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Messiah: Behold The Lamb Of God - Various - Centenary Edition 1897-1997: 100 Years Of Great Music (CD)

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She faced down a Delver and saw something eerily familiar about it. Candidates, the Right Hon. London, M. I consulted the copy in Cambridge University Library Ddd. Printed copies of the poll book are also held at the Guildhall Library and at the City of Westminster Archives Centre. Separate manuscript poll books exist for the parishes of St.

Anne, St. George, St. James, St. John the Evangelist and St. A single poll book sufficed for the parishes of St. Clement Danes and St. Mary le Strand and another for the parish of St. Paul, Covent Garden and the Liberty of St. Martin le Grand.

There are, therefore, seven poll books in all. The manuscript poll-books for Westminster elections are held in the London Metropolitan Archives but are generally too fragile for use. A typescript index to the manuscript poll-book made by Osborn is held by the City of Westminster Archives Centre.

As the recording procedures appear to have been based on what the voter said and thus on what the poll clerk thought the voter had said, there were numerous opportunities for mistakes.

Voters in St. There are indeed many instances where the parish rate-books and the poll books are Messiah: Behold The Lamb Of God - Various - Centenary Edition 1897-1997: 100 Years Of Great Music (CD) disagreement, sometimes quite markedly. Peter Lens, of Berwick Street, wrote a letter of complaint to the press when he discovered, from the printed version of the poll book, that he had been recorded by the clerk as Peter Borlence.

Hosier voted for Vandeput in St. Osborn, comp. Also on page 19 of the manuscript poll book. Although the rate-books sometimes offer a variety of forms of the same name over a period of years, on balance they are likely to be consistent and thus more reliable than the forms of the poll books, based on aural interpretation and of one occasion only.

Lord Trentham gained a majority of in a poll of over 9, The closeness of the result encouraged the defeated candidate to demand a scrutiny of the poll books to ensure that all the votes cast for the victor were genuine. Finally, on 15 MayLord Trentham was again declared to be elected with a majority of In both and the Court party Whig won a solid majority in four of the nine Westminster parishes, including the fashionable suburbs of St.

George Hanover Square and St. James Piccadilly where the Whig candidate, Trentham, gained a comfortable victory. Nicholas Rogers, in his detailed study of the Westminster election, comments that there is little evidence of Westminster tradesmen deliberately pitting their energies against wealth, name and influence in the way Francis Place and his compatriots did in the early decades of the next century.

Jacob and James R. Jacob, eds. Revised paperback ed. New Jersey, One might add, that even though the two men voted for the same candidate, we have no cause to suppose they did so for the same reasons.

I confess myself puzzled that Thompson did not recognise the primacy of the will of Thomas Armitage. The rate-book and the poll-book were both based on oral testimony as to names. But the will is the Prerogative Court of Canterbury transcript made by experienced legal clerks of an original signed by Thomas Armitage. If a man is signing his will, one would have thought he would get the spelling of his name right!

In voting for Vandeput, either Blake or Armitage could be betraying Jacobite sympathies not at all in keeping with E. At the time the will was written, William had a son Thomas a minorElizabeth had married a Mr. Fox, and Grace a Mr. Where then was Thomas Armitage born and where buried? Could the Armitages have been a London family? My conclusion is strengthened by the discovery that a Grace Armitage and a Joshua Hattersley were married on 11th August at Royston in Yorkshire.

Where was Thomas Armitage buried? I can confirm that there are no Armitage burials at St. September ye 25th [] Grace daughter of Richard Armitage of Cudworth bapt. The records were consulted on microfilm, the originals being in the Diocesan Record Office at Wakefield.

This provides additional confirmation that there were no children of the marriage of Catherine and Thomas. Any children would, in any case have been mentioned in the will. The George Hermitage whose daughter was baptised in may well be the contributor to the Divine Songs of the Muggletonians mentioned by Thompson.

Thanks in part to the efforts of E. However, there are no Hermitages nor Blakes, nor Wrights for that matter among the subscribers to this work. There are no families listed with a Yorkshire connection which I would have expected were there to be Muggletonian Armitages. There is just no evidence whatsoever linking William Blake directly to known followers of Lodowicke Muggleton. Her family name, in fact, was Wright and her only connection to the Armitage family was through her first marriage.

