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You To Me Are Everything, Part I - Revelation (2) - You To Me Are Everything (Vinyl)

King explained in a September Fangoria interview that he had seen the first hour of the miniseries, and that the rest was currently being edited. It was initially planned to air on ABC in May [92] before being moved to the " sweeps month " of You To Me Are Everything, [93] specifically the nights of November 18 [94] and November Just before the broadcast, a variety of predictions were made by television writers about how big It 's ratings would be.

Journalist Janos D. Froelich analyzed the final product of It as looking cheaper than ABC's previous sweeps month big events, which made her less faithful about it being successful. It turned out to be the biggest success of for Capital Cities, owner of ABCgarnering nearly 30 million viewers over its two-night premiere.

Nielsen to be recording it. Television experts reported "rave" [41] and not-so-fond reviews of It from television critics. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Eric Mink cherished it as "a gripping, bloody horror romp that will leave most of your major muscle groups aching from long stretches of constant tension.

Some critics highlighted its priority on character development over the typical horror traits of blood and gore, [80] [] [81] Richmond elaborating it was "all the more disturbing and believable by the fact that we are forced to care about these people as individuals. However, many writers also panned It 's long length and padding, [] [] [83] [] [] The Washington Times writer Rick Martin criticizing its lack of scary moments over a four-hour running time.

The most praise came towards It 's first part, a common highlight being the performances of the child actors [] [84] [] [] [] and its development of the Losers. The part had the most "impact" of the miniseries because it focused on children, a very "vulnerable" demographic of people, analyzed The San Diego Union writer Robert P. But we're also reminded what a soothing salve friendship was.

Keller wrote the Losers' bonding "never lurch into the sentimental, but are deeply, powerfully moving all the same," also finding the back-and-forth flashback technique to be the miniseries' "most effective" aspect. The second part garnered more criticism, a recurring con being the adult actors. Mal Vincent felt the adult characters unintentionally looked like "psychopaths" seeing It's mind images, but also liked the performers of the grown-ups more than most other critics: "they do manage, just as importantly, to suggest camaraderie and friendship which, considering they are mostly stars of competing TV series, is an achievement in itself.

The ending of the miniseries garnered the most disappointment with critics, even those most favorable toward the miniseries. InIt was re-released on VHS on a single cassette tape and was altered, removing the end credits from part 1 and the opening credits of part 2.

These edits carried over to all future releases of the miniseries. While the climax may be somewhat unavoidably unsatisfying, it is nostalgically remembered for its strengths, including its unforgettably gruesome Pennywise portrayal, its memorably shocking moments of on-screen visceral horror [ Stephen King's It is considered by most fans to be the most terrifying made-for-television horror film of all time.

More time and more money would've helped in the visual effects department, but I think we did okay with what Part I - Revelation (2) - You To Me Are Everything (Vinyl) had, and what we had, above all else, was a brilliant cast and brilliant material.

Stephen King and I corresponded after the fact, and he felt as I did about the show's strengths and weaknesses, but overall was very complimentary. The site's consensus reads, "Though hampered by an uneven second half, It supplies a wealth of funhouse thrills and an idelible turn from Tim Curry as Pennywise.

Many retrospective pieces have spotlighted Curry's version of Pennywise, [] [] [] [8] [49] being called by several publications and scholars as one of the most terrifying clown characters in film and television. Collins described it as "the stuff sleepless nights are made of. He gloats, he giggles, he taunts, he devours the scenery like the monster himself devours middle-schoolers — and he generally sears his way right into the brain of the viewer.

Collins and Part I - Revelation (2) - You To Me Are Everything (Vinyl) Smythe of The Guardian claimed the miniseries to have a cult status[] [] Smythe using Curry's portrayal as the main reason: "To this day, it's Pennywise that people turn to if you ask them to picture a scary clown.

Far more people than ever read the book have seen pictures of Curry's Pennywise, or have watched clips, or remember their siblings forcing them to watch it with them. However, the other parts of the miniseries have faced more divided opinions.

Smythe, while finding the miniseries enjoyable overall, also found the writing to be "clunky" and the other performances to be "soapy. Rozsa was also one of the few reviewers to dislike the child performers, describing their line delivery as "unconvincing.

Jonathan Barkin, in a review, wrote that the first part, while the best of the miniseries, suffered from "awkward attempts to tie everything together," where what is only shown is "the smallest of snippets and there aren't really any solid connecting lines.

His overall criticisms includes its flashback structure and cheap television look, especially when it came to the spider and the "lazy" choice of close-up shots for Pennywise's scary faces.

