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Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

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I'm tired of thinking. I want to turn loose my hold on everything, and go sailing down, down, just like one of those poor, tired leaves. I'll not be gone a minute. Don't try to move 'til I come back. Old Behrman was a painter who lived on the ground floor beneath them.

He was past sixty and had a Michael Angelo's Moses beard curling down from the head of a satyr along with the body of an imp. Behrman was a failure in art. Forty years he had wielded the brush without getting near enough to touch the hem of his Mistress's robe. He had been always about to paint a masterpiece, but had never yet begun it.

For several years he had painted nothing except now and then a daub in the line of commerce or advertising. He earned a little by serving as a model to those young artists in the colony who could not pay the price of a professional. He drank gin to excess, and still talked of his coming masterpiece.

For the rest he was a fierce little old man, who scoffed terribly at softness in any one, and who regarded himself as especial mastiff-in-waiting to protect the two young artists in the studio above.

Sue found Behrman smelling strongly of juniper berries in his dimly lighted den below. In one corner was a blank canvas on an easel that had been waiting there for twenty-five years to receive the first line of the masterpiece. She told him of Johnsy's fancy, and how she feared she would, indeed, light and fragile as a leaf herself, float away, when her slight hold upon Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall world grew weaker.

Old Behrman, with his red eyes plainly streaming, shouted his contempt and derision for such idiotic imaginings. I haf not heard of such a thing.

No, I will not bose as a model for your fool hermit-dunderhead. Vy do you allow dot silly pusiness to come in der brain of her? Ach, dot poor leetle Miss Yohnsy. Very well, Mr. Behrman, if you do not care to pose for me, you needn't. But I think you are a horrid old - old flibbertigibbet. Go on. I come mit you. For half an hour I haf peen trying to say dot I am ready to bose. Cite this Article Format.

Khurana, Simran. Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. What Is Narrative Poetry? Definition and Examples. These requests were full of descriptions of poverty and persecution faced by Jews in Persia. The following is one example of such requests :"Allow us to present our supplications to you. You would not want your brethren, your own flesh and blood, to perish in frightful penury, to be victims of renewed persecutions which awaits them with each passing day.

We are subject to the scorn of our enemies Muslims who view us as defenseless and do with us whatever they like. We live every day, hour and moment of our lives in constant dread of some new tragedy which they might bring upon us. Apostate Jews have the right to inherit their parents entire estate, the widow and orphans who did not abandon their faith must hand over their property to the apostate.

A Muslim who kills a Jew will not go to a trial, even if there were witnesses to the crime, the Muslim will pay at most a fine for Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall deed.

We are groaning under the burden of disgraceful taxes. In the 19th century, there were many instances of forced conversions and massacres, usually inspired by the Shi'a clergy. Inthe Allahdad occurred, many Jews were massacred in Mashhad and survivors were forcibly converted. However, European travellers later reported that the Jews of Tabriz and Shiraz continued to practice Judaism in secret despite a fear of further persecutions.

In Jews of Hamedan were accused of mocking the Ta'zieh ceremonies for Imam Husain, several of them were fined and some had their ears and noses cut off as punishment. Muslim dwellers of the city plundered the whole Jewish quarter, the first to start looting were the soldiers sent by the local governor to defend the Jews against the enraged mob. Twelve Jews, who tried to defend their property, were killed, and many others were injured.

Driven by persecutions, thousands of Persian Jews emigrated to Palestine in the late 19th and early 20th century. In January, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported that a mob of Muslims had attacked the Jewish population of Tehran, but were prevented from killing anyone by the intervention of the police.

Six Jews were injured. The Pahlavi dynasty implemented modernizing reforms, Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall greatly improved the life of Jews. The influence of the Shi'a clergy was weakened, and the restrictions on Jews and other religious minorities were abolished.

Jews were also allowed to hold government jobs. These changes moved the balance of power in the Jewish community from elders and Rabbis to the youth.

Establishment of Zionist Organization of Persia further accelerated this transfer of power to the young Jews. The Jews of Persia understood that "Zion" is the biblical name of Jerusalem and Zionism demonstrates that end of exile and the beginning of redemption. The Persian Zionist Aziz ben Yona Naim wrote in the early s :"Zionism is nothing but a new name and new institution, for the Zionist idea has been present in Jewish thought for over two thousands years.

Many Persian Jews were poorer than their European brethren but nevertheless they enthusiastically bought Shekelscontributed to the national funds, and sought to be represented at Zionist Congress held in Europe. However this Zionist awakening led to bitter rivalry between two leaders of Jewish community: Loqman Nehourai and Shmuel Hayyim. Furthermore, even though Reza Shah was sympathetic to the Jews in the beginning, he became distrustful of Jewish movements with the growth of Zionism.

Reza Shah sought to unite the different ethnic groups in Iran under the flag of nationalism. His main purpose was to fight communism but he distrusted Zionism as well. Shah did not like the growing connection between European Jewry and Persian Jews.

He further arrested Shmuel Hayyim and had him executed in under the charges of conspiracy to murder the Shah and change the form of government from constitutional monarchy to a republic.

