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Statues - Moloko - Statues (CDr, Album)

After Nort left the band in the music changed, but still remained interesting. Later on Mark Albrow quit as well. The 12 inch did not sort out the desired effect. Jo Cammack joined in officially and they made new songs in Intimates say it Album) the best Hula ever made. For the public it is hard to judge, for the material is still in the vaults of the studio. Eventually Hula broke up. Many collage like sounds and tape loops. There is hardly any information Album) on what Reyvision, even when the insert mentions all the names.

It seems! What is interesting, I think, is that this forecasts more the later ambient sound of Silent Records, more than PGR ever did. Just my opinion. A curious record, I think. Volume 3 and 4 of this series of Dutch band Nasmak long sketch books of sounds.

See my previous posts for more information One of the harsher Merzbow releases here, which was released by Peter Zincken of Odal and Fckn Bstrd's fame Nihilistic Recordings, one his labels in the 80s.

The funny thing is that the cover lists all the instruments used. I can imagine a few people raising an eye-brow: did he use that to make all this noise. But I like it. For some reason I can't upload an image download. Lunde was once a member of Boy Dirt Car and then went solo, concentrating on voice and electronics. I must admit I never really understood what it was all about.

More about that when I post more. This LP shows his extended interest in sampling, breaking away from his earlier tape experiments. I have none of his tapes, but will post all the vinyl he released.

Well, not post the other two Sexorama compilations straight away? And what I forgot to tell yesterday, neither of these volumes come with extensive booklets like volume 1. More compilations, but of an entirely different nature. Sexorama were five tapes in total.

Number one was on Dual Track last year, and here are number two and four. Number three, a double tape, will come later, no doubt later this week. Sex was the most used thematic approach for compilations in the 80s, which probably said a lot about the sexual development of the young men creating noise music. Direction Music was a nice UK tape label with mostly electronic and some more experimental music, ran by Peter Harrison, who died in and consequently the label stopped.

On this tape, of which the title means 'connections', Context does music by mail collaborations with Big City Orchestra, David Prescott and Kapotte Muziek. The music is electronic, experimental, but quite enjoyable. One of the shorter tapes, with only two pieces by this by now very old sound poetry guy, not like Whitehead at all. Chopin started to work in the fifties with microphones and reel to reel tape machines and had a magazine with record 'Revue OU'.

I believe much of his compositions are re-issued by now, but I'm not sure about this tape release. It's not the best quality aroun, but it gives you a fine idea of what it sounds like. I totally forgot I had this until I found it the other Album). Of course from David I posted an album before. Here its a split LP with Iancu Dumitrescu. From the age of seven to twenty-two he pursued conventional musical studies leading to an M. InDumitrescu founded The Hyperion Ensemble.

The funny thing is that both have 2 tracks on this with one per artist on each side, unlike most split LP's which have two artists each on a side. Towards the end of the eighties there was a growing interest from the industrial musicians in musique concrete, and some groups started to play music that was loud but more musique concrete, like THU20, P16D4, P.

Children and also Kaiser Nietzsche from Canada. Non Plus Ultra is their final cassette release. Only of Kamevaar I heard some more music in the middle part of the nineties.

I was flipping through the book that comes with the Merzbox, and noticed that this is close to one the last releases that Merzbow did on cassette. It was known for its reputation of delivering quality material that always had "popular" demanding a second glance.

The man responsible for the creative success was Steven Moloi. He was a famous casting and creative director who at forty two, was already a legend in the industry. He had even supplied actors and extras for Hollywood productions shot on location in South Africa of the magnitude of Lawrance of Arabia.

Seated at the high seat of celebritica, his one line philosophies about the industry were already mottos in the world of fame and glitz, "business before pleasure or no pleasure at all". They were mottos I figured because South Africans had a tendency of celebrating mediocrity. I once wrote that they would find it funny if Steven farted. His one liners all worked for him in the first forty one years of his prolific life, as early in his forty second birthday someone must have just told him that life really started at forty two.

Steven was suddenly losing control of his life in a way that threatened his career. He was very much unaware of it. I was told that one Monday morning when he had a schedule to cast for three British film companies that were going to start filming in a month's time in Mpumalanga, he arrived in his office, took off his jacket and loosened his tie, then called for his assistant to send the first prospect in. She was extremely attractive. Steven had seen such beauty before but on that day it left him dumfounded.

