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Various - Slinky Inter-continental Sampler (CD)

Too much thinking. Outer outer: So this particular blog is about inner sleeves, but it seems this is as good a place as any to mention outer plastic sleeves. While there is some virtue in preserving the paperboard on a valued record it's got to be mentioned that plastic outer sleeves are highly annoying.

Not knowing a good alternative we vinyl enthusiasts are stuck with them. What makes them so bad? Well, for starters they almost always bunch up when being shelved. When the shelves start getting tight this becomes a major bummer. Think of a condom that won't stay where it's meant to.

It's sort of like that. Tune in next time for "The Inner Sleeve of Greatness! Hey, John Shaft and Isaac too! Do your thing! Somehow it has managed to stay in the collection Do what thing? Do YOUR thing! VVer 1 picked up the double LP soundtrack to this famous blacksploitation flick on the cheap. It's in lousy condition hence the cheapespecially the sleeve which is in full decay. The vinyl is roughed up too, but manages to play all the way through most of the time. The VVers gave it a full listen to see if it would make the cut or go into the purge box that sounds wrong.

After the spin, the only song that really stood out was Into the out-bin to go to music store mecca the Sound Garden in Baltimore to be sold the next day. No reason to keep a record much less a crusty double with only two or three great songs on it, right?

Why not get a few bucks in store credit? At least that's how these VVers roll. Well, the Sound Garden passed this gem up, along with a number of other allegedly inferior platters, so around the corner the VVers went to quirky record store, Own Guru, to see if the man wanted the goods. No go on anything ; "wrong titles, poor condition. Last chance for this record to have a new home in Baltimore was at great vinyl spot, El Suprimo!

Thus, it went into the "garage sale" pile Side Four starts off slow; so slow that the VVers thought they had made their signature mistake: playing the record at the wrong speed. The memory of this song was fast and funked-out. The song begins with some loose, but thought provoking lyrics sung over a slow burn funk line. An example, "if there's something you wanna say, and talkin' is the only way, rap on, oh, rap on.

Things are getting pretty warm up in here! Still no tempo shift though. You have to wait at least twenty minutes it seems till you get to that point, but oh is it worth it. When it finally goes down, funk guitar leading the way, you'll be squinting and head shaking like an idiot in no time! The instrumental jam gets layered with vocals repeating "do your thing" in a fast, echoey chant.

The track weaves in and out of tempo with several false returns then ultimately careens into several cosmic cascades of funky jamness it's a word, look it up. Distortion and apparent ambience leads to an abrupt screeching halt that sounds exactly like the needle just flew off the record really! Thus closes out this epic. Is it supposed to sound like the needle flies off? No one knows, but record, you "do your thing! Posted by Sara at PM No comments:.

Friday, October 17, Savages - Silence Yourself - Labels: duke garwoodSavagesSilence Yourselfvinyl vagabonds. Posted by Sara at PM 1 comment:. Wednesday, September 17, Appetizing? For your reading pleasure, a sampler of tasty platters from the VVer's collection. What's with all the pairing of music and food? Is it perhaps that the two leisurely activities go hand-in-hand?

What's good food without top notch tunes? Does yummy looking food and captivating music elicit a similar brain response? I'm Ron Burgundy? At first glance, it appears as if this "dynamic duo" is sharing a hot dog.

However, upon closer inspection, it's not like that scene from Lady and the Tramp; they are in fact eating their own sandwiches. Look how much fun they are having! What could have possibly inspired this arms intertwined manwich photo? The cover is so amazing that it makes the vegetarian VVers want to eat a bologna sandwich.

The music? Jazz guitar from Mr. Montgomery and electric organ from Mr. Cookin' up some jazzy, uptempo swing is really all this album has to do with food. Fat Boys - Self Titled - Clearly this needs a mention because of their name and the cover art, but no double dipping allowed, feast your eyes and read about this LP here.

And a pizza! Featuring the Stones as cake toppers, their music on this album is, well, iconic. Every track is amazing on this stunningly classic record. Blues, bluegrass, jazz, rock n roll, swagger; the band is at their peak. Let it Bleed takes the cake.

