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Homeless - Paul Simon - Graceland (Vinyl, LP, Album)

He also notes that music videos and artists who were influenced by the music on Bowie's prior releases of the Berlin Trilogy, such as the Human LeagueDevo and Gary Numanhad begun to gain popularity. Bowie himself criticised Numan, which led to a feud between the two artists that lasted for years. According to Buckley, Numan's fame indirectly led to Bowie taking a more pop-oriented direction for his next studio album, Scary Monsters and Super Creeps The video features Bowie walking down a road in London's Earl's Courtattracting surprised fans, interspersed with shots of him as an abused DJ.

The video, inspired by Oscar Wilde 's The Picture of Dorian Graydepicts Bowie as a painter in an attic studio whose self-portrait begins to decay and melt.

In contrast to the universal praise received by its predecessor two years before, Lodger received mixed reviews from music critics on its original release.

Although they considered this was both a "continuation" and a "departure" from his previous works, the magazine chose Lodger among their Top Album Picks Album) week of 9 June Although he found some of the songs "good" and complimented its " easy-listening " nature, he noted the absence of the more "challenging" work on the earlier releases and found Lodger as a whole to be "a frustrating but well-crafted LP that is much less than it appears to be".

The album did receive some positive reviews. A writer for The New York Times called it Bowie's "most eloquent" record in years, [29] while Robert Christgau of The Village Voice wrote favourably, stating that although the songs may seem impassive and not designful, he believed those qualities are "part of their charm—the way they confound categories of sensibility and sophistication is so frustrating it's satisfying".

Retrospectively, Lodger has received more positive reviews. Upon the album's reissue, Entertainment Weekly writer Ira Robbins noted its accessibility compared to its predecessors and felt the songs were forerunners of Let's Dance.

He also commented on the "razor-sharp musical corners" and "new layers of wit and generosity in the songwriting", highlighting "Boys Keep Swinging", "DJ" and "Fantastic Voyage". Lodger deserves a room of its own in the critical pantheon. He commented on the record's accessibility compared to Bowie's prior releases. The consensus among critics at the time of its release was that Lodger was the weakest of the Berlin Trilogy. He further finds that overall, it lacks the "pioneer spirit" of Low and the "sheer gravitas" of "Heroes".

Nevertheless, Seabrook considers some of the tracks, including "African Night Flight", "Repetition" and "Red Money", as among his best work of the period. Spitz described the album's promotional videos directed by Mallet "as innovative as anything Bowie had ever done before". The song's chorus also borrows the melody and call-and-response vocals from "Boys Keep Swinging"; Bowie and Eno both received credit for "M. The lead singer Damon Albarn has cited Bowie as an influence.

Club following Bowie's death in early Glass informed Bowie of the projects and the two stayed in touch with each other until ; the two discussed making a third symphony which never came to fruition. After Bowie's death inGlass said the two had talked about adapting Lodger for the third symphony, adding that "the idea has not totally disappeared".

Like Glass's other adaptations, the "Lodger" Symphony is separated into seven movements, each named after tracks on Lodger. The symphony marked the completion of his trilogy of works based on Bowie's Berlin Trilogy.

Bowie did not tour for Lodgerbut did play many of its tracks live on other tours: "Red Sails" was performed during the Serious Moonlight Tour ; "Repetition" was performed during his late 's Hours Tour ; "DJ" and "Boys Keep Swinging" were performed during his —96 Outside Tour ; "Fantastic Voyage" was performed during his A Reality Tour ; and "Look Back in Anger" was performed on all of those tours. Reviewers criticised Lodger ' s original mix for many years, calling it "over-cluttered" and "over-produced".

Regarding the mix, Visconti stated: "My only regret is that we went to New York to finish [the] album and it suffered at the mixing stage because New York studios simply were not as versatile or well-equipped as their European counterparts in those days.

Bowie and Visconti began discussing the possibility of remixing Lodger during the sessions for Bowie's 24th studio album The Next Day for a possible deluxe edition reissue, with the latter explaining: "[It's] an important record to both of us. David agrees it never sounded the way we wanted.