He reached out for his clipboard and a pen. The young woman greeted him, he signaled her to sit down on the chair infront of his desk. You're dismissed". Lerato took to her feet and walked out. She was surprised. She came for auditions not to be summoned to another studio for them. She however walked out as another prospect was ushered in. Steven was sitting on a chair infront of a small fake movie set, lights, props and all.

She apologised profusely. Within five minutes of silent rehearsals Lerato was ready to take to the stage. She was soon fumbling her lines with minimal acting and intoxicating amateurism. Steven whispered something in her ear, she smiled. What was whispered in her ear led to her entering an apartment situated at Honey Street at about 18h00 that summer afternoon.

The sun was still up there, approaching its hibernation. Over his home cooked dinner of fish and rice he advised Lerato on what casting directors looked for in a protege. Lerato listened attentively and often took notes which Steve discouraged, insisting that she must memorise everything in her head. After the main course he poured both of them red wine, played soft music and started yepping the torque power of his BMW M3 and collectible Porsche.

Lerato was not really impressed, she was only happy that she took tips from the expert and knew how she'd handle her future auditions. Then as she was about to take her last sip of Album) wine, he moved in on her and stroked her palm gently. She nicely pulled away from him, not wanting to offend him. He frowned. She blushed, reached out for the glass again but he grasped her wrist Album) mininal stamina.

He narrowly smiled. Second attempt, the twenty-one-year old obliged. He laid her on the couch and fucked her. Tembi was working as a florist in Rosebank but had talent and once starred in a string of high school dramas. She also held a degree in performing arts from Wits University. One day they read in a suburb newspaper that three American film crews were coming to South Africa to make movies which were co-financed by them and going to be shot in Cape Town, Mafikeng and Nebo in Limpopo.

And true to the much hyped spirit of African Renaissance and local procurement they were only bringing along leading actors and their technical crew and would be employing local talents as supporting actors, extras, bit-parts and on location filming crews.

It was no wonder that as they were going through the story in The Star 's Showbiz Tonight supplement their fixed line telephone rang. Thuli abruptly got to it and spoke, then she listened silently and intensely as the caller on the other end spoke. Then she put the handset down. Tembi was anxious, "Come on girlfriend, who was it?

Boyfriend dumped you? We have to audition for parts in one of the upcoming American productions. She secured us a booking. Tembi, all of a sudden I'm scared, the accent and all that" she was shaking. Your Gcina Mhlope type of fables. No need to worry. Now, when are the auditions? She held Tembi's hands and like they did whenever they were called for auditions, they screamed, "Hollywood, here we come". On Wednesday Tembi was the first one to go in for auditions.

When she walked out shook she told Thuli, "I think he likes me". Minutes later Thuli auditioned as well and walked out unimpressed. They took a R30 cab home and spoke about what each would do with her first paycheque as an actor. Thuli was getting tired of her routine day job as a make-up artist for a television contracted beauty company. Even though she handled the make-up of tens of known superstars everyday, none of them ever remembered her name or felt the need to pimp her into acting.

Tembi was settled with her florist job but was only doing it as a way-out and didn't really relish it. Arriving at the flat Thuli asked Tembi what she meant when she said that the casting director liked her. Tembi said that he had asked her for a date the same evening. There are times that some of us have to sign contracts lying on our backs on leather seats, girlfriend" she joked.

At 17h25 Tembi was all dressed up to go, Thuli helped with her make-up. Tembi smiled, a smile of sarcasm. I'm not that cheap you know" she said, clutching her handbag. Soon a hooter came from down the street, she hugged Thuli tightly and left. Tembi had no plans of sleeping with Steveni, after all she was still an ambitious technical virgin from Kwazulu-Natal who had not yet had penetrative sex.

The scenery at Steven's retreat was seductive and Greek salad looked like aphrodisiacs. After the wine was served, which she took in fish sips, Steven moved around the table and put his hands on her shoulders, gently massaging her.

She twitched and removed them, he frowned. Why didn't you say that in the beginning" he smiled broadly, putting his glass next to hers. That increases the fun and the pleasure. Whether you came here for sex or not makes no difference, the end result remains the same. When you walk out of here you won't be a virgin anymore, you'll be an actress that screwed its director to get a chance" Steven arrogantly said.