Johnny Hodges and Wild Bill Davis - Wings and Things - As frequent collaborators the VVers wrote about this duo beforethese two on alto sax and organ, respectively, combine their jazzy skills on this loose LP.

There's a call and response between the two on title track "Wings and Things" and on "Imbo" which defines their sound on this Verve platter which doesn't seem to have ever been put out on any other format than vinyl. Back cover liner notes draw all the connections between the music and featured food for the reader, mostly by using many an adjective. Of note about the title track: "There's a swinging restaurant with this name in Washington, and the band here salutes the eatery and the food with this rhythmic romp.

There are a few rocks over part of the Andes in Chile and had managed to traverse — which get slurped into the mud as soon as you position puckeringly barrierless mountain roads, successfully run them under the wheels — and one, lonely piece of two-by- the gauntlet of the vagaries of South American driving and four with which to dig. At some point I lost my shoes. Though the decent few degrees away from the horizontal. I was covered word I actually uttered was shorter, and more expletive.

The bumper popped itself No recovery gear, and a two-wheel-drive photography back out with only a slight crease, and for all intents and chase van positioned on the roadway some distance away. So I cleaned it in the nearest river, by the simple — with the Xd getting a six-speed manual in Pure or expedient of driving it into said river and hand washing it. Progressive, the rest equipped with a seven-speed auto.

This, it has to be said, was option packages and accessories. The very much like a proper SUV or passenger car. You X-Class is a new direction for Mercedes-Benz, a take on put up with workhorse attitude in a workhorse, less so posh practical not seen since before the G-Wagen became when you pay thoroughbred money. So this had better an inter-urban, hundred-thousand-pound fashion tank.

A pickup, done the Mercedes way. This does not bode well. Still, it remarkably smooth. This better in the metal than it does in pictures, in my opinion.

This is good. And I doubt in the top-spec version — and you can see where Mercedes the top-of-the-range version is going to be pickup cheap. Hence why apparent. And with that, my a lump more torque — the Xd — and that also gets a deception was complete, because nobody ever found out full Mercedes transmission.

So far. You also The most rational bhp, lb ft get pretty much one trim level, with a reason not to own an W have lost some grip as temperatures fall and — cooler in summer, warmer in winter, grippier in corners. Plus, biddable. For these conditions, the soft so never need dipping. Other winter goodness? Not a much- Cabin P discussed component of the supermini fever ownership experience, but, in my book at least, a vital one.

And the Ibiza is a deliciously easy car Report 3 to park. It also looks and feels just fold it away, clearing your sight line and are, making it a cinch to squeeze into better-built than my house, but that minimising distraction.

Either that, or the Ibiza And dazzling really is the word with a Wireless charging pad cruising at double the speed limit, with has such good sound deadening digital instrument cluster and two other too small for an 8 Plus the digital instrument cluster. Good news. I was doing some rally rides for Mission one: what do I want to do with my Nomad? This was interesting. The gearing is long 70mph is your Stetson. The yellow Nomad copes 2,rpmbut the 2.

This makes yellow lorry with its stride until torque peaks at 4,rpm, so you have to be quick with the six-speed Nomads. While driving straightforward. The big Vauxhalls and Fords but pretty good nonetheless. My only the BTCC and your next-door neighbour real complaint is that the satnav graphics is more likely to be hankering after an are a little basic, but the same could be SUV, or something German, rather than said for the Mondeo.

Our test model running down the centre of the bonnet. Vauxhall than I had expected. In lack of power from the 1. The trick is this has to be the engine to go for. Without the exhaust So much extra torque is perfect for Emissions regs are to blame, of course. It certainly sounds Also inside is an even simpler performance car icons uses a boxer four. Porsche-like at lower speeds. Not massively its myriad successors. The Downside? This one comes in at Cayman. One is an ex-WRC car once irony?