During the sessions for Bowie's final album Blackstar inVisconti secretly began remixing Lodger. Grow further noted that the mix makes "everything [feel] generally lighter", notably on "Red Money" and "Yassassin".

Overall, Grow gave praise to the new mix, calling it a "brilliant new take" and noting that the original now feels "muddier" by comparison. Gerard gave the most acclaim to "DJ", writing that its new mix gives the track "more punch and clarity". Ultimately, Gerard felt the new mix is the highlight of the box set and gives Lodger enough recognition to be labeled as among Bowie's finest works.

Lodger has been rereleased several times on compact disc. Credits are adapted from the album's liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. David Bowie. Art rock experimental rock avant-pop world new wave. David Bowie Tony Visconti. Ultimate Classic Rock. Archived from the original on 29 March Retrieved 29 March The Quietus. Archived from the original on 20 November Jerry Richard James Ryan Lindsay Jax Jessica Dawson Alexis Shawn Open navigation menu.

Close suggestions Search Search. User Settings. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous. Carousel Next. What is Scribd? Levitin, Grammy magazine, Winter, June 16, Australian Chart Book — ISBN July 21, Retrieved November 12, Les classement single. Single Top Archived from the original on October 2, Retrieved November 13, Je hebt meer dan twee trefwoorden opgegeven bij de handelsnaam.

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Johnson signed a bill creating the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. November 13th: The first black mayor of a major American city was elected: Carl Stokes, the 51st mayor of Cleveland, Ohio. Play it real pretty. Williams was at the time the head comedy writer for the popular Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. The music was written and performed by Williams, backed by the Wrecking Crew in LA and arranged by Mike Post who is said to have written the middle horn break.

He was the front runner for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Sheffield Labs markets records made by direct cutting for higher sound quality. Dolby B magnetic tape noise reduction system was released for the consumer market making cassette tapes practical for reasonably high fidelity recordings. If he would do that, Jacobs would put it into full rotation at the influential station, pretty much guaranteeing a hit.

By artistic integrity or pure stubbornness, Webb refused to shorten the 7 minutes, second song. The song generated such a buzz that within a week KHJ relented and added it to their rotation.

Within a month it rose to 2 nationally. It was the first album the Beatles released under their own label Apple and the largest selling double album of all time. It was a lunchtime concert on January 30th that lasted 42 minutes in the cold winter wind, and was conceived as a filming opportunity for the climax of the Film Let it Be. Billy Preston joined them on keyboards.

The concert was broken up by the police as a disturbance of the peace. Cambodia was recognized as a neutral country at the time. President Nixon had called for the bombings, bypassing the normal chain of command. On July 20th Astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first human to walk on the moon. White Lake is part of the town of Bethel, 43 miles Southwest of Woodstock.

The gathering was estimated atAugust 9th: The notion of a peaceful counterculture came to an abrupt end. Polanski, was in London working on a film project. All five Album) murdered. They too were brutally murdered. The term came from the song of the same name by the Beatles. At age 47, Jack Kerouac died from internal bleeding due to long-standing alcohol abuse.

ECL then changed its name to Norlin Inc. So began the era characterized by corporate mismanagement and low-quality products; similar to the period of Fender ownership by CBS. The Altamont Speedway Free Festival suffered considerable violence including one homicide and three accidental deaths. The stage was only four feet high. The crowds were not peaceful, and drug use and lack of facilities contributed to the unrest. Ironically, the Grateful Dead never played due to the level of violence and there were four births on-site during the day at the festival.

A single individual became infected with HIV in Haiti and brought the infection to the United States sometime during The genetic make-up of that particular strain of the HIV virus appears to be the one that initially spread rapidly through the high-risk portions of American society — gay men and intravenous drug users.

Within a few years, the infection found its way into all aspects of society. Roy Clark brought the 5-string banjo back to popularity at the same venue. The era of the singer-songwriter had begun. Four students were killed, nine wounded, and one of the nine wounded was paralyzed for life. Some of those hit were simply watching the protest. The event was the culmination of four days of increasing tension since the Nixon announcement of the Cambodian incursion.