Tembi looked at the clock on the wall, it was 19h21, she finished her drink. At 20h05 she walked out with an assured role as an actress, but short of her treasured virginity. She felt dirty. Arriving at the flat she went straight for the bathroom. Thuli was mildly puzzled. The following morning Steven had a mouth to mouth with his boss, who happened to pick it on newspapers that his employee has been nominated to the SABC board.

He asked him about his most recent sexual exploits. Steven was not going to deny it, he knew his boss had a wind of his problem, but what the boss had not heard was that he slept with potential actresses. I try hard to do good but I need them girls to help me, lead me not into temptation" he confessed, almost from his heart. His honesty could have made Dr Phil his next million dollars in couseling fees. How sure can you be that it's beyond your control? That same afternoon another aspiring actor was to be unlucky at the hands of Succubus' estranged husband.

After she was told that a part in a soft-drink commercial was on condition that she paid the piper, she protested vigorously.

Girl, you might be talented, a Wits graduate with a show-reel worthy of an Oscar, but you still are not special. They all started this way, all of them" he lied through his teeth. He smiled. I also seem to like you, so do me a favour, don't let this one pass you by. It's good to have morals and all but you need to draw the line, they swallow and vomit ladies like you everyday in the Veld" he motivated his proposition.

He gently laid her on the couch and fucked her roughly for two minutes flat without even taking off his clothes but a penis exit through his zipper. A month later the filming of the movie that Tembi had a supporting role started in the Cape's dry Namaqualand district. Lucky for her, Thuli's company was contracted to do make-up for the cast.

The two aspiring actors found themselves hundreds of kilometres away from the glitz of Johannesburg and away from the fast criminal life of Yeoville. When they left Jo'burg Steven had resigned from his position of more than twenty years to be on stand-by to occupy a lucrative position as an SABC board member, something that, due to his contribution to the film industry and putting the country on the map was due to him.

One day, during a break from filming and after reading a newspaper story about Steven being tipped to chair the new board, the two ladies were sitting in Tembi's trailer, Thuli applying make-up on her.

She let something off her chest. After much silence, Tembi responded, "No, but at hindsight that is possible. But we are lovers now, not necessarily one-off bonking partners" she told the truth and a lie in one breath. It didn't matter then, the only good thing was that one of them had made it and it was all there was to it. At last somebody would remember her name. Disclaimer : The names of people and companies in this short story are all fictitious except for public figures who are subject to public scrutiny.

If they co-incidentally create an impression that they belong to your uncle, boyfriend, husband, brother, nephew or cousin, dismiss it as your wild imagination. How does South Afrika explain the marginalisation of more than a million people to the point that their language is not recognised as one of the official ones? Kasiekulture went out some time ago to investigate Thirteen years ago in Rwanda more than a million Tutsis were killed in one hundred days of genocide while the whole world watched.

Ten years later commentators were quick to blame diplomats like erstwhile United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan for having stood by and watched as a whole ethnic group and its sympathisers were butchered. It was not only Annan who was blamed but the United States of America as well.

They argued that the Clinton Administration knew that the Interahamwe were using radio to fuel the flames and incite massacres but did nothing to seal off radio signal to disorganise the propaganda machine. It's always easy to point fingers after a disaster. Where will the fingers be pointed if the same tragedy happened in the Mpumalanga? KaMuhlava Day is a progressive day since it celebrates an important maShangaan dynasty founded years ago by Chief Muhlava. Observing the festivities with lots of interest were the maPulana tribe, who thirteen years into a new order are still waiting for honour to be bestowed upon them.

The maPulana, who according to Ms Angie Malope, a researcher at the University of Limpopo's Anthropology Department, number a staggering million people believe that there is a national conspiracy to exterminate them from the face of Africa. They claim that developed countries like South Africa would not resort to a systematic machete solution to wipe out a tribe, but intellectual oppression, whereby the language and culture of more than a million people are not part of the education curriculum in any part of the country or in any form.

MaPulana historian Mr Moses Chilwane attributes the absence of a well-defined maPulana chieftainship to the breaking of ranks that took place after the tribe crossed the Crocodile River from Swaziland and settled at their ancestral land of Shakwaneng, which he claims covered an area nearly the size of Mpumala nga. They had two kings, Mashego and Chilwane, the rest were subjects and chiefs.