Then the Cayman sounds enlightening. I loved it. Esp at low speeds. That said, the mid-life facelift reverses my view that the non-AMG S coupes and rotating although with bhp and torques, cabs are the pick. A noble accomplishes. It handles like from Hiroshima. When I sleep cc but the car still weighs just over a I can sometimes still hear that ringing in tonne.

This mint car has only done a few my head as I stood by the bus stop chicane at the Daytona 24 Hours and the RX-8 hundred miles from new after being discovered in a barn in Scotland.

It has for such a big car. Then F has been working hard this month. I threw the last one in it a less precious feel.

It But on this? It shone. It began with a happy in a single bound, was a mobile editing cc, V6 turbodiesel, coincidence: just as I was thinking about suite, emergency shelter when the mercury 4WD, bhp, lb ft giving the Nomad a proper adventure, dipped to 15 below heated steering wheel About 50 miles from Mont offices go, the Disco Nomad or shutter pressing.

It carried spare kg Ventoux. Cogs whirred, calls happened, does just fine Stamped a tough car. In other stripes. I did when entering a cold, wet two-lane roundabout Well, the to identify the fault, but pinned it down P Zero Corsas just gave up. This gremlin duped sensors into on track although they have a pretty Can you see what I was thinking?

This is my shut all the fun of Race mode down and useless in a British winter. Admittedly, the Alfa still has a windscreen washers built into the To rectify it, a section of wiring was New winter tyres and a playful rear end, but now it can handle chance meeting with a wiper arms.

No chance of spraying snipped out and replaced. So far, so good adverse conditions. Like snow, which I grandparent below left the car behind instead of the screen.

But what about experienced the other day. Well, that still sounds like a perforated tambourine. Giulia is still sublime to drive. Hey — if you want waftability, get the DB11, yeah? Even the diesel is a good steer. Better than ever. TopGear on Abarth: Tuned Fiats brimming with back-street garage attitude.

Hectic, addictive. Pogo stick ride ATOM but ever so eager with it. The single most insane car on sale. Hugely characterful and sweeter to drive than a Mazda, mind. This 1. Quiet, sensible, well-built thing that has a lovely interior and no real joie de vivre.

Which does. Wonders shall never cease. Turbos rob character but 1. A high-rise Golf with its fearsomely quick, luxurious and and smarter. Unlike the regional boss.

About as memorable as an algebra exam. Sits on same platform as new A4 i cars good, 2-Series Active Tourer bad. The rest are now playing catch up.

From litre boot, 5 engines, 3 trims, 16 models in total. Still not up to 5-Series standards. Marginally 4. Mi is bargainous gem. MONO And a rather good one at that. All we know is that Stig once voted it his car of the year. Until then, get an S-Class.

NA-litre boot, 1 engine, 1 trim, 1 model in total. Now TopGear on Bentley: facelifted, so Various - Slinky Inter-continental Sampler (CD) more excellent. Bentley but the latest TT is impressive. TT RS is literally never said. No V8, no manual, only a faint restyle? Nope, not at all. Recent Evoque desirability for Qashqai money.

GC 4dr is much better. Others 0. Never as attractive a proposition as the Merc S-Class, the 7 is phenomenally DS good without anyone really giving a toss. Only French-er. Undergoing a bit of a renaissance these days.

Not fast, but a kick up the arse for Mini. A supercar for spacemen. X1 The Cactus-inspired new C3 is a top- notch supermini from Citroen. The most avantgarde Various - Slinky Inter-continental Sampler (CD). Not as inspir- 2-Series Active Tourer. Is less objection- ing as the 3, and the ride should still be able than old one in every single way. Far superior to older ones.

X3 is more socially acceptable, too. But tell us which crossover is. Very good on tarmac, assuming you want to pummel it into submission. Just Breath of fresh air, as only Citroen can like with those building contracts, yeah? Mighty nonetheless. Funky shapeliness from Citroen, helping make the world of MPVs more accept- 3. Headlights a particular success. A landmark piece litre boot, 1 engine, 2 trims, 2 models in total. Small, light and nimble year old cars remain all that.