In any case, there is a very great difference between being born into, and raised in, a Muggletonian family, and later marrying a man who has alleged Muggletonian connections. The simplest explanation is the best. Catherine Wright married Thomas Armitage at the Mayfair Chapel on 14 Decemberwas widowed inand married James Blake in October — the answer was there all the time. But, at his own request, the burial service followed the Anglican Prayer Book. The implication of the surviving documents is that the elder Blakes were more conventional in their religion and Messiah: Behold The Lamb Of God - Various - Centenary Edition 1897-1997: 100 Years Of Great Music (CD) beliefs than some scholars have romantically envisaged.

Or at least, as shopkeepers with a clientele that included the St. I, Sisters in love, a love allowed to climb, Even on this earth, above the reach of Time!

Miss P. Grave, a Poem, illustrated by 12 etchings, by Schiavonetti, from designs by W. One might conjecture, from her Blake books identified by Bentley, that Mrs. Bliss acquired her Blakes directly from the poet painter himself. A proof copy, by its nature, is unlikely to have been on commercial sale, which lends credence to the view that she must have acquired it directly from Blake himself.

Lewis, Bohn, Welcher, C. Smith, Murton, and other eminent binders, regardless of experience, and finished in their best style. There are just twenty or so copies of Night Thoughts hand- coloured by Blake and his wife Catherine. Messiah: Behold The Lamb Of God - Various - Centenary Edition 1897-1997: 100 Years Of Great Music (CD) goes on to suggest: Perhaps the plan was always for Blake to be given copies of the Night Thoughts to colour, as part of his share of the profits of the work.

Again this brings Mrs. Bliss close to Messiah: Behold The Lamb Of God - Various - Centenary Edition 1897-1997: 100 Years Of Great Music (CD) and clearly of considerable significance to his biography.

He calls our attention to the Books of Hours in the collection of the bookseller James Edwards and postulates that these would have given William Blake graphic sources of fresh inspiration in the late s. Bliss as further sources of influence on Blake. Douce 48; it is a manuscript of the late thirteenth century with fine miniatures, borders, historiated and other initials by a second hand. It exemplifies the superb quality of the Bliss collection. Bliss, and if so, could he have seen her Bibliotheca splendidissima?

Bliss difficult to unravel: the sale catalogue being our sole source of information. But her library is of such importance, both to Blake and to the history of book collecting in Britain that it would be appropriate to learn more about her and at least to touch upon the extent and nature of her collection. Summary Catalogue of Western Manuscripts Oxford,no. Branner, Manuscript painting in Paris during the reign of St. London, provides a model for the collecting of early printed books. Instead there is an insistence on the beauty of individual books — of fine illustrations, particularly of natural history, and handsome bindings.

To begin with, I found myself pursuing some false trails. Gemmett, ed. Bliss or to that sale. Bliss was Anne Bliss the mother of Philip. Philip Bliss was born inthe son of Rev. Anne Bliss lived at Taunton, where her son used to visit her. I have been unable to find a date of death for Anne Bliss. Mary Hall, Oxford, on 18 November His wife Sophia, whom he had married insurvived him; they had one son and one daughter.

MS fols. On the Rev. Philip Bliss, sen. For a pedigree of the Bliss family, which was settled for many generations in the town of Market Harborough, see John Nichols, History and Antiquities of Leicestershire. These letters are preserved with the Douce collection of books and manuscripts in the Bodleian Library. Stemmler in an article published in Two letters written in September are of particular interest.

I shall send Curtis On insects. Bodleian Library MS. Douce d. Words underlined by Twiss are italicised in these transcripts. Words underlined in red ink by Douce are underlined here. Prior, ed. I suppose the man to be mad; but he draws very well have [you ] any thing by him? The sale catalogue also indicates that she owned a copy of Songs of Innocence and of Experience. Bliss are not the same person. If Mrs. Bliss owned these works in Septemberthis makes her the earliest identifiable owner of works by Blake.

Bentley, Jr, personal communication, 2 February Letsoms bk was printed by Dilly. I have read the article about Earwigs in Valmont: there is no hole from the Ear to the Brain. See what Valmont says about Mandragora. You will see several more of Blakes books at Johnsons in St. Ps Ch. This reference was unaccountably overlooked by Stemmler. It is of such significance that I shall consider it separately in my next chapter. The house at Bush Hill that Twiss occupied in the s as a tenant of a Mr. Wilkinson was demolished during the period I was researching this chapter.

And where is Mrs. Bliss in all this? There Messiah: Behold The Lamb Of God - Various - Centenary Edition 1897-1997: 100 Years Of Great Music (CD) many directories of genealogical researchers and their interests and, by great good fortune, in one of these I came across the name of Mrs.

She could be either the Mary Carter christened at Enfield in parents Samuel and Ann or the one christened at Enfield in parents William and Mary.