They fought many battles and conquered many tribes, including the Bakone, mainly to replenish cattle or capture girls for themselves.

At this stage they already modeled themselves as Batau ba Bohlabatsatsi after they killed a lion at great human cost ", Chilwane relates. When they moved up north and settled between Pilgrim's Rest and Manyeleti they named the place Mapulaneng. Today, maPulana are nowhere to be found as an organised tribe. Wits University ' s Anthropology Department's Professor David Copeland put the blame squarely at cultural optimists' flirtation with treating maPulana as an offshoot of BaPedi.

Their language is not a dialect of Sepedi ". She emphasised the need for the existing maPulana chiefs to write a memorandum demanding recognition and representation in existing traditional bodies as stipulated in Chapter 12 of the Constitution. She also voiced the need for sePulana to be written and adopted by the Provincial Language Boards of both Mpumalanga and Limpopo as one of their official languages.

History is, in hegemonic societies mostly written by the conquerors. In the eventual collapse of the maPulana empire there was no conquered or conqueror, thus nobody captured the sad tale of bravery and treachery in ink.

Maybe the fact that there was no clear victor between Malele, Mashego, Mogane, Mashile and Chilwane, who are two kings and two chiefs contributed to nobody finding any enterprise in a book. Probably if one king or chief won the showdown maPulana history would have been well documented instead of existing in aging brains of living libraries.

Nobody ever valued their history a heritage worth passing to future generations so they can position themselves within the maPulana tribe and hierarchy. The story of maPulana and their subsequent almost extinct pedigree justifies a serious indictment on claims by South Africa 's political leadership that it is committed to the protection of minority rights and preservation of South Africa's cultural heritage.

It raises a question of whether the present predicament of sePulana, a language spoken by so many people not being afforded official recognition, even in the provinces where they evolved is another form of ethnic cleansing, conducted from behind the correctness of the country's constitution?

There is allegedly a conspiracy to deal a final blow to the dwindling maPulana popularity with an allegation that their tribal land Mapulaneng will in the near future be renamed Mhala or Mopani. Mapulaneng Hospital is also reported to be facing the same fate. With such attempts of ethnic cleansing proportions being presumably perpetrated, it calls for a presidential intervention. Only President Thabo Mbeki can offer assurance that maPulana, their culture, language Album) heritage will be protected and not allowed to fade away.

When names like Soshangane and Hoxane stay intact while sePulana names like Mphato and Hlabekisa are swooped for either Xitsonga or Sepedi ones, what maPulana see is amaShangaan and BaPedi tribes trying to re-write a distorted version of their history. A version that is meant to push tribal boundaries of BaPedi and amaShangaan kingdoms. The maPulana watch in awe as the descendants of Chief Nxumalowho according to Chilwane, " was granted passage on his way to KaMuhlava where he failed to secure the chieftainship and was later given land in Manyeleti by the maPulana to live with his people ", try to annihilate them by renaming institutions that celebrate maPulana history.

Unlike with vhaVenda 's Mphephu tribe, the maPulana struggle is not about a battle for chieftainship but recognition and equal protection of their heritage in a country that is celebrated for having the best constitution in the world. A constitution that is hailed for protecting the rights of the Khoi San clan but which, either by design or ignorance is failing to win the respect of maPulana who feel it is intentionally used to marginalise them.

It wrongly stipulates that, " In Limpopo, 5 million people live on about km2 of land. What happened to the million strong maPulana who speak their own language as well? Based on information contained in the Mpumalanga government website, the one military defeat suffered by ever-conquering King Mswati II was at the hands of maPulana.

They afflicted heavy losses on his warriors by hurling rocks at them from the summit of Moholoholo Mountain. Sadly, such acts of bravery are allowed to pass uncelebrated because it makes sense to some authoritarian to assume that such a battle never took place. The area of the battle is not even a protected heritage site.

MaPulana hope that someday South Africa, especially BaPedi and maShangaan, who are allegedly busy changing maPulana heritage names Hlabekisa to Dinkie 1 and Leroro to Dinkie 2 to suit their present hegemonic relevance will take collective blame for having allowed themselves to be used by invisible forces to exterminate a people. They find solace in the adage, "what goes around comes around" and that if one tribe can be deleted without a bang, nothing will stop the same faceless enemy from dealing the same blow to its next target, whatever tribe shall be.