Good A much-needed sharpening for the FF, now with a turbo V8. Excellent, if perhaps As old as the hills, yet as energetic as value, surprisingly able, very tough. Not the RS, mind. Buy a Panda and be content. PANDA 1. Smaller than a Well done Ford. Think Mazda CX There are few more reliable SUVs. The L is more Panda thanand bigger than you expect. Feels heavy and 1. The quest to cash in on the continues. Not a bad crossover, mind. Excuse us while we tuck into our hats.

Lacks the charisma of the Panda and the 1. No vices, but no virtues, either. Also large. Various - Slinky Inter-continental Sampler (CD) tank, litre boot, 2 engines, 2 trims, 4 models in total. But hey, you asked for it. Note: this does not apply to the disappointing EcoSport. JAZZ catching up with Kia in the design stakes, and everyone else everywhere else. Latest Jazz is clever. Very clever.

Lovely inside too, just not cheaper too. Korea one, Japan nil. Then step this way, 3. Gymkhana mums might not agree. TBC 1. Or care. But will anyone overlook Audi and Merc? Over-priced Cayman rival, or cut-price 1.

More sharply styled but otherwise anony- 5. This time aimed at the BMW 3-Series. JEEP 1. As alternative as it gets. Swedish purveyors of deeply outrageous supercars. Petrol-electric hybrid with a weird single far. Over-powered engines take you the rest of the way.

Needs to banish all memory of the X-Type. Or The Green Party. Or visibility. But like hexagons. Big, thirsty, pricey. Clash of the titans, then? TBA-litre boot, 1 engine, Various - Slinky Inter-continental Sampler (CD) trim, 1 model in total. Angular luxo-Toyotas that range from sleepy hybrids to speed and mesmerising on-road talent. Then buy 6. Every model beaten in every way TopGear on Land Rover: by German opposition, save for cachet, cool, and style.

Noooo — what have they done? Still, at least it drives better. Good thing, too. Nothing wrong there Lexus takes NX and scales up. Much and the MC Strad has bite if you need it.

One for 4. This is steering feel. Instead, think go-anywhere heavier. Drives luxury car. Or GALC. Hmm, catchy. Deliriously good to drive. RF riosity, but in reality a rather well judged New E gets Merc back in the big exec gets folding hard-top. Better than the CLA at least. AMG E63 is tremendous. CX-3 is pretty oddly proportioned but has plenty of name to go with it. Not to mention space. Better looking and highly desirable, especially the C CLS Better than the already very good car it One of the most competent cars in replaces.

And better looking. Hey presto — the GLC. Sublime in most ways. Just cheaper. Prices keener to compensate. New coupe is 3. Looks and performance are truly next level. Practical, fast, excellent quality and dynamics.

Meant for Americans. Take that, Land Rover. Still not fussed. World can hardly believe its luck. Other faint praise is available. Poop poop. TopGear on Mini: New hatch uglier but more sorted, with lovely turbo petrols.

HATCH 1 engine, 2 trims, 2 models in total. GT86 has highlighted its shortcomings. The only car to look like a restoration 3. The reasonably new 3. Drive one. Creaks a bit, but otherwise not as antiquated as you might think. Mini 3. Good news for inner-city estate agents. NOBLE 2. Powered by a twin turbo Volvo XC90 No rear-hinged doors this time round.

MICRA and amazingly supple. Major want. Not so cocky now, are you Fiesta? The greatest exponents of artistic Italian pageantry and Hulk-spec power the world has yet seen. The Countryman is a big Mini with a sense of humour failure, but it is a better all-rounder than its predecessor.

Very nice, if a little odd. We Design needs to be more Onyx, less ordinary. Rear-engined, rear drive Can be had with a 1. Have the 1. Base cars are great, but new GT3 is truly epic. In a good way. Mainly to sneak up 4. The Zoe Well, knock us down with a feather. Out 22nd Century cabin. Diesel seriously fast. Gobs smacked. Clio 4 is 2. Thus, soon to be everywhere Facelift helps. A bit. Clio for us, please. Pert, but below par to drive.