She would thus be either 25 or 17 at her wedding, 54 or 46 when owning Blake books, and 86 or 78 at her death, assuming it shortly predated the sale in I have not traced her birth, but supposing it is circashe would be 22 on marriage, 24 inand 56 in However if her marriage was to the same Thomas Bliss recorded in my third possibility, she would have had to have died before He marries infathering 4 children between and It is just possible for him to marry again in and have another 6 children between and He would still only be sixty.

Her information proved the breakthrough I was looking for. Mention of Mrs. Claridge to refer me to a note she had made at Loughton Library of a burial at St. Rebekah Bliss, niece of the late John Gorham.

It is clearly the will of a keen book-collector. Typescript in Loughton Library. All wills are quoted from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury probate copies.

And another: I also give to Mrs. Fuller Maitland, music critic and editor. The statelier designation was a survival of old custom adopted when maiden ladies attained a certain age. The residuary legatee was the woman with whom Mrs.

Bliss shared her home, Ann Whitaker. The disposal of her personal estate takes a highly detailed form with codicils leaving named J. Bliss at Loughton Hall Octr 3d It was the death of Ann Whitaker in that precipitated the sale, not that of Rebekah Bliss, who died in Anne Whittaker.

But can we link Mrs. Again, her will provides the evidence. Bliss makes a bequest that must have been intended to meet the intellectual interests of her Southgate friends the Walkers. When Mrs. She was only fourteen when her father died in and nineteen when her mother died. The role of John Gorham, her oldest close relative, must have been crucial in her young life and there are some striking aspects to his will.

All four Maitland brothers are men of business, and one, Ebenezer, is a director of the Bank of England. When John Gorham makes fulfilment of his will dependent on the consent and decisions of Rebekah Bliss, he is, of course, expressing his full confidence in her abilities, but he must surely have had in mind E 27, Probate was granted for the estate of John Gorham in August And she in turn was to acknowledge that recognition of her status by making the Maitland family her principal heirs.

And they asked Rebekah, and said unto her, Wilt thou go with this man? One at least of the books that Rebekah Bliss inherited can be identified. Book of Ceilings, in the Style of the Antique Grotesque.

Miss Elizabeth Iremonger and Miss Mary Heber were two who seem to have come to terms with life as spinsters, though both were buoyed up by very comfortable incomes and powerful connections.

In Miss Iremonger admitted to her friend that marriage was best. Miss Mary Heber was the sister of Richard Heber, book collector. They believed their relationships to be eternal, and in fact the faithfulness of one often extended beyond the death of the other. The fondest dream of many romantic friends, which was not often realised, was to establish a home with the beloved.

To that end they were willing to make the greatest sacrifices, and were devastated if their hopes were disappointed. There is nothing to suggest that they were self conscious about these passions or saw them as being abnormal in any way. She suggests that lesbianism is more than sexuality, that it is the emotional and psychological identification of women with other women and that women have enjoyed this Lillian Faderman, Surpassing the Love of Men: Romantic Friendship and Love between Women from the Renaissance to the Present London, For recent criticism of this pioneering book, see Martin Duberman and others, eds.

Reprinted in Abelove and others, eds. But what was devotion, or affection, or even an exclusive commitment between two women? Bliss and Whitaker use their wealth to build a relationship founded on the economic autonomy of each partner. Shall we be sundered? Shall we part, sweet girl? Let my father seek another heir. Therefore devise, with me how we may fly, Whither to go, and what to bear with us, And do not seek to take your change upon you, To bear your griefs yourself, and leave me out.

Ruth and Naomi, Mary and Martha provide positive images of female coupledom. As You Like It is both a pastoral romance and a satire of the pastoral idea. Among other conventions of romance Shakespeare adopts that of an ideal friendship, dear to Elizabethan gentlemen.

But he applies it here for the first time to two women, Rosalind and Celia. Harriet was not long to enjoy her new wealth, dying at Kensington just three years after Rebekah, in Aprilaged She was buried at Loughton alongside Rebekah, where Ann was to join them after her death inaged II, 48, who notes that a memorial now lost was raised to the three friends. Together they form a tightly-knit clan of wealthy Dissenters.

John Clayton a dissenting minister left legacies by both Rebekah and Ann married Mary Flower, a niece of William Fuller, the banker, and sister to the radical journalist Benjamin Flower. The subscription list provides a national sample of the polite dissenting world in which Rebekah Bliss moved. John Ryland, A. Evidence of other books and manuscripts she owned may be found in her will and in that of Ann Whitaker as well as in sales of the books inherited by her relatives.