If there is one thing South Africans collectively inherited, it is selective amnesia since even though they remembered to bestow honour on Saartjie Baartman after many years of humiliation, they however choose to forget a people humiliated by the homeland system and apartheid historians. According to most maPulana interviewed, every year on Heritage Day, South Africa celebrates its collective ignorance and conspiracy to cleanse its society of minorities by committing intellectual genocide of the maPulana tribe, the same strategy used on the Afrikaners.

A set of pull test specimen was tested to prove the existence of a full interaction region along the bonded length. Comparison with the previous research also shows that the result from the numerical method agrees well with the visual inspection from the experimental results.

This paper presents the result of recent study of retrofitting three tubular steel tubes. The tubular steel tubes were cut at the center to represent the loss of steel volume due to corrosion. It was then wrapped with two and four layers of CFRP respectively. The specimens were then tested in a four point loading system and compared to the control specimen.

The results show an improved load carrying capacity of the strengthened tubular steel tubes with insignificant reduction of ductility. The above article is the abstract of a paper. Ephrem Aragaw and Ibrisam Akbar Calon Metalcamp Ini adalah event yang dinanti-nantikan oleh semua peminat muzik Metal tempatan.

Seleksi adalah berdasar atas merit kalau tak salah saya. Kalau benar, saya ingin mengemukakan pencalonan saya untuk tahun seperti berikut: Wynken Delirium - Superb musicianship dengan suntikan influence nusantara dan pelbagai dalam album terbaru mereka. B and paling kerja keras sambil ahlinya terlibat secara langsung dalam merevolusi agenda malaysian tour. See their track record for year Humiliation - tak perlu ulas lanjut. Kalau ini kali ke 2 atau 3 pun dalam Metalcamp, they totally deserved it.

Lavatory - even though saya tak pernah tengok depa live tapi based on Pulverised signing dan feedbacks so far, memang calon baik punya. Album terbaru depa kali ni memang gila best! Nekrad - visually strong on stage yang teaterikal dgn composition yang bukan picisan. Sila albil calculator dan kira berapa mereka habis untuk pakaian saja.

Kalau stage besar silap - silap pyrotechnic pun depa sanggup keluar modal. Crown ov Horns - totally blew me away dgn small but lively performance last time kat Ipoh. Superb musical skills as well. Wakil dari seberang yang satu warna passport.

Labels: Komentari Metal. Maknanya kalau aku gadoh dengan bini aku, ataupun duit tinggal tiga ragok untuk sapot keluarga, aku akan bukak youtube, cari lagu metal, dan bermulalah muhasabah diri. Aku rasa macam tenang dan beremosional. Emosional bermakna aku akan dibawa mengenal diri aku semula yang kadang-kadamg sudah jauh tersimpang Labels: Promosi. Labels: Ulasan. Dalam 3 mesyuarat yang saya hadiri di Princeton, apabila ditanya mengenai Malaysia, mereka tahu dimana letaknya tetapi setakat yang mereka tahu cuma orang pelajar mereka yang pernah dihantar ke Malaysia.

Cuma mereka tidak pasti samada ke universiti atau ke industri. Summer internship program mereka adalah termasuk kedua-duanya.

OK, I said this already. Sebenarnya, saya excited. Bermula pada tahunmaka tidak hairanlah bangunannya ancient-ancient belaka. Tak dapat dipastikan statue apa ini. Beliau tahu sebab beliau adalah graduate dari sana. Kaki dah tak larat sebenarnya nak berjalan. Prof Pessiki ada masalah pinggang. Di tengah perjalanan dia makan pain killer untuk elak kesakitan yang mungkin akan menyerang tak lama lagi. Di waktu summer, ruang tengah ini akan dipenuhi air. Nota: patung zodiak Cina. Mode pengangkutan utama adalah jalan kaki.

Tetapi ada juga bas transit yang mengelilingi kampus setiap 7 minit. Rumah fraternity. Kenapa kita tiada? Lebih kurang masa lunch. Pelajar berpusu-pusu. Mungkin mencari makan. Saya dapati ramai pelajar yang bukan Caucasian. Adakah antara mereka terselit pelajar Malaysia?