Jewish schools were closed in the s. In addition, Reza Shah sympathized with Nazi Germanymaking the Jewish community fearful of possible persecutions, and the public sentiment at the time was definitely anti-Jewish [62] [7] During the time of Hitler there were many rumors in Iran that he secretly had converted to Islam and had taken the name Heydar the title of Imam Ali.

The rumors stated that Hitler had a necklace depicting the picture of Imam Ali and was planning to reveal his true religion after defeating the deceitful British, the godless Russians and the Jews. A popular folk poem at the time said: "Imam is our supporter, Hossein is our master. If Germany doesn't arrive, dirt on our heads. In head of Reichbank and the financial mastermind of Nazi Germany travelled to Tehran and many important commercial agreements were signed between the two countries.

InNazi Germany sent over books with racial tones advocating for greater collaboration between Aryan Persians and Germans.

InIranians were called pure Aryans and were excluded from Nurenberg laws. Iranian railway was constructed by German engineers. Railway company was specifically ordered to avoid employing any person of Jewish origin in any of its subdivisions. Hitler personally promised that if he defeats Russia, he will return all of the Persian land taken by Russians during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Many gentile anti-Semites were preparing for Johoudkoshan Massacre of the Jews and were warning Jews in the streets to leave Iran while they can.

Nazi Germany had nightly broadcasts in Persian and was calling many of the leading Iranian politicians who had anti-German tendencies cryptojews. Bahram Shahrukh who was employed by German radio performed fiery anti-Jewish broadcasts every night.

In PurimShahrukh promoted the idea of revenge for the massacre of the Purim in biblical times, and suggested his Iranian followers to attack the Jews. Nightly newspapers were distributed in Tehran and swastikas were often painted on Jewish homes and shops. Thus many Persian Jews welcomed the British troops to capture Iran insince the alternative was to be taken over by Germans.

In order to fight the growing racial antisemitism among the Iranian population, many Jews joined the Tudeh party and advocated for communism. Even though Jews comprised less than 2 percent of Iranian population, almost fifty percent of the members of the Tudeh party were Jewish.

Tudeh party was the only party among the Iranian political parties that accepted Jews with open arms. Most writers for publications of the Tudeh party were Jewish. Furthermore, many Iranian Jews viewed communism as a Jewish movement since many leading members of the communist revolution in Russia were Jewish and were looked upon favorably by Persian Jews.

With the growing influence of United States in international affairs many American Jewish organizations such as American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee actively intervened on behalf of Persian Jews. Thus the casualty of famine amongst the Persian Jews was minimal in comparison to Persian gentiles.

US ambassador Caldwell was also instrumental in helping the Jews of Broujerd. This was the first time in the history of United States in which a Rabbi was appointed as an Ambassador. Kornfeld actively intervened on the behalf of Persian Jewry on many occasions. In one such event, when Reza Shah ordered water to be cut off from Jewish Ghetto of Tehran and Kornfeld successfully convinced Shah to resolve the matter.

Mohammad Ali Foroughiwho was a powerful figure during the reign of Reza Shah, was of Baghdadi Jewish origin and was looked upon with suspicion among the Iranian elite circles. O King, let me tell you about the wickedness of Foroughi. That vile Jew will make you suffer greatly—he will write your coronation and dismissal speech, just as he wrote them for your father Reza Shah.

A spike in anti-Jewish sentiment occurred after the establishment of the State of Israel in and continued until due to the weakening of the central government and strengthening of the clergy in the course of political struggles between the Shah and Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh. Mossadegh himself although viewed the establishment of the state of Israel as a form of colonialism, had good relationship with the Jewish community.

The most prominent anti-Israeli member of the government was Hossein Fatemi. Hundreds of people lived on the slopes of the Quezon City landfill. These people made their living from recycling and selling items found in the landfill. However, the landfill was not secure. Heavy rains caused a trash landslide, killing people.

Sometimes, landfills are not completely sealed off from the land around Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall. Pollutants from the landfill leak into the earth in which they are buried.

Plants that grow in the earth may be contaminated, and the herbivore s that eat the plants also become Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall. So do the predator s that consume the herbivores.

This process, where a chemical builds up in each level of the food web, is called bioaccumulation. Pollutants leaked from landfills also leak into local groundwater supplies. There, the aquatic food web from microscopic algae to fish to predators such as sharks or eagles can suffer from bioaccumulation of toxic chemicals.

Some communities do not have adequate garbage collection systems, and trash lines the side of roads. In other places, garbage washes up on beaches. Kamilo Beach, in the U. The trash is dangerous to ocean life and reduces economic activity in the area. Some cities incinerateor burn, their garbage.

Incinerating trash gets rid of it, but it can release dangerous heavy metal s and chemicals into the air. So while trash incinerators can help with the problem of land pollution, they sometimes add to the problem of air pollution.

Reducing Pollution Around the world, people and governments are making efforts to combat pollution. Recycling, for instance, is becoming Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall common. In recycling, trash is processed so its useful materials can be used again.