On May 5th there was a nation-wide student strike on most college campuses protesting the extension of the war and the killing of the Kent State students.

The estimated numbers of students, faculty and administrators involved were 4, On October 27, Congress passed the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act ofwhich, among other things, categorized controlled substances based on their medicinal use and potential for addiction. Schedule III through V have less severe warnings or descriptions and subsequently, fewer restrictions. He was obsessed with the song and was certain it carried a political message.

David E. Blackmer developed dbx noise reduction for magnetic tape systems. The process would virtually eliminate tape noise from recordings. Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Band lost control of his Harley Davidson motorcycle and crashed while trying to avoid a construction vehicle that made an abrupt stop. He was declared dead at the scene. Upon returning to their apartment, they took heroin and Courson nodded off. He snorted it, starting a bad internal reaction.

Ultimately, he hemorrhaged to death while Courson slept. June President Nixon declares a War on Drugs. June The 26th amendment to the Constitution of the United States was passed allowing year-olds to vote. July 1: Louis Armstrong died of a heart attack at age August 1st saw the birth of large-scale benefit concerts.

The Concert for Bangladesh provided relief for the combined disaster of the Bhola cyclonelives lost and the starving refugees of the Bangladesh Liberation War. The concert was organized by George Harrison and Ravi Shankar. Large sums were raised but Apple manager Allen Klein had neglected to register the event for tax-exempt status.

He never returns. The prisoners had held the prison for four days to seek redress for a host of grievances. Governor Nelson Rockefeller had refused to meet with them. December Gloria Steinem publishes the first issue of MS magazine. It eventually became clear that the men were connected to the Committee to re-elect the President by a slush fund. He bought seven of them. He had seen photos of several of his blues influences playing them and reckoned that they would make good gifts for his friends Steve Winwood, Pete Townshend, and George Harrison.

He gave away the cleanest three of them and picked over the remaining four for parts; taking what he liked from each and assembling a personal Stratocaster that would come to be known as Blackie, his main guitar for the next 12 years. January 22nd: Roe v. Wade — U. There were also rumors of drug use. Richard M. Nixon was elected to a second term as President of the United States.

Following the session with Floyd, they were packing their cars with their instruments when Clarence was hit by a drunken driver and dragged up the street about 20 feet.

He died the next day. You can take me to the desert and burn me. I want to go out in a cloud of smoke. On October 17th, Arab nations began an oil embargo on the United States in an effort to raise oil prices and attempt to alter the American support of Israel. Augustino LoPrinzi quit the company and opened a new guitar manufacturing facility next door in Rosemont New Jersey. Working with luthier Richard Schneider he developed a new approach to bracing the instruments.

All other aspects of the construction were also affected. Clive Davis became the president of Arista records after taking the time to write his memoirs. He continued his long history of recognizing and signing major talents to the new label. President Richard M. Nixon resigned his office on August 9th facing near-certain impeachment in the House of Representatives and conviction in the Senate for conspiring to cover up the Watergate Break-in of He was succeeded by Gerald Ford who eventually issued a full pardon.

President Nixon is the only President to date to resign his LP. Between and production of Gibson guitars was shifted from Kalamazoo to Nashville Tennessee. Quality of the early instruments built in Nashville was plagued by climate-control problems in the humid South and inexperienced workers.

The Kalamazoo plant was temporarily kept operating as the Gibson Custom Shop. He was found unresponsive, naked on his bathroom floor and was pronounced dead at pm at Baptist Memorial Hospital.

United States copyright law was amended to give artists the right to regain legal rights to their work 35 years after January 1st, It is expected that record companies will litigate when the time comes to retain the rights.

There is a lot at stake: at one of the four major record companies; the back catalog constitutes 90 percent of their income. The first test tube baby is born in the United Kingdom. The small cassette player could be carried in a pocket and used with small headphones. A new market was born. Lennon was pronounced dead upon arrival at the emergency room of the Roosevelt Hospital at pm. Lennon was cremated and his ashes spread over the area of Central Park, where the Strawberry Fields memorial now stands.