Contact me! There are so many places to enjoy Indian food along Main Street and so many Indian families living here, sometimes you feel almost a bit like being in an Indian village. Our Indian contributor, Raman Athinathan, is comparing Yung Shue Wan to a typical Indian village in his interesting and thought-provoking essay.

But let's hear from our expert. Click here for Raman's essay "Lamma as a village - some thoughts". First-ever Female Cricket Club Captain. LCC win plate. Tour side wins silverware under first female skipper.

By Peter Parker. Lamma's first match was against Green Man Sweepers, a local side of Pakistanis and Aussies, with Captain Kim losing the toss were put into bat.

Mark and Brad, who organized the tournament, celebrate success by having a three-legged race? Three points to Lamma for their first win. The next game was against tougher opposition in the form of eventual cup runners-up, Moonshine Warathais, captained by the infamous under-arm bowler Trevor Chappell. Captain Kim won the toss, decided to field first, and the Warathais smashed our bowlers all over the ground to score a formidable for 1, Despite some spirited Lamma batting from Monty 34 retired and Smithy 16 not out we could only muster a run total - a bad game all round for Lamma on the coconut matting.

We faced stiff opposition in our first game of day 2 as well, this time from Callmate, an Indian side led by former Indian International Atul Wassan. Callmate made for 1 and this time Brad and Ian opened the Lamma reply. Brad hit 28, Ian was run out on 2, Monty was bowled out on 19, and the rest could muster a total of 66, despite Captain Kim scoring her first run of the competition.

Lamma were back in the field just after lunch, this time against the Perth Postels, losing the toss and being put into field. Unfortunately we lost Raju, a local lad drafted in to make up the Lamma numbers, for half of the innings as he had to go back to work in between games and was late.

Our opposition kindly let us have a sub for the first half, who was another Perth boy, Doug Hedley. Perth Postels could only manage 64 off the Lamma bowlers, with notable overs from Doug 5 and Ian 6.

Despite 33 from Brad, we could only manage This game saw a nail-biting finish, though, with 5 runs needed off the final 2 balls and Kim facing. She made a lovely cover drive shot and cheered all the way to the other crease thinking the game was Lamma's. We needed 4 to win but Ian only managed to get the ball away for 1 run.

Never mind, we were through to the Plate semi-final on the final day, which was almost abandoned when heavy rain left standing water and a wet coconut matting pitch. But there was a delayed start and everything was back on track. Lamma lost their keeper, Smithy, to a heavy night in Phuket and again had the help of Doug for the rest of the day.

Monty Burns relaxing with a Klosters beer at the "Lamai" Restaurant near the hotel and stadium. A great little place. Blythswood batted first and made Monty and Brad opened the Lamma reply Brad 34 retiredand Monty hitting the winning runs off a 4, finishing on Lamma won, scoring 88 with one ball to spare.

Captain Kim was a nervous wreck, having bowled a shocker in the semi, giving 43 off her over, and went for a practice, seemingly doing OK, at least until she took the field? Lamma were put into bat and Monty batted very well, as he'd done all tournament. He opened with Brad but Brad was bowled on Ian joined Mark at the crease and scored a handy 21 not out. Monty again retired, this time on 32, bringing Doug in with 12 off the final over. We ended with a defendable total of Our bowling order changed, with Ian keeping wicket.

Doug bowled the first over for In comes nervous Captain Kim, who goes on to concede 37 runs, mostly to wides. But the crowd was behind her, shouting encouragement and telling the batsman to hit the bloody ball!!! Five wides later, the crowd were getting really pissed off with the batsman for not hitting the wides and scoring off them Raju took centre stage and bowled a tidy over for 8. Green Man were 52 for 1 needing 38 to win.

Brad came on, took a wicket with a catch by Doug on the boundary, taking the score to 58 for 2. Next ball we thought was an excellent catch by Monty but he was outside the boundary and sportingly signaled a 6 when the umpire had given the wicket, but was followed by another wicket, this time LBW.