Glass, aluminum cans, and many types of plastic can be melted and reused. Paper can be broken down and turned into new paper. Recycling reduces the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills, incinerators, and waterways. Austria and Switzerland have the highest recycling rates. These nations recycle between 50 and 60 percent of their garbage.

The United States recycles about 30 percent of its garbage. Governments can combat pollution by passing laws that limit the amount and types of chemicals factories and agribusiness es are allowed to use. The smoke from coal-burning power plants can be filtered. People and businesses that illegally dump pollutants into the land, water, and air can be fine d for millions of dollars.

Some government programs, such as the Superfund program in the United States, can force polluters to clean up the sites they polluted. International agreements can also reduce pollution. The Kyoto Protocola United Nations agreement to limit the emission of greenhouse gases, has been signed by countries.

Still, many gains have been made. Inthe Cuyahoga River, in the U. The fire helped spur the Clean Water Act of This law limited what pollutants could be released into water and set standards for how clean water should be.

Today, the Cuyahoga River is much cleaner. Fish have returned to regions of the river where they once could not survive. But even as some rivers are becoming cleaner, others are becoming more polluted. As countries around the world become wealthier, some forms of pollution increase. Countries with growing economies usually need more power plants, which produce more pollutants. Reducing pollution requires environmental, political, and economic leadership. Developed nations must work to reduce and recycle their materials, while developing nations must work to strengthen their economies without destroying the environment.

Developed and developing countries must work together toward the common goal of protecting the environment for future use. Light Pollution Light pollution is the excess amount of light in the night sky. Light pollution, also called photopollution, is almost always found in urban areas.

Light pollution can disrupt ecosystems by confusing the distinction between night and day. Nocturnal animals, those that are active at night, may venture out during the day, while diurnal animals, which are active during daylight hours, may remain active well into the night.

Feeding and sleep patterns may be confused. Light pollution also indicates an excess use of energy. The dark-sky movement is a campaign by people to reduce light pollution. This would reduce energy use, allow ecosystems to function more normally, and allow scientists and stargazers to observe the atmosphere. Noise Pollution Noise pollution is the constant presence of loud, disruptive noises in an area. Usually, noise pollution is caused by construction or nearby transportation facilities, such as airports.

Noise pollution is unpleasant, and can be dangerous. Some songbirds, such as robins, are unable to communicate or find food in the presence of heavy noise pollution. The sound waves produced by some noise pollutants can disrupt the sonar used by marine animals to communicate or locate food. How Long Does It Last? Different materials decompose at different rates. How long does it take for these common types of trash to break down?

Indoor Air Pollution The air inside your house can be polluted. Air and carpet cleaners, insect sprays, and cigarettes are all sources of indoor air pollution.

Acids can corrode some natural materials. Acids have pH levels lower than 7. Acid rain can be manmade or occur naturally. When released through a small opening, the liquid becomes a spray or foam.

Also called cyanobacteria and in freshwater habitats pond scum. Carbon dioxide is also the byproduct of burning fossil fuels. It can be toxic to humans. Some CFCs have destructive effects on the ozone layer.

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  1. Jan 09,  · This poem has the famous line "Into each life some rain must fall," meaning that everyone will experience difficulty and heartache at some point. The "day" is a metaphor for "life." Written after the death of his first wife and before he married his second wife, "The Rainy Day" has been interpreted as a deeply personal look into Longfellow.

  2. Into each life some rain must fall. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Tears fall in my heart like the rain on the town. Paul Verlaine. And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. Gilbert K. Chesterton.

  3. The beginnings of Jewish history in Iran date back to late biblical times (mid-1st millennium BC). The biblical books of Chronicles, Isaiah, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, contain references to the life and experiences of Jews in the book of Ezra, the Persian kings are credited with permitting and enabling the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their Temple; its reconstruction was.

  4. here's a simple line of life: here's a small trifle of wives: alas, fifteen wives is nothing! eleven widows and nine maids is a simple coming-in for one man: and then to 'scape drowning thrice, and to be in peril of my life with the edge of a feather-bed; here are simple scapes. Well, if Fortune be a woman, she's a good wench for this gear. Father.

  5. These deeds must not be thought After these ways; so, it will make us mad. MACBETH Methought I heard a voice cry 'Sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep', the innocent sleep, Sleep that knits up the ravell'd sleeve of care, The death of each day's life, sore labour's bath, Balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course.

  6. Some day I vill baint a masterpiece, and ve shall all go away. Gott! yes." Johnsy was sleeping when they went upstairs. Sue pulled the shade down to the window-sill, and motioned Behrman into the other room. In there they peered out the window fearfully at the ivy vine. Then they looked at each other for a moment without speaking.

  7. Aug 18,  · Pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the harmful materials are called pollutants. Pollutants can be natural, such as volcanic can also be created by human activity, such as trash or runoff produced by .

  8. Dec 17,  · Definitions (): Must, shall and others Non-Erotic Poetry 06/23/ Each and Every Day: 2 Part Series: Each and Every Day (): A Truth with but a .

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