There have been several internet memes using gifs of the scene where Pennywise meets Georgie. While King has admitted to enjoying the miniseries, calling it a "really ambitious adaptation of a really long book;" [6] Wallace, who only read the novel years after finishing Itstated in that he found the miniseries to be inferior to its source material. It ' s commercial success began a wave of miniseries adaptations of Stephen King works, such as The Tommyknockersanother miniseries where Cohen wrote the script; Rose Redand The two-part late s film version of It Chapter One and Chapter Two feature references to the miniseries.

A doll replica of Curry's Pennywise is seen in Chapter One in the scene where Richie encounters a room of clown dolls in the house on Neibolt Street; [] the doll was also included in the film's trailer. It's very dated, you know? In Mayan Indiegogo campaign was created for Pennywise: The Story of ITan independent documentary film about the production and lasting impact of the It miniseries.

In Augustit was announced that Pennywise: The Story of IT co-producer Campopiano was producing a short alternate history sequel film to the miniseries titled Georgie. From May 22 to May 29,the company Horror Decor sold Pennywise dolls as part of their Killer Carnival Punks collection that also featured doll versions of the clown from Poltergeist and Gunther from The Funhouse Factory Entertainment has released several products based on the miniseries: a lunchbox, [] a 15" Premium Motion Statue of Pennywise with an audio card playing some of Curry's lines, [] and a plush doll of the clown.

On July 25,HalloweenCostumes. On February 16,the National Entertainment Collectibles Association released various toys of the miniseries' Pennywise, such as a 2" tall scaler mini of Pennywise, [] an 8" bobble head of the character, [] a 6. In MarchJapanese company Kotobukiya, as the first product of their Dokodemo horror statue series, released a 3" ARTFX figure that replicates It 's shower scene, specifically the part when Pennywise comes out of the drain.

Ina You To Me Are Everything Indian television adaptation of the miniseries, Wohwas broadcast. In SeptemberThe WB announced a two-hour telefilm remake of the It miniseries written by Peter Filardi and produced by Mark Wolper, both of whom previously worked on the version of Salem's Lot.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from It film. For the novel, see It novel. It by Stephen King. It 's child cast, which included Jonathan Brandis leftSeth Green middleand Emily Perkins rightgarnered praise from reviewers. Convention photos of various cosplays of Curry's Pennywise, which has been the main reason for the miniseries' cult following according to writer James Smythe. Dayton Daily News City ed. January 1, ISBN USA Today. The Seattle Times. Archived from the original on March 30, Retrieved December 28, September The Hollywood Reporter.

Retrieved September 11, Retrieved October 21, June 8, Archived from the original on September 21, Retrieved June 16, Nightmare on Film Street. September 1, Retrieved January 12, Austin American-Statesman Final ed. The Roanoke Times Metro ed. Los Angeles Daily News Valley ed. Bloody Disgusting.

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Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe b. The marriage of synthesis and the voice has allowed for a heightened physicality in the way of ecstatic music, both in a live setting and recorded. The sensitivity of analogue modular synthesis echoes the organic nature of vocal expression, which in this case is meant to put forth a trancelike state. Waxwork Records is proud to present the soundtrack to Candyman in multiple formats, including vinylCD and digital.

The deluxe 2xLP vinyl release features gram colored vinylold-style tip-on gatefold jackets with satin coating and a built-in booklet page, liner notes by composer Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowea page art gallery exhibition catalogueartwork by Sherwin Ovid and Julian Williams and puppetry art by Manual Cinema.

Waxwork Records is excited to present the deluxe score album to George A. Romero, composer liner notes from John Harrison, the complete score, gram colored vinyl, printed inserts, and artwork by Ghoulish Gary Pullin.

Track List: Side A 1. Prologue 2. The Creepshow Welcomes You 3. She Bashed His Head In 5. Bedelia Arrives 6. I Want My Cake 7.

Henry Goes Looking 9. I Got My Cake Jordy Discovers His Meteor Get In That Hole, Harry Richard Watches Them Drown Mike Discovers The Crate Mike Meets Fluffy Henry Leaves Wilma A Note Wilma Looks Under The Stairs Wake Up!

Fluffy Eats Wilma Henry Dumps Fluffy What Are Friends For? Bastards Blackout The End Of Pratt Until Next Time. The deluxe 3xLP album features the score music composed for the three installments in the trilogy based on R. The first score featured, Fear Street Part 1:kicks off this expansive album with tracks composed by Marco Beltrami and Marcus Trumpp.

Ina group of teenagers discover the terrifying events that have haunted their town for generations may all be connected — and they may be the next targets. Based on R. Sigi E. Loch knew that I had already designed many LP covers and posters for various bands. He ordered me to draw something. My idea was to make the Liberty logo as a crocodile.

My illustration was enthusiastically accepted and printed by the record label. The US record company did not want this cover, on the grounds that their logo should not be defaced.

We insisted on our version, which then led to the rejection of production. Various US stores have then simply imported the LP. As you may have guessed, Krokodil pronounced like "kroh-koh-deal" translates to "crocodile" in English, though the word has also been used regularly in "street" terms to refer to the opiate desomorphinemanufactured by the Swiss healthcare company Roche.