Green Man were now on 63 for 4 and needing 27 off the last 8 balls. Brad finished his over on 22 for 2, leaving them on 74, needing 16 to win off the last over, brought courtesy of Monty, who'd been bowling well all tournament. Monty's first ball was a wide, then 2 dot balls, before clean bowling their batsman number 3 for 11! Their last man took the crease hoping to support his Captain to score the 14 runs to win off 3 balls. A beautifully delivered ball only went for 1, 13 runs off 2 to win, anything can still happen in 6's, the next ball went high and over Captain Kim's head but fell short of the boundary for a 4.

A big grin starting to appear on Captain's face, as the final ball went for a single but it wasn't enough! Latest news. LCC also did well in the Chiang Mai Sixes over Easter, just failing to make the semis of the cup tournament and finishing fifth overall out of a total of 30 teams. See map below. The surprising tip below arrived recently. Click on map to enlarge. Just received Hongkong Electrics Co. Sending the link to the paper to you: www. It's a demonstration project - only one wind turbine will be installed, for demonstration and educational purposes.

The selected site is Tai Ling, a spot m away from any residential housing. My opinion is that this is a potential interesting project - what is unknown is how much the communities has been and will be involved. I think people are now extra sensitive to changes to their environment without being notified or consulted, and the Hongkong Electric doesn't have good reputation on Lamma since that dumping incident. Alex Chan - Citizens Party:. More info regarding wind power. I dug up some old SCMP.

I wrote this short piece about wind energy : I think wind energy is the way to go renewable energy ; although some people may think wind turbines are an eyesore HEC press statement - on request from the Lamma-zine:. The Hongkong Electric Co. The project aims to explore the wider application of wind energy in Hong Kong. An application for an environmental impact assessment EIA study has been submitted to Environmental Protection Department in March, so that an EIA could be carried out before final design and construction begin.

Being a power supply utility, Hongkong Electric endeavours to support the research and development of renewable energy in Hong Kong. For your information, over the years, our company has funded several pilot projects and feasibility studies on sustainable development. Some of these projects are:. We also found a press release from Friends of the Earth HKdated Dec 11,referring to a wind turbine study commissioned and paid for by HK Electric:.

The remaining hurdles for developing wind energy in Hong Kong, FoEHK argues, are the lack of renewable energy policy and target, as well as half-hearted commitment from the two power companies.

The wind speeds are also comparable to major wind farms around the world. It is found that the highest wind power areas are determined by a combination of high topography and unobstructed northeast exposure. Wind energy can revive Po Toi Island by enhancing the reliability of its electricity supply, and adding an attraction to the burgeoning eco-tourism industry.

With only several households, Po Toi has no electricity or water supply and its energy is generated from unreliable diesel engines. Many of the villagers even cannot use a rice-cooker, a common electrical appliance for a Chinese family. Installing a wind turbine of kW, combined with a 50kW diesel generator and a kWh battery, can satisfy the electricity demand of Po Toi with excess wind energy available for other uses such as water desalination This photo was taken from the "pagoda", just above the end of the 2nd Cable Road, just above the covered water reservoir and Tai Ling Village.

Wind turbine location in yellow, about 30 metres below the peak. The tower itself will be 45 metres high and the rotating propellers will be 52 metres in diameter, their tips just visible from much of North Lamma, just behind Mt Panorama. I've started a lively discussion forum about the wind turbine on Lamma.

You're most welcome to air your own views, positive or negative: Wind turbine to be built in Tai Ling. Another photo courtesy of David Kerr taken from the very windy!! It'll become a future "landmark" of Lamma Island. It's scheduled for construction late next yearif the Environmental Impact Assessment study in progress goes well. On a more whimsical note, we're still looking for a good nickname for this future wind turbine. Mighty Samson the Tai-Penguin suggested Lamma-gizerinspired by Ener-gizer batteries and the turbine's alleged ability to power the apparently windy island of Lamma.

Everytimeagoodtime suggests The magical spinney thing. Any more ideas from the readers? Only finding out about such a major project on our island at such a late stage, it made me wonder what else is in progress that the powers-that-be are NOT telling us much about. A bit of research revealed several more interesting projects.