Mesyuarat di PEI. Model T-Rex ditengah-tengah. Bilik solat di Princeton. Pintu masuk musolla. Sudah ada pelajar yang menunggu. Saya jamak dan qasar Zuhur dan Asar. Islam is alive and breathing. Hopefully makin ramai Muslim scholars keluar dari Princeton. Arah kiblat. Pengalaman di Princeton Uni adalah awesome.

Walaupun sekadar menagih pelajar mereka untuk ke UTP. Semoga langkah kecil ini akan menjadi sesuatu yang lebih besar untuk UTP dan Malaysia keseluruhannya pada masa akan datang. Labels: US visit Nov-Dec Labels: Wordless Wednesday. Princeton Universityranking no 6 di dunia, letaknya lebih kurang 1. Saya berterima kasih kepada Prof.

Pessiki, kontek saya di Lehigh University telah berbaik hati untuk membawa saya ke sana. Semasa di Malaysia saya menjadi khadam beliau maka ini adalah hubungan dua hala yang sangat baik.

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Dan ini juga menandakan peluang saya menjelajah USA akan berulang di tahun hadapan. Mungkin Washington D. Perjalanan bermula di freeway. Kenderaan dibawa laju tapi kurang kemalangan jalanraya. Kenapa tidak di Malaysia? Masalah sikap.

I Want To Know About Love - The Cadillacs - For Collectors Only (Cassette), I Need Your Love Tonight - Elvis Presley - The Top Ten Hits (CD), Pampidoo* - Governor General (Vinyl), Attack (Re-Intoxicated By Toxwen), Che Tua Madre - Puccini* - Madame Butterfly (Vocal Highlights) (Vinyl, LP), Bill Evans - The Brilliant / Consecration 1 / Consecration 2 (CD, Album, Album, Album), French Cuba - Various - Blue Marlin Ibiza Vol. 3 (CD), Roll Over Beethoven, Conquistadore-Moi - Martine Mai - Voir Le Loup (CD, Album), Ray Ahn Is My Spirit Animal - Frenzal Rhomb - Hi-Vis High Tea (CD, Album), Knocked Out (Single Version) - Paula Abdul - Greatest Hits (CD), Sunchyme (Original) - Dario G - Sunchyme (CD), No Release - Scooter - Scooter (CD), Undo - Björk - Surrounded (Box Set, Album, Album, Album, Album, Album, Album, Album), Magnetic Environment (Kozi Komatsu Remix)

9 thoughts on “Statues - Moloko - Statues (CDr, Album)

  1. It was mostly out of a sense of loyalty and nostalgia that I bought Statues. I'd felt Moloko's third album release, Things To Make And Do, was a shambolic introduction to the band for new listeners lured by dancefloor smashes Sing It Back and The Time Is Now/5().

  2. Mar 03,  · It was mostly out of a sense of loyalty and nostalgia that I bought Statues. I'd felt Moloko's third album release, Things To Make And Do, was a shambolic introduction to the band for new listeners lured by dancefloor smashes Sing It Back and The Time Is Now/5().

  3. Made in Australia. Comes with a square transparent sticker at the front of the jewel case which says: "BONUS DVD! Strictly Limited. Features 9 Moloko videos, including Sing It Back, The Time Is Now and the new single Familiar Feeling". "2 DISCS" printed at the front of the jewel case. Disc 2 is a DVD containing the videos - DVD plays track at a.

  4. Oct 08,  · Find album reviews, songs, credits and award information for Statues by Moloko on AllMusic -

  5. Statues is the fourth and final studio album by English-Irish electronic music duo Moloko, first released in The whole album is set up around the different stages of a romantic relationship, and how things can fall apart. This fresh album charted all over Europe, and eventually went on .

  6. Sell This Version. 4 2 4, Moloko. Statues +5Bonus ‎ (CD, Album, Unofficial) Flower Records (7), Flower Records (7) 4 2 4, Europe.

  7. Feb 09,  · Statues was written as a eulogy to the broken relationship between band members Roisin Murphy and Mark Brydon. The two knew this would be their farewell album and it's a fitting tribute to one of Britain/Ireland's best independant electronic groups. Listen to: Forever More, Familiar Feeling, Statues, I Want You.

  8. Dec 16,  · Statues is the fourth and final studio album by English-Irish electronic music duo Moloko, first released in The whole album is set up around the different stages of a romantic relationship, and how things can fall apart. This fresh album charted all over Europe, and eventually went on to become their most popular record.

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