Whatever the meaning, it is clear that Krokodil's sound had no small influence form the stoned-out '60s sounds of bands like the Grateful Dead and Iron Butterfly.

It's closer to Yusef Lateef than anything I've ever heard in psych music before, and the following minute trip is an adventure across equally stunning architecture. The third Krokodil LP is apparently the one which has really become a cult item, but this debut is perhaps currently still the favorite for me. Unfortunately, though, the mastering was ruined by heavy-handed EQ along with digital compression and limiting.

The result is that over 50 years later the extremely well-pressed original LPs which were manufactured a tad north of CH in Munich, Bavaria are still superior in fidelity to anything that came after. Thus I have manually restored this high-resolution transfer for your enjoyment, which turned out to be barely any work at all, given how well C. Stay tuned; there is much more to come. If you were to ask three different guys what their favorite West Coast Pop Art LP is, you'd probably get three different answers.

The band's second major-label offering, aptly titled Vol. Nonetheless, those tracks justify having this album on my shelf in both its stereo and mono forms. With a band name like this, you immediately get an idea of what to expect from this album. There are elements of experimental music, folk ballads, and of course fuzzed-out acid explosions. The style is admittedly quite varied, which is a plus, but the lyrical content on this album was strongly influenced by bankroller Bob Markley, and frequently ventures into creepy territory -- and not in a good way: it feels like reading a precursor to Nabokov's Lolita while listening to a talented group of guys try their best to make weird, haunting pop songs.

Here are some of the my favorite cringe-worthy lines:. Let me in, let me in! I'll give you candy. Several vocals are pretty weak and even a bit out-of-tune, but with the major-label engineering, it was dealt with properly: for example, "Smell Of Incense" wisely used double-tracking with lots of reverb, working to good effect. At the very least, this is a unique LP which has earned its spot in history as a representation of the experimentation that the '60s music scene seems to have come to embody.

This dedicated mono mix has never yet been reissued digitally, which is a bit of a curiosity. I heard through the grapevine a couple years back that a mono CD boxset was in the works, but it still hasn't appeared, so The You To Me Are Everything does offer better balance than the stereo version, typical of this period. I bought this reissue a couple years after it came out, and was pleasantly surprised at how excellent it sounded. The audio was sourced from the original 15ips 1-track mono mixdown master tape, though probably with some high-resolution?

The mastering is pleasant, and the pressing quality is totally superb. It's one of the best reissues I've bought in the last few years.

The original might sound better -- but I suspect that it could also sound worse, with the high-end roll-off and inner-groove distortion expected from a '60s mono pop LP. Note that the original mastering notes pictured above call for "HP 55 LP My dub is from this album's virgin playing, and a full manual restoration only took the matter of a few hours.

August 21, Retrieved April 30, Canongate U. Archived from the original on December 26, Archived from the original on May 26, Archived from the original on January 1, Retrieved January 1, Archived from the original on August 31, Ask me anything". October 10, Archived from the original on July 25, Bourgoin, Suzanne M.

Contemporary Musicians. Gale Cengage. Retrieved September 12, Archived from the original on February 13, Pitchfork Media. Retrieved March 8, The New Yorker. Retrieved August 29, Bring Me the Horizon". November 22, Retrieved November 17, February 5, Chicago Sun-Times. Sun-Times Media Group.

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Fallon : When did you get that? Glover : I think it was like sophomore year of college. We were all hanging out, chilling and drinking and then we were like, "oh, Wu-Tang name generatorlet's put our name in. This is something big. Time Out London. February 23, Archived from the original on February 23, Retrieved July 2, BBC You To Me Are Everything. May 26, Der Standard in German.

April 24, May 14, Retrieved March 22, Never Enough: The Story of the Cure. Omnibus Press. ISBNp. Project Official Site. June 13, Archived from the original on September 23, Archived from the original on April 4, Retrieved December 12, Slomowicz, Ron November 13, Archived from the original on March 22, Retrieved July 26, Retrieved October 10, London: Virgin. Retrieved March 13, Archived from the original on July 21,

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  5. The band's second major-label offering, aptly titled Vol. 2 (also Volume II or Volume Two (Breaking Through), depending on where you look), features some of their best tracks, namely "Smell Of Incense," "Suppose We Give A War And No One Comes," and the less-oft-mentioned "Carte Blanche," but otherwise remains relatively inconsistent, for me.

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  7. It (also known as Stephen King's It) is a American ABC two-part psychological horror drama miniseries directed by Tommy Lee Wallace and adapted by Lawrence D. Cohen from Stephen King's novel of the same story revolves around a predatory monster that can transform itself into its prey's worst fears, allowing it to exploit the phobias of its victims.

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