Very Temporary Helipad. The report talks about the "Immediate Environs", known as Hunter's to Lammaites, see photo gallery : "The proposed site is at the foot of a steep-sided vegetated valley Ruins are also located south of the site. It is anticipated that birds will temporarily avoid helicopter disturbance when the helipad is in use.

Therefore, no significant environmental issues are anticipated The permanent helipad will be located approximately 50 metres north of the proposed temporary helipad site. Checking with several govt. The District Office wrote that "Please note the temporary helipad is now in operation. The anticipated commencement date of the permanent one is December and it would take about 1. During the course of construction, it is very likely that the HK Electric's helipad had to be used again. Also, the Sewage Treatment was originally scheduled to be built in that exact location, starting end of Even the Environmental Permit for the temp helipad has only been issued till end of Oct.

The helipad was finished late, only after CNY, in Feba few weeks ago, but it's only planned to be used for another half a year. Yes, a total insanity and a complete waste of money, resources and time of everybody Various - Slinky Inter-continental Sampler (CD).

This is either gross stupidity or incredibly bad planning, or both! Even Lammadonna didn't know, being most surprised when I told her, expecting to keep the temp helipad till the permanent one will be completed. I started a discussion on Lamma. LAEC is frankly astonished that the authorities should prove so short-sighted that they need to shut down the Yung Shue Wan emergency helipad for an month period little more than a year after opening this urgently needed structure.

Having seen such notable progress in recent months, this botched process will not only cost millions of dollars, it will cost yet more lives. Yet again the welfare of the community is put at risk by an unresponsive planning process.

We will all suffer. However, all these are based on the assumption that the sewage treatment plant will be built and therefore the site would not be available for use as a permanent helipad. Given the Govt. As the temp helipad is already available, no reason to rush any longer other than the reason that if the amount is not spent now, it would be lost. A few days later, finally some good news from t he District Office, Islands:.

I just received their call this morning and they have given me some updated information. Due to the environmental assessment matters, the commencement date of the construction of the permanent helipad would be delayed until mid Well, that's definitely good news!

We got a lucky break in that both projects competing with the temp helipad got delayed. And it still means that it'll be back to the power station helipad for the entire duration of the perm helipad constructionexpected to last at least 1. If you're interested, have a look at the Permanent Helipad Project Profile. On a personal note, this topic is still very close to my heart. She was diagnosed after having been casevaced to QMH by helicopter last year. Lives could be saved by NOT using the far-away power station helipad ever again!

The very best long-term solution would be to relocate or cancel the YSW sewage treatment plant and forget about the perm helipad, just make the temp helipad permanent!!! But wouldn't it be something worth fighting for?

Are you a nature-lover looking for an amazingly scenic walk, but are too lazy to follow the tourist trails? Here's a minute highly scenic walk that includes: library, fishermen's village, typhoon shelter, dense forest, rocky beach, ruins, secluded sandy beach, tree-lined alleys and several hills with great views over the bay.

And it's all within minutes from the YSW ferry pier! A photo gallery that's been two years in the makingI'm presenting the best photos from my repeated visits into one of my favourite areas on Lamma see map.

The local fishermen and Lammadonna have been lobbying the govt. I hope this photo gallery doesn't turn into another "historic" one soon Click to jump to the Typhoon Shelter photo galleryor directly to one of the six subsections:.

Our island is a great place to keep dogs. Most dog owners take great care of their pets, making them some of the best-behaved and well-adapted "companion animals" in Hong Kong.

But some don't, so we've got a nickname of "Dog Shit Island" from some people. Click here for Harry's new great cartoon on this topic. Occasionally, owners are leaving Lamma or HK altogether and can't take their dogs along, or there's a litter of cute pups, too many for the owner to handle. Sponsorships are also most welcome.

Benny Goodman. The Great Benny Goodman. Greatest Hits [Columbia]. The Complete Benny Goodman, Vol. Various Artists. Big Band Era [Compose]. Sounds of Big Band, Vol. Kings of Swing [Laserlight Single Disc]. All-Time Greatest Hits. Columbia Jazz Masterpiece Sampler, Vol. The Cream of Benny Goodman. The Jazz Collector Edition. Masters of Jazz, Vols. Pure Gold. Kings of Swing [Intersound Box].