Chapman remains in prison where he has been repeatedly denied parole. AMF Corporation gave up trying to make money building guitars. This was the birth of the World Wide Web www. The first cases were a cluster of intravenous drug users and homosexual men who showed symptoms of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia PCPa rare opportunistic infection that was known to only occur in people with very compromised immune systems. This made cassette tape sound very similar in quality to records.

Unfortunately, CDs were released the same year. MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface was defined as an industry-standard protocol enabling electronic musical instruments including keyboards to communicate with computers.

A MIDI trigger could generate any sound sample or waveform within a computer program that could then be directed to an amplifier and speakers. Michael Jackson releases the album Thriller which quickly became the largest selling album in history, topping 25 million sold. Barney Clark receives the Jarvik-7 artificial heart implanted by Dr. William DeVries.

Clark lived for days. The Rock and Roll Foundation was created on April 20th, but had no place to call home for several more years. Two separate research groups published their findings in the same issue of the journal Science. It would not be until that the research community would agree on a name for their discoveries — Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV.

The awards were statuettes of an astronaut with an American flag on the moon. The event was hosted by Bette Midler and Dan Aykroyd. Gibson sold off its original manufacturing facilities in Kalamazoo Michigan.

A group of Gibson Kalamazoo employees led by former Gibson plant manager Jim Deurloo acquired the old factories and a new line of instruments emerged; Heritage Guitars, based upon some original Gibson designs. The sale was completed in March. CBS did not make it easy for the new owners — they sold the Fullerton, California factories separately.

Fender was forced to start from scratch. Eric Clapton retired his Fender Stratocaster Blackie from service after 12 years of using it as his main guitar, following his world tour. Madonna launched her first major tour, The Virgin Tour. Suzanne Vega released her debut album of the same name. She would later, inopen the first Lilith Fair show. Day was established as a US National Holiday after considerable debate and over significant opposition.

Juszkiewicz, David H. Berryman, and Gary A. The grand old company had been reduced to a single line of Les Paul guitars and was reported to be within three months of closing its doors. This made it possible to make an exact clone copy of CDs or any other audio source 16 bit, 48, This made the CD industry a bit nervous.

The induction speech was delivered by Mick Jagger. It was a consortium of organizations dedicated to satellite broadcast of telephone, fax and digital signals — the precursor to satellite radio.

The audience seemed to like it. Fender honored Eric Clapton as the first artist to have a Stratocaster signature model. Clapton had contributed to the success of the Stratocaster by his extensive use of the instrument Blackie for performance and recording during the s. Vinyl records are outsold by CDs. Tracy Chapman released her debut album of the same name.

The Indigo Girls released their debut album. It breathed new life into some classic music and past musical heroes. The auctioneer was Hilary Kay. It was the largest sum ever paid for an electric guitar. Ani DiFranco releases her debut album. The browser could access Usenet newsgroups and FTP files as well. However, it could run only on the NeXT. Nicola Pellow then created a simple text browser, called the Line Mode Browser, that could run on almost any computer.

Now there was a standard format for music compression that could allow music to be sent easily over the internet. Rock promoter Bill Graham died on October 25th in a helicopter that struck a utility tower.

The concept was to set up a satellite-based digital radio LP. The ribbon was cut by a small group that included Yoko Ono and Little Richard. Jewel Jewel Kilcher released Pieces of You. Dolly the Sheep became the fitst mammal cloned from an adult cell. Dolly died in In the first 18 months of its availability, it was downloaded by 15 million users.

The first year included Jewel and was the top-grossing tour of On the next night May 15th the lights of the Las Vegas Strip were dimmed for ten minutes in his honor. Sinatra had suffered from senile dementia and had made no public appearances following a heart attack in January of By writing this code, he pioneered peer-to-peer file sharing and removed the big music studios and major retailers as profit-minded intermediaries and created an entirely new paradigm for music and media consumption.

