' was registered in Banana Rock - The Wombles - Banana Rock (Vinyl)and Alvaro had already submitted other songs to Columbine for their careful consideration: Lowe performed his classic In The Way of Dancin' on one Banana Rock - The Wombles - Banana Rock (Vinyl) the company's Music of America collections.

Confusingly the title of the song does not appear in the lyric at all. The final track on the disc is the real highlight. Like John Kane, Glenn registered copyright for the song, words and music no less, in Octoberand this performance, by song-poem titan Ralph Lowe, is simply wonderful. Glenn's lyric is rendered utterly devoid of emotion, and Ralph's doleful delivery is driven by boredom, not sentiment, plodding along like a carthorse rather than a funeral cortege.

Such was the demand for Banana Rock - The Wombles - Banana Rock (Vinyl) souvenir soundie that a cassette version was issued as well, although it seems that neither Pancho, Bobby nor Lolita were ever called upon to record a follow-up. Perhaps the parrots were a one-trick pony?

Anyway, here are both sides of this marvellous monstrosity. If you want one with less wobble, the tracks are readily available on YouTube. All four studio albums went gold[2] and four of the singles reached the Top 10 in the UK Singles Chart. A song called "Wombling U.

Consequently, when the single charted, the "band" was invited to perform on Top of the Pops. Additional Womble suits of the other main characters were hastily made for the live performance. When appearing as a band, the Wombles were always played by experienced musicians dressed in full costume. Batt continued to perform as Orinoco, regularly accompanied by renowned drummer Clem Cattini dressed as Bungo and respected rock guitarist Chris Spedding dressed as Wellington complete with Spedding's trademark white Gibson Flying V --both of whom had previously recorded with Batt.

On one edition of Top of the Popsthe costumes were filled by members of Steeleye Span. Tim and Andy Renton, who had worked with Batt in the latter incarnation of Hapshash and the Coloured Coat also donned the costumes, along with Robin LeMesurier, [6] who also had a Gibson Flying V, but was eventually kicked out of the band following his arrest for possession of marijuana.

The band appeared as the interval act at the Eurovision Song Conteststaged at the Brighton Domeat which Abba became Banana Rock - The Wombles - Banana Rock (Vinyl) known. The Wombles 'split' in and, following a severe drought that summer, a single called "Rainmaker" credited solely to Wellington Womble rather than the entire band was released. Although Batt was sensitive about the legacy of the band for a long time, more recently he has talked of their music with pride.

In a interview, he said: "It is hard to be taken seriously with the Wombles hanging around my neck like a furry anvil. I used it as an exercise in teaching myself to arrange music For the band, see The No.

Merriam Webster Online Dictionary. A Course in Phonetics 6th ed. Boston: Wadsworth. New Zealand English. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. Oxford University Banana Rock - The Wombles - Banana Rock (Vinyl), March Online Etymology Dictionary. Scrat's Opening Scene Around The Studio Downtown L. Valiant and Valiant Lucius DeGeraldson Toon Patrol 2 Toontown Disaster it is unused New Team Welcome to Characterville Getting The Team Together Characterville's Super Legion Jade Wilson's Soundstage Bugs Bunny Meets the Nerdlucks Daniel's and Scarlett's Office Daffy Chase Special Forces Meeting Emergency Exit The Lucius is Rising Abstract Thought Submarine Opera Opera is originally composed by Heitor Pereira Mary Lou Larue's Gadgetry Arrival

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  3. The Wombles were a British novelty pop group, featuring musicians dressed as the characters from the children's TV show The Wombles, which in turn was based on the children's book series by Elisabeth dresdner-christstollen.biziter and record producer Mike Batt wrote and also performed many commercially successful singles and albums as 'The Wombles' with other collaborators, including the TV series.

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