Sound of the Fourties, Vol. Indispensable Benny Goodman, Vol. Big Bands in Hi-Fi, Vol. In the Mood [Eclipse]. Golden Hits. This Is Jazz, Vol. Various - Slinky Inter-continental Sampler (CD) Hits [Bridge].

Idiot's Guide to Jazz. Stompin' at the Savoy [Beacon]. Benny Goodman [Eclipse]. Portrait of Benny Goodman. Selection of Swing Era, Vol. Let's Swing [Box]. Platinum Collection.

Jumpin' Jive [Allegiance]. Big Band Favorites [Madacy 2]. Stompin' at the Savoy [Jazz Hour]. Jazz on the Road [Columbia River]. Jazz Collection. Jazz Collection: Kings of Swing [ 1].

Ken Burns Jazz.

There Goes My Baby - Bay City Rollers - Rollin (Vinyl, LP, Album), Another Kind Of Music - Manfred Mann - As Is (CD, Album), Daddy Lizard - Slapper Dapper (Vinyl), Elementaali - Cosmic Church - Arcana Dei II - Tuliset Siivet (Cassette), End Of The Road - Jerry Lee Lewis - Jerry Lee Lewis Collection: 20 Greatest Hits (Cassette), Go Right For - Various - Deep 64 - The Y2K Edition (CD), Ennis Toilet - Bill Cosby - Bill (Vinyl, LP, Album), Antifacit - Svart Städhjälp - Svart Städhjälp (Vinyl, Album), Paul Jensen (5) - The Other Side (CD, Album), Johnny Clarke - Declaration Of Rights (Vinyl), Ett Gammalt Dragspel, 141st Street Orchestra - Raw Booty (Vinyl), World Wake Up, Voyage, Voyage - Various - 538 Dance Smash Hits - Autumn 2002 (CD), Shes Hot - Crazy Horse - Crazy Moon (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  1. Slinky. UK trance label that first started off back in September by releasing their first album. The last release was in Former label manager was Matthew Brooks. The label has been relaunched in May with Lee Haslam as the new label manager and Amadeus Mozart as creative director. A digital label Slinky Digital also exists.

  2. Concord Jazz Sacd Sampler, Vol 2 [SACD Hybrid] Various Artists. Various Artists. out of 5 stars. Audio CD. $ Ultimate Demonstration Disc: Chesky Records' Guide to Critical Listening. VARIOUS ARTISTS/5(61).

  3. New Music Sampler by WFUV Various Artists Compilation CD SBR. $ Was: $ $ shipping. or Best Offer.

  4. Jul 04,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the SACD release of "Super Audio CD Sampler" on Discogs.

  5. Various Artists (Label Samplers) biography This section contains albums released by record labels to promote their catalogues of artists. In the days before the internet and MP3 downloads, it was not nearly as easy for record companies to promote their artists.

  6. Various Artists - Greensleeves Sampler 21 - Various Artists CD 57VG The Cheap. £ Free postage. Only 1 left. SPONSORED. Various Artists: The Chilled House Session CD 3 discs () Quality guaranteed. 5 out of 5 stars.

  7. Sample CD catalogue covering a variety styles and sounds. Also some disks in Roland sampler format plus Musitronic's SY77 expansion option and D multitimbral option. Audio Superloops; Produce sample CDs specializing in Alternative and HipHop drumloops. Back In Time Records.

  8. Various - Lactamase 10” Sampler (Coil, Whitelodge, Ed Ka-Spel) $ 1 bid. $ shipping. Ending Jun 27 at AM PDT.

  9. Choose items to buy together. This item: Linn SACD Sampler 2 / Various. by VARIOUS ARTISTS Audio CD. $ In stock. Usually ships within 2 to 3 days. Ships from and sold by SpeedyHen. Concord Jazz Sacd Sampler, Vol 2 [SACD Hybrid] by Various Artists Audio CD/5().

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