London: John Whittaker,perhaps the most sumptuous book published in England during the nineteenth century and almost certainly the first to be printed in gold. It is tempting to read into the presence of this publication in her library an expression of her political sympathies that may also account for the number of works relating to Napoleon Buonaparte sold with Bibliotheca splendidissima. Hamilton Naples: [Francesco Morelli],four folios of great importance in the development of neoclassical design.

But the finest printed volumes in her library were natural history books, including spectacular folios: Buffon Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux, 14 vols. The sale was held on 21 April and for three following days.

Upwards of Autographs of British Peers, H. Caricatures, etc. Maitland, Librarian to the Abp. He inherited them from his father, who had them from a Mrs Bliss the widow [sic] of a Collector of that name of Kensington.

Those marked S. Those marked T. A volume containing upwards of forty figures, representing the costume etc. Price one shilling each. Egerton Where did Rebekah acquire her books? Bliss, is the present possessor of the volume here alluded to. It was sold for 56l. According to William Beloe, a contemporary commentator, James Edwards was the first person who professedly displayed in the metropolis shelves of valuable books in splendid bindings, and having taken a large house in one of the most frequented and fashionable streets, it soon became the resort of the gay morning loungers of both sexes.

At the same time also invitation was held out to students and scholars, and persons of real taste, from the opportunity of seeing and examining the Now British Library Add. I, clxi-clxii. Dibdin pretends to more knowledge than he had. Fuller Maitland, who recalls visiting his uncle at Stanstead Hall, Essex, some time before At Stanstead there were wonderful books and treasures of all kinds; above all, a collection of early Italian pictures, many of which are now in the National Gallery.

There was the unique copy of Jerusalem with the original portraits of Blake and his wife by George Richmond, and the MS. I assured him that one was coloured and the other plain, but he was so sure that I was wrong that he said he would give me the second if it was there. It was, and the book is of course doubly precious to me now. William Fuller Maitland must have presented J. Maitland with his plain copy of Night Thoughts probably beforewhich is the date mentioned on p. Fuller Maitland owned some leaves of Songs Copy G.

Given that Viscomi allots copy G a date ofthis could have been the one Twiss saw that year. After that date the plates were probably scattered loose. Fuller Maitland to exhibitions in Manchesterno. However, not only did someone make a complete facsimile in ink and water colour of the Songs of Innocence and of Experience some time afterbut another facsimile was made from this first one probably about He comments: It is difficult to explain why a facsimile was made at all, probably at considerably greater trouble and expense than would have been involved in buying a colored copy from Blake.

Could the young William Fuller Maitland, the future Blake collector, perhaps have been the facsimilist? Maitland who remembered visiting Mrs. Could Blake, perhaps, have been a fellow-worshipper at the Carey Street chapel? Although Blake is said not to have attended public worship for the last forty years of his lifehe could have met Rebekah Bliss through the social circle of the Carey Street chapel.

Blake then could have known Dr. Winter from childhood. It is tempting to think that Tilloch too may have attended the chapel in New Court, though Tilloch is known to have worshipped in Islington in later years. She is a striking instance of a new model of the eighteenth-century woman — literate, educated, intelligent, sensitive, artistic, scientific — and contributing significantly to a culture then still largely patriarchal.

By identifying Mrs. The evidence presented in this chapter and the next should compel a revision of the traditional assumption that Blake lacked any significant contemporary audience and our received ideas of the nature of that audience. The letters and other personal papers of these early collectors enable one to reconstruct their social circle and discover links to other Blake collectors and to friends and acquaintances of William Blake himself.

Or is it another element in the process of cultural transfer? Strong iron Bars defend the place, Which give Security and Grace. The Cockatrice, the tusky Boar In frightful pairs defend the Door. Bowles for the garden at Myddelton House. Richard Gough began to write when he was eleven or twelve; his admiring mother had his work printed for private circulation. Gough avidly collected books, papers, and prints; he died inhaving bequeathed his topographic collections to the Bodleian Library, Oxford.

Gough, of course, was probably unaware of the quiet youth sketching alongside him, but the experience affected Blake deeply. Twenty-five copies were privately printed, for distribution to family and friends.

Printed at the Clarendon Press London, Compiled by Bulkeley Bandinel. The house, which became known as Gough Park, was demolished in Rich stores of antiquarian pelf Are lodged upon the mantle shelf. Rare Manuscripts they also keep, Both old and new a copious heap. Please try again later. Given there are some !

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