He turned out to be a 15 year old Norwegian by the name Jon Lech Johansen. He worked out the decryption with two other programmers whose identities are still unknown. Harrison left his bedroom to investigate while his wife, Olivia, phoned the police. Abram attacked Harrison with a seven-inch kitchen knife, inflicting seven stab wounds, puncturing a lung and causing head injuries before Olivia Harrison stopped the attack by beating Abram with a fire poker.

The attack lasted almost fifteen minutes. Before this, his bolt-on necks still required the fretboard extension to be glued to the top. With this development, the neck was fully independent and was fitted into a pre-formed pocket. The claim was that neck resets would be simpler, but the whole assembly followed the Leo Fender notion of simplified mass-production and greater potential profit.

The English folk singer-songwriter had died 25 years earlier and his final album Pink Moon had a small cult following but had originally sold only a few thousand copies. Four commercial passenger jetliners were hijacked. One was crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and one plot was foiled by the passengers, and ultimately crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

There were no survivors on any of the flights. In total, 2, people died in the attacks. Songs could be found, bought and cataloged individually.

On October 23rd, iPod portable media players were introduced by Apple to store and play the music and video purchased on iTunes. On September 7th, Acoustic Music. Org opened its doors in Guilford, CT. This protocol has become a standard for distributing large amounts of data on the internet. In August alone, more than three billion music files were traded on-line by a peer-to-peer protocol like Napster for free.

The music industry was not amused. Napster was attacked with traditional lawsuits and forced to shut down for encouraging, aiding and abetting copyright infringement. He was under the care of Dr. Gilbert Lederman, a staff radiation oncologist. A complaint was later brought against Dr. The complaint alleges that Dr.

Lederman and his family came to visit Harrison and began singing and playing a guitar they brought. Lederman asked Harrison to autograph the guitar. Harrison responded I do not even know if I know how to sign my name anymore. You can do this. The cause of death was listed on his Los Angeles County death certificate as metastatic non-small cell lung cancer. He was cremated at Hollywood Homeless - Paul Simon - Graceland (Vinyl Cemetery and his ashes were scattered in the Ganges River by his close family in a private ceremony according to Hindu tradition.

Jack Johnson released his debut album. The murder has not yet been solved. January 1st saw the introduction of the Euro to replace francs, lire, guilders, marks, pesetas, drachmas, escudos and markkas.

November 25th the Department of Homeland Security was formed to unify 22 separate intelligence agencies. On April 28th, Apple unveiled LP iTunes Music Store music could be downloaded for 99 cents per song. It was a theoretical win-win small amounts of money, legal rights, and the artists would be paid.

It was not at all clear whether the system would work since it was so easy to download music for free.

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  1. "Kodachrome" is a song by the American singer-songwriter Paul Simon. It was the lead single from his third studio album, There Goes Rhymin' Simon (), released on Columbia song is named after Kodak's now-discontinued reversal film brand Kodachrome.

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  3. Lodger is the 13th studio album by English musician David Bowie, released on by RCA an eventful year that saw the release of two studio albums, Low and "Heroes", and many other side projects in , Bowie embarked on the Isolar II world tour in During a break in the tour, Bowie regrouped with collaborator Brian Eno and producer Tony Visconti .

  4. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. "I feel like it was very disturbing to have to relive those moments," Clary tells Gayle King of testifying against singer.

  5. Five-time Grammy Award-winning Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Green Day unleash their brand new song “Pollyanna” out in in Berkeley, CA, Green Day is one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time, with more than 70 million records sold worldwide and 10 billion cumulative audio/visual streams.

  6. Some feel that the album reshaped the music scene of the era by broadening the boundaries of an acoustic guitar’s potential. Simon and Garfunkel record and release Sounds of Silence EP. The final cut on side one is Paul Simon playing the guitar solo “Anji” by Davey Graham, bringing an English flavor to fingerstyle guitar in the US.

  7. 网易云音乐是一款专注于发现与分享的音乐产品,依托专业音乐人、dj、好友推荐及社交功能,为用户打造全新的音乐生活。.

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